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Kamat's Potpourri

Hawkers. Sellers. Merchants


An exhibition of  Indian merchants and their merchandise

Making of Ganapati
Man makes God.  Honavar

Artist paints the idol of Lord Ganesh for sale during the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi.(Ganesh's birthday)

Shopping at Srinagar in Kashmir at the romantic backdrop Dal lake is considered very romantic. The boat also serves as a shop.

Vegetable Vendor on Dal Lake
Vegetable Merchant, Srinagar

mango.jpg (14369 bytes)
A Mango Shop. Madhurai

The mango merchants never seem to standardize the units (by count or by weight) of vending; but they sure know who's the boss.

In  rural India, even to this day the village hair dresser makes house calls. It was customary for women (widows) and elderly  to have their hair cut at their homes.

Hajam at a Bramhan's House
Full Service Barber at Door Step

Halakki Gowdathi
The veggies can't be fresher

A Halakki tribal lady goes to bazaar with flowers and vegetables. Notice that the woman is without a blouse, but covered with lots of necklaces instead. This is typical attire of her community in Uttara Kannada.

Fortune tellers walk the fine line of begging and scholarly living. They use parrots, tricks, astrology  to predict customer's future.

Fortuneless Fortune-Teller

Padasale Shop Keeper
Kum Kum Vendor. Bangalore

The Indians' fascination with the kum-kum (the red dot) gives rise to very colorful and picturesque market places.

After centuries, the Indian traditional costume of the Saree has retained its charm and popularity. Here, a merchant is negotiating the price of a printed Saree. Notice also that one of the customers is in veil, which is worn on top of the Saree.

Business as usual
Cloth Merchant, Honavar

Photographs by  K.L.Kamat  and Corel Professional Stock Photos

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