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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Qualities of a Good Robber

Every job needs particular training and discipline to execute it well. Even occupations which we may consider mean and antisocial also involve disciplinary norms.

Once a young man was out of employment for a long time, and joined a gang of robbers, and asked the leader, "I have always been following the right way. Is there any right way in robbery?"

The leader replied, "Certainly! There are right ways in every profession... In robbery there are:-
(a) Wisdom --The place and worth of the booty is to be located and judged.
(b) Courage -- It involves courage to lead and enter first.
(c)  Heroism -- Heroism to exit the place of crime the last.
(d) Insight --  in evaluating the risk and the rewards.
(e) Sense of Justice -- in dividing or sharing the loot equally.
There never was a successful robber who did not possess these five qualities."

Moral: Training and discipline are essential for every vocation. That is defined as the right way.

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