The Religions of India

First Online: June 23, 2000
Last Updated: April 04, 2014

India is the birthplace of many religions. It is also home to many other religions and cults founded outside, but who found patronage here. The different schools of thought have rise to various religious movements, reform movements, and philosophical schools of thought. Here's a potpourri of topics on the religions of India.

The Religions of India

Hinduism Potpourri
Hindu Mythology, point of views, philosophy, pictures of deities, sages and stories.
Buddhism Potpourri
Topics ranging from from biography of Buddha to the refugees from Tibet; also includes Buddhist monuments in India, Buddhist arts, and biography of Buddhist scholar Kosambi.
Jainism Potpourri
Jainism preached non-violence long before non-violence and peace were cool. Wide ranging topics include monuments, Jain arts and architecture, and references.
Sikhism Potpourri
A brief history of Sikhism including its time-line, monuments, the Khalsa and references.
Islam in India
Topics on history and influence of Islam in India. Includes monuments, art, and personal anecdotes.
Bhakti MovementPath of Devotion
Explore the Bhakti movement in India including the important proponents. A supplemental photo exhibition shows devout Indians at worship.
Zoroastrianism -- Article on the history and traditions of Parsis in India who follow the teachings of Zarathushtra. Christianity in India
Mysticism in India
Article exploring mysticism in Indian culture; saints of Sufism and bridal mysticism
Idolatry in India

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