Indian Mythology

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Ramayana, Mahabharat and Other Indian Mythologies

The Mahabharat
Pictures and tales from the Hindu epic of Mahabharat.
The Ramayana
Scenes from the epic story of Rama and his conquests as depicted in Indian art over the centuries.
Holy Animals
Most Hindu Gods have their own vehicles that they use to go about their tasks and responsibilities. We bring you this fascinating exhibition of pictures from Indian mythologies.
Animals of Mythology
Ancient Indians gave a great importance to nature, life and environment. They made deities out of animals and worshiped them. Kamat on animals of Indian mythology.
Mr. Ten Heads
Depiction of king Rawana in various forms of Indian art.
Exploits of Krishna
Depiction of life of Lord Krishna in Indian art and mythology; includes a number of pictures from Krishnaleela.
Gods & GoddessesParade of Gods
A list of Hindu deities, the relationships among themselves, their icons, and vehicles

Pictures of Indian Mythologies

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Indian Mythology

Kamadeva and his wife RatiSage Sandipani Teaching Krishna and SudhamaLion Faced Vishnu Destroys HiranyakashipuGaruda, the King of BirdsGaruda the Mythical BirdMatsyavatar -- Vishnu as the Rescuing FishThe Descent of Ganga
Mythical CharacterWriting of MahabharatHanuman Mistakes the Sun for a FruitSati SavitriGandhari with a MaidDraupadis WeddingSavitri and Satyvan by Artist Ardhenduprasad Banerji
Killing of ValiTwo Headed BirdBhishma Lies on the Bed of ArrowsHumiliation of Draupadi and Krishnas RescueContest to Marry DraupadiCelestials from a Sanskrit TextCelestial Creature in Kavi Art
Krishna Rescues the Elephant from the CrocodileSix Headed Deity Riding a SwanVishnu as a Wild Boar (Varahavatar)Eight Handed Lord GaneshLord Brahma and Adhiti - 19th Century IllustrationPainting from Srinivasa Temple, MulbagilWall Painting of Hanuman in Rajasthan
The Humiliation of ShurpanakhiFantastic AnimalsThe Army of Super CreaturesThree Legged Devotee Bhringi Agni the FireArjuna Quenches Bhishmas Thirst as he Lies on a Bed of Arrows and Krishna Looks OnCelestial Dharani rides a Turtle
Divesting of DraupadiFour Headed BrahmaKrishna Kills a Charging ElephantMythical AnimalNaga-Nagini ConjugationNarad Teaching KayadhuNarad Advising a Devotee
Parashurama and RamaIcon of Vishnu as Boar