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Although born and peaked in India, today (1999) Buddhism is more popular outside India than within. We know very little of history of Buddhism till the reign of emperor Ashoka, who transformed Buddhism into a great world religion. In the following pictures, two distinct aspects of Buddhism in India can be seen: one ancient (Ashokan and subsequent) and the other the Buddhism as practiced and advocated by the Tibetans (now in India as refugees).

The contribution of Buddhist teachings on the Hinduism (sixth century B.C. onwards) was great and led to several reforms of Hinduism. Some Hindus believe that Buddha was one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu himself. The contribution of arts inspired by Buddha was also great and can be seen in the caves of Ajanta and many other edicts spread across India. Indeed, the lions of Sarnath became the emblem of free India.

Topics on Buddha, Buddhism, and Buddhist Meditation

* Contents excerpted from The Timeless Theater CD-ROM


Buddhism Potpourri

Mayadevi, the Mother of BuddhaBuddha mediating in touching the earth position Buddhist RelicsThe Lions from Sarnath, a monument from Ashoka periodBodhisatva with a Lotus in Hand
Statue of Buddha from a Cave in AjantaA Stupa of Sanchi Showing the Decorated EntranceTibetan boy goes to fetch water for the monasteryA Serene Statue of Lord BuddhaFresco of a Celestial Nymph
Lord Buddha from a Sarnath temple paintingCarvings on the Arch of Buddhist StupaStatue of Lord BuddhaTibetan Buddhist Women Dancing in DharmasalaMeditating Buddha
Buddha with his DesciplesSculpture of BuddhaStamp of Buddha


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