Social Life in Medieval Karnataka
by Jyotsna Kamat

A Brief Note on Manasollasa

A Brief Note on 'Manasollasa'

The work consists of one hundred chapters (adhyanas) of unequal length, but each dealing with one topic. Twenty chapters make one part (Vimsati) and thus the work comprises five Vimsatis.

For purposes of this book, Manasollasa edited by Shri G K Shrigondekar has been made use of. He has published it in three volumes distributing the Vimsatis as follows:


Vol. I Vimsati I adhyayas 1-20 slokas1-308 and
Vimsati  II adhyayas 1-20 slokas1-1300
Vol. II Vimsati   III adhyayas 1-20 slokas1-1820 and
Vimsati  IV adhyayas 1-15 1-1725
Vol. III: Vimsati  IV adhyayas 16-20 slokas1-1494 and
Vimsati  V adhyayas 1-20 slokas1-1375

It will be perceived from the above that slokas of adhyayas 16-20 (Vimsati IV) are numbered separately. In view of this, citations in the footnotes in the book have been given as under: Vol. number (of Shrigondekar's edition), page numbers of the appropriate volume and verses on pages (of the volume) cited. For instance, II, pp. 115-16, vv. 1345-57 stands for Vol. number, pages (of the Vol) and verses on the said pages.

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