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Encircling the prey
A hunting scene from a prehistoric cave
Indra and his Vehicle
Lord Indra riding the Iravat, the eight trunked elephant

Lord Buddha from a Sarnath temple painting
Lord Buddha from a Sarnath  painting
In Akbar`s Durbar…
A Courtier in Akbar's Durbar

India`s National Flag
The Indian National Flag
Subramanian, Son of Shiva
Subramanian and his Vehicle Peacock

Clash of the Swords
Indian Martial Arts
The Bengal Tiger
The Bengal Tiger

India is home to breath taking waterfalls, mountains and forests
The Jog Falls
An Indian Farmer in his Fields
The Indian Farmer With Bullock Pulled Plough

Intricatedly Carved Temple from South India
Example of a Hoysala Temple
Elephant Headed Hindu Deity
Ganesh: The Elephant Headed Hindu Deity

Folk Artist Decorated for a Performance
Artist from a Traveling Troupe
Initiation of a Brahmin Boy
Initiation of a Brahmin Boy

Boys taking turns to the joy ride the water buffalo
Rural Joy Rides
Somewhere in India…
Girl bathing in a public pond

The Milk Girl
Girl Delivering Fresh Milk
Man Cleans Chicken
Man Cleaning a Bird for a Special Meal

Community Cooking for a Wedding
Women Making Laddus (Sweet Balls)
Somewhere in India …
Devotees Offering Prayers in the Front Yard of their Home

A Roadside Cobbler
Village Cobbler (Mochi)
The Sheep Girl, Rajasthan
The Sheep Girl

Decorated Tribal Dancers Using Firelogs to Light Cigarettes, Madhya Pradesh
Two tribals go for a smoke (beedi)
The One Legged Typist
The One Legged Typist

The Shelter and The Shelterless
Indian Extremities
Extreme Nation
Illiterate Sells Alphabets

Young Lovers at Ghotul
Ghotul System of Education
Gods as Sex Symbols
Only in India can the Deities Model for Erotica!

Lord Brahma from a Sculptural Textbook
Lord Brahma
Goddess Laxmi
Five Headed Goddess Lakshmi

Rama Surrounded by Sita, Laxman and Hanuman
Lord Ramachandra
Lord Ganesh
Elephant Headed God Ganapati

The Amazing Bicycle
Boys Transporting Water
Homeless Woman Cooking on the Street
The Ultimate Open Kitchen

Wiring a Subcontinent
Wiring India
Vehicle Worship
Vehicle Worship in India

Devotees Offering Prayers in the Front Yard of their Home
Glorifying Goddess with Music
King-Saint Basavanna
Sage Basaveshwara who founded the Lingayat cult in 12th century

The Faith Makes The Man
Devotion in India
The Path of Devotion
"Thou Art Everywhere, But I Worship Thee Here"

Ganapati Goes Bananas!
Banana Lover Ganesh
Idol of Goddess Kali
Idol of Goddess Kali

Tattoos of a Tribal Woman
The Khajuraho Folk Festival
Bridal Mehendi
The Henna Tattoo on the Palms of a Bride

Painted Face of a Devotee
Portrait of a Jogappa
Tribal Tattoo
Tattoo of a Tribal Woman

Fashionable Daughter of the Jungle
Tribal Fashion
Iyengari Markings
Sacred Body Art

Declaring Religious Allegiance
Brahmin with Sacred Ash
Distinctive Head Markings
Horizontal and Vertical Markings

Woman with Bow - Stone Sculpture
Hoysala Sculptures of Belur
Kailash Temple
Shiva the Magnificent

Decorated Nutcracker
Art in Utility
Bronze Statue of Shiva
Bronze Statue of Shiva, Tamilnadu

Statue of Meditating Buddha
Meditating Buddha
Erotic Temple Art
Sculpted Chandela Temples Depicting Erotica

A Three Headed Mythological Figure Rides a Lion
Extreme Rodeo - Riding a Lion
Woman Makes Cosmetic Paste
Woman Grinding Herbs to Make Cosmetics

Lovers in Pahari style.
Erotic Paintings
Khajuraho Art
Carved Bust of a Celestial, Khajuraho

Indian Woman
Genius of Raja Ravi Varma
Design of a Nutcracker
A Nutcracker Styled as Yaksha-Yakshi

Lady Churning Curds
Leather Puppets
Mogul Period Painting
Emperor Babur Hunting a Tiger

Dasara -- painting on the walls of Mysore palace
Mysore Files
Beauty Inspired by Faith
Ornately Decorated Rudrakshi Mala

Bharatesha Vaibhava
Paintings of India
Meditating Mahavira
A Statue of Meditating Mahavira

Man Offers Ring to Girlfriend
Oldest Seduction Trick
The Last Rites
The Last Rites for a Dead Man

Feeding of the River
Hindu Final Rites
Ornamentation in Indian Art
A tier of spiral foliage of exquisite design

Woman Puts on Makeup
Adorning Self
Moghul Period Ornamentation
Metallic Floral Design

Sculpture of Vishnu
Lord Vishnu Resting Under a Cobra
Hindu Last Rites
Symbolic Re-burning of the Dead

Funeral Rituals at a Waterfall
Hindu Final Rites
Hindu Final Rites
The Pinda (Rice Ball) Offerings

Gifting of the Brahmins
Gifting Ceremony
Ritual Shaving of the Head
Tonsuring of the Head

The Feeding of the River
Hindu Final Rites
The Pradakshina
The Circumambulation

Offerings Made to a Peepal Tree
Plant Worship
Faces of India
When the Ear Speaks

The Henna Art of the Feet of a Bride
Weddings in India
The Queue for Water
Extreme Water Shortage

Temple of Plant
Plant Worship
Offerings to Plants
Man Feeds the Fields in Hoogoppalu

A Cock Fight in Progress
Kamat Goes to a Cock Fight
Tribal Tattoo Designs
Tattoos of the Baiga Tribe

Protection from Rain, Protection from Creditors!
Avoiding Eye Contact
Absentee Marriage!
Wedding without the Bride

Attack of the Goats!
Goats Feeding on Roadside Shrub
The Plant as Goddess
A New Bride Worships the Tulasi Plant

The Hindu Monk from India
Swami Vivekananda
Open Air Kitchen!
A construction worker preparing dinner on the street

Stray Kids, Stray Puppies
On the Streets of India
On the Streets of New Delhi
"Ain't afraid of thieves"

Shanty Town Children Playing Hopping Game on the Street
Street as Playground
Destitute Musicians
Destitute Musicans

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