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Kamat's Potpourri

Kamat on ZDTV's Internet Tonight


Featured on Internet Tonight
July 2000

Kamat's Potpourri was featured in Ziff-Davis Television's Internet Tonight program in July 2000. Excerpts from the Interview.

ZDTV: Tell us your name and the name of your website
Vikas: My name is Vikas Kamat and our website is called Kamat's Potpourri.
ZDTV: Tell us why you started your site.
Vikas: My father is a photographer, and my mother, a historian. Their lifetime’s work on Indian life and history had remained unpublished. The Web provided perfect medium to publish picture-intensive content very inexpensively.
ZDTV: What's  your favorite section?
Vikas: The Faces of India section is my favorite. These are the most common people you come across in India. There are street vendors, children playing in the streets, elderly, tribals, and women. You can see the diversity of India, the hardships of Indian life, their aspirations and culture in these portraits.
ZDTV: If there's one thing you hope a person gets (or takes away) from your site, what would that be?
Vikas: That India is such a diverse nation. We hope to provide a deeper understanding of India.
ZDTV: Thank you very much.
Vikas: It's an honor for us. Thank you very much.



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