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Ranganatittu is a outstanding bird sanctuary in Karnataka (index, map). It is located at down stream Krishnanarajasagar reservoir in Kaveri river basin. It comprises of five islands, strewn with  a large number of boulders. In addition to permanent residents, a large number of migratory birds visit the sanctuary in different seasons of the year. The court, mate, build nests, lay eggs, incubate and enlarge their families here.

A Painted Stork near Ranganatittu in Karnataka Cattle Egret (Babucus ibis)  A female painted stork at a nesting site

The Birds of Ranganatittu


Spoonbills (Platalea leucordia), from Antarctica migrate here fro breeding. Often Bill Storks (Anastomus oscitans) from North America arrive in winter. As colored birds, waving their black tails standing on long legs and foraging their elongated beaks is a rare sight in the avian world. The adult Painted Storks (Mycteria leucephalia) are orange colored and their young ones are of dull ash. They are the visitors from Siberia. White Ibis (Threskiornia aethiopica) is a regular guest from Nigeria.

The other birds that are commonly observed are: Snake bird (Darter, Anhinga rufa), Little Egret (Egretta garzatta), Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibia), Grey Heron (Ardea garzetta), Pond heron (Ardeola grayii), Night Heron (Nycticorox nycticorax), River Tern (Sterna aurantia), and Indian Whiskered Tern (Chlidonias hybrida).

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