Hero-stone Memorials of India

Boat Heroes - Memorials Erected for Brave Seamen
Panaji Museum in Goa
Navy Hero-stone
Hero-stones as Illustrated History
Depiction of a Battle
Detail of a panel from a hero-stone, Hadolli

Detail from a Hero-stone
A memorial stone showing a furiously fighting hero, Madhya Pradesh
Memorials Stone
Illustrated Memorial Stones
Details from a Hero-stone

Hero and Sati
A stone memorial remembers a hero died in battle and his wife who committed Sati with him.
Mahasati Memorials
Memorials of Madhya Pradesh
Hero with a Gun
Detail from a memorial in Pachmari

Heroes who die heroic death are sometimes immortalized as Garuda
Town of Siddapur, 1983
Garuda Stone
Stories the Stones Tell
A Hero-stone depicting a battle

Herostone from Maragallu
Vijayanagar Period, Kolar District
Herostone of Kolar
A Hero-stone from North Kanara
Hero-stones are llustrated Sources of History
Notice that only two panels are visible. This is a buried hero-stone. The third panel depicting war is under the ground.

Jaina Nishidhi Stone
Apprx. 11th century, Sravanabelagola
Jain Memorial of Sravanabelagola
Suicide Memorials
Mahasati Stone
A memorial stone at Bhojpur, Central India

A Man Remembered
Detail from a tribal memorial, Village of Jamnujari, Madhya Pradesh
Memorials of Central India
Memorial Stone, Madhya Pradesh
A Memorial for a Family Member
Notice the distinct Tulasi-like construction
The Village of Chaterpur, 1977

Nishidhi Stone of Machikabbe
A memorial shows Machikabbe, the royal mother-in-law observing Sallekhana (fasting unto death)
Nishidhi Stone of Machikabbe
Herostone Memorial
Sculpted Hero-stone
Fresh flowers indicate that the Hero-stone is still worshipped

Stories the Hero-stones Tell
Lower panel of a hero-stone depicts the hero's fight with the enemy
Hero Stone Memorials
Sculpted Jain Memorial Stone
Top Strata of a Hero-stone from Sangeetapura
Also known as Haduvalli and Hadolli, this village has beautiful Jain sculptures

A Triangular Hero-stone
Hero Stones
Memorial for a Hero
A Wooden Memorial of Madhya Pradesh
A memorial with the hero's name and date of his death in Hindi

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