Faces of India

A Billion Faces Now

First Online: August 15, 1997
Last Updated on: January 01, 2015

K. L. Kamat
Faces of India


The birth of the billionth baby  in India on May  12, 2000 is providing for a time of reflection on the Indian civilization in general. We contribute our part here through this large exhibition of Indian portraits of common and uncommon Indians. 

Part of the Indians of the Twentieth Century Project at Kamat's Potpourri. 
All photographs by K. L. Kamat.

List of Portraits

The anxiety of groom hood
The anxiety of groom hood
The Boy Next Door
The Boy Next door

The Brahmin from Gokarn
Brahmin from Gokarn
Buffalo Indian
Buffalos Indian
A Toda Village Elder

Finding Glory Even in Poverty
A Decorated Gypsy Woman
A Decorated Lambani Lady
Girl in Silk Saree
Half Girl, Half Woman
A girl in silk saree

Imam Saab, India
India is home to the largest number of Muslims in the world
A Daldi Gentleman
Laughter, the best medicine
Laughter, the best medicine

A Lingayat Elder
A Lingayat Elder
Man in Traditional Mysore Turban
Man in Traditional Mysore Turban

Priest at Shiva Temple, Bhojpur
Bhojpur Priest
A devotee of Shiva with ash on forehead
Shaivite Man in Traditional Clothing

Smiling Farm Help
A Boy of Siddi Community
Man in western suit and a turban
Something New, Something Old
Man in western suit and a turban

The Spice Girl
The Spice Girl
Halakki Tribal man in broken eye glasses
"What is Nuclear Testing?"

Wrinkles of Wisdom
Wrinkles of Wisdom

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The Faces of India
Faces of India

Laughter, the best medicineHalf Girl, Half WomanImam Saab, IndiaWhat is Nuclear Testing?Buffalos Indian
The Brahmin from GokarnFinding Glory Even in PovertySmiling Farm HelpMan in Traditional Mysore TurbanShaivite Man in Traditional Clothing
The anxiety of groom hoodSomething New, Something OldWrinkles of WisdomThe Spice GirlThe Boy Next door
A Lingayat ElderPriest at Shiva Temple, Bhojpur

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