Fruits of India

First Online: April 25, 2005
Page Last Updated: January 01, 2015

A collection of some of the most exotic (and some common) fruits from India.

Pictures of Exotic Fruits of India

The Bimbal Fruit Bunch
Bimbal Fruit
Ripe Cashew Fruits
Cashews with their Nuts Intact

The Fruit of Rama
Fun with Vegetables
Fruits as Food for Gods
Fruit Offerings to Lord Krishna

The Guava Fruit
Tropical Fruits ofIndia
Sweet Guava Fruit
The Guava Fruit

The Jack Fruits
Jack Fruit
Rasabale Bananas
Juicy Variety of Bananas

The Musambi Fruit
Fruits of India
Fruits of India
The Papaya Fruit

Pictures of Bear Fruit
Tropical Fruits of India
Tropical Mango Fruit
Ready for the Palate

Ready to Pluck: A Ripe Cashew Fruit
Cashew Fruit
Custard Apples
The Seetaphal Fruit

Tropical Fruits of India
Exotic Fruits of India
Indian Banana
The Yellow Fruit

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