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CD-ROM Reviewer's Guide

A guide to The Timeless Theater's content

The following list quickly highlights some of the uniqueness of The Timeless Theater CD-ROM.

Dr. Kamat, a noted photographer, anthropologist, writer, historian, and artist opens the treasure of his archives to the public. Several Doctorates have been earned studying the materials collected by Dr. Kamat and for the first time, readers can sample the richness of his travels and explorations. See the author's Introduction.

The Timeless Theater CD-ROM is a showcase of art and artists of India. Dr. Kamat is one of the few to have studied the pre-historic rock paintings of Bhimbetka, and the Kavi Art of coastal Karnataka. In Folk Artists series, see the color and richness of rural artists.

KalaRanga-- The Timeless Theater is a good educational resource. Handicrafts of India is rapid tutorial on the subject,  so is The Temples of North India. The Education in Medieval India is one of  the most authoritative collection of artifacts published on the topic.

English Translations of  two travelogues are provided on disk. The Stories of Bastar Travel uncovers the mysterious world of tribals of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan Travelogues captures the simplicity and complexity of Indian life.

Do not miss the opportunity to look at the diversity of  Indian west coast in the Karavali Photo Album,  a collection of over five hundred black and white photographs.

The CD-ROM contains several animations, abundant cross references (hyperlinks) and thousands of pictures. The commonly known/asked questions about India are deliberately left out to keep the contents unique and focussed on the theme The Timeless India.

The navigation is provided by several means. There is the Special collections Index which lists the special collections , The Alphabetical Index, A Timeline , an Index of Indices (CD-ROM map) and the omni-present tool bar. Tables of contents are provided for every collection of pictures on a theme. With Stub Gallery, you can get a bird's eye-view of all the pictures on The Timeless Theater CD-ROM. The Carousels provide a fascinating way to jump from topic to topic.

Technologically, The Timeless Theater is a truly computer platform independent multimedia CD-ROM. It is available on all desktop computing systems, as it uses a standard browser as the content viewer. The producers thought that it was important to store this timeless content in a format that does not become obsolete.

The Timeless Theater CD-ROM
ISBN 1-929648-00-6
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