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Indus & Saraswati





Vedic Period _


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Mauryan Period   _



Golden Age of Indian Arts & Sciences



Muslim Invasions _






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The British Rule _


India's Freedom Struggle


Free and Modern India

Events in the Land of The Timeless Theater


 Timeline of India


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Pre-Historic Rock Paintings of Bhimabetaka

Indian History is as old as the History of Mankind. Artifacts dating back to as much as 500,000 years have been found

Rock Paintings

Cave Life &
Cave Art

Harappa and Mohenjodaro Communities
(2500 - 1550 B.C)


Dravidian traditions are established in south


Aryan Migration

The Vedas are composed

Mahabharat is composed


Hinduism takes deep roots

Caste System is established

Hinduism Potpourri

Gautama Buddha

(563 -483 B.C.)

Mahaveera (599 B.C.)

Bimbisara of Magadha (542-490 B.C.)




The Great Alexander invades parts of India (326 B.C.)

Chandra Gupta Maurya (300 B.C.) and establishment of the Indian Empire

Emperor Ashoka (272 B.C) and spread of Buddhism

Mauryan Empire


Ancient India, the land of mystery

Khajuraho Temples
Khajuraho Temples are built.

The Hoysala Dynasty

The temples of Belur, Halebid are built.

Chalukyas of Badami and Kalyan

Guptas (320-647)

Pallavas of Kanchi (300-888)

Fa-Hien  (400) &  Hiuen-Tsiang (630) in India 

10th century India

Alberuni in India (1020)

Mahmud Ghazni invades Somnath temple (1026)

Marco Polo visits India (1288)

Khilji Dynasty (1300)

The Vijayanagar Empire (1336-1565)

Ibn Batuta in India

First voyage of Vasco-da-Gama to Goa (1498)

Kings of South India
Southern Dynasties: Chola, Pandya, Hoysala, Rashtrakuta, Ganga, Chalukyas

Women in Medieval Deccan

Bhakti Movement

Akbar defeats Rana Pratap at Haldighat (1576)

East India Company is formed (1600)

The Mighty Moghuls

Babur (1530), Akbar (1605), Aurangjeb (1700)

Guru Gobind Singh and the Khalsa

Taj Mahal is built

Shivaji (1646) and the Marathas

Bahamani Kings

Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan (1761 - 1799)

Battle of Plassey (1757)

Prohibition of Sati (1829)

First Indian war of Independence (1857)

Indian National Congress is formed (1885)

19th Century India

History of India

TimeLine of Freedom Movements


Massacre at Jallianwalabagh   (1919)

Quit India Movement (1942)

Mahatma Gandhi
The March of Dandi and  Rise of  Mahatma Gandhi(1930)

Martyrdom of Bhagat Singh

Subhas Bose and Indian National Army

Biographies of Tilak, Savarkar, Cama

India during 19th century

India during 20th century

Partition of India and Freedom at Midnight (1947)

Wars with Pakistan and liberation of Bangladesh (1971)

The non-aligned movement

The rise of Nehru-Gandhi Family

The Emergency (1976)

Rise of Regionalism

World Cup Victory
India wins Cricket World Cup (1983)

Operation Bluestar, Indira Gandhi's Assassination and violence against Sikhs (1984)

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

India tests nuclear device (1998)

Outsourcing creates a service economy boom (2005)

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Contemporary History
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