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Campaign Against Smart Tags


Protest First Online: June, 14, 2001
Page Last Updated: June 15,2008

To protest Microsoft's decision to implement SmartTags in future versions of Internet Explorer, we ask that you use a non-Microsoft browser to view this page on Fridays.



What are SmartTags?

The SmartTags are hyperlinks inserted by Microsoft into a document you are viewing on the web to make the browsing experience a pleasure.

An Example:
(Exaggerated for ridiculing; but notice where they link to)

"...  this nation under God shall have a  new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth " -- Abraham Lincoln

See more info. on Microsoft-Free Fridays External Link

(Rest of Kamat's Potpourri is still accessible; Picture of the Week accessible only from non-Microsoft browsers on Fridays.)

Friday June, 29, 2001
We have heard reports that Microsoft will not include SmartTags in the next version of Internet Explorer. Thank you Microsoft, for listening.

Read Lessons from a Protest -- what we learnt from this campaign


Saturday June, 16, 2001
We have gotten a tremendous response for this Microsoft-Free-Fridays protest.

Many folks have written (after viewing the source of the pages, and reading some Microsoft friendly articles at Kamat's Potpourri) questioning our use of Microsoft products like Microsoft FrontPage and Active Server Pages. The purpose of this campaign is not to demonize Microsoft, but to spread word about SmartTags and to get Microsoft to change its decision. 

Further, we think that when the protest comes from a friendly zone, it carries even more weight.


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