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Frequently Asked Questions
First Online: November 21, 2004
Page Last Updated: January 03, 2018

Question What is "PublishURL"

Answer PublishURL was a field used by the SimplyBlog to publish statically rendered page  to a Linux server. This feature is no longer supported since the emergence of Google which is able to index dynamically generated pages.

Question What is "RenderURL"

Answer RenderURL is the address you will give to your readers to access your blog. It is also the URL that will be linked to from the View Site button in the control panel.

Question Why are ccLogins and ccBlogInfo tables different? 

Answer Some customers want multiple writers to the same blog, yet the different people should not be allowed to modify each other's posts. Having separate tables allows SimplyBlog to support this functionality. Merged blog is another application (see merge.asp) that becomes possible due to this difference. However, one author writing multiple blogs is not supported.

Question We need IP/LDAP/Passport/Custom authentication into SimplyBlog. Can you help?

Answer Yes. We have helped many customers with different kinds of authentications, including IP Address authentication, HTTP-REFERRER, Passports (like ATHENS), LDAP, shared-cookie, and encrypted tokens, and scripted logins. Please contact Contact Kamats for customization fees.

Question Do you support Wiki tags?

Answer Not Quite. 
But like MediaWiki, SimplyBlog offers a rich writing environment. Some customers have implemented complete integration with their databases including support for SQL (see an example how you can write SQL and see it rendered into content)

Question I want to add more buttons and customize administrator interface.

Answer Please go ahead. Additional blank buttons are provided (look under /admin folder) for you to customize and maintain the same look and feel.

Question How can I see the usage statistics?

Answer We recommend use of counters, or analysis of usage statistics gathered by the WebServer. See: Amateur Webmaster: Wisdom Stored in WebServer Logs

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