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kamat research database
a full text reference on india

Kamat Research Database (formerly known as India Index) is a research database of historical photographs, full texts of biographies, books, and scholarly articles focusing their research on India. The producers have scavenged through rare manuscripts, conference proceedings, and commemorative volumes to compile a priceless collection of digital content that is fully indexed and cross-referenced. It will fill a long standing void of lack of English language reference database on one of mankind's oldest civilizations, and what has been a birthplace of so many religions and reform movements.

Congress Archive 

Few organizations in the world have as long and illustrated history as the Indian National Congress, and the organization has been at the forbearer of India's agenda for over a hundred years. This collection includes biographies of important men and women of India during 19th and 20th centuries


Who's Who, What's What

Kamat Research Database is perhaps the single largest source of reference on India's who's who from ancient times to present day. Also included is "India's What's What" glossary database compiled by the popular Internet website Kamat's Potpourri (www.kamat.com


Primary Source of Historical Photographs

K.L. Kamat (after whom this collection is named), was a tireless photographer and a selfless researcher and Kamat Database is the primary source of his works featuring a true treasure-trove of photographs document every aspect of India during the fifty years of Kamat's active photography. An extraordinary collection of inscriptions, sculptures, tribal people, common people, and rural India.

Extensive Bibliographic References

All the citations at least have an abstract available. Most abstracts were created by researchers and scholars.

Research Database You Can Browse

The vast contents of Kamat Research Database are accessible by time period, by media, by contributor, by publication, by subjects, by keywords, and by alphabets. The contents are richly annotated for integration into modern search engines