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The Bimbal Fruit Bunch -- Picture
The Course of River Ganga -- Picture
A hero-stone illustrating a fierce battle -- Picture
Allama Prabhu of Virakta Sampradaya (an ascetic tradition) -- Picture
Kavi Art Mural -- Picture
Portrait of Naga Head-Hunter -- Picture
Bengali Street Play -- Picture
The Auto-rickshaw -- Picture
Woman Carries Child. Elephant Carries Man. -- Picture
Worship of Linga -- Picture
Temple in forest -- Picture
Silver Chariot of Kadri Temple -- Picture
Om Beach, Gokarn -- Picture
A Beauty Prepares for her Lover's Arrival -- Picture
Admonishing of Laxman -- Picture
Prince Indrajitendra and Pricess Kamala -- Picture
Earl Attlee 1883 - 1967) -- Picture
Ruins of Vijayanagar Empire -- Picture
Meat Vendor -- Picture
A Mother Braids Daughter's Hair -- Picture
Lost in a Raga -- Picture
Wall Painting, Crafts Museum -- Picture
Portuguese Soldiers Surrendering to Indian Army -- Picture
Girls Drying Long Hair -- Picture
Festival of India -- Picture
Monkeys Building a Bridge -- Picture
Main Building of Karnatak College Dharwad (KCD) -- Picture
Tantric Illustration Invoking Shakti -- Picture
Picture of Mukta Sidenur with son Rajesh -- Picture
Hexagonal Seat -- Picture
Comrade Chitale -- Picture
Lady in her Vanity -- Picture
Bom Jesus Church, Goa -- Picture
A. Kameshwara Rao -- Picture
Dancer and her Teacher -- Picture
Wheel of the Konark Sun Temple, Orissa -- Picture
Vishnu as Vaman the Dwarf -- Picture
Indian Householder -- Picture
Erotic Paintings of Sibi Village -- Picture
Jaina teacher and disciples -- Picture
The Sacrificial Women -- Picture
Portrait of Appu Jatti the Wrestler -- Picture
Cascaded Arches, The Village of Mandu -- Picture
Hindu Priest Making Offerings, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh -- Picture
Tower of Nanjanagudu Temple -- Picture
Five Faced Drum -- Picture
A View of a Mosque at Chunar Gur -- Picture
Kavi Art Designs on a Temple Wall -- Picture
Prehistoric Cave Painting from Badami -- Picture
Girls Engaged in Stick Aerobics -- Picture
Arjuna's Dejection -- Picture
Widow of a Mahut (Elephant Trainer) -- Picture
Student and teacher:- a teacher corrects the handwriting and calligraphic style of a student in a Buddhist school -- Picture
Love From All Angles -- Picture
Hoysala Style Gatekeeper -- Picture
Boys at Fishermen's Cove -- Picture
Jamsetji Tata -- Picture
Sign at Chandranatha Deva Basadi -- Picture
A Border Design -- Picture
Hoysala Period Border Design -- Picture
Golden Oil Lamps (diyas) -- Picture
Mr. and Mrs. L.V. Kamat, Honavar -- Picture
A Fashionable Style of Saree -- Picture
Woman Lost in Thought -- Picture
School Going African Indian Kids -- Picture
Dancer at the Narayanpur Mela -- Picture
Protection for the Chariot -- Picture
Golden Vessels -- Picture
A Door Guardian (Dwarapalaka) in Kavi Art -- Picture
The Bitter-gourd Vegetable -- Picture
Film Maker Satyajit Ray -- Picture
Kathakkali Dancer from Kerala -- Picture
Jaipur, Marionettes -- Picture
Raga Megha-Malhara -- Picture
The Wife of a Scholar -- Picture
Painted Face of a Kathakkali Dancer -- Picture
Gomateswara Statue of Karkal -- Picture
India Gate New Delhi -- Picture
Ardha-Narishwara Half Man, Half Woman -- Picture
Exchange of Turmeric and Kumkum -- Picture
Narasimha -- Half Lion, Half Man -- Picture
Portrait of an Andaman Islander -- Picture
Shabari - Painting by Nandalal Bose -- Picture
Three Headed Animal Lover Dattatreya -- Picture
Laughing Matron -- Picture
Deer from a Mogul miniature painting -- Picture
Black and White Union -- Picture
Krishna Teases a Maiden -- Picture
Portrait of T.P. Kailasam -- Picture
Paintings of Masks -- Picture
A First Day Release Envelope -- Picture
M.S. Subbulakshmi Singing at Hampi -- Picture
Harivansh Rai Bachchan (1907-2003) -- Picture
A Guest at a Hindu Wedding -- Picture
Grocer and his Family -- Picture
Advancing Military Regimement -- Picture
Hidden Sex -- Picture
Rajput Soldiers, 1903 -- Picture
Artist Naranappa -- Picture
Novelist Manohar Malgonkar -- Picture
"Ring Bell to Wake up God" -- Picture
Idol of Goddess Banashankari -- Picture
Animal Motif -- Picture
Hunter -- Illustration based on a Petroglyph -- Picture
The Uninterested Wife! -- Picture
Advancing Army -- Picture
Hanuman Monkey Mask -- Picture
Two Panels of a Gokarn Temple Hero-stones -- Picture
Doorway of a Home in Jaisalmer -- Picture
Temple Builder Nallappa, with Relatives -- Picture
A Hand-made Bamboo Cradle -- Picture
Jairamdas Doulatram, Congressman from Sindh -- Picture
Floral Welcome to a Wedding Hall -- Picture
Fossil Free Transportation -- Picture
Matsyavatar -- Vishnu as the Rescuing Fish -- Picture
Goa Anjuna Flea Market -- Picture
Rama Seeks Blessings from Hermit Gautam -- Picture
Mother and Child -- Picture
Woman Operates a Addoli (Stationary Knife) -- Picture
Monument for a Dead Soldier, Colonel Hill, Honavar -- Picture
Scenes of Bombay -- Picture
Best Friends -- Picture
The Cuttub Minar in the Ruins of Ancient Delhi -- Picture
Yaksha - Yakshi (Celestials) -- Picture
Erotica from a Temple Panel -- Picture
Sane Guruji -- Picture
View of an Areca-nut Farm -- Picture
Roadside Cobbler -- Picture
Servants Attending to the Lady -- Picture
Picture of Rukmabai Kamat -- Picture
A Sculpture of Tilka Majhi -- Picture
Family Planning Stamp -- Picture
Nehru's Mother Swaroop Rani -- Picture
Shantanu and Matsyagandha -- Picture
Portrait of Colonel William Douglas Brodie Ketchen -- Picture
Decorated Auto-rickshaw -- Picture
The Sick King -- Picture
Interior of Lodhi Tomb -- Picture
Close-up of a female puppet -- Picture
When India Became Free! -- Picture
Cold Morning -- Picture
Kodava Groom and Bride from Kodagu -- Picture
Artistic Lamp -- Picture
Guests Chatting at a Wedding -- Picture
Mahatma Gandhi Album -- Picture
Kamat in Front of his Scientific Photo Lab. -- Picture
Indian Fetish -- Picture
Sex in the Kitchen! -- Picture
Children of the Jungle -- Picture
Depiction of a Battle -- Picture
Cradle Decoratorations -- Picture
India's Foremost Facility for Scientific Research -- Picture
Shantinath Desai (1929 - 1998) -- Picture
India in Early 17th Century -- Picture
Tree Worship -- Picture
Gandhian Freedom Fighters -- Picture
Portrait of a Siddi Woman -- Picture
Black and White Conjugation -- Picture
Hanuman Mistakes the Sun for a Fruit -- Picture
Ambar Palace Tank and Pavilion -- Picture
The Village Couple -- Picture
Mythological Painting -- Picture
Kamat Kuteer as a Haven for Children -- Picture
Golden Bud Ornament -- Picture
K.V. Puttappa -- Jnanapeeth award winning Kannada writer -- Picture
Muthaides or "Blessed Women" -- Picture
A Popular Snack Vendor -- Picture
Girl Picks a Thorn from her Heels -- Picture
Beggar Outside of a Bangalore Church -- Picture
The Amla Plant -- Emblica officinalis -- Picture
A Buddhist Student -- Picture
Jamini Roy (1887-1972) -- Picture
Harischandra in Distress -- Picture
Umbrella Merchant Waiting for Customer -- Picture
The Love Knot -- Picture
Bengal Tiger in Mysore Zoo -- Picture
A Village Scene -- Picture
The Tortoise and the Geese -- Picture
A Historian's Saree -- Picture
Picture of Uday Ganapati Shanbhag -- Picture
A Style of the Saree -- Picture
The Gambling Brahmin -- Picture
The Red Fort, Delhi -- Picture
Gourish Kaikini -- Picture
Sage Vidyaranya -- Picture
Design of Naga Mandala , the Snake Web , Wooden Carving -- Picture
Lady Offers Delicacies to Husband -- Picture
Goddess Marikamba (the ferocious mother) of Sirsi -- Picture
Violence During 18th June 1946 Protest -- Picture
A. Kaleswara Rao -- Picture
Housewife from Gujarat -- Picture
100 Years of Railways to Doon Valley -- Picture
Chembai Vaidyanatha (1894-1974) -- Picture
G. Sankara Kurup (1901-1978) -- Picture
Shanker Dayal Sharma (1918-1999) -- Picture
A Mahut Caring for an Elephant -- Picture
One Man, Many Women -- Picture
Women Vending Cheap Jewelry -- Picture
The Naming Ceremony for a Child -- Picture
The Fruit of Rama -- Picture
Temple Guardians -- Picture
Writing Woman, Hoysala period -- Picture
Portrait of Mangapattyya the Musician -- Picture
Havyak Brahmin Family of Sagar -- Picture
Portrait of M. Govind Pai -- Picture
Portrait of A.V. Baliga -- Picture
Humbug the Humming Insect! -- Picture
South Indian Potter -- Picture
Royal Party on the River -- Picture
Mangesh of Goa -- Picture
Gandhiji with Commoners -- Picture
Gandhi with a Lady Companion -- Picture
Boys Playing in Rural Bengal -- Picture
Glory of an Ancient Past -- Picture
N.S.Ramaswamy, Professor of Zoology -- Picture
Unguent Seller -- Picture
Towers of Khajuraho Temples -- Picture
Model of Anjali Saree Company -- Picture
Stamp of Agra Fort -- Picture
A Domesticated Elephant -- Picture
Running Errands -- Picture
Widow Belonging to Gouli Community -- Picture
Chaturmukha Basadi, Gerusoppa -- Picture
Map of Bastar district in Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Female Students at the Institute -- Picture
Musicologist Sangeetajiyaru -- Picture
Girls Arriving for a Wedding -- Picture
News being Read to Kids at an Orphanage -- Picture
Bhikaiji Cama (1861-1936) -- Picture
Girls Call on a Love Smitten Friend to Play -- Picture
Gandhi at his Hermitage -- Picture
The Avatar of Kalki -- Picture
M.S. Subbulakshmi (1916-2004) -- Picture
Himalayan Flower -- Picture
Varieties of Carts and Chariots found in Prehistoric Art -- Picture
Kannada writer Prof. B.G.L. Swamy -- Picture
Close-up of a Mask of Chhau Dance -- Picture
The Comfort Union -- Picture
Vessels of a Bygone Era -- Picture
Geometric Designs on a Wall -- Picture
Nala Abandoning wife Damayanti -- Picture
Portrait of a Havyak Brahmin -- Picture
Indian Cloth Label Print -- Picture
Indian Woman Enjoying a Book -- Picture
Bride goes through ceremony called Chura and Maiya -- Picture
Nallappa, the Builder of Sibi Temple, with his Three Brothers -- Picture
A Gudigar (Craftsman) at Work -- Picture
Wood as Fuel to Cook for Devotees -- Picture
Rural People Fleeing at the approrach of an Invading Army -- Picture
Insect Makes Art -- Picture
Annakoota Food Festival -- Picture
Somanath Maradur -- Picture
Fantastic Animals -- Picture
Icon of Garuda -- Picture
Durry Art -- Picture
Carvings at a Khajuraho temple -- Picture
P.V. Acharya (Pavem) -- Picture
Heinrich Von Stephan (1831-1897) -- Picture
Century and a Half of Indian Railways -- Picture
Close-up of Kumta Teru -- Picture
A View of the Pagodas at Deogur -- Picture
Cones, Fruits and Flower Designs -- Picture
Detail from a Stone Memorial -- Picture
Keeping Up-to-date -- Picture
Mr. and Mrs. Sadanand Bhikku Kamat -- Picture
Jyotsna Releasing Nemichandra`s Book -- Picture
Shiva with Parvati and Ganesh -- Picture
Carved Window Grillwork -- Picture
The "Flying Bird" Position -- Picture
Farmer on Way to Fields -- Picture
Palm Leaf Illustration -- Picture
The Nagara and Choughada Drums -- Picture
Republic of India, 1950 -- Picture
Old Seal of an Old Photo -- Picture
Cover of "Christa Purana" Book -- Picture
Parts of a Saree -- Picture
Lord Narasimha (Lion faced Vishnu) Seated with His Consort -- Picture
Killing of Rawana -- Picture
Pradeep and Vikas in Kamat Family Cloth Shop, 1990 -- Picture
Prince Edward Albert Shoots a Tiger -- Picture
The Republic Day Parade -- Picture
Gottunukkala Venkanna -- Picture
A Reminder that Goa is Not Yet Free -- Picture
Teachers of St. Thomas High School -- Picture
Galaganatha Temple, Pattadakal -- Picture
Kama (Indian Aphrodyte) Riding an 'Elephant of Women' -- Picture
Use of Elephants and Horses in the Army -- Picture
Jaya Prakash Narayan with S.M. Joshi -- Picture
Fisherwomen of Miramar -- Picture
Friends Sharing an Umbrella -- Picture
Muslim Girl of Kurva -- Picture
A. Vedantam Pillai -- Picture
Ventilators of a Temple -- Picture
Trade Unionist N. M. Joshi -- Picture
Agni the Ram Rider -- Picture
Picture of a Halakki Tribal Woman -- Picture
Snakes Guarding a Swastika -- Picture
Picture of Thiruvalluvar -- Picture
Call of a Comrade -- Picture
Tender Greens -- Picture
Making Home Brew -- Picture
Kids at Kamat Kuteer -- Picture
Vocalist Siddheshwari Devi (1903-1977) -- Picture
Resting Bullocks -- Picture
Bangles that resemble Anklets -- Picture
A Halakki woman peels areca-nuts(supari) -- Picture
Madam Bhikaji Cama -- Picture
Group Sex 1228 A.D. -- Picture
A Border Design from Central India -- Picture
Pannalal Ghosh -- Picture
"Duddalli" Delicacy -- A Type of Milk Jello -- Picture
Festive Elephants -- Picture
Woman with a Fan -- Picture
Vijayalakshmi Pandit (1900-1990) -- Picture
Daughter of the Forest God -- Picture
Statue of a Lord Kitchener -- Picture
"Kinnarijogi" Folk Artist -- Picture
Girl from Himachal Pradesh and her Jewelry -- Picture
A Carved Column of Sanchi -- Picture
Education of Jain Nuns -- Picture
Shripat Amrit Dange -- Picture
Devotee of Melkote -- Picture
Man Riding a Lion -- Picture
Devotees at the Footsteps of Gomateswara -- Picture
Stick Aerobics (kola-ta) -- Picture
A. K. Pillai -- Picture
Bhikku Vasudev kamat -- Picture
Miss Blue Neck -- Picture
Panchatantra: Crocodile and the Monkey -- Picture
Casket of St. Xavier -- Picture
Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964) -- Picture
Fireworks during Deepavali Festival -- Picture
Rani Avatibai -- Picture
Vijay Tendulkar, Signed Portrait -- Picture
Painted Storks, the Village of Belluru -- Picture
Women of Karavali -- Picture
Hanuman on Top of Kadri Hill, Mangalore -- Picture
Tribal Woman with Betel Stained Mouth -- Picture
Lawyer K.M. Kamat -- Picture
Sai Baba of Shirdi -- Picture
A Floating Wedding Party -- Picture
Rao Tularam, a Hero of 1857 War of Independence -- Picture
The Procissao Festival -- Picture
Prehistoric Plough (?) -- Picture
Dollu (drums) Dancer from Shimoga -- Picture
Destitute Woman -- Picture
Woman Going to Well to Fetch Water -- Picture
Qutb Minar, Delhi -- Picture
Green Eggplant -- Picture
Narad Teaching Kayadhu -- Picture
P.R. Naik -- Picture
Swamp Deer -- Picture
The Gateway of India -- Picture
Praying "Praying Mantis" -- Picture
Giani Zail Singh -- Picture
Embroidery of the Himalayan Valley -- Picture
Jute Embroidery -- Work of a Rural Artist -- Picture
Ramaswami Naicker ( 1879 -1973) -- Picture
Depilated Lovers -- Picture
Jawahar Rozgar Yojana -- Picture
Habitat of the Kadu-Kuruba Tribals -- Picture
Gopika-Vastraharan -- Picture
Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore -- Picture
New dress is not comfortable -- Picture
Sculptures of Sanchi -- Picture
Mercantile Sail Boat -- Picture
Carved Wooden Platform -- Picture
Lord Buddha in a Orissan Pata Painting -- Picture
Vithal Rao Hodake, and his son-in-law, Ramanna Kamat -- Picture
Architectural Design on Palm Leaf -- Picture
Ivory Inlay Art Work -- Picture
Tiruppavai Illustration Showing Marriage of Krishna and Andal -- Picture
Tilak's Release Certificate, 1898 -- Picture
Da. Pa. Karamarakar -- Picture
Sculpted Statue of Hanuman with a Club -- Picture
Interwoven Limbs -- Picture
Megha-Doot, the Cloud Messenger -- Picture
Volunteers of the RSS -- Picture
Tippanna Shastri Kalli -- Picture
A Goan Woman in Marketplace -- Picture
Adivasi Dancer -- Picture
Illustration Showing Peddamna -- Picture
Basava Purana -- Picture
School Girls at an Independence Day Procession -- Picture
Mahalakshmi in Dance Pose -- Picture
Goddess Bhadrakali, Gokarn -- Picture
Hero and Sati -- Picture
An Unfinished Geometric Sketch -- Picture
At the Kumta Literary Conference -- Picture
Girl from Ladakh -- Picture
Cover of Maharaja's Album -- Picture
Sculpture of Buddha, Nalanda -- Picture
An Elephant in Silk Embroidery -- Picture
Man in Red Turban -- Picture
Man in Trance while Carrying a "Divine Burden" -- Picture
Japanese Sumer Painting by Girija Madhavan -- Picture
Stamp Horing Guru Tegh Bahadur (1621-1675) -- Picture
Inside of Venugopalaswamy Temple Complex -- Picture
Madam Cama and the First Flag of Free India -- Picture
Rabindranath Tagore -- Picture
Martial Rituals During a Kodava Wedding -- Picture
Self Immolation depicted in a Stone Sculpture -- Picture
Indian Postal Stamp of Gilgit Records -- Picture
Hunter and the Hunted from a Lapakshi temple painting -- Picture
Geometrical Drawings on a Palm-leaf Manuscript -- Picture
Stone Benches at the Temple Entrance -- Picture
Prehistoric Theater -- Picture
Sant Ravidas -- Picture
Portrait of the Village Priest -- Picture
RSS Founder Hedgewar -- Picture
Jewelry of the Gond Tribe -- Picture
Basuri Flute Player -- Picture
A Church in Karachi -- Picture
Killing of Vali Monkey -- Picture
Ganges River in Varanasi -- Picture
Woman with an Oil Lamp -- Picture
Embroidery on the Cover of a Palm-leaf Book -- Picture
Divine Recreation -- Picture
The Travelling Barber Shop -- Picture
Riders -- Picture
A Statue for River Kaveri -- Picture
Gems and Jewellery -- Picture
Narad Advising a Devotee -- Picture
Daughter of Bhaktamitran -- Picture
Colorful Rangoli for Sankranti -- Picture
Yakub Hassan Sait -- Picture
Camel Riding Warrrior beating War Drums -- Picture
Citizens Gathered for Dasara Procession -- Picture
Crows with Carrion -- Picture
Man Frying Fritters -- Picture
Signboard in Bangalore -- Picture
The Connoisseur Wining his Mate -- Picture
Students at Group Study -- Picture
Student at a Madrassa -- Picture
Draupadi Dreading to Meet Kichaka -- Picture
Saraswat Women of Yesteryears -- Picture
The Bom Jesus Church, Old Goa -- Picture
Deep Fried Slices of the 'Alvamaddi' Tuber -- Picture
Image of the Moon is Very Sacred to the Todas -- Picture
Lake Palace, Udaipur -- Picture
A Street in Malleswaram -- Painting by Artist Shivanand Bekal -- Picture
Running away with Loot -- Picture
Sanskrit Palm-leaf Text -- Picture
The Fortune Teller (Koravanji) -- Picture
An Old Photograph -- Picture
Kamat's First Camera -- Picture
Kissing Couple, A Sculpture from Banavasi -- Picture
Shanmugam (Karthikeya) on a peacock -- Picture
A young, school going Gandhi -- Picture
An Incomplete Sculpture of Hanuman -- Picture
Woman Playing a Drum -- Picture
Girl Picking Tea Leaves -- Picture
Portuguese Style House, Goa -- Picture
Advertisement of Piramal Mills. Mumbai -- Picture
The River of Lingas -- Picture
Horse Walking Behind a Bullock Cart -- Picture
Sculpted Horizontal Panels -- Picture
Light-wight Racing Chakada Cart -- Picture
Villagers on the way to Nagadwara Snake Festival -- Picture
Folk Artists at a Cultural Meet -- Picture
Temple Art -- Picture
Pounding of Rice -- Picture
Picture of Kalyani Harite -- Picture
Yashodha and boy Krishna -- Picture
Colorful Attire of a Rajasthani Man -- Picture
Historian Narayan S. Rajpurohit -- Picture
Marble Icon of a Jaina Teerthankar -- Picture
Mixed Metallic Icon of Vishnu -- Picture
Girl Playing with a Ball -- Picture
Vikas in Sriranganatha Swamy Temple -- Picture
Handwriting of Da.Raa. Bendre -- Picture
The Chandramahal Palace, Jaipur -- Picture
Romance of Billana and Champavati -- Picture
Fortune Teller Koravanji -- Picture
The Jack Fruits -- Picture
Krishna fondling two Gopis (girlfriends) -- Picture
Capra Falconeri -- Picture
In Front of Jog Falls -- Picture
Inscription of Hadolli -- Picture
Umabai Kundapur (far left) with Anand Rao (father-in-law) and husband Sanjiv Rao (right) -- Picture
Erotic Art from Sibi Temple -- Picture
Decorated Entrance of Banavasi Temple -- Picture
Vikas (in center) with Gorur Couple -- Picture
Painting of Nana Phadnavis -- Picture
Villagers during a Festival of Gopuja (Worship of Cow) -- Picture
Invitation to Goddess Laxmi -- Picture
Spotted Deer in Patna Zoo -- Picture
The Mustache Man -- Picture
Villagers at Jagadalpur Dasara -- Picture
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose -- Picture
Eight Handed Lord Shiva -- Picture
Publisher Ramakanth Joshi -- Picture
Temple of Goddess Durga -- Picture
The Pride of India Stamp Collection -- Picture
Dadabhai Navroji (1825-1917) -- Picture
Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) -- Picture
Art Teacher R.P. Shanbhag -- Picture
Decorated Chapter Separator of Ancient Textbook -- Picture
Broken Road, Unbroken Spirit -- Picture
Lady Musicians of Medieval Karnataka -- Picture
Table Tennis Stamp -- Picture
Hanuman from a Wall Relief -- Picture
A Sardar Stitches with a Hand Operated Sewing Machine -- Picture
Painted Forehead of a Shaivaite Man -- Picture
Versatile Write P.L.Deshpande -- Picture
An Exhibition of Kamat's Photographs -- Picture
Girl Friends -- Picture
A Gathering of Friends of Kamats in Dhardwad, 2009 -- Picture
Town of Jobner, Rajasthan -- Picture
Bullock Cart in Village India -- Picture
Swimming Water Buffalo -- Picture
Terra-cotta Artist at Work -- Picture
Facade of a Grand House -- Picture
Brahma Jinalaya (shrine) of Lakkundi -- Picture
Monolithic Manasthambha (Pillar of Honor) -- Picture
Kissing Couple -- Picture
Mr. Yellowface -- Picture
Chariot Procession of Chamundi Goddess -- Picture
Golden Footewear of a Pontiff -- Picture
Gulzarilal Nanda -- Picture
Lone Tusker, Badipur National Park -- Picture
Genius Art Erotica -- Picture
Cover of Kalaranga - 2nd Edition -- Picture
Traditional Household of Manikkara Village -- Picture
Portrait of Annadurai -- Picture
Rawana approaches Sita in the garb of mendicant -- Picture
Sant Shubharay Maharaj -- Picture
Social Life in Medieval Karnataka -- Picture
Girls Playing in Water -- Picture
Sage Vasishta -- Picture
Muslim Woman of Kurva -- Picture
Nautch Dancers -- Picture
Salt March to Break the Law -- Picture
A Hand-knit Lady's Purse -- Picture
Bhalachandra B. Burde of Kumta -- Picture
To Marketplace with Produce -- Picture
Colorful Toys, Colorful Merchant -- Picture
Ready for Harvest -- Picture
Affections of a Mother -- Picture
Republic Day Parade, New Dehli -- Picture
Gandhi by R.K.Laxman -- Picture
Daughter of the Himalayas -- Picture
Warrior brandishing a sword -- Picture
Girls in Indian Drapes -- Picture
Music Critic Mohan Nadkarni -- Picture
First Stamp of Independent India -- Picture
A Hindu Barber and his Hindu Customer -- Picture
Pillars Singing Rupamati's Romance -- Picture
D.M. Soukur -- Picture
Ardha-Narishwara -- Picture
Thoughtful Gandhi -- Picture
The Newly Weds -- Picture
Woman Laborer -- Picture
Vishnu Floating on a Fig Leaf -- Picture
Heroes who die heroic death are sometimes immortalized as Garuda -- Picture
Narayan in Mysore Studios, 1986 -- Picture
Gandhian Writer Vemagal Somashekhar -- Picture
T. Prakasan -- Picture
Victoria Terminus, Bombay -- Picture
Hinged Horse (Keelukudure) Dance -- Picture
Indian Celebrations -- Picture
Meditating Buddha -- Picture
A Battle Scene -- Picture
Pulling the Temple Chariot -- Picture
The Guava Fruit -- Picture
Metallic Icon of Lord Krishna -- Picture
The "Dalitoy" Dish -- Picture
Portrait of Manjayya Heggade -- Picture
True to Nature -- Picture
Tribal Women at Work -- Picture
Swamiji of Pejawar Mutha at Discourse -- Picture
Hardekar Manjappa (1886-1947) -- Picture
"Prani-Parisara" -- Picture
Snakes and Garuda -- Picture
Woman Performing Fellatio -- Picture
Woman Artist -- a watercolor by K. L. Kamat -- Picture
Narayan Guru (1854 - 1928) -- Picture
Tribal Women on their Way to Market -- Picture
Picture of a Destitute Beggar -- Picture
Members of a Havyaka Brahmin Family -- Picture
Sculpture of a female worshiper -- Picture
Logo of the Gangas -- Picture
Painted Leather Puppet -- Picture
Encounter with Vishnu -- Picture
Rituals During a Home Construction Ceremony -- Picture
Sculpted Chandela Temples Depicting Erotica -- Picture
Self-Immolation Depicted in a Stone Sculpture -- Picture
Joachim Alwa -- Picture
Saint Dnyaneshwar (1274-1296 A.D.) -- Picture
Constantinople Coin, Hijera (1200 A.D.) -- Picture
At the Kannada Poet's Meet -- Picture
A Wedding Scene -- Picture
A Farmer Family Offering Prayers to Sun God -- Picture
Horse Trainers (?) -- Picture
Idols of Balarama, Subhadra, and Krishna -- Picture
Yudhishtira taking bullocks to the fields -- Picture
V. N. Jog -- Picture
Portrait of G. S. Shivarudrappa -- Picture
Mithuna Couple -- Picture
Raghavendra Swamiji of Mantralaya -- Picture
Pandita Ramabai (1858 - 1928) -- Picture
Picture of Vinayak Rao Chikkermane -- Picture
Goddess Lakshmi -- Picture
Yashoda Settling a Quarrel Between Krishna and Balaram -- Picture
Hoysaleswara Temple Complex -- Picture
Goddess Laxmi -- Picture
Himalayan Flower, Himalayan Insect -- Picture
C. Rajagopalachari (1878 - 1972) -- Picture
Basava's Flower -- Picture
Suresh Basrurkar -- Picture
Elephant Hunt -- Picture
Young Pandharibai -- Picture
Amrita Pritam (1919 -2005) -- Picture
Hoysala Ornametation -- Picture
The Betel Palm Tree -- Picture
Basti Vaman Shenoi -- Picture
Shabari Offers Berries to Rama -- Picture
Anugrah Narayan Sinha -- Picture
Simple Pleasures -- Picture
At the Marketplace -- Picture
Couple Weaving Baskets -- Picture
Sripadrao S. Karagudri -- Picture
Friedrich Nietzsche -- Picture
Portrait of Sheikh Gulab -- Picture
Islamic Student at a Madrassah -- Picture
Introduction to the Mudras -- Picture
Buddhist students on way to fetch water -- Picture
A Team of Software Developers -- Picture
Christian Art, Uttara Kannada -- Picture
Shiva with a Mace -- Picture
Zoology Department of Karnatak College -- Picture
Krishnananda Kamat -- Picture
Rama's Follower Hanuman -- Picture
Idol of Ganesh, Mandore -- Picture
Masoleum of Nawaub Asoph Khan at Raje Mahel -- Picture
Erotic Engravings on the Partkal Temple Chariot, Goa -- Picture
Map of India in 1914 -- Picture
Government Museum, Patna -- Picture
Sculpture of Dancers -- Picture
Hockey Player Dhyan Chand -- Picture
Guptkashi Temple on Way to Kedarnath -- Picture
Flying Apsara Playing Cymbals -- Picture
Stamp Honoring M.V. Visweswariah -- Picture
Deity Annapurneswari -- Picture
Kavi Kale -- Picture
Silk Rearing in Sidlaghatta -- Picture
Mahatma Gandhi from a Picture Postcard -- Picture
Man Disturbs Wife Busy at Work -- Picture
Jyo after delivery looked enemy -- Picture
K.V.Subbanna and G.B. Joshi -- Picture
The Basavaraja Castle -- Picture
A Boy and his Sister, Kashmir -- Picture
Medieval Hair Fashion, South India -- Picture
K. G. Gokhale -- Picture
Lord Krishna as an Envoy -- Picture
Rao Bahadur Raghunath Narasinha Mudholkar -- Picture
Saint Tukaram -- Picture
Gandhi in "Gandhi Cap" -- Picture
Flowers of Mysore -- Picture
Taj Mahal Hotel and the Gateway of India -- Picture
Lord Krishna and Balaram Liberating their Parents from Kansa's Prison -- Picture
Queen of Jhansi by Mahadev Vishvanath Dhurandhar, 1927 -- Picture
The Avatar of Narasihma -- Picture
Amma on Way to Mangalore -- Picture
Cradle of Lord Krishna -- Picture
Supplier of flowers -- Picture
Group of Temples, Pattadakal -- Picture
Vikas with Childhood Friends -- Picture
Boy with Coconuts -- Picture
Pooram Festival Celebrations, Kerala -- Picture
Filler Art for Photo Albums -- Picture
Friends of the Groom -- Picture
A Konkani Lady, Honavar -- Picture
Mahamai Temple Complex, Ankola -- Picture
Saree is worn by young and the old alike -- Picture
B. C. Lagu -- Picture
"Gandhi as India" -- Gandhi as Father of the Nation -- Picture
A housewife receives a towel after her bath -- Bhatkal sculpture -- Picture
Ready for the Performance -- Picture
Chandrashekhar Azad -- Picture
Woman being Paraded before Suicide -- Picture
Illustrated Palm Leaf Text -- Picture
Big Catch -- Picture
Portrait of N. Purushothama Mallaya -- Picture
Woman Getting a Lover's Portrait Painted -- Picture
Composer Purandaradasa (15/16th Century) -- Picture
Kalipada with Vikas in Plassey -- Picture
Nobleman of Mysore with Family -- Picture
Poet Kumara Vyasa of Gadag -- Picture
A Painted Illustration from a Palm-leaf Manuscript -- Picture
Students Enjoying Kamats' Works -- Picture
A Priest at an Ayudha Puja Ceremony -- Picture
The Grinthapathana -- Picture
Cover of Kalaranga - 2010 Edution -- Picture
Waiting for the Man of the Household -- Picture
The domes of Jama Masjid, Delhi -- Picture
Women of Lepakshi -- Picture
Portrait of Painter Lakshmaiah -- Picture
Complex Circular Designs -- Picture
A Teaching Session -- Picture
Early Socialist Activity in India -- Picture
Friends in Long Skirts Walking Home -- Picture
Depiction of Draupadi in Kavi Art -- Picture
Lady with Bird -- Picture
Vocalist Gangubai Hanagal -- Picture
Queen of Jhansi at Battlefield -- Picture
Men Celebrating During a Village Festival, Plassey -- Picture
Artistic Nut Cracker -- Picture
Swami Vivekananda -- Picture
Far Reach of Long Hands! -- Picture
Entrance to Chandragiri hill, Shravanabelagola -- Picture
Romance of Shiva and Parvati -- Picture
Wedding Procession (barat) -- Picture
Portrait of a Chess Champion, Mysore -- Picture
Man in Bandani Turban -- Picture
Westling in a Moghul Court -- Picture
Bharatanatyam Dancers -- Picture
Thanka Painting -- Picture
Art from Tourist Brochure of Maharashtra -- Picture
Candid shots of Varanasi (Kashi) -- Picture
Acrobatic Sex Position -- Picture
A Royal Couple in Romance -- Picture
Carved Gate, Mumbai -- Picture
Ascetic in Kaupina and Robe -- Picture
Autographs -- Picture
Addicted to Leaves -- Picture
Ganesh Chaturthi Festival -- Picture
Bullock Cart -- Picture
Portrait of Mullotina Kempayya -- Picture
Rangoli in front of a Place of Worship -- Picture
Signboard in Sikkim, Tille -- Picture
Tribal Man with his Bow, Arrows and Baskets -- Picture
Civil Disobedience in Action -- Picture
Wooden Pillar Carvings -- Picture
Door-to-Door Jeweler Weighing Gold -- Picture
Four Handed Lord Vishnu -- Picture
Home-made Sugar (Jaggery) -- Picture
Kanchipuram Silk Saree -- Picture
Artist Mantap Prabahakar Upadhyaya -- Picture
A Crow Mother Feeds Child -- Picture
Beauty Puts on a Brassiere (?) -- Picture
Lifelong Friends -- Picture
A Devotee of Swamy Ayyappan -- Picture
Silver Jewelry of a Gondati -- Picture
Hiryoung Trying on a Groom's Turban at Kamat Shop -- Picture
Advertisement for Shawls -- Picture
Rama's Hermitage and the Magic Deer -- Picture
India Before Wellesley -- Picture
Decorated Elephants of Gwalior, 1903 -- Picture
Vikas in Satin Bonner and laced -- Picture
K.L. Narasimharao -- Picture
People of Goa in a Satyagraha for Freedom -- Picture
Congress Always is a Major Force -- Picture
College of Forestry, Syracuse -- Picture
Prahladrai Lath -- Picture
Sawai Gandharva's Last Days -- Picture
Portrait of M.V. Kamath -- Picture
Yet Another Variety of Wearing the Saree -- Picture
Two Adivasi Girls in town of Narayanpur -- Picture
A Frog in the Well (Rana tigrina) -- Picture
Palace of Praveer Chandra Bhanj Deo -- Picture
Coin of Takshashila (Taxila) -- Picture
Prof. M.V. Seetharamiah at his Residence -- Picture
Melkote Temple Chariot -- Picture
C. C. Ghosh -- Picture
Palace of Roshan-ud-Daulah, Lucknow -- Picture
Dasara Festival Greetings -- Picture
Jute Harvest -- Picture
Picture of Anmori the Midwife -- Picture
Portrait of Laxana-shastrada Bangi Virumbhappa -- Picture
Dueling Men with Shields -- Picture
Kannada Poet M. Akbar Ali -- Picture
Vibhishana Meets Rama -- Picture
Decorated Idols of Satis -- Picture
Sunset at Karwar Beach -- Picture
Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (1838-1894) -- Picture
Prehistoric Doctor -- Picture
Inside of the Cocoa Fruit -- Picture
Himalayan Tourists -- Picture
Preparation for Inauguration of Library -- Picture
Illustration based on Rock Painting -- Picture
Elaborately Carved Door Featuring a Saint -- Picture
Social Upliftment -- Picture
A Smoking Beef Seller -- Picture
Pages from a Palm Leaf Manuscript -- Picture
Community Cooking for an Auspicious Occasion -- Picture
Krishna Playing a Flute -- Picture
Casket Containing Body of Saint Xavier -- Picture
Sundar Basrurkar -- Picture
M. Bhaktavatsalam -- Picture
Memorial for Loga, the Brave Dog -- Picture
Employees at Kamat Shop -- Picture
Kappe Quilt Maker -- Picture
Bhimsen Joshi at Concert -- Picture
National Railway Museum -- Picture
Woman Putting on a Drape -- Picture
Cover of Uttara Kannada Album -- Picture
The festivals in India are celebrated in an eco-friendly way. -- Picture
Prof. A. N. Moorthy Rao -- Picture
Sacrificial Fire (Homa) Offerings -- Picture
Houseboats, Srinagar -- Picture
Portrait of Jamnalal Bajaj -- Picture
Prof. G.S. Amur -- Picture
Kamat on his "Dollar a Day" Travel Tour of America -- Picture
Signed Photo of Begum Akhtar on Harmonium -- Picture
Medieval Crime and Punishment -- Picture
Justice Mahadev Govind Ranade: (Born 1842; Death January 16, 1901) -- Picture
Brahmin Understudy -- Picture
Portal and Door of a Home -- Picture
Ivoy Carving from Uttar Pradesh -- Picture
Couple on their First Night -- Picture
Pu. Ti. Narasimhachar -- Picture
Three Thousand Years Ago in India.... -- Picture
Topiwale Brothers -- Picture
Garuda Carrying Gayatri -- Picture
Tribute to Martyrs -- Picture
Interior of a Palce Complex -- Picture
Man uses his Phallus to beat the drum! -- Picture
Kalibangan Seal -- Picture
Gopika Vastrapaharan -- Picture
Cricketer C.K. Nayudu -- Picture
Chamaraja Wodeyar with Family -- Picture
Given to Goddess -- Picture
Kurkul's Parents -- Picture
Man Arriving for a Cow Fair -- Picture
M.S. Natrajan -- Picture
Kamalakar Desai of Kalasa -- Picture
View of a Tribal Village -- Picture
Another Martyr -- Picture
Lady Attending to her Hair Bun -- Picture
Hunter -- Illustration based on a Petroglyph -- Picture
Floral Designs -- Picture
Portrait of Prof. A. N. Moorthy Rao -- Picture
The "Half-Saree" -- Picture
Logo of Hero Cycles -- Picture
Elaborately Decorated Pillar, Badami cave -- Picture
Kamat after his Doctorate in 1965 -- Picture
1971 Cricket Victories of Indian Team -- Picture
Trash Pickers and Best Friends -- Picture
Man admires Lover's Head Décor -- Picture
Performer During a Konkani Harvest Festival (Shigmo) -- Picture
Long Tailed Elephant -- Picture
Golden Necklace -- Picture
Portrait of a Tribal Boy, Bastar -- Picture
Portrait of Ganesh V. Burde -- Picture
Peasant's Welfare -- Picture
Stamp Recognizing Indian Jewelry -- Picture
Pu. La. Deshpande -- Picture
Mahadev Caves near Pachmadi -- Picture
Prince Palden Thondup Namgyal Posing with his Bride -- Picture
Scientist K. L. Kamat -- Picture
Indira Gandhi at the United Nations -- Picture
Signboard Advertising "Marriage Prayer Offering" -- Picture
Disabled Persons -- Picture
View of Winter Palace from Lake Palace -- Picture
Camera Kubja -- Picture
The Vande Mataram Stamp -- Picture
Jyo trying pacify the baby -- Picture
A Kitchen of a Joint-Family -- Picture
Pani-puri Vendor New Delhi -- Picture
Infant with Garland of Jasmine Buds -- Picture
Use of dogs in hunting and as pets -- Picture
Laxmibai, the Queen of Jhansi -- Picture
Frying of 'Sathe' -- Picture
Maharaja Icon of Air India -- Picture
Saree Art -- Picture
Vegetable Sellers in front of Nimishamba Temple -- Picture
Mother Teresa with Queen Elizabeth II -- Picture
Hero Fighting Wild Boar, Kolar -- Picture
Street Corner, Jeypore -- Picture
From the Archives of Indian Institute of Science -- Picture
Chandranatha Basadi, Haduvalli -- Picture
Members of Kekre Family -- Picture
Mythical Figure from an Astrological Text -- Picture
Woman Scrapes off Cinnamon Bark -- Picture
A Conference of People's Socialist Party -- Picture
Duelling Men -- Picture
Hirve Guruji - A Martyr for Goa -- Picture
Hunting Scenes -- Picture
A Steam Engine -- Picture
Artist Mukta Venkatesh at the age of 100 -- Picture
Carefree and Free from the "Civilized" World -- Picture
Archery Lesson -- Picture
1938 Adverisement of Young India Records -- Picture
Mahadev Desai and Gandhi -- Picture
Cobblers are Looked Down Upon in India -- Picture
Veene Anant Subbaiah, Mysore Traditional Musician -- Picture
A Woman Lets a Monkey Taste her Body Fluids -- Picture
Hero-stone of Rashrakoota period, Annigeri -- Picture
Kamadeva and his wife Rati -- Picture
The Brinjal Vegetable -- Picture
March of Satyagrahis in Goa -- Picture
Ancient Areka Nut Cracker -- Picture
The Quit India Movement, 1942 -- Picture
Photograph of Kamat's Doctorate of Philosophy -- Picture
Krishna Leela (Antics of Lord Krishna) -- Picture
Man Reads Election News -- Picture
Bihari Artists in their Shop -- Picture
Seductress in Stone -- Picture
Students in Computer Lab. -- Picture
Chettur Sankaran Nair -- Picture
Lopo Soares de Albergaria -- Picture
A Student holding a Book -- Picture
Building of Kamat Memorial Center -- Picture
Andal - A Lady Saint of South India -- Picture
Ardhanarishwara, Ajanta -- Picture
Buddha, Yashodhara, and Rahul -- Picture
A Pair of Parrots -- Picture
Saint Francis Xavier (1506-1552) -- Picture
Vishnu as a Wild Boar (Varahavatar) -- Picture
Naga-Nagini Conjugation -- Picture
A Crocodile in Kaveri River -- Picture
Colors for Sale -- Picture
The Human Hinge -- Picture
Giraffe or Camel ? -- Picture
An Innocent Woman of Mavashia Community -- Picture
The Village of Hadvalli -- Picture
Silhoutte of Ramesharam Temple Tower -- Picture
The Ambar Palace, Rajasthan -- Picture
V. R. Huilgol -- Picture
Parents and their Child -- Picture
Photograph of J.F.Fleet -- Picture
The Ear Piercing Ceremony for a Newborn -- Picture
A Family of Old Mysore -- Picture
Sculpted Marble Idol of a Jain Sage -- Picture
Elephant Head, Elephant Belly -- Picture
City Palace, Udapipur -- Picture
Naga leader Phizo with S.M. Joshi -- Picture
The Hero Worship -- Picture
Juicy Variety of Bananas -- Picture
Poster of M.G.R. -- Picture
Indian Crow in Hiding -- Picture
Flag Post from a Hindu Temple, Goa -- Picture
At the Hoysaleshwara Temple -- Picture
Shivasamudra Waterfalls -- Picture
A Couple in Coitus -- Picture
P.T. Usha -- Picture
The Man Makes a Move -- Picture
Kadengodlu Shankar Bhat -- Picture
K.L.Kamat (extreme right) with his Siblings -- Picture
A View of the Himalayan Mountains -- Picture
Dwarakanath Swamiji -- Picture
Headgear Decorated with Flowers & Feathers -- Picture
Chariot of Tirupati Temple -- Picture
Rajasuya Sacrifice of Pandavas -- Picture
Mahanavami Dibba -- Picture
Idol of Lord Krishna Dressed in Silk -- Picture
Vandalized Temple Building -- Picture
Portrait of Prof.V.K. Gokak -- Picture
Logo of the Indian Railways -- Picture
Carved Wooden Footwear -- Picture
Actress Madhubala -- Picture
Laxmi and Vishnu in Kavi Art -- Picture
Education of Yoginis -- Picture
Picture of Harapanahalli Bheemavva -- Picture
Smiling Away Hardships of Life -- Picture
M.Y. Ghorpade -- Picture
Malini Mallya -- Picture
Portrait of S.N. Krishna Jois -- Picture
When the Wild Boar Attacked - Rock Painting from Bhimabetaka -- Picture
Sculptures of Cheluvanarayana Temple -- Picture
Portrait of Tippu Sultan -- Picture
Medieval Saree Style -- Picture
Artist K.K. Hebbar -- Picture
Nemisagar Varniji -- Picture
Geometrical Designs of Palm Leaf -- Picture
A Boat Race, in Progress -- Picture
Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar (1919-1974) -- Picture
Tomb of Akbar, the Great Mogul -- Picture
Baba Kanshi Ram (1882 - 1943) -- Picture
Dueling Soldiers -- Picture
Man Climbing a Coconut Tree -- Picture
Decpiction of Hanuman in Kavi Art Form -- Picture
Entrance to a Hindu Temple -- Picture
Colors of Kamat Cloth Shop -- Picture
Siddi Girl with Ribbons -- Picture
Buddhist Education System -- Picture
Vagabond Beggar with String Instrument -- Picture
Dancers Walking on Stilts -- Picture
Poet Narmad (1833-1886) -- Picture
Fish Market Snapshots -- Picture
Shoorpanakha -- Ravana's sister -- Picture
Portrait of M. K. Indira -- Picture
Artist's Depiction of Lord Shiva -- Picture
Appa Bhat and Purushottam Bhat -- Picture
Veena Training for the Princess -- Picture
Back Cover of "Social Life in Medieval Karnataka" -- Picture
Folk Musicians, the Village of Kavalakki -- Picture
Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar -- Picture
A Jain Teacher -- Picture
A Potter`s Best Friend -- Picture
A Buddhist Lama, Ladakh -- Picture
Mural from Sira, 1800 A.D. -- Picture
Toda temple with a curved roof -- Picture
Ganesh Burde at Study -- Picture
Traditional Housewife -- Picture
Elderly Woman Belonging to Gonda Tribe -- Picture
Devotees Waiting to have a Glimpse of the Deity -- Picture
Span of Vijayanagar Empire -- Picture
Kids at Play -- Picture
Geometrical Patterns in a Hexagon -- Picture
Temple Complex, Sarnath -- Picture
Kolaramma Temple Plaque -- Picture
Durga Puja idols -- Picture
Portrait of Lord Shiva -- Picture
Lord Shiva Performing His Cosmic Dance of Destruction -- Picture
"Dandi March" -- Painting by Nandalal Bose -- Picture
Inside a Medieval Kitchen -- Picture
S.V. Ranganna -- Picture
Dying Vali on Tara's Lap -- Picture
At the Marketplace -- Picture
Farm Guard House (Manchal) of Adivasis -- Picture
Brahmin Making the Sacred Thread -- Picture
Indo-Soviet Joint Manned Space Flight -- Picture
Sharada Devi -- Picture
Girl Strikes a Dance Position -- Picture
How the Moguls Partied -- Picture
Mr. and Mrs. Bhaktamitran at breakfast table -- Picture
Researcher Srinivas Havnur -- Picture
The Dandi March -- Picture
Bridge Over River Kali -- Picture
Beggar with Drums Outside a Temple -- Picture
Cover of Jyotsna Kamat's Book on Education -- Picture
Old Jaganmohan Palace, Mysore -- Picture
Erotica from a Chariot Carving -- Picture
Kadata -- Handmade Blackboards -- Picture
Diwali Festival Scene -- Picture
Socialist Party Campaign in 1952 General Election -- Picture
Farewell to Kamat by Friends on his way to Syracuse -- Picture
Artist Restoring a Painting at Minakshi Temple -- Picture
Shakuntala Composes a Message -- Picture
Human Figures on Temple Pillar Carvings -- Picture
Flowers of Mysore -- Picture
Indian Soldiers in Kashmir -- Picture
Malabari Boatman -- Picture
Portrait of Shantadevi Kanavi -- Picture
Nude Rawana -- Picture
Bamboo Crafts -- Picture
The Glass House, Bangalore -- Picture
Jain Painting from Shravanabelagola -- Picture
Friends at College -- Picture
In the Danger Zone -- Picture
Woman in Sari (Saree) without a Blouse -- Picture
-- Picture
External façade of a Hoysala temple -- Picture
Lord Vishnu as Fish (Matsyavatar) -- Picture
Hindu Monument Preserved in an Old Goan Church -- Picture
Environmentalist Sunderlal Bahuguna -- Picture
"Bhagna Swapna" -- Picture
Handicapped Boy Washing Clothes with his feet -- Picture
Henry Cotton (1845-1915) -- Picture
Superimposed Photographs -- Picture
A Tanga Carrying Sugarcanes -- Picture
Bankim Chandra Chatterji (1838-1894) -- Picture
Queen Bee Kicks Out the Lazy Husband -- Picture
Nandi Bull -- Picture
Teacher N.D. Nayak -- Picture
Old Man Attempts to Improve his Hand-writing -- Picture
Close-up of an Indian Emperor -- Picture
Poet K.S. Narasimha Swamy and his Wife -- Picture
Leader of Streetside Acrobat Play -- Picture
Steam Engine -- Picture
Ten Headed, Twenty Armed King Rawana -- Picture
Portrait of Dewan Poornayya -- Picture
Queen Ahilyabai Holkar, Indore -- Picture
Treatment of Patients -- Picture
Pandit Raghunath Shai Shukla -- Picture
A Young Tangawala with his Horse -- Picture
Alan Octavian Hume -- Picture
Social Drinking among Tribals of India -- Picture
Devotees Flanking a Lingam -- Picture
Kamaladevi Chattopadhaya (1903-1988) -- Picture
Crossing the Highway -- Picture
G.V. Ketkar, circa 1934 -- Picture
Kamat at his Residence -- Picture
The "Undi" Delicacy -- Picture
Roasted Peanut Vendor -- Picture
Astute Politician Chanakya -- Picture
Temple at Gangotri -- Picture
Physical Conditioning Excercises -- Picture
Pomfret Fish being Fried on a Stone Pan -- Picture
A Cover Page designed by Krishnanand Kamat. -- Picture
Roadside Kalaigar (Dish Polisher) -- Picture
The Children of Soil -- Picture
Portrait of Girgol Fernandes, Honavar -- Picture
Prince being Trained in Sword Wielding -- Picture
Pindari Glaciers -- Picture
Kamat Making Flat Indian Bread (chapati) -- Picture
Socialist Leader Bhai Kotwal -- Picture
Woman Refills her Water-gun -- Picture
Stenciled Floral Designs on Cloth -- Picture
Man Playing Dhak Instrument, Eastern India -- Picture
Artist's Depiction of Goddess Laxmi -- Picture
Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya -- Picture
At An Elephant Training School -- Picture
The Lion Face -- Picture
Street Singers -- Picture
The Descent of Ganga -- Picture
Hawa Mahal, Jaipur -- Picture
Prototype of a Incomplete Project -- Picture
A Tailor at Work -- Picture
A Silver Kettle -- Picture
Poetess Shashikala Veerayyaswamy -- Picture
A Tibetan Refugee in India -- Picture
Ready to Participate in a Procession -- Picture
A Costume of India -- Picture
Institution of Engineers, India -- Picture
Himalayan Boulders -- Picture
Celestial Swan Hamsa -- Picture
Mallikarjun Mansur -- Picture
Lord Vishnu in "Kalkyavatar" -- Picture
The Titti Musical Instrument -- Picture
Brahmin Student and Oil Lamp -- Picture
Design from Ajanta -- Picture
Jyotsna Kamat Inaugurating Konkani Association -- Picture
Swami Sahajand Saraswati -- Picture
Annasaheb Karve -- Picture
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose -- Picture
Gandhi in India Ink -- Picture
Annie Besant -- Picture
Painting by G.S. Shenoy -- Picture
Detail of the Goddess Parvati, Tamilnadu -- Picture
Cattle Egret (Babucus ibis) -- Picture
At the Mysore Dasara -- Picture
Town of Srirangapatana -- Picture
Primitive Tools of Trapping Field Rats -- Picture
Bidri Artwork, Bidar District -- Picture
The Chamundeshwari Temple, Mysore -- Picture
Poster of Movie "Mother India" (1957) -- Picture
Pontiff of a Konkani Sect -- Picture
Intricate carving in sandalwood -- Picture
Dictation to a Secretary (?) -- Picture
Adi Shankaracharya -- Picture
Girl Carrying Offerings to Lord Krishna -- Picture
Kamat with S.P.Acharya (Madhu), 1965 -- Picture
Scooter Riding in India -- Picture
Girl belonging to the Konkani Kunibi Tribe -- Picture
A Tenth Century Ganesh Idol -- Picture
Hikers at Manali -- Picture
Sequence from Jain Purana -- Picture
Two Friends -- Picture
A.R. Krishnasastry -- Picture
A Little Help with the Makeup -- Picture
Mysore Maharaja -- Picture
A woman smashing vegetables instead of cutting them -- Picture
The Bharatanatyam Dance -- Picture
Deer in Bandipur Forest -- Picture
A Building from Fatehpur Sikri -- Picture
Ventilators -- Picture
Enhancement of Intimacy through a Drink -- Picture
Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru -- Picture
Sun Cured Mango Slices -- Picture
Republic Day Parade -- Picture
View of the Garden from inside of Tippu's Summer Palace -- Picture
A Wooden Sofa -- Picture
Woman Paints Pots -- Picture
A Young Mother and Her Child -- Picture
The Sashtang Namaskar -- Picture
Shakuntala and the Doe -- Picture
The Mighty Gwalior Fort -- Picture
Poet Gopalakrishna Adiga -- Picture
Students at the Campus -- Picture
Cancone Beach, Goa -- Picture
Duel of Rawana and Sugreeva -- Picture
Painter Channakrishna -- Picture
"Some of the Erotic Arts are in a dilapitated state and need enhancements to study them" -- Picture
Laborer Siblings on way to Forest -- Picture
Portrait of Madan Mohan Malaviya -- Picture
Bidaram Krishnappa - Vocal Artist -- Picture
Peacock from a Cave Painting -- Picture
Trimurti of Elephanta -- Picture
Prof. McAndrews in the Lab -- Picture
Gossiping Women -- Picture
View of Himalayas -- Picture
The Tricking of Sita -- Picture
The Barren Landscape of Ladakh -- Picture
B. J. Shinde -- Picture
Twin Pavilions on the Westen Side of Nagayi Site -- Picture
Walking on Burning Coals -- Picture
Grey Heron (Ardea cerea) -- Picture
Mirabai - A Woman Saint Who Propagated Bhakti (Devotion) through Songs & Music -- Picture
Punishment of a Pupil -- Picture
Elephant Lake, Karkala -- Picture
Amorous Couple, Aihole -- Picture
The Ashokan Lion, Sanchi -- Picture
Hindu Icons -- Picture
Freedom Fighter and Scholar K. M. Munshi -- Picture
Ustad Hanuma Jatti, Boxer -- Picture
Centenary of Indian Railways -- Picture
Kurkul Orders the Peacock to Fly. -- Picture
Coorgi Women during a Wedding -- Picture
Potrait of an Elderly Man -- Picture
Stamps Reflecting the Anna Currency -- Picture
Romancing the Teacher -- Picture
Farming Girls -- Picture
Swami Ramanand -- Picture
Wandering Ascetic -- Picture
Kamat Practising Calligraphy? -- Picture
Hunter -- Illustration based on a Petroglyph -- Picture
Terra-cotta Horse -- Picture
Snake Charmers -- Picture
Painted Facades, Rajasthan -- Picture
Medieval Grocer -- Picture
A Siddi Girl -- Picture
The Kaupina as Attire -- Picture
Portrait of Chunnchanagiri Jogi -- Picture
Erotic Painting -- Picture
Portrait of a Muslim Woman -- Picture
Women assembled to greet Uma-Maheshwara, Lepakshi -- Picture
Golden Leaves and Red Fruits -- Picture
Torn Shirt of a Siddi Boy -- Picture
Villagers Gathered for a Cart Race -- Picture
Temple Drummer, Udupi -- Picture
A Courtesan and an Attendant -- Picture
When the Tiger Attacked -- Picture
Detail of the Wind Palace -- Picture
Mrs. and Prof. B.G.L. Swamy -- Picture
Chariot of Honavar Town -- Picture
Begum Hazrat Mahal -- Picture
Woman with a Decorative Fan -- Picture
Lake Palace, Udaipur -- Picture
The Kamat Picture Retrieval System! -- Picture
Bird's Eye View of the Ajanta Caves -- Picture
Sarojini Naidu Spinning Yarn -- Picture
Parsi Lady in Traditional Dress -- Picture
Vishnu as Vamana the Dwarf -- Picture
Tropical Fruits of India -- Picture
Kashmiri Rug Merchant -- Picture
Village Musician, Bastar, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
The Unchalli Waterfalls -- Picture
The Waterfall at Shivasamudra -- Picture
An Impromptu Song and Dance Party -- Picture
Sculpture of Elephant in Rut -- Picture
Patel's Wife, Village of Bhanker -- Picture
Happy Girl -- Picture
On All the Fours -- Picture
Jyotsna Interprets an Inscription -- Picture
Portrait of D.R. Bendre (1896-1981) -- Picture
A View of the Fort of Gwalior from the North West -- Picture
Flowers of Mysore -- Picture
"Ardhanarishwara" from a Maithili Painting -- Picture
Preparing for Congugation -- Picture
A Stone Sculpture of Lajja Gowri -- Picture
Yusuf Meherally (1903-1950) -- Picture
Ragpickers on the Streets of Bangalore -- Picture
Shoulder and Hand Ornaments -- Picture
A Cover page of The Illustrated Weekly of India -- Picture
Halakki Gowdatis in Synchronized Rice Pounding -- Picture
Keshav Balwant Deshmukh -- Picture
Man with a Hat Made with Coconut Sheathe -- Picture
An Ekka, or One-horsed Road Cart -- Picture
Gopika Vastrapaharana (The Stealing of Clothes) -- Picture
Death of Francis Xavier -- Picture
Boy Climbing a Tall Coconut Tree -- Picture
Brajlal Verman -- Picture
Handmade Greeting Card by Kamat -- Picture
Krishna and Radha - Wall Plate -- Picture
The Mother Pondicherry -- Picture
Ash Covered Face of a Fortune Teller -- Picture
Celebration of the Monsoons -- Picture
Divesting of Draupadi -- Picture
Picture of a Boy Writing -- Picture
The Village of Ulavi -- Picture
"Can you Speak Up Please" -- Picture
Sister Nivedita -- Picture
Socialists and Congress Part Ways -- Picture
Picture of Phakiravva Gudisagar -- Picture
Attack on Satara Police Station -- Picture
''Hindoo Ladies'' -- Picture
Chess Players -- Picture
Hunter -- Illustration based on a Petroglyph -- Picture
Hunter -- Illustration based on a Petroglyph -- Picture
Temple Priest Reading a Inscription -- Picture
The Ashoka Tree -- Picture
Wrestler Tukadidar Rama Jatti -- Picture
Jyotsna Interviewing Actor Rajkumar -- Picture
Poet Shantakavi -- Picture
Girl Making Garlands for Sale -- Picture
Baje Krishna Kamat of Sringeri -- Picture
R.K. Narayan is one of the foremost Indian writers -- Picture
Bust of Vasco da Gama -- Picture
A Coconut Farm -- Picture
Physician V.G. Sidenur -- Picture
At Royal Court of Mysore -- Picture
Picture of Anmori the Midwife -- Picture
Jijabai, Mother of Shivaji -- Picture
Carrier of the Flag -- Picture
Muslim Fishermen -- Picture
Boy Artist Sculpting a Statue of Bose -- Picture
A Konkani man who opted for the (British) government service -- Picture
Saint Sharif of Shishunal -- Picture
Subhadra Kumari Chauhan (1904-1948) -- Picture
Illustration of Yakshi Celestial -- Picture
How to Build Houses While Wearing a Sari -- Picture
Anjumane Islam Hall -- Picture
"Sasya Prapancha" -- Picture
Mahalasa Temple, Goa -- Picture
"I collected all kinds of exotic fruits" -- Picture
Churning of the Ocean -- Picture
Letter writing and the use of birds as messengers -- Picture
Lakshmi Alagod in front of the School She Built -- Picture
Bidhan Chandra Roy (1882 - 1962) -- Picture
Satragrahis Make Salt -- Picture
A Palanquin depicted in a Mysore Gesso Painting -- Picture
Surendra Koulagi at his Residence -- Picture
Kamat Family Enjoying Kamat Pictures -- Picture
On Way to School with Mom -- Picture
Gossipping Indian Women -- Picture
He blows his sacred conch and seeks assistance -- Picture
Organic Farmer, Melkote -- Picture
Kannada Poet Su. Ram. Ekkundi -- Picture
Metallic icon of Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana -- Picture
Painting from Srinivasa Temple, Mulbagil -- Picture
Harvest Season -- Picture
Courtesan in Her Entertaining Hall -- Picture
The Teppal Pepper -- Picture
Palm Viper or Green Tree Viper -- Picture
People Gathered for a Religious Ceremony -- Picture
Traditional Indian Footwear with Studded Precious Stones -- Picture
Shivaram Karanth and Jyotsna Kamat -- Picture
K. Chengalaraya Reddy -- Picture
The Giant Mouse, Kurudumale Temple -- Picture
Digambara Monk -- Picture
Woman Relaxing her Man in Bed -- Picture
Woman Paints Wooden Table, Sondur -- Picture
Chief Coach Joginder Singh Saini -- Picture
Hunter -- Illustration based on a Petroglyph -- Picture
Rare Sculpture of Lajja Gouri -- Picture
Kamat with Elders -- Picture
A Literate Man Reads Political News to an Illterate Friend -- Picture
Vehicle Worship in India -- Picture
Hanuman Encounters Sita in Ashokavana -- Picture
Posterior of a Tribal Dancer -- Picture
Shurpanakhi Asks for Rama's Love -- Picture
Lotus Mahal of Hampi -- Picture
TV Anchor Shailaja Santosh -- Picture
Elephant Headed Ganesh in a Tanjore Gesso Painting -- Picture
Celebration of Bardoli Day -- Picture
Best Friends at a Party -- Picture
Portrait of Veene Venkatasubbayya -- Picture
Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak -- Picture
Painted Idol of Goa -- Picture
"I press clothes as you wait" -- Picture
Encounter with the Sindhu River -- Picture
Women Assisting a Bride -- Picture
Orissan Painting Depicting Krishnaleela -- Picture
Sculptures from Bhatkal Temple -- Picture
Wedding Guests -- Picture
Santali Tribal Boy Hunting Bird with Bow and Arrow -- Picture
Mixed Metal Icons of Nataraja and Saraswati -- Picture
Banana Plants Welcoming Guests -- Picture
A. Ramesh Rao -- Picture
Woman Carrying Heap of Leaves from Forest -- Picture
The Truck Pooja -- Picture
Horse Mounted Warrior -- Picture
The Coexistence -- Picture
Man Serves Food On Organic Plates -- Picture
"Savitri and Satyvan" by Artist Ardhenduprasad Banerji -- Picture
Worshipping of Ashwatha Tree -- Picture
Mysore Traditional Painting -- Picture
Kannada Caligraphy -- Picture
Portrait of P. B. Desai -- Picture
Boulder at Vashisht -- Picture
Jyotsna Making Chapati Dough, Jaipur, 1966 -- Picture
Daughter of the Jungle -- Picture
Handwriting of Mirji Annayara -- Picture
Krishna Milking a Cow -- Picture
At the Cotton Market -- Picture
Government Museum -- Picture
Krishna Fighting Surpent Kaliya -- Picture
Mother Teresa -- Picture
A Group of Children -- Picture
Medieval Umbrellas -- Picture
Four Armed Ferocious Goddess -- Picture
Gandhi with Badashah Khan and Kasturba -- Picture
Lord of Dance, Badami -- Picture
Ornamentation of Medieval Karnakata -- Picture
Folk Dancer at Folk Festival -- Picture
Shiva with Bow and Arrow Shooting the Boar -- Picture
Town of Bhadravati -- Picture
Windows of Fort Meherangarh -- Picture
Gandhi at his Spinning Wheel -- Picture
Sati stone belonging to the Bhil tribe, Chindawada -- Picture
Tibetans in Traditional Costumes -- Picture
Women at Grinding Stone -- Picture
View of Periyar River -- Picture
N.G. Chandavarkar (1855-1923) -- Picture
Lion Faced Vishnu Destroys Hiranyakashipu -- Picture
Top Strata of a Hero-stone from Sangeetapura -- Picture
Tribal Youngster -- Picture
Bhimsen Joshi as a Young Man -- Picture
Golden Footwear -- Picture
Medieval Headgear from South India -- Picture
Animal Motifs in Cave Art -- Picture
Summer Palace -- Picture
Krishna Rescues the Elephant from the Crocodile -- Picture
Pictures of an Himalayan Peak -- Picture
Khan Saheb -- Picture
"Let me see who did it" ! -- Picture
Brahmin Boy with Shaven Head -- Picture
Washing by the Lake at Udaipur -- Picture
Jhalkari Bai -- Picture
Doraiswamy Iyengar with Wife in their Residence -- Picture
A Construction Worker Carrying Bricks -- Picture
Gudigar Nagesh, Honavar -- Picture
The Female of the Tribe -- Picture
Colorful Shoes, Jaipur -- Picture
Head Decoration made with Flowers -- Picture
The "Kubbe Vade" Delicacy -- Picture
Woman Doorkeeper from a Goan Temple -- Picture
Educationist R.Y. Dharwardkar -- Picture
A Goddess of Sex Ritual -- Picture
Gopika Vastraharana -- Picture
Long Distance Walking -- Picture
Statue of a Scindia King, Gwalior -- Picture
A Handmade Greeting Card by Kamat -- Picture
A Young Girl being helped with the Red Dot -- Picture
Khusalchand Khajanchi -- Picture
Brihadishwara Temple of 10th Century -- Picture
Lajja Gowri of Ballegavi -- Picture
Gondeshvara Temple Complex -- Picture
Ananthamurthy, Field Marshal Cariappa, and Jyotsna Kamat -- Picture
Kamaladevi Chattopadhaya -- Picture
Signboad at the Fisheries Harbor -- Picture
A Swiss-made watch with Hindu Motifs -- Picture
A Badaga Village -- Picture
Gigantic Hat Made with Hay Straws -- Picture
When the Maulvi Accepted a Student.. -- Picture
An Exhibition of Kamat's Works -- Picture
Buddha medidating in "touching the earth" position -- Picture
The Mother Goddess of Karnataka -- Picture
Death of a Dreamer -- Picture
Young Woman belonging to Siddi Community -- Picture
Kannada Writer R. Kalyanamma (1894-1965) -- Picture
Portrait of Sarvegar Gollara Achcharya, the Surveyor -- Picture
Man being assisted by two women to wash long hair -- Picture
Animal Motifs from Textbooks -- Picture
Kamat's Membership Card of Entomological Society of America -- Picture
Milking and Rearing a Cow -- Picture
A Woman Artist at Work -- Picture
Wedding of Shiva and Parvati -- Picture
Cane workers at work -- Picture
Sage Goutama Blesses the king Dasharatha with a fertility fruit -- Picture
Farmer at Aghnashini -- Picture
Hunter -- Illustration based on a Petroglyph -- Picture
Best Friends - Jyotsna with Susheela Kulkarni -- Picture
Fort of Devaraya (Devarayanadurga) -- Picture
Horses Trained for Battle -- Picture
Mrs. and Mr. Goruru Ramaswamy Iyengar -- Picture
Caricature Showing the Diverisity of India -- Picture
Lord Vishnu as Kalki -- Picture
Officers at a Party -- Picture
S. Radhakrishnan and P.T. Narasimhachar -- Picture
Athara Kacheri -- Picture
Relaxing by Roadside -- Picture
Krishna Dancing with Ladies -- Picture
Stalin's Treachery of Indian Socialists -- Picture
Yes. Indian Women can Operate the Gun! -- Picture
Prehistoric Illustrations -- Picture
Fishermen Using Lungi as Sail -- Picture
A Noble Offers a Pearl Necklace to his Lover -- Picture
Fisherwomen -- Picture
Edward James Corbett (1875-1955) -- Picture
Palanquin depicted in a Bhatkal relief -- Picture
Sampati Points Towards Lanka -- Picture
Waiting for the Bus -- Picture
A Teacher and Female Students -- Picture
Depiction of Sun God -- Picture
Matam with Zanjeer -- Picture
Cover Pages of Sakshi Periodical -- Picture
Swami Ayyappa of Shabarimala -- Picture
A Youngster Belonging to Muria Tribe -- Picture
Indian Elephants -- Picture
Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi -- Picture
Paddling a Shikara, Dal Lake -- Picture
Lord Shiva and Parvati -- Picture
Statue of Gulekai Ajji -- Picture
Gopalakrishna Adiga -- Picture
A Kadu-Kuruba Tribal -- Picture
Tulasi Plant Worship -- Picture
Babysitter Tara Mesta -- Picture
Embroidered Horses -- Picture
Swami Dayanand Saraswati -- Picture
Rani Rasmani -- Picture
Congress Socialist Party is Born (1934) -- Picture
The Colors of Spring -- Picture
Veerabhadra Dancer -- Picture
Queen of Kittur, Channamma (1778-1829) -- Picture
Courtyard of Maharaja's Palace -- Picture
Sharavati River Valley -- Picture
Western Tragopan -- Picture
Gond Tribals at a Drinking Party -- Picture
View of the Bhatkal River -- Picture
Memories of Kamat -- Sketch by K.G.Srikanta Dani -- Picture
Ancient Indian Coins -- Picture
Depiction of Bestiality -- Picture
The Organic Umbrella! -- Picture
Herd Hunting Scene -- Picture
St. Philomina's Cathedral -- Picture
Portrait of Dinakara Desai -- Picture
Santali Tribal Woman and her Three Children -- Picture
Rural West Bengal -- Picture
Homosexual Men Making Merry -- Picture
A Church in a Costal Kerala -- Picture
Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar (1919-1974 A.D.) -- Picture
Ancient Beds -- Picture
Painting on the Ceiling -- Picture
Stamp Honoring Sage Valmiki -- Picture
"Paan Time" for the Fisherwomen -- Picture
A Rajasthani Pavilion -- Picture
Learning as a Lifetime Process -- Picture
Animal Life Depicted in Period Art -- Picture
Bust of Vasco de Gama -- Picture
Kamat's Kitchen at Camp Chindwara, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Queen Chennamma and Courtiers -- Picture
Horse Decorated with Sages -- Picture
Prehistoric Social Networks -- Picture
Nallappa, A courtier of Hyder Ali -- Picture
Colors of an Indian Fair -- Picture
Court Dancer Jatti Tayama -- Picture
The Animal Chain and the Wondering Sadhu -- Picture
A Wedding Party of Kadu Kuruba Tribe -- Picture
Tipu Sultan and Srirangapatna -- Picture
Tribal Woman of Gramokkal Community in Traditional Saree -- Picture
An Idol for the Snake God -- Picture
Stamp of Sri Lanka Remembering Vivekananda's Trip -- Picture
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1888-1975) -- Picture
Stamp Honoring Maharana Pratap -- Picture
Wooden Image of Betala -- Picture
Wooden memorials of the Korku tribe, Pachmadi -- Picture
Picture of V.Sitaramiah -- Picture
Rhinoceros in Mysore Zoo -- Picture
Formation of Hind Mazdoor Sabha, 1948 -- Picture
Window of Kanakadasa -- Picture
B.R. Ambedkar -- Picture
Image of Goddess Kali -- Picture
Members of a Computer Startup -- Picture
Sringeri Vidyaranya Temple -- Picture
Samartha Ramdas -- Picture
Temple Guard with Gun and Daggers -- Picture
Portrait of a Construction Worker -- Picture
Crows Gathered at a Bathing Ghat -- Picture
Krishna breaking pots of curds -- Picture
Given to Goddess -- A Temple Woman -- Picture
Given to Goddess -- Picture
A Decorated Pavilion in the Mysore Palace Complex -- Picture
Sieve and Pounding Stick -- Picture
Satyagrahis squatting on the beach to break law -- Picture
Girl Practicing Rangoli Art -- Picture
Himalayan Laborers -- Picture
Garuda Fights a Snake -- Picture
Subramanya Bharati (1882-1921) -- Picture
Handle of a Sword belonging to Tippu Sultan -- Picture
K.L.Kamat's Father Laxman Kamat -- Picture
The Musical Instrument of Tanpura -- Picture
Temple Priest Announcing Prayer Time -- Picture
Pre-historic Rock Shelter Painting -- Picture
Tribal Women, Central India -- Picture
Ashok Kumar and Meena Kumari in Pakeezah -- Picture
Hunter -- Illustration based on a Petroglyph -- Picture
Construction Worker Carrying Bricks, Bangalore -- Picture
Rag Picker Boy, Yeshwantpur -- Picture
Autograph of Cricketer Vinoo Mankad -- Picture
Man Belonging to the Kadu Kuruba Tribe -- Picture
Painted Icon of Garuda -- Picture
A Woman Writing Letter -- Picture
Graphics from an Education Campaign -- Picture
Manjula Narasimhan at the tank of Sibi -- Picture
Horse Offerings, Ahmedabad, Gujarat -- Picture
At the Dhobi Ghat -- Picture
Attire of Noblemen of Mysore -- Picture
Portrait of Kannada Poet K.S. Narasimha Swamy -- Picture
Annapurna Devi -- Picture
Pencil Portraits by K.L.Kamat -- Picture
Cooking Utensils -- Picture
Portrait of a Poor Vegetable Vendor -- Picture
Boys Running a Roadside Eatery -- Picture
Freedom Fighter S. K. Bhave -- Picture
Martyrdom of Vasant Rao Hegishte and Rajab Ali Lakhani -- Picture
Gopal Krishna Gokhale (1866-1915) -- Picture
Kannada Writer Nemichandra -- Picture
Botanist B.G.L. Swamy -- Picture
Idol of Rawanasura -- Picture
Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan -- Picture
Illustrations of Jain Education System -- Picture
Coconut Grove -- Picture
A Siddi Girl -- Picture
Play of Dice Between Pandavas and Kauravas -- Picture
Om Meets Mandala -- Picture
One Wrestler takes on Three -- Picture
Portrait of Umesh Kamat -- Picture
Amriteshwara Temple Complex -- Picture
Romance of Shiva and Parvati -- Picture
Bilhana and Champavati -- Picture
Timmappa Rudrappa Nesvi -- Picture
Snake Devours Sun to Create Solar Eclipse -- Picture
Colleagues at a Textile Shop -- Picture
Ganesh in a Modern Metallic Sculpture -- Picture
Artistic Windows of City Palace -- Picture
Cashews with their Nuts Intact -- Picture
Shakuntala by Ravi Varma -- Picture
Pair of Iguanas -- Picture
Channappa Uttangi -- Picture
The Mystery Picture -- Picture
Portrait of Verrier Elvin -- Picture
The Golden Temple -- Picture
Man Committing Suicide -- Picture
Tamil Brahmins Gathered for Spiritual Renewal -- Picture
Swadeshi Advertisement -- Picture
Papayas on the Tree -- Picture
Rama Killing Demon Tataka -- Picture
Street Side Cobbler from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh -- Picture
The Brahmi Plant -- Bacopa monnieri -- Picture
Girl Makes Mess -- Picture
Amrita Shergil (1913-1941) -- Picture
Devotees Cooking for the Durga Pooja -- Picture
The Princes of Pearls -- Picture
Islamic Monument from Srirangapattana -- Picture
Prof. G. Varadaraja Rao -- Picture
Epigraphist S.R. Ritti -- Picture
Four Wives of a Husband Committing Suicide upon his Death -- Picture
Holy Mary and Jesus -- Picture
Sri Krishna and Balarama -- Picture
Tribal woman walking to weekly market place, Narayanpur -- Picture
Royal Palanquin -- Picture
Bhupendra Nath Basu -- Picture
Dragon Grillwork -- Picture
Portrait of Kusuma Sorab -- Picture
White Tiger -- Picture
Plant Galls on Cinamon Leaves -- Picture
At the Women's Quarters.. -- Picture
Erotic Sculpures on the Chandela Temples -- Picture
Boy Meets Girl -- Picture
Portrait of Mysore Vasudevacharya -- Picture
Poetic Tribute to Kamat -- Picture
G. B. Joshi at his desk -- Picture
Old Fashioned Indian House -- Picture
Jain Artifacts from Haduvalli -- Picture
Girl Doing a Man's Job -- Picture
Battle of Shiva and Arjuna -- Picture
M. G. Bhosle -- Picture
Youth Belonging to Gonda Tribe -- Picture
Groom Walks with Bride in Marriage -- Picture
A Temple in the Himalayas -- Picture
Bird from Ajanta -- Picture
Kathakali Dancer -- Picture
Map showing important temples of North and Central India -- Picture
Followers of Lord Shiva -- Picture
Herostone from Maragallu -- Picture
Portrait of Madhavrao Sadashivrao Golwalkar -- Picture
Boys during Ganesh Visarjana -- Picture
V. D. Tripathi and S.C. Bose -- Picture
Floral Rangoli Design -- Picture
Kashmiri Garden -- Picture
A Sculpture of Hayavadana -- Picture
Admirers of Kamat Gathered for 75th Birthday -- Picture
Emperor Jahangir Greeting son Shahjahan -- Picture
Group of Famous Brahmin Pundits, circa 1900 -- Picture
Jain Tithankars, Haduvalli -- Picture
Indian International Stamp Exhibition -- Picture
Joseph Mazzini (1805 -1872) -- Picture
Detail from a Hero-stone -- Picture
Musicians of Mogul Period -- Picture
Kamaladevi Chattopadhaya -- Picture
The Seetaphal Fruit -- Picture
Cover of Karmaveera Weekly -- Picture
Information Gathering -- Picture
Indira Nehru -- Picture
Kavi Paintings on a Temple Wall -- Picture
Painting by Amrita Sher Gil -- Picture
Artisan with a Carved Panel -- Picture
South Indian Bride -- Picture
Picture of a Courtesan Performing -- Picture
Mithuna Lovers -- Picture
"I am fed up with changing dress"--Baby Vikas -- Picture
Picture of Kamalamma -- Picture
Javelin Throw -- Picture
Minaret of Srirangapatna -- Picture
Autograph of Jawaharlal Nehru -- Picture
The Crows and the Snake -- Picture
Weight of Lord Krishna -- Picture
Gathering of Pupils -- Picture
Students at an Orphanage -- Picture
Mother Teresa and the Nobel Prize of 1979 -- Picture
Fatherly Figure -- Picture
"I have some nice beans for you." -- Picture
Priest Appa Bhat (on right) of Honavar -- Picture
Picture of Gadiyaram Sri Ramakrishna Sharma -- Picture
Devotees on top of Yoganarasimha Temple -- Picture
A Sethji (merchant) at his shop -- Picture
When the Kaurava's burnt the Pandava Palace -- Picture
Writer Purnachandra Tejasvi -- Picture
Ranganath Diwakar -- Picture
Icon of Dattatreya Carved in Sandalewood -- Picture
Birds from Prehistoric Art -- Picture
Plant Worship -- Picture
Activities at an RSS Branch -- Picture
Self-Portrait, Vikas Kamat -- Picture
First Day Cover in Honor of Konkan Railway -- Picture
Konkani Woman Rolling 'Chowde' (a.k.a. Mande) -- Picture
The Begum of Bhopal -- Picture
Boys Taking an Idol of Ganesh for Immersing -- Picture
The Six Faced Deity Riding a Peacock -- Picture
Lakshminath Bezbarua (1868-1938) -- Picture
The Upanayanam Ceremony for Madiman Brothers -- Picture
Abandoned Car of the Tribal King -- Picture
Socialists' Unite to Provide Alternative to Congress -- Picture
First War of Indian Independence -- Picture
Vallabhbhai Patel (1875-1950) -- Picture
Yashoda Breast-feeding Krishna -- Picture
Adivasi Habitat, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Krishna Lifts a Mountain to Shelter Cows and Women -- Picture
Babu Rajendra Prasad Singh -- Picture
Icon of Vishnu as Boar -- Picture
Guruka Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Hardwar -- Picture
The Conch Shell -- Picture
Bhimsen Joshi Rendering a Khayal -- Picture
Copulating Couple -- Wooden Sculpture -- Picture
Ha .Ma. Nayak and Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar -- Picture
Saint Eknath -- Picture
Maharshi Valmiki said to be the writer of "Ramayana". -- Picture
Illustration Showing Wrapping Pattern of a Saree -- Picture
Matam with Zanjeer -- Picture
Women Dancers -- Picture
Brindavan Gardens. Mysore -- Picture
Gond boy with Torn Shirt -- Picture
A Teacher Explaining -- Picture
A Hand-copier or an Official Writer -- Picture
Gardner Kalipad -- Picture
Multi-faceted Leader Kusuma Sorab -- Picture
Relaxing Crocodiles -- Picture
Wooden Memorial, Meghnath -- Picture
Fetching Water from Bhagirati River -- Picture
"Shouldn't have forgotten the umbrella" -- Picture
Picture of Bhairathi Mesta -- Picture
Gokarn Partagali Jeevotham Mutha -- Picture
Ardhanarishwara (half man, half woman) -- Picture
Blades of Lemon Grass -- Picture
Pavilions and Sculptures of Mahabalipuram -- Picture
Getting Ready for the Cock-fight -- Picture
Sacrificial Melon -- Picture
Goddess Saraswati -- Picture
Sunset at Hodbandur Beach, Kumta -- Picture
Queen Jaya Rani Padmini -- Picture
M. D. Joshi, circa 1937 -- Picture
Bride and her Best Friend -- Picture
Headgear Decorated with Flowers & Feathers -- Picture
Planting the Meal -- Picture
Jain Pavilion on Top of a Mountain -- Picture
Chitra Visweswaran -- Picture
C.V. Raman -- Picture
The Magic of Khadi -- Picture
Body Conditioning in Medieval Karnataka -- Picture
"Feed Me First!" -- Picture
Photography as a means of Duplication -- Picture
The Honoring of the Brahmins -- Picture
Kirshna Lost in Romance -- Picture
Hotelier Rangappa Kamat -- Picture
Children of the Himalaya -- Picture
Dead Man Writing -- Picture
Hirakud Dam Across River Mahanadi -- Picture
Lamp of Deepavali -- Picture
A view of the Mosque, at Mounheer from the South East -- Picture
Shiva and his bull vehicle Nandi -- Picture
Hanuman with Sanjeevani Mountain -- Picture
Lord Brihaspati -- Picture
Sharat Chandra Chatterjee -- Picture
Crowds Gathered for Kumta Car Festival -- Picture
Bamboo Utensils -- Picture
"In Waiting" -- Picture
Veda Vyasa is the author of "Mahabharata". -- Picture
Woman with a fan made with peacock feathers -- Picture
Woman on Top Position -- Picture
Tribal Community at Bastar -- Picture
Rama's Army of Monkeys -- Picture
Vishnu as Trivikram Spanning the Earth and the Sky -- Picture
Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (1883-1966) -- Picture
Camel Safari, Rest Stop -- Picture
Tribal Youth with an Axe -- Picture
Garuda Carrying Lord Vishnu -- Picture
Bhimsen Joshi as a Young Man -- Picture
Village Boys -- Picture
Gautama Buddha -- Picture
The Green Train -- Picture

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