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Biography: R.S. Hukkerikar

With a heart of boundless good will, with a practical outlook of surprising wisdom, with an intellect sharp as a Damascus blade, Mr. R.S.Hukkerikar is one of those great forces that is shaping the destinies of Karnatak.

A man of medium height, with an athletic figure, his eyes flashing patriotic fire, his compressed lips indicating his iron will, his dignified bearing commands our unstinted respect.

K.L. Kamat/Kamat's Potpourri
R. S. Hukkerikar
R. S. Hukkerikar

He was born into a Vaishnava family. The atmosphere of home was conductive to unfolding of his moral qualities. The victory of Japan in the Russo-Japanese war appealed to his imagination, it kindled his patriotic embers. The flaming article of Tilak in the Kesari stirred his soul to its very depth. The desire for freedom burned with a steady flame in the shrine of his heart.

He began his career as a professor of English in the Rajaram and Karnatak Colleges. Then he started a newspaper called "Dharmaveer". His unrivalled gifts of speech and his genius for affairs brought him to the fore. The atmosphere of friendliness he exhaled and the intellect light he radiated enabled him to come to the saddle of power with few enemies.

He is a congressman to the core. Since 1921 he has spared every minute of his waking hour to strengthen the Congress movement. The political mind as myriad manifestations. It is philosophical with Mr. R.R.Diwakar, a lesson in strategy with Mr. Gangadhar Rao Deshpande, a passion for discipline with Mr. Hardikar, a gay adventure with Hosmani Siddappa, and a decisive action with Mr. Hukkerikar.

His sense of patriotism is high; his zeal unflagging and his intellect unclouded. For this propaganda work he was prosecuted five times and spent seven years in jail. Form 1926 onwards he was the General Secretary of the K.P.C.C. In 1930 he was elected the President. He was one of the initiators of the no-tax movement in Karnataka.

He believes that the congress can march to success by determined effort along the lines laid down by Mahatmaji. He feels that communalism is the curse to India as it gives false values to men and things and blurs our vision of true merit. He is a firm believer in the principle of linguistic provinces and has been a determined fighter in the cause of Karnatak unification. He was chiefly responsible for the Nehru Committee recognising Karnatak unification as a feasible plan.

His career betokens a character that stands for purity in public life. He has emerged out of the fiery ordeal with his body unshaken and his spirit rarefied. History will attribute to him thee quality of imaginative leadership.

Source: Haripura Congress Souvenir, 1938


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