Agriculture in India

First Online: June 23, 2008
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In the following picture series, we study pictures of farmers engaged in their daily activities. India, for long has been an agricultural land, and the lifestyle, culture, and the economy of India had greatly dependent, and inspired by the primary profession.

Pictures of Farming in India

Watering the Crops
Man pulling water with an indigenous irrigation (locally known as the 'Dotte' )system.
Dotte Watering System
Indigenous Irrigation System
The Human Hinge
Indegenous irrigation system in Tamilnadu; the man walks on the beam to drown the vessel and raise water from the well.

Organic Farmer, Melkote
Picture of Santosh Koulagi, 2007
Organic Farming in India
Supari Farm
View of an Areca-nut Farm
Sahyadri valley, Karnataka

Juicing the Sugarcane
The Village of Kurva
Sugarcane Farming
The Green Dreams
Fields of Karavali
Village of Holegadde, Uttara Kannada

A Coconut Farm
Known as "Kalpavriksha", Indians are fond of growing coconut trees. South Kanara, 2006
Agriculture in India
The Jute Crops
Jute Harvest
Town of Plassey, West Bengal, 1970

Farmer with his Bulls
Clay Model, Tribal Museum, Chindwara
Bullock Pulled Plough
Indian Farmer
A Farmer at his Fields

Farmer on Way to Fields
Town of Sagar, Malenadu
Indian Farmer

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