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Praja Socialist Party National Conference
Poona, 1958,
V.N.Okeys collection
V.N.Okeys collection
Punjab Satyagraha 1957

First convention of Praja Socialist Party
Allahabad PSP Conference
V.N.Okeys collection
V.N.Okeys collection
Vasantrao Hegishte
Pen and ink drawing,

Konkani Girl Dressing the Vegetables
Notice the stationary knife held steady by her feet
Inside ndian Kitchens
The Tender Coconut
Coconuts are Extensively Used in Konkani Cooking

No wonder we are called as the 'Egg Plant'
Fun With Vegetables
Memorials of Madhya Pradesh
A panel of a wooden memorial in Central India

Jyotsna Inaugurating Konkani Sangha
Kumta, 2007
Pictures of Jyotsna Kamat
Doors of India
Carving of Lord Kumaraswamy on a Door
Private collection of Suneeti Kumble, Bengaluru, 2009

Kumar Debendra Lal Khan
Freedom Fighters of India
Art of M.F. Husain
Painting by M.F. Husain

Art of Prehostoric Man
Indian Designs
Plant and Tree Worship
The Temple of Plant

Folk Designs of India
Folk Designs
Pictures of Kamats
Jyotsna Kamat at a Function
Kamat Memorial Award Ceremony, Honavar, 2011

Animal Motifs in Indian Design
Indian Designs
Indian Border Designs
Border Design

Rangoli Artist Trimbak Joshi of Thane
Database of Indian People
O`keys Portraits of India
Villagers at a Fair

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