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House of Pictures -

A family at the campus -- Picture
Couple watching lake -- Picture
Gowdati near-by Honnawar -- Picture
Manjamma, Dancing and carrying yelamma on her head -- Picture
school children -- Picture
Konkani Muslim Woman of Kurva -- Picture
Dancer dressed as a princes -- Picture
Sumitra Kamat -- Picture
A Meeting of Minds... -- Picture
Flowers without leafs -- Picture
Friends Sharing an Umbrella -- Picture
Erotic wooden sculpture -- Picture
A artifact -shashvati museum -- Picture
Hyder Ali's Currency (Gold) -- Picture
Girija kalyana, A Mysore traditional painting -- Picture
Hunter -- Illustration based on a Petroglyph -- Picture
Construction worker kids -- Picture
A sunshine view in a forest -- Picture
A Gopuram of a Hindu temple of Himalaya region -- Picture
Portrait of a Traditional Brahmin -- Picture
Cloudes covering a building -- Picture
Naga-Nagini - The Snakes in Embrace -- Picture
A Bharatanatyam Dancer, Bangalore -- Picture
Music in a Boat -- Picture
"How long will it for cactus to grow" BGL Swamy -- Picture
riding an elephant -- Picture
Snow in the forming on Himalayan rocks -- Picture
Himalayan peak during dusk -- Picture
Boat on a lake at the state fair -- Picture
A public building in himalayan region -- Picture
Raja Man Singh started construction of this palace -- Picture
Dr. Sudheer and Wife -- Picture
A Deccan Miniature Painting -- Picture
Asher with friends in K.'s room -- Picture
Albert Hall in city palace -- Picture
A sculpture of adi shesha -- Picture
Roadside Cobbler -- Picture
Cymbal of Karade majal, in Dharwad -- Picture
A child in the water all alone -- Picture
Gall insects field photographs -- Picture
Forest Workers Fetching Leaves for Manure -- Picture
Sunil Gangadhar nayak -- Picture
The fighter is getting ready -- Picture
Balancing the two pot to carry water -- Picture
Steel hat for Vikas -- Picture
Peacock feather fan sellers from Rajasthan -- Picture
Krishna at Khajuraho -- Picture
Picture of Mrs. Sheshamma Iyengar -- Picture
Moody Vikas -- Picture
A girl in waiting -- Picture
Muktha Venkatesh at painting, flowers -- Picture
Shantiniketan, Cheena bhavan, wall paintings -- Picture
K in the lab -- Picture
Rakun with Usha -- Picture
A forest outpost, mount Mitchell -- Picture
old vegitable vendor -- Picture
tetradrachm struck in hermaios -- Picture
Map of Kerala State -- Picture
Umesh kamat, having a drink of water at a Tyovu -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
Gold Panum, South India -- Picture
Women at worship -- Picture
A Hero stone -- Picture
Sidenur cat -- Picture
Cover of Kammatiga - Kamat's Memorial Volume -- Picture
Kamat Viewing a Negative in his Lab -- Picture
Baba reflective mood -- Picture
Ramu regar-the Cobbler boy -- Picture
Outfit of entomological survey -- Picture
Smiling Away Hardships of Life -- Picture
Picture of Gadiyaram Sri Ramakrishna Sharma -- Picture
Mr.Kazamier at Syracuse university -- Picture
Kid in a Saree Offering Puja -- Picture
A smiling nepali baby girl -- Picture
Cudaama, Asha's friend -- Picture
Fatima vali -- Picture
Roadside Praying Place -- Picture
chemilion -- Picture
Marygo round -- Picture
Tariq Siddiqui -- Picture
Cock Fight -- Picture
Yaudheya or Kuninda Period Coin (200 B.C.) -- Picture
A Villager in Hoogoppalu -- Picture
gulmohar in bangalore -- Picture
cultivation in step land -- Picture
Dattaprasad -- Picture
entertainment from childern -- Picture
Gall insects field photographs -- Picture
Multistoried building -- Picture
Mangala kamat -- Picture
A campus ground -- Picture
Artist Mukta Venkatesh (1902-2003) -- Picture
T.L.Kamat -- Picture
Simla land scape -- Picture
Arun Achrya in full suit -- Picture
Leather Poppet Camal -- Picture
Character in bayalata -- Picture
Krishna obstructing path of Gopies. Reproduction Painting of shubha rai -- Picture
Pencil Sketch -- Picture
Getting ready for outing -- Picture
A head and hear ornaments with a figure -- Picture
Keremane Shambu Hegde -- Picture
Errotic couples -- Picture
a girl drawing rangoli -- Picture
Cartoon of BGL Swamy -- Picture
Himalayan kids on top of a building -- Picture
Kombu or horn in Kannada, It's a blowing instrument used on auspicious occasion -- Picture
Erotic sculptures -- Picture
Detail from a Stone Memorial -- Picture
The Bengal Tiger -- Picture
Musiciana, Banaras -- Picture
Construction worker -- Picture
Dr.Gorur ramaswamy ayangar -- Picture
Sayukta, Dattaprasad -- Picture
Wheels -- Picture
Eatables being Dried -- Picture
Buffalo-horn head gear, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Girish Chandra Ghosh (1844-1912) -- Picture
A watchful lion -- Picture
Palm leaf designs -- Picture
A villager from himachal Pradesh with flower -- Picture
Girls Playing in Water -- Picture
Janavaani news paper day picture -- Picture
Ga riverside scene -- Picture
Young kids at party -- Picture
Golden Necklace -- Picture
A Himalayan peak from distance -- Picture
"anciceously waiting for team mate" -- Picture
Friends enjoying Indian food -- Picture
Trees on the hill near Sharavati -- Picture
Artist Mukta Venkatesh with Jyotsna -- Picture
Transformer at the university campus -- Picture
Lady with a fan -- Picture
Tulasidas L. Kamat Distributing Prizes -- Picture
Boats in the lake at cloudy back ground -- Picture
Picture of INS Nilgiri -- Picture
Vikas in Bangalore 1996 -- Picture
An American friend of Kamat -- Picture
Water birds in Karachi zoo -- Picture
Bhimsen Joshi, engrossed in classical recital -- Picture
"I have never loosed heart at any time" -- Picture
A Painting by Mukta Venkatesh -- Picture
Couple with Kubja -- Picture
A scene in NY -- Picture
Cactus -- Picture
Education of Jain nuns -- Picture
Vishnu Digambar Paluskar. -- Picture
Kamat at guest house -- Picture
Baje Krishna Kamat of Sringeri -- Picture
Four Armed Lord Vishnu -- Picture
Holding the inpatient fighters -- Picture
Mom-in-law of Prof. Srivastava -- Picture
Naushad Ali with Anita Sen, Sushilarani Baburao Patel -- Picture
Medieval Saree Style -- Picture
Award Given to Kamat`s Potpourri -- Picture
Stacked up Diaries of Kamat -- Picture
Srikanth pathak -- Picture
Family of Three -- Picture
A Himalayan working lass with sickle -- Picture
Beautifully ornamented and painted Sitar -- Picture
Float period in Syracuse -- Picture
A trible boy with talisman in neck -- Picture
A lambani woman in her traditional dress -- Picture
Vijay tulsu in wedding dress -- Picture
Red-fort area -- Picture
houses in a remote area -- Picture
Lion Headed deity, Narasimha -- Picture
Mangala Styan -- Picture
A carved pillars cave temple -- Picture
Indian Drum -- Picture
Muslim Girl of Kurva -- Picture
Side view of amber palace -- Picture
Lioness crossing the road -- Picture
Jyotsna . In her young age -- Picture
Bhimsen Joshi (on left) with India Gandhi -- Picture
Vegetable vendor in a color-full sari -- Picture
A visitor with umbrella -- Picture
"Bibi ka maquabara" Auranga bad -- Picture
Tulsu's mother in-law blessing -- Picture
The Rudra veena -- Picture
A 19th Century Wedding Photograph -- Picture
Sculpture of budha -- Picture
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose -- Picture
Mountaineer in discussion -- Picture
Rajasthani toys -- Picture
Women with loos hair -- Picture
Students on a float -- Picture
A rural scence in city outscrits -- Picture
Kemmannugundi Hills -- Picture
A snowy Himalayan peek -- Picture
Pandelas with American friends -- Picture
ajanta cave ceiling painting -- Picture
Kamat's 1959 Typwriter -- Picture
Pelicons in pond, Mysore Zoo -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
A elderly man going to bhumi puja -- Picture
Election queuing up scene in Jaipur -- Picture
Dancer in the wing -- Picture
Writer Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar -- Picture
Sushil mavshi, Srigeri -- Picture
at his rented house sarakki, after his retirement of principle presidency collage Madres -- Picture
Head load for baby Vikas -- Picture
Shy Vikas -- Picture
twilight on river -- Picture
Brahmin Eating Dinner with Hands -- Picture
Vikas Posing with a smile -- Picture
A forest scene -- Picture
Kadu kuruba Girl -- Picture
Workers in front of school building -- Picture
A Egyptian lady -- Picture
Village Youth -- Picture
Keertinath Kurtkoti (1925-2003) -- Picture
Design from a Indian Carpet -- Picture
Making of Clay Idols -- Picture
A Stone Sculpture of Lajja Gowri -- Picture
River tern on a rock, Ranganatittu -- Picture
Female musicians -- Picture
Sundi Tribal Woman of Bastar -- Picture
A small lake beside high mountains -- Picture
Nandi the Bull -- Picture
Girl in swimming dress -- Picture
Character in bayalata -- Picture
An old cobbler of Jaipur -- Picture
Fireworks During the Deepavali Festival -- Picture
Kid with small fish -- Picture
A Naga Tribal -- Picture
St. Andrews Church -- Picture
A Gopuram of Hindu temple, Nepal -- Picture
Shish mahal -- Picture
Erotic sculptures -- Picture
Mamata carrying water pot -- Picture
Art on a Conch Shell -- Picture
A kadu kuruba -- mother and child -- Picture
A house lane in Simla -- Picture
Ganesha in street procession -- Picture
K in the lab, absorbed -- Picture
Kamat in Karachi with a friend -- Picture
Dancer -- Picture
Mali kamat with flower -- Picture
Metal image of a diety -- Picture
Government Official in Karnataka -- Picture
A dance scene on the stage -- Picture
Kamat at the FotoFlash of Malleswaram Circle -- Picture
Prof with his favorites plants. -- Picture
snake charmer with snake -- Picture
Lord Indra riding the Iravat, the eight trunked elephant -- Picture
A lone boat man on a Himalayan lake -- Picture
Profile of Jyo. -- Picture
Mahant Laxmi Narayan Das -- Picture
A ornamented stone pillar -- Picture
Erotic sculptures -- Picture
sculptures on a temple -- Picture
At a international students party -- Picture
deers engrossed in her music -- Picture
An Apsara in Water -- Picture
Character in bayalata -- Picture
colorful cart with soda vendor -- Picture
A distant mountain view -- Picture
Dear Conversaion with a Deer -- Picture
Welcoming J.P at the rally -- Picture
Clay Model depicting Tribal Life -- Picture
Dancer getting ready -- Picture
A scene in university campus -- Picture
Bhimsen joshi Addressing a Gathering -- Picture
Unidentified -- Picture
Body Conditioning in Medieval Karnataka -- Picture
K. in his apartment with friend Patil -- Picture
A portraiture of diwaker's father -- Picture
Picture of an Owl -- Picture
A smiling damaged deity -- Picture
stark -- Picture
Emperor Akbar -- Picture
flowting on narmada -- Picture
young Women at rangoli -- Picture
Vegetable Vendor of Bangalore -- Picture
A olden time golden necklace -- Picture
child dancers -- Picture
A sleeping pose of Jyo. -- Picture
Erotic sculpture-painting -- Picture
A tired Bhyrappa reflects -- Picture
Unidentified -- Picture
Picture of Mukta Sidenur with son Rajesh -- Picture
Kids at the beach -- Picture
Government Museum -- Picture
I look glamarous, tooth-less Vikas -- Picture
Vikas in a bonnet -- Picture
Naked Boy Carrying a Headload -- Picture
Dr.K.Ganesh, Dr.Shesha shastri and Dr.Devara konda reddi -- Picture
Shiva-Parvati from Karvana -- Picture
Chand poal gate -- Picture
Cover of Sasya Parisara -- Picture
Tonsuring of the Head -- Picture
Fresco Painting at Sibi -- Picture
Girl Friends -- Picture
Inside a Gond Tribal Habitat -- Picture
Portarit for "Demon Dancer" -- Picture
Blackboard writing (Kadata) -- Picture
Mangala kamat -- Picture
Women attendence escorting barmha vishnu -- Picture
Merchant counting money, Honavar -- Picture
Mother and child at tulsu's wedding -- Picture
A river in Karachi -- Picture
Gaja and Tulsu with camera -- Picture
BGL swamy's cartoon -- Picture
Neighbor girl -- Picture
A Bengali Blacksmith -- Picture
K. with Indian Friends in Syracuse -- Picture
Vikas with elephant -- Picture
Carrying ceremonial pot -- Picture
Newly construction in Himalayan region -- Picture
The Sword of Tippu Sultan -- Picture
A prince at study -- Picture
A Nepali kid -- Picture
gulmohar -- Picture
Villagers Keeping Warm in the Forest -- Picture
Memorial of Vishweshwariah -- Picture
Lake view from amber palace -- Picture
Krishnakka in Jaipur -- Picture
Rabab. A string instrument of Persian origin -- Picture
One building College of forestry -- Picture
Annjaneya puppet -- Picture
Prof. Gopalakrishna Adiga -- Picture
Cake getting ready for party -- Picture
Sunshine on Himalayan peak -- Picture
float -- Picture
Silver coin issued by the East India Company in the name of Shah Alum -- Picture
Prof.A.N.Murthy rao -- Picture
When mothers are at work young girls look after the siblings (their young sisters and brothers) -- Picture
A lion casting a thoughtful glance at the photography -- Picture
Bahadur Shah -- Picture
Malini kamat -- Picture
couple with kubja -- Picture
seebi painting -- Picture
Carved Hoysala Temple of Belur -- Picture
Young lambani at embroidery -- Picture
The Kamat Couple -- Picture
Sculpture of Durga with 10 hands, on the entrance to the temple. -- Picture
A lone person on the beach -- Picture
Asha sidenur -- Picture
Statue of Hanuman -- (Mukhyaprana) -- Picture
trafic police -- Picture
Women Entertaining an Infant -- Picture
Towers of Murdeshwar Temple -- Picture
bhuta nurthya -- Picture
The Avatars of Lord Vishnu as depicted in temple sculptures -- Picture
Martyrdom of Vasant Rao Hegishte and Rajab Ali Lakhani -- Picture
Water fall falling through crevices -- Picture
Partial view of the Temple covered by shed -- Picture
Resting Laborers beside road constructions -- Picture
Gavalagitti of Kirivatti -- Picture
American highway billions -- Picture
S.P.Achraya -- Picture
"When shall I clean all these utensils"--Vikas -- Picture
Omkar nath thakur being accompanied by sitar Artist -- Picture
aparna with her mom -- Picture
Erotic sculpture-painting -- Picture
ear arnaments of a dancer's -- Picture
Rajasthani women carrying load -- Picture
The Comfort Union -- Picture
Group Sex Scene -- Picture
Sunset near Sharavati -- Picture
Painting of a Raagini, man with two wifes -- Picture
bullock carts at chindwada -- Picture
The Jog Falls -- Picture
K in the lab -- Picture
Illuminated Mysore Palace -- Picture
Statue of Shivaji Riding a Horse -- Picture
Page from a Saree Catalog -- Picture
Kolaramma temple name board of details -- Picture
Temple of Two Towers, Nagayi -- Picture
An incomplete ornament -- Picture
Lulu and her canine friend, Sidenur's house -- Picture
Portrait of Semmangudi Srinivas Iyer -- Picture
Indian String instruments -- Picture
Prehistoric Cave Illustration from Tekkalakote -- Picture
Horse Rearing of Hampi -- Picture
Siddi Tribals -- Picture
Halbi girl, necklace of coins -- Picture
Side view of building College of forestry -- Picture
Temple on Way to Hampi -- Picture
A drummer with drum in procession -- Picture
an exemlpe of japnice painting -- Picture
Pulling the Temple Chariot -- Picture
Krishna with Gopis -- Picture
Jyotsna and Krishnanand Kamat -- Picture
Illustration based on Rock Painting -- Picture
Goruru Ramaswamy Iyengar -- Picture
Amorous Sports of Lord Krishna -- Picture
Lovers, sculpture from a Khajuraho temple -- Picture
Jobner villagers sitting in sunshine, winter -- Picture
V.K.Deshpande in kitchen -- Picture
Bengali Villagers -- Picture
Vimala sharma -- Picture
Major with kids -- Picture
Baby Smitha kamat -- Picture
Ramzan, Postmen of Jobner. -- Picture
A Village view in twilight from a distance -- Picture
Old Amber palace -- Picture
Bayakka with Vikas -- Picture
Coin of Takshashila (Taxila) -- Picture
Birds on a hillock-Mogul painting -- Picture
A gallery of Indian Sculpture, Oxford -- Picture
Lost in conversation--K and Acharya -- Picture
Boats on a lake -- Picture
Painting on a Peepal Leaf -- Picture
bayalaata performer -- Picture
Crowd at the commencement -- Picture
A river in between Mountain range -- Picture
Talukina Subbanna Shamaraya -- Picture
Dancer Mangala Satyan -- Picture
Two painted baskets -- Picture
Ustad Bismilla khan who immortalized Shanai a blowing instruments used in Indian temples early in the morning -- Picture
A lecture room in Syracuse campus -- Picture
Kamat Practising Calligraphy? -- Picture
Nepali kid -- Picture
play ground near shimla -- Picture
Cover of Kamat's Book on Kavi Art -- Picture
Photo of a pictures -- Picture
Neighbor girl -- Picture
Janardhan Rama Kamath of Sringeri with his wife, -- Picture
Beaming with happiness, Jyo. In Jobner -- Picture
fresco painting at sibi -- Picture
A boy frying '"Pakoda's" at road side eatery -- Picture
Jyoti Hegde of Sirasi, a disciple of Bindu Madha Pathak, Rudra veena Artist -- Picture
Construction worker -- Picture
Yawing lioness -- Picture
Quite lake and green mountain -- Picture
The slow dance of the Murias can last all night -- Picture
A.R. Krishnasastry -- Picture
Congress Always is a Major Force -- Picture
Durga Idol getting ready -- Picture
Pushpa prabhu -- Picture
Freedom fighters -- Picture
Relaxing on hot afternoon -- Picture
The Naming Ceremony for a Child -- Picture
K. in the Lab -- Picture
Hiryoung Trying on a Historic Lock -- Picture
shradha prabhu -- Picture
Lord Rama Conquers Varuna -- Picture
Stone maiden, Belur -- Picture
Educated and Accomplished Women -- Picture
Erotic wooden sculpture -- Picture
vijaya with pavitra -- Picture
Gorur ramaswamy iyangar -- Picture
Garuda, Vishnu and Anjaneya -- Picture
crows with carrion -- Picture
Srinivas Murthy, Eprigraphist -- Picture
Happy movement of a mother -- Picture
A proudly exhibiting her hood with coins -- Picture
Jyotsna Kamat -- Picture
"But it’s a very very long wait" -- Picture
A cheerful girl going to bhumi puja -- Picture
Huting of the Wild Boar -- Picture
Sleeping baby Vikas -- Picture
Marble Inlay Work on a Wall -- Picture
Satyavati Devi -- Picture
Girls Playing Tunes to Trees -- Picture
K. in the Lab -- Picture
waiting for her krishna -- Picture
Construction workers -- Picture
A Devotee Performing Sashtanga Namaskar -- Picture
Villager playing "Tamate" at fair, Folk artist -- Picture
Gardener, A grass cutting former -- Picture
Bird`s Eye-view of Golkonda Fort -- Picture
Play ground beside a mountain -- Picture
Baby Vikas in Jobner -- Picture
Lord Krishna Rejoicing in the Company of Girls -- Picture
Dark mountain and snow white peeks -- Picture
Transportation of bricks on Sharavati -- Picture
Ink and pen portraites of socialist leader -- Picture
Portrait of Sachdev Nagarkar -- Picture
B.P.Srivastavas quarters -- Picture
Medieval Umbrellas -- Picture
Tribals arriving for the Jagadalpur bazaar -- Picture
A river scene from Alleppy beach -- Picture
Former on the way to field -- Picture
Erotica from Nandi Temple, Khajuraho -- Picture
King Trivikram and The Betal -- Picture
a girl looking in to a book and drawing rangoli -- Picture
Waiting spectators -- Picture
Saraswati veena. -- Picture
Sculpture on a temple entrance- to be identified -- Picture
Vithal kantu in amber palace -- Picture
Plassey Fakir, goes begging -- Picture
Rajasthani palace -- Picture
A former carrying provisions with woolen hood -- Picture
A Himalayan peak -- Picture
Grazing Horses -- Picture
Errotic couple -- Picture
Forest Workers -- Picture
mali making dosa -- Picture
Dr.S.L.Byrappa going through the thesis of Jyo. And comparing with the published book -- Picture
Officers trines with Jyo -- Picture
Street side ironing in Malleshwaram -- Picture
Lord Krishna and Balaram Liberating their Parents from Kansa's Prison -- Picture
V. K. Gokak -- Picture
A scene at the campus -- Picture
Dancer ready to welcoming shiva's retinue -- Picture
Dried up plants with flower like snow -- Picture
Crossing a River of Spirits -- Picture
Sculpture in shashvati museum -- Picture
A lake quite in the middle of forest -- Picture
hunters and the boar -- Picture
Son of the Soil -- Boy playing in dirt -- Picture
Portrait of a Halakki Gowdati -- Picture
A "arti" holder -- Picture
Bharatanatyam dancers -- Picture
A Jain Teerthankara -- Picture
Profile of Arun acharya -- Picture
A horse couch of 19th century at the museum -- Picture
Wheel of the Sun Temple in Konark -- Picture
Illustrastration from Ragamalika -- Picture
Consenting Adults -- Picture
Pandit Ravi Shankar in Syracuse concert-not clear -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
Maoist and Naxalite Graffiti -- Picture
Vikas and Kim Kamat -- Picture
Brass betel cracker -- Picture
Gall insects field photographs -- Picture
A road view in Shimla -- Picture
A "sandhya vandanam" spoon -- Picture
Kids on the way to Iceland -- Picture
South Indian Dancer Poses -- Picture
Vibha Prabha kamat -- Picture
Bhimsen Joshi at Concert -- Picture
H.V. Savitramma -- Picture
Bharatanatyam dancers -- Picture
Bendre and Bhim sen joshi -- Picture
people attending the art exhibition -- Picture
Friends at College -- Picture
A girl dressed for dance performance -- Picture
Festival Doll Vendor -- Picture
Dancers and Drummers -- Picture
Betters anxiously waiting for the fight -- Picture
Friends of K. -- Picture
A Wedding Banquet -- Picture
S.Diwakars with niece -- Picture
pandela with their family -- Picture
Ladies with Musical Instruments -- Picture
A woman hurrying to puja place -- Picture
Girija devi, 1924 -- Picture
Konkani food in Rajasthan desert -- Picture
The Towers of Char Minar, Hyderabad -- Picture
A beggar at the Mangeshi temple, Goa -- Picture
Madhukar mami with Jyo. -- Picture
"Peanuts for You and Supari for Me" -- Picture
How about this pose ? -- Picture
Lord Krishna Rides the Bird Garuda -- Picture
Vikas, teasts good!!!! Vikas -- Picture
Kannada Poet DVG -- Picture
Depiction of Srinath of Nathadwara -- Picture
demostic elephant -- Picture
Ink and pen sketch of lenin and trotsky -- Picture
Women painting a wooden board -- Picture
Temple Musicians -- Picture
Sapta Matrika Statues -- Picture
A glooming rose -- Picture
Youngsters gathered for a game of Cricket -- Picture
Newly Weds in front of an ancestor's Photo -- Picture
Geeta Shamprakash -- Picture
The Illuminated Mysore Palace -- Picture
A newly constructed government building -- Picture
Kavi Art Mural on a Temple Wall -- Picture
Sunset in himalayan region -- Picture
Vijaya kamat -- Picture
Remembering a Leader -- Picture
Panchatantra on Postage -- Picture
Sculpture of a girl with a water pot -- Picture
A Farmer at his Fields -- Picture
A Servant Attends to Horse -- Picture
Malkod -- Picture
dakshina murthy -- Picture
Posterior of an Adivasi dancer -- Picture
Madhusudan the recording engineers who accompanied us to Sondur -- Picture
Warren Hastings -- Picture
Kaka drawing picture -- Picture
Deepavali Greetings -- Picture
Houses on the hilly region -- Picture
Black ducks in drying pond -- Picture
Keremane Shivaram Hegde -- Picture
Somanath Maradur -- Picture
Detail from a Hero-stone -- Picture
Shiva gana's -- Picture
Horseback fighter, rock painting, Central India -- Picture
Miss. Veena dilip burde -- Picture
a noble sitting -- Picture
Nagar Brahmin Couple -- Picture
A small stone chariot with atop nandi -- Picture
A trible girl with scaterd hair -- Picture
Monkey supervising agriculture -- Picture
entertainment from childern -- Picture
Gajendra Moksha -- Picture
Float period -- Picture
Two Handed Idol of Ganesh -- Picture
tetradrachm struck in Kapisene -- Picture
Scaffolding at construction site -- Picture
Sunshine reflection on water -- Picture
sleeping baby aparna -- Picture
Kamat Rolling Papads -- Picture
People at the art gallery site -- Picture
"Jaggahalage players" in Dharwad -- Picture
Bengali drummer -- Picture
A sundi trible women -- Picture
Tree Climbers -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
K's lab in Syracuse -- Picture
Mythological symbol Shaku in Kavi art -- Picture
Symbolic Re-burning of the Dead -- Picture
Erotic sculptures -- Picture
Scene form a hill top -- Picture
Elephant under training -- Picture
Rangoli on wall -- Picture
An Infant Tries on a Gandhi Cap -- Picture
Villagers Attending to a wounded cock -- Picture
A lone building beside a quite lake -- Picture
Mother monkey with baby -- Picture
A glooming rose -- Picture
Mr. V.N.Ookey -- self portrait -- Picture
Girl in Long Baggy Skirt -- Picture
Lion couple in bannerughatta safari -- Picture
baby aparna with grany -- Picture
A gushing stream -- Picture
In a Tribal Town -- Picture
Himalayan kids beside their hut -- Picture
Kaki watching the baby asleep -- Picture
Clock tower in the middle of forest -- Picture
Sword of Tipu Sultan -- Picture
Picture of R. Seshasastry -- Picture
Leather poppet -- Picture
Hunter -- Illustration based on a Petroglyph -- Picture
Sculpture of a Lion by the famous sculpture shaphi? -- Picture
Jyo. At the guest house -- Picture
gaja kamat -- Picture
Glimpses of nepali building -- Picture
Profile of Bharatanatyam dancers -- Picture
A kid with bat and balloon -- Picture
Battle of Shiva and Arjuna -- Picture
Gangadhar with Sanjay -- Picture
Entrance of Chandra mahal palace -- Picture
Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar -- Picture
Two Ascetics -- Picture
Jagmohan sharma -- Picture
Physical Conditioning Excercises -- Picture
Baby Vikas wondering at the world -- Picture
K.'s friend in Syracuse -- Picture
Couple on their First Night -- Picture
"Keeta-Jagattu" -- Picture
Ravishankar with his sitar -- Picture
Three Having Group Sex -- Picture
A Street in Malleswaram Neighborhood -- Picture
Boys Playing with an Abandoned Auto-rickshaw -- Picture
Bride and groom with seema -- Picture
Coconut Grove -- Picture
Prof V.K.gokak -- Picture
An American family Lighting candles for dinner -- Picture
Ganesha in Mysore traditional art -- Picture
Bharatanatyam dancers -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
"Now I am full"--Vikas -- Picture
Major Kamat Family infront of thair bagalo -- Picture
Boat on hugli river -- Picture
Old fort -- Picture
A South Indian Temple of Post Vijayanagar Period -- Picture
Kaki and Pushpa -- Picture
Stone inscription -- Picture
Lulu pomeron dog Dr. Sidenurs -- Picture
A south Indain temple -- Picture
Nees of Sadanand Kamat -- Picture
Students Collecting Samples -- Picture
A girl dressed for dance performance, young dancer of Keshava nrutya shala -- Picture
Hoogoppalu Krishnamurthy -- Picture
Animals as Divine Vehicles -- Picture
Idol of Ganesha -- Picture
A lane in Syracuse university campus -- Picture
"Raasa leela", reproduction shubaray's painting -- Picture
Prof. G. Varadaraja Rao -- Picture
Town of Keladi -- Picture
Himalayan peacock on one leg -- Picture
shradha prabhu striking another pose -- Picture
Birds on a tree, Ranganatittu -- Picture
A baby elephant in training -- Picture
Sunset in simla -- Picture
Huntress bow in arms -- Picture
A gowda sugi kunita -- Picture
A village belle -- Picture
Prof. BGL Swamy is fond of growing several plants in pots -- Picture
Brassiere from a Medieval Sculpture -- Picture
kadengodlu shankara bhat -- Picture
Festival Headgear a Bison-Horn Maria Dancer -- Picture
A gleeful dance-pose -- Picture
Kamat's collage mates in Lab -- Picture
King Kamsa's diplomat Akroora -- Picture
A dancer with a nose ring -- Picture
chemilion -- Picture
"I think I have become popular" -- Picture
Kamat on Navigation -- Picture
Flower Bouquet -- Picture
Jyo. In a shawl -- Picture
Atlantic ocean, NY -- Picture
Vinayak Chikkaramane -- Picture
Two Newly Ordained Brahmins (Vatus) -- Picture
Image of Hoysala Vishnu vardhana from behind -- Picture
Children in dressed as Shiva's family in procession -- Picture
Erotic sculptures -- Picture
A doglike looking lioness -- Picture
A tusker in training center -- Picture
Mother and son, Nalini kamat -- Picture
ajanta cave ceiling painting -- Picture
In front of a monastery -- Picture
Painting in shashvati museum -- Picture
Tariq Siddiqui in winter uniform -- Picture
Hindustani Classical Vocalist Vilayat Hussain Khan -- Picture
A lambani at needle work -- Picture
kambhaavati raaga, mysore traditional painting -- Picture
A Canoe on Sharavati -- Picture
The Shahnai -- Picture
A plant, flowers without leafs -- Picture
Detail of a Lepakashi Painting -- Picture
Wild flower verity -- Picture
Lion contemplating in cage -- Picture
Copper Plates -- Picture
A crude instrument to ring the bell in temple -- Picture
Spotted deer in bandipur -- Picture
A scene at the campus -- Picture
Darpana Sundari -- Picture
baby aparna with prakash -- Picture
Wet Devotees Waiting to Offer Prayers -- Picture
A specimen Islamic architecture -- Picture
Mohan nadkarni interviewing Jitendra Abhisheki -- Picture
A Female Figure in Transparent Clothing -- Picture
Major kamat at breakfast table. -- Picture
Earthen ware in Jaipur market -- Picture
Devil dance of south canara dist. (Bhuta kunita) -- Picture
Orissan Wooden Artwork -- Picture
A wall painting "hase" of a farmers house -- Picture
Another folk dance sequence -- Picture
A Prize Winning Entry From Limca Poster Contest 1980 -- Picture
Friends viewing Mercury capsule -- Picture
Whitehouse from a distance -- Picture
Women Offering Prayers to Tulasi Plant -- Picture
An attendant inspecting horse dung -- Picture
major kamat nalini and their friend -- Picture
Asad Ali Khan on Rudra veena or been -- Picture
Illustrated Manuscript -- Picture
Dwara palaki -- Picture
Mahanavami Dibba -- Picture
Two old photographs in jumma masjid during communial roits pecifying muslim -- Picture
Geeta Shamprakash -- Picture
Portrait of Veena Burde -- Picture
couple in tight dress -- Picture
Hunter -- Illustration based on a Petroglyph -- Picture
fresco painting at sibi -- Picture
Pandit Ravi Shankar in Syracuse -- Picture
Spectators at the commencement -- Picture
Blooming flowers in Rajasthan desert -- Picture
Tourists trekking in Himalaya -- Picture
fort across narmada -- Picture
Coconut Worship at a Hindu Wedding -- Picture
Bridal Jewelry, India -- Picture
A mahasati stone -- Picture
A child peeping through the screen of his hair -- Picture
The flute -- Picture
Saree with Embelishments -- Picture
A Meeting of Kannada Humorists... -- Picture
Mask of a Tribal Man -- Picture
Artisans Making Idols of Ganesh -- Picture
painting at seebi -- Picture
A woman with a baby monkey -- Picture
Santali playing flute -- Picture
Mrs. and Prof. B.G.L. Swamy -- Picture
Saroj sutaria -- Picture
Unidentified neighbours -- Picture
Make-believe Decoration -- Picture
Forest scene -- Picture
Snow covered Coniferous path -- Picture
Two Soldiers Make Merry with a Courtesan -- Picture
Indian Singing group -- Picture
Metal bridge acroos the river -- Picture
Mamata saying "TATA" -- Picture
Officers at a Party -- Picture
Worker in the forest -- Picture
Himalayan kids -- Picture
Full of laughter, tulsu wedding -- Picture
The Honoring of the Brahmins -- Picture
Scene from konkani play -- Picture
Railway bogies from railway window -- Picture
Concrete mix getting ready for roofing -- Picture
Syracuse buildings 1 -- Picture
A worried and tired Jyo. -- Picture
old women with red chilles -- Picture
A hero stone -- Picture
A hand made belt -- Picture
Leafless Tree -- Picture
The Butterfly Nightie -- Picture
Rajasthan palace -- Picture
A sculptor chiseling a Ganesha idol -- Picture
A dancer getting a final touch from the makeup wala -- Picture
A Weaver at Sriniketan Campus -- Picture
Wedding sweets -- Picture
Nepali temple -- Picture
A wounded cock being treated -- Picture
Flowers in Himalayan Region -- Picture
Sunset at Washington DC -- Picture
"mudra mean a lot in bharatanatyam" -- Picture
Sunshine on icy road -- Picture
bitting a tomato, Dattaprasad -- Picture
Memorial of a Soldier -- Picture
Jyo. Relaxing -- Picture
Having a drink of water in university campus -- Picture
Bhumi puja formers -- Picture
Wall Hangings in a Art Studio -- Picture
Vocalist Siddheshwari Devi (1903-1977) -- Picture
Female musicians, Veena player with parrot -- Picture
Vamana Avatar -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
Sarangi, a string instrument nearest to human voice. -- Picture
Vandana bhat at tulsu wedding -- Picture
Children's party -- Picture
Bangles of Gonda Tribe -- Picture
K. with Earmoshs -- Picture
mithuna shilpas -- Picture
Lady with a parrot -- Picture
2 Spectators at the commencement -- Picture
Group of Socialist leaders with J.P -- Picture
Prof. A.N.Moorthy rao -- Picture
Navaratri Doll Vendor, Bangalore -- Picture
Practicing latthi game -- Picture
The Royal Emblem of Hoysala Kings -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
The Nagara (Nagari) -- Picture
Prabha kamat -- Picture
Yelamma, devotee with a chowdike -- Picture
Hats -- Picture
Hero-stone from Sagar Town -- Picture
People of Goa in a Satyagraha for Freedom -- Picture
A anxiously waiting girl in full pose -- Picture
Picture of Uday Ganapati Shanbhag -- Picture
"I can also strike a pose" -- Picture
Hindu Deity -- Picture
Detail of Sculpture from Sanchi -- Picture
A glacier looking like a human figure -- Picture
Lions in love game -- Picture
Himalayan peaks -- Picture
Letter to Jayshree "need inspiration of smoking" -- Picture
Dilapitated Temple, North Kanara -- Picture
Pilgims in Banaras (Kashi) -- Picture
An Idol of Goddess Durga -- Picture
Pounding of Rice -- Picture
Kadatas in a temple -- Picture
Map of Khajuraho -- Picture
Bengali Villager -- Picture
Woman Cleaning Utensils -- Picture
"Part of our house-Jobner"--Jyo. -- Picture
Overloaded three-wheeler -- Picture
construction workers withtheir childern -- Picture
Panel sculpture -- Picture
Pradeep kamat -- Picture
a girl looking in to a book and drawing rangoli -- Picture
Tender Greens -- Picture
A watchful lion -- Picture
A Gavalagitti Kiravatti, North Canara dist. -- Picture
Man Belonging to Golla Tribe -- Picture
Sant Shubharay Maharaj -- Picture
Depcition of Holi Festival in a Medieval Sculpture -- Picture
Razvi and Sharada at K.'s room at Syracuse -- Picture
Girl worker with simbi, Cable worker -- Picture
A young dancer, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Caduranga -- Picture
palm leaf pictures on a jain sacred book -- Picture
"peek Buddhist vihara" -- Picture
K.L.Kamat as a Graduate Student at ESF-SUNY -- Picture
A spider weaving his web -- Picture
Early morning campus scene -- Picture
Prof K.Venkataraamappa and H. V.Krishnamurthy with Jyotsna Kamat -- Picture
"I am hungry"--Vikas -- Picture
Lake at Karachi zoo -- Picture
A tusker under training -- Picture
C.N.Mangala -- Picture
Wall painting, Shantiniketan -- Picture
A man basking in the sun -- Picture
The Pinda Offerings -- Picture
Forest lodge with flowers and jeep -- Picture
Ruined Entrance -- Picture
Bracket figure in stone -- Picture
Krishnananda Kamat -- Picture
Prehistoric Blackmagic -- Picture
kids at datta prasad -- Picture
Swadeshi Memorabilia -- Picture
Princes striking a pose -- Picture
Saviniramadi -- Picture
Jyotsna Kamat -- Picture
S.K. N. College of Agriculture, Jobner -- Picture
A Hippo with its tiny bird friend -- Picture
A woman character in Yakshagana bailata -- Picture
Bharata Natyam Dancer -- Picture
Another folk dance sequence -- Picture
Logo of the Kadamba kings -- Picture
Village side in Autumn -- Picture
Prema kamat with Smitha Kamat -- Picture
Himalayan flowers -- Picture
A scene from Baylata -- Picture
Cane workers at work -- Picture
Saffron garden in the lake, Rajasthan -- Picture
Vegitable vendor -- Picture
Plucking Flowers for Worship -- Picture
audions at the convention -- Picture
Kids -- Picture
shiva parvathi on nandi -- Picture
Shobha kantu with relatives -- Picture
Curled up Millepede -- Picture
jaiprakash narayan -- Picture
Shaila Savur. Born 1935. -- Picture
Gopura of a Buddhist temple -- Picture
A Variety of Gourd -- Picture
Worshipping of Ashwatha Tree -- Picture
A vista of water bridge and a house beyond -- Picture
Chotubhai Purani -- Picture
Krishnakka in Jaipur -- Picture
Building in midst of thick forest -- Picture
Self portrait of V.N.Ookey -- Picture
Moghul King Jahangir -- Picture
Sun raising behind conifurous tree -- Picture
Prof. BGL.Swamy is know for his pungent humor -- Picture
Vasantrao Hegishte -- Picture
Himalayan flower -- Picture
Santali playing Dhak -- Picture
Character in bayalata -- Picture
A kid playing at the beach -- Picture
Simla land scape -- Picture
A boy's image in light and shadow -- Picture
South American mother and child -- Picture
Child Vibha Kamat -- Picture
Man Makes himself a dose of paan-gutka -- Picture
Shantiniketan -- Picture
Indian Girl -- Picture
Tribal Forest Workers -- Picture
Man Cutting his own Neck in Suicide -- Picture
Face of a Nandi -- Picture
Road by river side -- Picture
Bracket figure in stone -- Picture
Flowers in B.P's garden -- Picture
Jyotishi -- an astrologer -- Picture
A Pair of Hand-Stitched Kolhapuri Footwear -- Picture
Dancing Shiva -- Picture
A young girl demonstrating acrobats -- Picture
Engrossed in reading in Readers digest -- Picture
Elder sister with her impatient protégé -- Picture
Jyotsna Kamat -- Picture
Image of Hoysala Vishnu vardhana, rephoto-graph of a picture kamat stumbled upon in 1984 -- Picture
Bus stand and a square -- Picture
Dewali Syracuse-Mayur dance -- Picture
Mentally charged beggar -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
bayalaata dancer -- Picture
A winding road through the gigantic mountains -- Picture
A Halakki woman going to market to sell vegetables -- Picture
Rajasthani Couple Unite in a Balcony -- Picture
Stripping of Draupadi's Saree -- Picture
Inside the Plassy temple -- Picture
arnamental pillar -- Picture
Sunshine on a lake -- Picture
Adivasi (Native) Girl -- Picture
Out side a Himalayan temple -- Picture
Cable worker -- Picture
Mourners reading Kamat's old letters -- Picture
A Himalayan tribal laborer -- Picture
white and colored flowers on plants -- Picture
Picture of Venkatraya Kamat -- Picture
A young Lambani women with a Decorated dress -- Picture
Painted Hanuman -- Picture
Gulmoher Tree in Malleswaram -- Picture
Lambani Dancers -- Picture
An Indian friends -- Picture
Jyo trying pacify the baby -- Picture
Sita's Trial by Fire -- Picture
Kannada Inscription -- Picture
Walking through the snowy road -- Picture
"Bastara Pravasa" -- Picture
Plant Fan -- Picture
Neighbor girl -- Picture
Bangles of Gonda Tribe -- Picture
Kurkul's Parents -- Picture
Vikas Rides tara -- Picture
Two Headed Bird Ganda-bherunda -- Picture
A shy boy from community of construction worker -- Picture
Ancient Indian Coins -- Picture
ajanta cave ceiling painting -- Picture
Pratima shanbah at sheshikiran apartment -- Picture
sharayu with baby aparna -- Picture
A glorious sunset on the verge of Himalaya -- Picture
Arun Achrya -- Picture
The Upanayanam Ceremony for Madiman Brothers -- Picture
Kadengodlu Shankar Bhat -- Picture
All kannadati's of Jaipur meet at Prof.Ramaswamy's house -- Picture
Queen Chennamma of Kittur -- Picture
A himalayan stream meandering through the hills -- Picture
Stamps of Portuguese Ruled Goa -- Picture
Gall insects field photographs -- Picture
Portrait of Prakash Burde -- Picture
dogs attking a a boar -- Picture
"I sell good fortunes! " -- Picture
Allama Prabhu of Virakta Sampradaya (an ascetic tradition) -- Picture
At a Gond Habitat -- Picture
Light heart cures poverty -- Picture
A campus ground youngsters relaxing in the mid ground -- Picture
Boy at the Fountain -- Picture
Dancers following the Renuka devi -- Picture
Master Vikas cutting Karubuja -- Picture
Razvi and his family members in Karachi beach -- Picture
Jyo. Making a flower garland -- Picture
Snow covered peaks -- Picture
Mother's fond Kiss -- Picture
Temple Chariot, Haladipur Village -- Picture
A hand made purse by lambani -- Picture
A zinia flower -- Picture
Cleaning a snow covered vehicle -- Picture
Mountain range -- Picture
Girl labourer with a smile -- Picture
Man Ploughing Fields -- Picture
Lambani woman Artist -- Picture
Puja room at Honawar -- Picture
Santali kid trying bow and arrow -- Picture
Arun Acharya -- a portrait -- Picture
Rising sun beam on a lake -- Picture
A Wedding Scene -- Picture
kids of construction worker -- Picture
Friends at group song -- Picture
Mahatma Gandhi in a Rangoli Design -- Picture
Gujarat kisan cnference organised by the socialist -- Picture
Gall insects field photographs -- Picture
Female Musicians -- Picture
A young tribal -- Picture
Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya -- Picture
The Mighty Mogul emperors -- Picture
Picture of Sushama Arur -- Picture
kids at datta prasad -- Picture
Shish mahal -- Picture
Portrait of K.L.Kamat -- Picture
Vikas in fancy dress -- Picture
Jyotsna with Manipuri Dancers -- Picture
Shubha sidenur's friend in 1980 -- Picture
Ravi varma Painting -- Picture
Studying Scholar -- Picture
Nanasaheb Peshwa -- Picture
Monkey Kamasutra -- Picture
American highway through the mountain -- Picture
chart of blindness -- Picture
BGL Swamy was a collector of good many artifacts -- Picture
chamara dhaari -- Picture
"A good novel can cross the language barrier" A reflective Bhyrappa -- Picture
Designs from Ajanta Cave Paintings -- Picture
Jagmohan sharma -- Picture
Tender Coconut Vendor -- Picture
Character in bayalata -- Picture
Making Room for the Young -- Picture
Fearsome Narasimha -- Picture
cylindrical shaps -- Picture
Picture of a Gypsy -- Picture
Page from an Illustrated Manuscript -- Picture
Man and his Faithful Friend -- Picture
Woman Grooming a Tulasi Sculpture -- Picture
Himalayan girl -- Picture
Villager Selling Bananas and Banana Leaves -- Picture
Challenging the biologist-- illustration based on ancient sculptures -- Picture
Turbaned baby Vikas -- Picture
Nilkod Sushila -- Picture
Rajaratnam, -- Picture
A Chinese icon from the Salarjung museum -- Picture
A young woman carrying eatable in painted basket for bhumi puja -- Picture
Uma melts in the arms of the five headed Shiva -- Kavi art -- Picture
King watching the acrobatics -- Picture
The colors of a Kum-Kum shop -- Picture
Eldest daughter of savitri devi yadav -- Picture
Sumitra shanbhag -- Picture
A quite lake in the Himalayas -- Picture
A Campus scene of Syracuse university -- Picture
A young girl painted basket -- Picture
1. Greek goddess or deity 2. A Greek statue -- Picture
An Indian girl Syracuse -- Picture
A scene in the performance -- Picture
S.P.Achraya in K.'s kitchen -- Picture
Kamat Entering a Cave Shelter -- Picture
A villager with turban, Pune in agriculture collage -- Picture
Picture of a Farmer Belonging to Halakki Tribe -- Picture
Ghost Dance -- Picture
Profile of Bharatanatyam Dancers -- Picture
Kinnaras (Celestial Musicians) at a Shiva Temple -- Picture
Girl Gets Help Putting on a Saree -- Picture
Peacock Design -- Picture
Snow sculpture -- Picture
" Together we work for your well-fare!!!" -- Picture
Inside a Santhal Kitchen -- Picture
Mother and child -- Picture
Doughter of a construction worker -- Picture
Toda Tribal -- Picture
Dancers -- Picture
A nepali women with ram in her arms -- Picture
Chandar's wife -- Picture
Inside a Gond Tribal Habitat -- Picture
Erotic sculptures -- Picture
Prof. K.Venkataramappa -- Picture
Miss Pink Lips -- Picture
A girl with lovely lovelocks -- Picture
Paintings -- Picture
Son's of K.M.Kamat -- Picture
The Majestic Gol Gumaz
Fresh Catch! -- Picture
Picture of K. L. Kamat -- Picture
The Painted Hands of a Bride -- Picture
Baba in Jaipur -- Picture
Siblings Helping Eachother with Hair -- Picture
Young dancers at a street performance -- Picture
Women Washing at a Roadsitde Water Tap -- Picture
Prof. G.S. Dikshit -- Picture
Line Drawings based on Medieval Sculptures -- Picture
Inscription of Nagayi -- Picture
stork in bandipur forest -- Picture
Himalayan Flower -- Picture
Ramachadra Hegde playing Rudra Veena or Been -- Picture
Krishna milks a cow-- Mysore traditional painting -- Picture
Rowing on Hugli river -- Picture
Snow covered small temple -- Picture
Pandela's son -- Picture
folk dancer of orissa -- Picture
Tattoos of the Baiga Tribe -- Picture
Woman with Bow - Stone Sculpture -- Picture
A thrilled girl is full of laughter -- Picture
Yessakka kamat's son of Nilkod -- Picture
kid at rangoli -- Picture
Mayapur temple, West Bengal -- Picture
A stream between the mountains with varied shades -- Picture
Musicians of Moghul Period -- Picture
C. N Mangala -- Picture
Neighbor girl playing -- Picture
A female artist of Krishna parijata -- Picture
Hand made cushion cover -- Picture
A mountaineer in Himalayan range -- Picture
Owl form Toys -- Picture
A golden bracelet -- Picture
Hinu Funeral Proceeding -- Picture
A flowered decorated female sculpture -- Picture
Corner view of the Mysore palace part of the view of the former maharaja -- Picture
Hand ovened sheet -- Picture
Chidanand nagarkar of Bangalore, Hindustani Vocal artist -- Picture
At the village fair -- Picture
Renuka devi and miss.Nanavati -- Picture
K. in pakka Indian uniform -- Picture
Cucumber -- Picture
Gall insects field photographs -- Picture
childern in konkani play -- Picture
The Feeding of the River -- Picture
Anxious Woman -- Picture
Kamat mocking at kids -- Picture
Docks at NY -- Picture
Picture of V.Sitaramiah -- Picture
a relaxing gentleman with wife -- Picture
Artisan Making a Clay Idol -- Picture
"But it should tied properly"--baby Vikas -- Picture
The lions from Sarnath, a monument from Ashoka period -- Picture
An Exhibition of Kamat's Photographs -- Picture
Mr. Chamanlal Kaul, lecturer in collage, -- Picture
Houses on mountins slope -- Picture
The tiny city of Amber, Rajasthan -- Picture
Two friends from Fareast -- Picture
Novelist Manohar Malgonkar -- Picture
Yelamma devotee with kavade sara -- Picture
Villager carrying Ganga water -- Picture
Village Musician, Bastar, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
A old woman with rings and wrinkles -- Picture
Krishna with butter on his face -- line drawing based on a Sibi painting -- Picture
Konkani Bride -- Picture
Neighbor girl -- Picture
cartoon depicting consumer forum and workers plight -- Picture
Spectators at the show -- Picture
A Model for Indian Drape (saree) -- Picture
A young Lambani women with a wail of beads -- Picture
Photo of a Butterfly -- Picture
A styagrahi lifting a barbed wire and making ways to the forbiddin area -- Picture
Construction worker -- Picture
Kid Hemang bijur -- Picture
Portrait of Satya Hegde, Yakshagana Artist -- Picture
Sarangi fest. In Bhopal -- Picture
Wooden string instrument -- Picture
Head of a Nudist Sect -- Picture
Shades of Himalayan peak -- Picture
Idol of Laxmi-Narasimha -- Picture
Tribal Man Attending to his Drum -- Picture
Omkarnath Thakur -- Picture
The Kumkum Vendor Padasali -- Picture
A metal statue of Meditating Buddha -- Picture
Dr.Chandar -- Picture
Sondur work shop for craftsmen -- Picture
Students going for a dance at the university campus -- Picture
Rural Woman Painting the Hase Rangoli on Wall -- Picture
Floral design -- Picture
Boats on Kasarkod beach, Honavar -- Picture
Rajasthani women carrying earthen pots -- Picture
Smiling lambani -- Picture
aparna with parents -- Picture
A former with a mango leafs -- Picture
Summer view of a Himalayan town -- Picture
Detail of a Metallic Icon -- Picture
Queen in Baylata -- Picture
Female musicians singing to the sleeping prince -- Picture
A Sex Position requiring Athletic Abilities -- Picture
Reflections in Ooty Lake -- Picture
Wheels -- Picture
Erotic sculptures -- Picture
Towered building of the university -- Picture
Kamat at his Residence -- Picture
Gopal Krishna kamat with child Sadhana -- Picture
Historian R.C. Mazumdar -- Picture
Jamuna dat sharma, moti lal atal road, Jaipur, Rajasthan -- Picture
"Dr. Kamat, why don’t you start writing in English" Bhyrappa -- Picture
Renuka devi with friend's daughter -- Picture
Himalayan forest -- Picture
A shiva's sculpture killing daemon -- Picture
Each has his corner in the vast mountain range-1 -- Picture
friend of babu kamat -- Picture
Chapels for sail -- Picture
a cheerful child, Daughter of a construction worker -- Picture
Dancers in procession -- Picture
A boy adjusting his shoos -- Picture
Offerings to a Pot of Water -- Picture
Erotic sculpture-painting -- Picture
Virupaksha Nayak -- Picture
Mr.Razvi from Karachi Pakistan -- Picture
daughter of construction worker -- Picture
ajanta cave ceiling painting -- Picture
Road side painters -- Picture
Mis. and Mr.Narendra chouliya, Kamat, Indonesian friend Ashar -- Picture
Bhim sen Joshi at a Concert -- Picture
Basti Vaman Shenoi -- Picture
A mountain slop -- Picture
Pelicons in pond, Mysore Zoo -- Picture
Pind butterfly -- Picture
A former carrying a painted basket for going to bhumi puja -- Picture
Gopalakrishna Adiga -- Picture
Unidentified ruins of a ancient building -- Picture
construction workers withtheir childern -- Picture
The author getting help while photographing a temple -- Picture
Vikas ready for boxing -- Picture
A Member of Wodeyar Royal Family -- Picture
View of earth from Plane -- Picture
Damsel in her vanity -- Picture
Shubha sidenur in 1980 -- Picture
A poster design of V.N.Okey -- Picture
A girl on the Float period -- Picture
Bhu loka bridegroom, "kole basava" -- Picture
Glooming himalayan flower -- Picture
Indian Housewife -- Picture
Prof. A.N. Moorthy Rao -- Picture
fresco painting -- Picture
Specimens of Gel photography Petri-dish -- Picture
Tulasi das Kamat -- Picture
Fruit and vegetable Guava and cucumbers seller -- Picture
An illuminated temple during night -- Picture
Samit Wood Seller -- Picture
Leper beggar, Yeshwantpur -- Picture
A necklace of coins -- Picture
A coniferous plant -- Picture
Skiing in Himalayas -- Picture
Newly constructed quarters in a Himalayan valley -- Picture
New born child of Razvi in Karachi -- Picture
Himalayan mountain range -- Picture
Three pictures on social security involving socialist manifest -- Picture
baby aparna with anjani -- Picture
Vegetable seller -- Picture
Sunrise between mountain and forest -- Picture
A "gopuram" of a temple in Himalayan area -- Picture
A Girl -- Picture
Tariq Siddiqui with a photograph -- Picture
Female Musicians -- Picture
Fully dressed young dancer -- Picture
An American family on outing -- Picture
Shiva's attendent -- Picture
Begging in the Shiva -- Picture
Kochin port -- Picture
Bride groom Shiva -- Picture
wild brinjal -- Picture
Kalamkari Art -- Picture
Pelicons in pond, Mysore Zoo -- Picture
Potter at Work -- Picture
Yana -- Picture
Kamat at forest survey -- Picture
Hair Bun of a Woman -- Picture
Bengal Tiger in Mysore Zoo -- Picture
decorated with green leavs -- Picture
Ancient Beds -- Picture
Indian corn -- Picture
M.V Kamat and Bhim sen joshi, Mises. Vatsala joshi -- Picture
trying to write -- Picture
Neck and Hair arnaments -- Picture
Some plant in the garden of HIPA -- Picture
Laborers preparing Concrete mix -- Picture
Boney Boy! -- Picture
Scenes on the see -- Picture
Kannada Writer Niranjan -- Picture
ajanta cave ceiling painting -- Picture
Decorative Sculpture -- Picture
A ornamental door with brass fittings -- Picture
A Himalayan village below the mountain -- Picture
General Cariappa with Jyotsna Kamat -- Picture
Goruru Ramaswamy Iyengar -- Picture
Young construction worker -- Picture
American children on swings -- Picture
Villager carrying Chena in Basket -- Picture
Pages from Kamat's Diary -- Picture
Snacks for the women fork at Ramaswamy's house -- Picture
Gamokkal woman from Hebbar Hittalu -- Picture
Artifacts of Heritage -- Picture
Mythical Character -- Picture
Proceedings of Vivaha Ritual -- Picture
Kannada Novelist Ta. Ra. Su. -- Picture
Mangala satyan -- Picture
Statue of Lord Shiva -- Picture
Dholaki -- Picture
Tribal Man Engrossed in Flute Play -- Picture
A Sanyasi Blessing the House-holders -- Picture
A girl in the sari in a bajubandh -- Picture
Renuka Devi -- Picture
A Fawn in Mysore -- Picture
R. K. Narayan -- Picture
Wife and Husband at Domestic Affairs -- Picture
A Campus scene of Syracuse university -- Picture
Surya the Sun God -- Picture
Pushpa prabhu -- Picture
Vimala sharma -- Picture
A temple view -- Picture
Bubble bounce at the state fair, -- Picture
A young laborer carrying goods -- Picture
Red-fort area -- Picture
A kid at the museum -- Picture
Dasayya, the Beggar -- Picture
Jyo. in a woolen ware -- Picture
Carrying gifts for Shiva, a scene from Girija kalyana -- Picture
Pupils and Teachers at a Village School -- Picture
Portrait of a stone maiden -- Picture
An American classmate of Kamat in Lab -- Picture
Warriors Depicted in a Temple Panel -- Picture
Palm leaf designs -- Picture
The Vidhana Soudha (Secretariat), Bangalore -- Picture
Workplace Harassment, 14th Century! -- Picture
Fortune Teller -- Picture
Laborers under a shed -- Picture
A dancer with mask -- Picture
A Toda Tribal Leader -- Picture
Kavi Wall Mural -- Picture
A lady with sportsmen -- Picture
Garland of the Surangi Flower -- Picture
Seedless Grapes -- Picture
A Painting by Mukta Venkatesh -- Picture
Forest view of Syracuse campus -- Picture
Pelicons in pond, Mysore Zoo -- Picture
Vimala sharma -- Picture
Hand Powered Boat -- Picture
child taking care of a child -- Picture
A lone person beside a snow covered road -- Picture
Facial mask for the festive days -- Picture
Water ducks in a pond -- Picture
Phatima and Renuka -- Picture
J.P. addressing the conference -- Picture
Small cottages out-side Simla -- Picture
Krishnaraj Wodeyar -- Picture
Cover pages of BGL Swamy's popular books -- Picture
A wooden statue of a watchman of the palace -- Picture
Woman Selling Snake Gourds -- Picture
Folk dancer -- Picture
A temporary beggar,. -- Picture
Vibha and Vijaya -- Picture
"Shara-Shayya" -- Arjuna Quenches Bheeshma's Thirst -- Picture
Street Acrobatics (Dombarata) -- Picture
Statue of Lord Vishnu, Badami -- Picture
Woman Playing a Drum -- Picture
Color Stamps -- Picture
"Jagghalige" artist in Dharwad folk fetival -- Picture
Snow covered road in Himalayas -- Picture
Plassey farmer drying his bullocks -- Picture
A elephant having a wash -- Picture
Vikas Kamat -- Picture
Scene from Katmandu -- Picture
Helicopter at the Washington DC -- Picture
Sumitra kamat -- Picture
Namada dasayya, Beggar -- Picture
Jyotsna with Fellow Lady Historians -- Picture
B.P. Srivastava -- Picture
Temple on way to Himalayas -- Picture
enjoying the mountain range through mist -- Picture
Inding corn for drying -- Picture
Villagers Greeting a Hunter -- Picture
Temple Lamp Post -- Picture
Malleswaram Circle -- Picture
Kavi painting of waiting Draupadi -- Picture
A small water fall on mountain side -- Picture
Women in procession -- Picture
Throne of Mysore Maraja -- Picture
Pushpa finding lies Magala's hair -- Picture
Devika rani with camera -- Picture
Idol of Lord Indra -- Picture
Leather popet -- Picture
Stephen Huyler -- Picture
A view of Himalayan region, from the plane -- Picture
Kannada Writer Nemichandra -- Picture
Puskar mela -- Picture
Erotic sculptures -- Picture
A Woman Belonging to Halakki Tribe -- Picture
Mr. Chamanlal Kaul, lecturer in collage, -- Picture
ajanta cave ceiling painting -- Picture
Eye Surgeon and Social Worker M.C. Modi -- Picture
Flowers at Syracuse in full bloom -- Picture
Punjab Satyagraha 1957 -- Picture
Advertisement of Mysore Sandal Soap -- Picture
Dancers -- Picture
Sculpture of budha -- Picture
Jyotsna Kamat with Kuvempu -- Picture
Hardekar Manjappa (1886-1947) -- Picture
"…Why can't we get a daily birth, and a daily death
Mosaic floorer design, city palace, Jaipur. -- Picture
Guitar players -- Picture
A view of a mountain village -- Picture
Savarkar -- Picture
Erotica Sculpture -- Picture
Grillwork -- Rajasthan -- Picture
The Flying Elephants -- Picture
Interior of Sheesh Mahal (glass palace), Rajasthan -- Picture
"Is my tough ok"--Vikas -- Picture
Himalayan Flower -- Picture
Daughter of Bhaktamitran -- Picture
Idol of Goddess Saraswati -- Picture
A halige player -- Picture
Baba after retirement looked lean -- Picture
N.S.Ramaswamy, Professor of Zoology -- Picture
Children on pram -- Picture
A photo picture of K.S.Narasimha swamy -- Picture
Character in bayalata -- Picture
Portrait of Artist Ravi Varma -- Picture
A photo picture of Tara's, Biochip, katimani, in shashvati museum -- Picture
Jobner Kidds -- Picture
"Dreaming about sons future" -- Picture
A man basking in the sun -- Picture
Portarit of a Girl -- Picture
young Women at rangoli -- Picture
Solitary Maiden -- Picture
Birds on a tree, Ranganatittu -- Picture
Tariq Siddiqui -- Picture
In Jobner enjoying a Jobner lunch -- Picture
Dattaprasad -- Picture
beggar with flute -- Picture
An Ancient Kannada Inscription -- Picture
Tribal Women Gathered for All-Night Long Dance -- Picture
Slate roofed house in a mountain village -- Picture
A beautiful chils waiting at the rags -- Picture
Birds on a tree, Ranganatittu -- Picture
Girl paints Alpana in front of the door, Calcutta -- Picture
Art Inspired by Prehistoric Cave Art -- Picture
Baba engrossed in reading -- Picture
Green foliage -- Picture
Chandar and his wife -- Picture
flower painting -- Picture
Precious Stones -- Picture
Kid Kishor shanbhag -- Picture
Vikas satin bonnet -- Picture
Lady Giving Alms at the Temple -- Picture
A common temple of Himalayan region -- Picture
Arun Achrya in full suit -- Picture
Mogul miniature acrobatic feat before a king -- Picture
Road Ready to Jump -- Picture
Tribal Woman of Bastar -- Picture
Deer with its youngster -- Picture
Asha sidenur with lulu -- Picture
young Women at rangoli -- Picture
Kamadhenu in Kavi Art -- Picture
Animal Reliefs -- Picture
Snow covered forest -- Picture
Ravana, the King of Sri Lanka -- Picture
Jyo. In binny coat -- Picture
Two Annas Issued in Egypt -- Picture
Picture of Phakiravva Gudisagar -- Picture
Singing baby Vikas -- Picture
Vikas with Tara -- Picture
"What is awaiting for me!"--Vikas -- Picture
Begam Aktar -- Picture
Picking Lice in Long Hair -- Picture
A forest painting -- Picture
Erotica Sculpture -- Picture
Dr. Mukta mavsi, arranging bottles -- Picture
Dinning table -- Picture
Youngsters exchanging the view -- Picture
Bharatanatyam dancers -- Picture
Boatmen on midsharavati -- Picture
Picture of Bhavanishankar Burde -- Picture
other partners are getting ready -- Picture
A teenager ready for recital -- Picture
Bracket Figures of kiradu -- Picture
A Hermit Depicted in a Lepakshi Fresco -- Picture
Kuttekka and Lata -- Picture
Guddi, daughter of B.P.Srivasthav -- Picture
Memorial for a Cat (?) -- Picture
shiva parvathi -- Picture
A elderly woman of laboring class -- Picture
Usha Kamat -- Picture
Sandle wood Ganesha -- Picture
Replica Wooden sculpture -- Picture
K's residence -- Picture
Memories of Kamat -- Sketch by K.G.Srikanta Dani -- Picture
Two shyly posing for a photograph -- Picture
Babysitter Tara Mesta -- Picture
Bengali Kids near pond -- Picture
When the Tiger was killed ... -- Picture
chhohu dance performer with mask -- Picture
Draupadi, the queen of the Mahabharata, depicted in Kavi art -- Picture
Kamat noting down forest survey details -- Picture
Fabric painting with buddha emblem -- Picture
Surrounded by Rajasthani bride groom, with kith and kin -- Picture
Buildings of Shantiniketan Campus -- Picture
A Farmer Family Offering Prayers to Sun God -- Picture
Mother's and the children's in the pram -- Picture
A head and hear ornaments -- Picture
Golden waist belt, Mysore -- Picture
A Style of the Saree Worn Below Navel -- Picture
Door Decoration of Beads -- Picture
BGL swamy's cartoon -- Picture
Vijaya kamat -- Picture
Dancer puts a question -- Picture
Female figure on pillar -- Picture
cheeta -- Picture
Jyo. In "Tie and dye" saree -- Picture
People at the art gallery site -- Picture
Jog Falls -- Picture
Kids by road side -- Picture
Simla land scape -- Picture
Panel Art Featuring Warriors -- Picture
Mountain flowers -- Picture
A manuscript in hand is worth two books in cover--Jyo with a cover -- Picture
Acharya naredra dev reciving V.I.Ps -- Picture
Household Goods in Kamat's Apartment -- Picture
The Ooty Lake -- Picture
Mother weaves while attending to a child -- from a picture postcard of the 1940s -- Picture
Fakir of Palssey on rags -- Picture
Girl with mexicon hat -- Picture
spoted deer in bandipur forest -- Picture
A women on the way to bhumi puja -- Picture
The late sarala bhide, in 1994 -- Picture
Portrait of a Construction Worker -- Picture
Researcher K. in Syracuse -- Picture
Flower -- Picture
Cover of Krishna's Book Akshata, a collection of essays in Kannada -- Picture
Vikas Counting amma' s teath. -- Picture
Women at the socialist party convention -- Picture
Street procession, Malleshvaram -- Picture
Women adjsting flower in hair -- Picture
Silver ornamentation on a temple gopuram -- Picture
Kamat's Animals -- Picture
Hiryoung in Indian Outfit -- Picture
A Guru and a Desciple -- Picture
On way to Pyramid, Camel and the car -- Picture
Yashoda and Krishna -- Picture
Guests at K.'s room at Syracuse -- Picture
Youngsters at first aid -- Picture
Relaxing kamat -- Picture
Tamburi folk players -- Picture
Portrait of a Koraga -- Picture
Trucks in university campus -- Picture
"You educated can do all kinds of things!" -- Picture
Buddha, Yashodhara, and Rahul -- Picture
Vikas and Kim Admiring Kamat's Albums -- Picture
A Reading Islamic Prince -- Picture
Sheshagiri Rao Kulkarni -- Picture
St. Philomina's Cathedral -- Picture
Flowers minus leafs -- Picture
Yana -- Picture
Newly built part of a Himalayan town -- Picture
Lakshman, Rama, and Sita -- Picture
A former woman on the way to bhumi puja -- Picture
A natural carving resembling shiva linga -- Picture
A Himalayan village -- Picture
cartoon on letting loose ghendha on a assembly of spectators -- Picture
BGL swamy's cartoon -- Picture
Guddi, daughter of B.P.Srivasthav -- Picture
A baby elephant in training -- Picture
Detail of a Metallic Icon -- Picture
Rati and Kama Seduce Each Other -- Picture
Vimala Sharna -- Picture
Patta Wall Painting -- Picture
A village view from the top of a hill -- Picture
Kamat's Sister Mangala Sporting a Kashmiri Coat -- Picture
Friends of Vikas -- Picture
Birds hopping in a quite lake -- Picture
Bass Relief depicting Sword Fight -- Picture
The Man Makes a Move -- Picture
J.P. at Kanpur conference in 1947 -- Picture
Leather poppets behind the screen -- Picture
An Elderly villager -- Picture
Rajasthani women in waiting at a ration shop -- Picture
Dancer in shiva's court -- Picture
Socialist convetion at ahmadabad -- Picture
Tying a turban -- Picture
"The Labor Force" -- Picture
Float drawn by a bicycle -- Picture
Gushing water towards plains -- Picture
Mamata drawing -- Picture
Hyaline peak range with and without snow -- Picture
A jawar roti vegetables or rice and curry formed stable food for construction worker -- Picture
Prehistoric Cave Illustration from South India -- Picture
Lord Krishna as an Envoy -- Picture
Umesh Kamat -- Picture
Postcard from Bijapur -- Picture
Leather poppet elephant -- Picture
Getting Ready -- Picture
A trible old man -- Picture
moghal miniature -- Picture
Unity in Diversity
Painting made with Rice-flour -- Picture
fresco painting at sibi -- Picture
Spectators at the fair -- Picture
Arab lady with hookah -- Picture
Shailaja Santosh -- Picture
Ancient Lungi ? -- Picture
Education of Yoginis -- Picture
Picture from a Saree Catalog -- Picture
Signed Photo of Begum Akhtar on Harmonium -- Picture
The Pinda (Rice Ball) Offerings -- Picture
Himalayan town through Okeys camera -- Picture
Photograph of Kamat in his Lab. taken by a customer -- Picture
A Himalayan temple -- to be identified -- Picture
Specimens of Gel photography Petri-dish -- Picture
Spectators 2 -- Picture
Detail of a Lepakashi Painting -- Picture
shiva on attendence -- Picture
Fort of Devaraya (Devarayanadurga) -- Picture
Picture of Rukmabai Kamat -- Picture
(Kolata) Gopi's in Tipri dance, Raasa Leela -- Picture
A road side scene in Syracuse -- Picture
A boat on a quite lake on a foggy evening -- Picture
panal below is battle scene -- Picture
Forest by the river side -- Picture
Photograph of a Test Result -- Picture
Youngsters in campus -- Picture
Flower on snow-covered shrub -- Picture
Gudigars of Noth Kanara -- Picture
Woman at pond -- Picture
Nandi the Bull -- Picture
Drinking scenes -- food habits in the medieval Deccan -- Picture
Watch of palace in dance -- Picture
Karadi muscle artist, Dharwad folk lore seminar -- Picture
Women workers getting ready for meals at Construction site, -- Picture
Coxaing his belohed, Couple in stone -- Picture
Women's Art -- Picture
Flower Seller -- Picture
Three Paneled Hero-stone -- Picture
Tribal Utensils, Bastar -- Picture
Jyotsna with Mises basu -- Picture
Lord Shiva and Parwati -- Picture
Three Indian friends -- Picture
Simla land scape -- Picture
One Inside Another -- Picture
Gamokkal woman from Hebbaragittalu -- Picture
Mother Attends to Child -- Jyotsna with Vikas, 1967 -- Picture
Kamat in Syracuse -- Picture
Girls Dancing at a Coorgi Wedding -- Picture
Late pandit Jitendra Abhisheki, -- Picture
Woman Belonging to Diwar Community -- Picture
Vikas trying his hand in Kitchen -- Picture
A memorial in Washington DC -- Picture
A dancerFlowers and jewlsin hair -- Picture
Jyo. A happy mother with her new born -- Picture
A relaxing couple in badami caves -- Picture
A toy shop in Jaipur -- Picture
A scene in winter -- Picture
Sculpture of deity -- Picture
Ahmedabad??? -- Picture
Village kids -- Picture
Jitendra Abhishek with Mohan Nadkarni -- Picture
Reading Jyo's book on social history of Karnataka -- Picture
A party in a Syracuse campus -- Picture
Lord Shiva and Parvati -- Picture
Half girl, half woman -- Picture
Himalayan peak from below -- Picture
a forest scene -- Picture
A child running to fix balloons -- Picture
Tower of a Hindu Temple, Varanasi -- Picture
Portrait of Indira Gandhi -- Picture
Bird in Flight -- Picture
rajasthani toy seller -- Picture
Tribal Utensils, Bastar -- Picture
Horizontal and Vertical Markings -- Picture
Krishnakka and Kaki enjoying a lighter movement -- Picture
kids of construction worker -- Picture
An American friend of Kamat -- Picture
BGL Swamy's cartoon -- Picture
painted panals in seebi temples -- Picture
The island of Mavinkurve as seen from Honavar beach -- Picture
Women in saries -- Picture
Female acrobatics, Leather Puppet -- Picture
Gall insects field photographs -- Picture
Sarangdhar Das -- Picture
Gold coin of the Vijayanagar kings -- Picture
A Spectacular Mixed Metal Sculpture of Ardhanarishwara -- Picture
A Dance Lesson -- Picture
Bengali villagers on a muddy road -- Picture
Construction worker, modern head wear -- Picture
Couple in stone -- Picture
Deepavali celeb. In Syracuse -- Picture
Miss.Nanavati on the stage -- Picture
A Shy young boy, son of a laborer -- Picture
Lord Ishwara Perfoming His Dance -- Picture
Vijaya and Tulasi bride and bridegroom -- Picture
Mr.Razvi from Karachi Pakistan -- Picture
A mountain peak resembling hood of a cobra -- Picture
River between two hill locks -- Picture
Draft of a Cover Page -- Picture
Havyak Brahmin Girl -- Picture
Boy with a nepali cap -- Picture
Begging in the name of the Lord -- Picture
Market place -- Picture
A smiling kid -- Picture
A ritual prayer for a successful hunt -- Picture
An Old Photograph of K.V.Puttappa -- Picture
Self help is the best help? -- Picture
Two Indian friends in dewali celebration -- Picture
kokare belur in 1985 -- Picture
An Innocent Woman of Mavashia Community -- Picture
A Modern painting by BGL Swamy -- Picture
Sharmaji and his wife Revati devi -- Picture
chamara dhaari -- Picture
Artist Making Idol of Ganesh -- Picture
Indian Householder -- Picture
Leather poppets behind the screen -- Picture
A temple -- Picture
Reflection of sunshine on water creating a halo -- Picture
A sadhu on meditation -- Picture
On the Cairo -- Picture
Indian Stamp Honoring Laxmibai of Jhansi -- Picture
Picture of a Konkani Christian Housewife -- Picture
A stone sculpture -- Picture
Heaven hall goes to hell -- Picture
Scene of commencement -- Picture
Girl carrying water pot -- Picture
Man Sleeping on a Street -- Picture
Scenes of inside the palace -- Picture
Maria Tribal Woman -- Picture
Erotica picture -- Picture
Folklife depicted in Terracota Relief -- Picture
Gonda Women, Chindawada -- Picture
Child labourer, helping hand -- Picture
Solitary girl -- miniature painting -- Picture
Geetopadesha -- Lord Krishna's war time advice -- Picture
Erotic wooden sculpture -- Picture
A dosing youngster by the windows -- Picture
Design -- Picture
musicians in a boat -- Picture
Socialist leader with friends -- Picture
Erotic sculpture, A woman inviting second-copulating scene, striping woman -- Picture
Erotic sculptures -- Picture
Snow covered entrance -- Picture
Prof. Ramachandra sharma -- Picture
Men's Shorts and Mini-wear -- Picture
Snake charmer from a medieval sculpture -- Picture
gorur ramaswamy ayangar -- Picture
Mural from Sira, 1800 A.D. -- Picture
Advertisemnt of Bombay Cycle Company -- Picture
Red-fort -- Picture
Expecting her friend -- Picture
Eight Armed Shiva -- Picture
Jyo. With Vikas, feeidng Vikas -- Picture
A gored flower -- Picture
Mangala satyan -- Picture
A Himalayan trible girl -- Picture
The bride offering sweets to dean Prased -- Picture
praveen shanbhag -- Picture
Hunting scenes -- Picture
Lambani women in full dance mood -- Picture
A Style of the Saree -- Picture
Kannada Caligraphy -- Picture
Baby Vikas Posing for dad's clicks -- Picture
A Devotee of Yellamma puts on Foot-bells -- Picture
Himalayan crane -- Picture
Villager with a Headload of Choir -- Picture
Vikas in Plassey -- Picture
At the Kasarkod Beach -- Picture
Ink and pen sketch of pannalal yadav -- Picture
Prof. McAndrews in the Lab -- Picture
Head ornament -- Picture
An American Family -- Picture
Sunset at Hodbandur Beach, Kumta -- Picture
Kaka. With book -- Picture
Rashtra kavi Manjeshwara govind pai -- Picture
Indian Crow -- Picture
Fish verity of Plassey -- Picture
Medieval Courtiers -- Picture
A procession of socialist conference -- Picture
A decked-up Lambani woman -- Picture
Lake in Karachi zoo -- Picture
Bison Horn Maria Tribal with Mask -- Picture
Couple in stone -- Picture
Panel sculptures on temple wall -- Picture
White house -- Picture
Dr. S.L.Bhyrappa -- Picture
Fakir on Malleshwaram street -- Picture
Vibha shanbhag cutting fish -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
Leper beggar, Yeshwantpur -- Picture
Coin of Mogul king Shah Alum -- Picture
Ganesh Standing on a Crab -- Picture
A lake side view beside a mountain -- Picture
Mamata with Camara -- Picture
"getting ready with makeup" -- Picture
Guest house for forest visitors -- Picture
Cloth merchant -- Picture
an old fabric painting -- Picture
Float Parade -- Picture
Cowheards -- Picture
A wall painting "hase" of a farmers house -- Picture
With American family -- Picture
Man Walks Dog (?) -- Picture
Cactus -- Picture
Gardner Kalipad -- Picture
A hero stone -- Picture
A procession from K's house -- Picture
Gopalakrishna Adiga -- Picture
Out side the mama's house -- Picture
Vidhana Shoudha by Night -- Picture
Lost in Deep Thought -- Picture
Umesh kamat with guests -- Picture
A shy little girl -- Picture
A girl in the creek -- Picture
Himalayan flower -- Picture
A bharatanataym dancer -- Picture
ajanta cave ceiling painting -- Picture
A small drum seller at street -- Picture
dacer with a prominent ear and head arnaments -- Picture
Music Lesson -- Picture
Mangala Kamat -- Picture
Zoology Department of Karnatak College -- Picture
Jyo. With flowers in hair -- Picture
Scene from konkani play -- Picture
Churning of the Ocean -- Picture
"Life is my greatest guru" -- Picture
Ramakka Kamat -- Picture
Pushpa -- Picture
An American friend -- Picture
A bull: rock painting from Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Hair Bun -- Picture
erotic scluptures of bhatkal temple -- Picture
Baba in 1970 -- Picture
Daughter of a construction seller -- Picture
A Building at Shantiniketan Campus -- Picture
Former pickaxe -- Picture
Jyo. striking different pose -- Picture
Children Riding on a Yak -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
A Rajasthani home in sunshine -- Picture
Jewels of Mysore Maharaja -- Picture
Jyotsna Speaking at a Kamat Memorial Function -- Picture
Sushma in Jaipur -- Picture
Bad Hair Day -- Picture
shiva parvati on nandi with gana's -- Picture
Guests Chatting at a Wedding -- Picture
Student at a Tribal Trade School -- Picture
Newly Weds Offering Prayers with Flowers -- Picture
Childerns play -- Picture
I.A.S. officer from Kerala in HIPA -- Picture
Two Americans busy in the Entomological lab -- Picture
Dancers -- Picture
Shanta hemmadi as budding singer. -- Picture
Temple of a local deity -- Picture
Vijayanagar Coin (Gold), Medieval Deccan -- Picture
A market scene in Himalayan region -- Picture
Profile of Bharatanatyam Dancers -- Picture
Waiting lion -- Picture
Chaduranga couple with Vikram -- Picture
Devotee in Prayer -- Picture
Dry river bed, Plassey -- Picture
Drum, ladies finger, fouring brinjals, carrots, tomato, capsicum, they are all at your door step on push cart. -- Picture
Krishna milking the cow -- Picture
Miss. Sushma burde -- Picture
Laughing Vikas -- Picture
Drummer -- Picture
Seller of a green piece -- Picture
BGL swamy's cartoon -- Picture
A flower with dew -- Picture
Getting ready for group lunch at construction site -- Picture
A man dressed as hanuman -- Picture
Omkarnath thakur -- Picture
Swami Vivekananda - the Most Famous Hindu Monk -- Picture
Scene from a Konkani Play -- Picture
Villager playing Dole at fair, Folk artist -- Picture
Karanth at his Residence in Puttur -- Picture
Nalini N. kamat -- Picture
Parthasarathi and his son- in-law -- Picture
Prof. swamy was as much at home in Tamil as in Kannada -- Picture
Vegetable seller with a gas light -- Picture
A Celestial Bird Pays Music -- Picture
Road-side temple in Himalayan range -- Picture
Umesh kamat in his cloth shop -- Picture
Annapurna Devi -- Picture
Hunter -- Illustration based on a Petroglyph -- Picture
Muslim Girl -- Picture
Krishna kalle, -- Picture
Boat on Sharavati -- Picture
Himalayan sceneri -- Picture
Black and White Conjugation -- Picture
fresco painting at sibi -- Picture
Varuna, the God of Rains -- Picture
Paintings of M.F. Husain -- Picture
Pelicons in pond, Mysore Zoo -- Picture
A pond in Himalayan range -- Picture
Cock Fight -- Picture
View from palace of old kochin and temple, synagauge -- Picture
Buddhist temple -- Picture
arnamental pillar -- Picture
Crocodile sinking a lake -- Picture
A bull in heat -- Picture
On the way to bastar fair -- Picture
Family Affections -- Picture
College Students Celebrating Holi Festival -- Picture
G.R.Kamat with family -- Picture
A Lingayat Swamiji -- Picture
Erotic painting -- Picture
Youths on their way to Ghotul (tribal educational institution) -- Picture
A Young Boy on a Holi Day -- Picture
A guardian figure in beside a temple acting like a "dvarapalakaru"(watchman) -- Picture
fresco painting at sibi -- Picture
Golden Pendant -- Picture
Flower Shop Keeper -- Picture
A snowy peck-early morning -- Picture
Somewhere in the timeless theater… -- Picture
Radha bai V.R. Kamat -- Picture
A decorated piller with a stachu -- Picture
Erotica sculpture -- Picture
A Courtier in Akbar's Durbar Reading a Message -- Picture
A sculpture Parashuraama -- Picture
A modern sculpture depicting A deity -- Picture
Dressed up Bride in Making -- Picture
Cloudes on mountaing peaks -- Picture
Tourists finding their way though think snow -- Picture
A building with Ivey creepers -- Picture
Flowers at Syracuse in full bloom -- Picture
Spectators at the fair -- Picture
Mother and child, Metal Image from Tamil nad -- Picture
Sculptural Wonder Depicting Gajakanya and Ashwkanya -- Picture
kids at datta prasad -- Picture
American appreciating an Indian monument -- Picture
Arun Achrya in different posses -- Picture
couple returning home -- Picture
Temple Drummer, Udupi -- Picture
Brahmin Understudies Make Thread from Hay -- Picture
A Santali woman with fuel wood as head load -- Picture
Murudeshwar Temple Complex -- Picture
A Temple of Goddess Yellamma -- Picture
Shantabai Nagarmatha -- Picture
"KaalaRanga" -- Picture
Mother and daughter on the way to bhumi puja -- Picture
Shivaram Karanth -- Picture
A Village folk artist with Hudukka Drum -- Picture
Well protected Vikas against wind and cold -- Picture
Portrait of Girgol Fernandes, Honavar -- Picture
Fersco painting at Dariya Dawlut -- Picture
Snow in formation on hillock -- Picture
Emblem of shashvati -kamadenu sculpture -- Picture
construction workers -- Picture
Airport Syracuse -- Picture
Kissan rally in Bhuvaneshwar -- Picture
The Travelling Barber Shop -- Picture
A street scene in Jaipur featuring Rajasthan women with covered faces -- Picture
Worship of Linga -- Picture
A photo picture of Gokak -- Picture
Toy with embroidered coat -- Picture
Sanadi artist in Dharwad folk fest. -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
Sri krishna in Baylata -- Picture
Kamat Cousins at Wadageri Cashew Plantation -- Picture
"Nanoo Americage Hogidde" -- Picture
Jyo. With flowers -- Picture
Jyo. Hair style -- Picture
At a international students party -- Picture
Not clear - self portrait of Kamat (?) -- Picture
Dancers -- Picture
Simla land scape -- Picture
Statue of Liberty-view from below -- Picture
Ustad Ali Akbar Khan (1922-2009) -- Picture
A four seater plane at Ashville North Carolina from which K.L.Kamat served forest area -- Picture
Arun with lamp shade -- Picture
Painting from Tumkur painting -- Picture
Gopika Vastrapaharan -- Picture
Bhanukanth Basrurkar -- Picture
A well dressed young girl eager to get photograph -- Picture
Devil dancer, South canara -- Picture
Decorated Durga image -- Picture
Socialist imparting military training -- Picture
Pose of a Bharatanatyam dancer -- Picture
Emperor Babur -- Picture
Krishanaka packing -- Picture
Butterfly sucking a flower -- Picture
A Fakir with a Fan and Turban -- Picture
A procession of deities welcoming their god -- Picture
Bride in Waiting -- Picture
Vishnudas Shirali, 1907-1984 -- Picture
Two cartoons of V.N.Okey -- Picture
Ananda kamat holding Vikas -- Picture
Couple in stone -- Picture
Float Parade -- Picture
An example of Kavi art from the Konkan belt -- Picture
"Where will I put my son's photograph?"--Jyo -- Picture
Himalayan town view -- Picture
"Bibi ka maquabara" Auranga bad -- Picture
Dariya Ganj Market -- Picture
Vithal Rao Hodika Master -- Picture
A tattooed woman -- a sketch by the author, Bastar, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Stalin's Treachery of Indian Socialists -- Picture
Snow clearing in Syracuse -- Picture
A former with a mango leafs in painted basket -- Picture
The Village Couple -- Picture
Vikas in new frock -- Picture
Site of Pyramids being renovated -- Picture
Milk Products of Medieval Karnataka -- Picture
dahlias of himalaya veriety -- Picture
Kaki -- Picture
Bhim sen Joshi at a concert -- Picture
Atlantic ocean, NY -- Picture
Buffalo enjoying bath -- Picture
Mrs. Dean Prasad prize distribution ceremony -- Picture
Erotic sculptures -- Picture
Artist at Work -- Picture
Bhikshatanashiva -- Picture
The Bharatanatyam Dance -- Picture
Nepali kid -- Picture
Gall insects field photographs -- Picture
Riding the Tide -- Picture
Shilabalika of Belur -- Picture
V.K.Deshpande -- Picture
Datta bappa, and Lila pachi -- Picture
Hiryoung Fashioning a Turban -- Picture
Himalayan buidings with cloudes -- Picture
"Collection of material is a pursuit" Prof.BGL Swamy -- Picture
eye of a fish -- Picture
Sunrise in Simla -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture -- Picture
The Misery of a Widow -- Picture
male dance bayalata -- Picture
Arun acharya -- Picture
Victory of Meghanada by Raja Ravi Verma -- Picture
A Village Scene -- Picture
A sculpture in stone -- Picture
An Indian friend of kamat -- Picture
Three-legged Mythical Figure, Shrungi -- Picture
Boy Krishna (Balakrishna) with a Ball of Butter -- Picture
K. in full suit -- Picture
Americans relaxing and enjoying the bright sun light -- Picture
A south Indian temple -- Picture
Encricling the Prey -- Picture
The Malleswaram Circle -- Picture
Jyotsna in a Saree Designed by Kamat -- Picture
Setting right the float -- Picture
Asha sidenur with gogo glasses -- Picture
Girl waiting with a garland for VIP -- Picture
Cable worker -- Picture
K. in the center with friends -- Picture
Young Dancer -- Picture
Vikas in his grand pa's cloth shop -- Picture
A sculpture before a temple "Dwara palaka" -- Picture
Huge Chinese fishing net -- Picture
Pelicons in pond, Mysore Zoo -- Picture
Girls in bathing dress -- Picture
A snow peak in reflection in the Himalayan region -- Picture
Shiva Appears Before a Devotee -- Picture
A women builder carrying bricks on the head -- Picture
Construction worker kids -- Picture
Construction worker -- Picture
Reproduction of a Greek painting -- Picture
Kaka -- Picture
Erotica from Nandi Temple, Khajuraho -- Picture
Sleeping baby Vikas -- Picture
G.V.Burde at Study -- Picture
Himalayan Flower -- Picture
A winding road through the mountains -- Picture
Prakash sitting majestically -- Picture
A unpaved village road -- Picture
A scene from Baylata -- Picture
kaki charning butter milk -- Picture
Some plant -- Picture
The Narasimha (Lion-man) Mask -- Picture
Figure this! -- Picture
Brahmin at Entrance -- Picture
Wheel of Acrobatics -- Picture
Jyo. In Shantiniketan -- Picture
Caduranga -- Picture
Razvi's tribe -- Picture
fresco painting at sibi -- Picture
A street Dancer in a procession -- Picture
Himalayan flower -- Picture
On the way to Amber palace, elephant near chatri -- Picture
Mountain slope in summer -- Picture
Performing artists -- Picture
A street scene in NY -- Picture
Mangala kamat -- Picture
road side acrobat -- Picture
Dr.S.L.Byrappa going through Jyo's book -- Picture
Decorated Sati from a Hero-stone (Mahasati Stone) -- Picture
Plants -- Picture
Encircling the prey: prehistoric cave painting -- Picture
A girl playing Khanjira in painting -- Picture
A sculpture of parashurama, with axe in hand -- Picture
shiva with attendents -- Picture
Homeward bound with a bagful of rats -- Picture
"With cover dress and nipple in the mouth, what else do you want?"--Jyo -- Picture
Erotic sculpture-painting -- Picture
Vikas kamat -- Picture
Krishna and Yashoda, Painting by Shubharaya -- Picture
Maidens on their way to Ghotul -- Picture
Illustration Showing Peddamna -- Picture
Dr. Sudheer and Dr. Srivastav's Family -- Picture
Vikas in fancy dress -- Picture
A Saraswat Woman in Silk Saree -- Picture
Deer in Bandipur National Forest -- Picture
Kaki doing massage for baby Vikas -- Picture
A Muslim elder at Ganga river -- Picture
Baul singer -- Picture
The `Prince' meets his dream girl, after the lost shoe fits her correctly. -- Picture
Pandit Ravi Shankar with friends in Syracuse concert -- Picture
Student at a Hermitage -- Picture
Baba reading a news paper -- Picture
A Srilankan lady participating in that festival -- Picture
The Hero Worship -- Picture
Former pickaxe -- Picture
Hey covered roof of a house -- Picture
Artist Finishing up an Idol -- Picture
Sacrificial Fire (Homa) -- Picture
"Writing in English is not my cup of tea" -- Picture
"Only time and my lifespan will decide how far I'll be able to complete my plans" -- Picture
Samartha Ramdas -- Picture
Siddi Brothers -- Picture
cloth merchant Umesh kamat -- Picture
Socialist leader with friends -- Picture
Angry Goddess Chamundi -- Picture
"Is Everybody In?" -- Picture
Children at the fountain -- Picture
wooden houses -- Picture
Shrubs during heavy snow fall -- Picture
Jawaharlal Nehru -- Picture
Brass betel cracker -- Picture
Meeting on a terrace -- Picture
Vibha kamat -- Picture
A road through wilderness -- Picture
a girl looking in to a book and drawing rangoli -- Picture
Gandhi in India Ink -- Picture
Himalayan sulking kid -- Picture
Girls on the way to bhumi puja -- Picture
Nrityabhangi, a dance posture -- Picture
Fortuneless fortune-teller! -- Picture
Logo of the Hoysala kings -- Picture
A Golden belt of women-"Sontada dabu" -- Picture
child dancers -- Picture
Kukkuteswara --The Lord of the Roosters -- Picture
A forceful stream through the himalayas -- Picture
childern of construction workers -- Picture
Side entrance of Amber palace -- Picture
Jyo. Reading letter from a friend -- Picture
Forest during autumn, A scene in the campus -- Picture
Bharatanatyam Dancer -- Picture
Bhikku Vasudev Kamat, with grand children -- Picture
A Supari Tree -- Picture
Garuda Carrying Lord Vishnu and Laxmi -- Picture
Ear and Neck arnaments -- Picture
Depiction of Todiraga -- Picture
Gopi Krishna dancing in a painting -- Picture
Shiva parvati on bullacks -- Picture
"Drishtiyuddha" - In a Contest of Staring -- Picture
A shrine in Himachala pradesha -- Picture
Out of focus -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
Models on a float -- Picture
construction workers -- Picture
A check post at mountain pass -- Picture
A sculpture of Shri Vishnu -- Picture
Friend of Asha's -- Picture
A side view of masjid -- Picture
Hanuman with gadha in street procession -- Picture
Waiting Construction workers at a lunch break -- Picture
A dingi on river Sharavati -- Picture
A freakish view of fallen tree -- Picture
Lambani dancers at Dharwad folk fest. -- Picture
Friend of Asha's -- Picture
Bhimsen joshi at the concert -- Picture
A training deer-Coydeer -- Picture
Cable worker -- Picture
Punishment for favoring the British -- Picture
Social Life in Medieval Karnataka -- Picture
Floral design -- Picture
Fabric Painting -- Picture
A huntress with bird and arrow -- Picture
Kamat and Friends at Kemmannugundi -- Picture
A drummer from Dharwad -- Picture
Page from an Illustrated Manuscript -- Picture
Portrait of Prof. G.S. Dikshit -- Picture
"I'm ready for dance recital" -- Picture
Wheels -- Picture
gaja kamat -- Picture
Ba-Bapu -- The Gandhi Couple -- Picture
young guardian of a child Halakki -- Picture
Newly Weds of a Warrior Community -- Picture
Couple in stone -- Picture
Kaki Soring out pooja things -- Picture
Santali young girl -- Picture
Gopuram of a temple in Himalayan region -- Picture
A marble sculpture at the national museum -- Picture
Jitendra Abhisheki. -- Picture
Kid Kishor shanbhag -- Picture
A Family Group Photo -- Picture
A chamara dharini, whisk fan holder -- Picture
A deity a heavily ornamented male figure -- Picture
Bharatanatyam dancers -- Picture
a girl looking in to a book and drawing rangoli -- Picture
Erotica picture -- Picture
Arun Achrya in different posses -- Picture
The Ruins of Basavaraja Durga Near Honavar Port -- Picture
Gall insects field photographs -- Picture
Kinnara -- Picture
Trees in autumn in Himalayan region -- Picture
Havyak Jewelry -- Picture
Float period artist -- Picture
A Latin writing on the Entrance gothic building -- Picture
City premises in Himalayan region -- Picture
In forest, Coniferous forest -- Picture
Girl Brushing her Teeth -- Picture
Streets in Mumbay with kannada picture poster -- Picture
Saiduddin dagger of dagger parampara. -- Picture
Neighbor girl playing -- Picture
BGL Swamy simple person lived and died in a simple way. "How many wonder can one rival in a single life time"! -- Picture
A deserted beach -- Picture
Portrait of Umesh Kamat -- Picture
a painted dear behind doddapatre -- Picture
A deserted village scene -- Picture
Seal of state of NY -- Picture
Gowtama Buddha -- Picture
A Lake view beside forest post -- Picture
Jyo. Trying a woolen ware -- Picture
Shivaram Karanth -- Picture
A young dancer in a dignified pose -- Picture
a kid of a construction worker who sells flower -- Picture
A holy-day resort in the mountains -- Picture
Beluru -- Picture
Himalayan Laborers -- Picture
Jewel box -- Picture
sculpture of Shiva with kumara and ganesha on the either side -- Picture
Vimala sharma -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
Vikas---"Shall I clean these Utensils" -- Picture
Arun Achrya in full suit -- Picture
Jyotsna and Krishnanand Kamat -- Picture
Mask of a chhohu dancer -- Picture
Silhoutte of Ramesharam Temple Tower -- Picture
Persephone art -- Picture
Prakash lost in thought-veranda of Jaipur palace -- Picture
Man Walks a Dinosaur ! -- Picture
Leper beggar, from Yeshwantapur -- Picture
A Bathing Scene -- Picture
Manish dongre in a kathak Abhinaya pose -- Picture
Statue of Bahubali -- Picture
Toda Temple -- Picture
Pannalal Ghosh -- Picture
How about this pose ? -- Picture
a girl drawing rangoli -- Picture
Face Painting -- Picture
Jyotsna and Vikas, 1975 -- Picture
On the Beach -- Picture
a construction workers -- Picture
Leather poppets artists behind the screen -- Picture
felling the tree, operation of cutting a tree -- Picture
Fully coverd Women -- Picture
A trible women -- Picture
Wall painting, Shantiniketan -- Picture
Work on electrical pole -- Picture
labout of all age -- Picture
Recording team, AIR - at the elephant training center -- Picture
Indian Grandma at Work -- Picture
engrossed in writing -- Picture
front page of socialist party news paper -- Picture
Foreign tourist riding a camel -- Picture
Girl Rowing an Errand -- Picture
Gaja Kamat -- Picture
Coconut trees, river and hill -- Picture
Front and Back Sides of a Sandal-wood Carving -- Picture
Mangala kamat, Dr. K, and Dr.Jyo and mrudula kamat -- Picture
Erotic sculpture-painting -- Picture
A dancer in procession -- Picture
Alms to the beggar -- Picture
Bahadur Shah, the Last Mogul Emperor -- Picture
A lambani woman in her traditional dress -- Picture
"Now our winner will be decided" -- Picture
snaps at the socialist meeting of the kanput -- Picture
V.K.Deshpande with Pandela -- Picture
Golden Oil Lamps (diyas) -- Picture
Bengali Fish Seller -- Picture
Houses far from each other in a Himalayan village -- Picture
Hilsa Fish -- Picture
Women in Saries -- Picture
Dr. archana nagarkar -- Picture
A Holi Player -- Picture
Cover pages books written by Dr.BGL Swamy -- Picture
The Saree Style of Kodagu -- Picture
Umesh with anand Desai -- Picture
Constant attention is the only way of healthy growth -- Picture
Birds on a tree, Ranganatittu -- Picture
Daughter of a construction worker -- Picture
Out door class NCC -- Picture
Gopuram of a Hindu temple on way to Ladhak -- Picture
a construction workers with a big smile -- Picture
Ranganath Diwakar -- Picture
Woman Paints a Pot -- Picture
baby aparna -- Picture
Houses surrounded by coconut trees-- somewhere on the Konkan coast -- Picture
Friends standing in Mysore traditional painting -- Picture
H.S.Krishnaswamy Iyengar -- Picture
Snow mountain and forest in one shot -- Picture
shiva parvathi on nandi -- Picture
Parked Automobiles and Parked Cow -- Picture
Social Life in Medieval Karnataka -- Picture
For Every Boy, his Girl -- Picture
cave painting -- Picture
A flower -- Picture
Chandan sharma, kishan sharma -- Picture
Jitendra abhishek with Mohan nadkarni -- Picture
A lambani woman in her traditional jewelry -- Picture
Scene from the hill top, Amber palace -- Picture
Vikas with his friends -- Picture
Street procession at Malleshvaram -- Picture
Grating the Coconut -- Picture
Bengali Drum maker at work -- Picture
Water frog -- Picture
Beauty with flower -- Picture
A close up of fine jewelry -- Picture
Guardian angle -- Picture
Social Life in Medieval Karnataka -- Picture
Parked Boats on Shore During Monsoons -- Picture
A old vegetable seller selling tender vegetables -- Picture
Entrance to Dance Class -- Picture
Begging in the name of God -- Picture
Sunil Nayak -- Picture
Detail of a Lepakashi Painting -- Picture
Young artists being trained for Karnatak music kacheri by Parvati kumar in Tala vadya kacheri in Mumbai -- Picture
Inside the shish mahal palace, -- Picture
A road to jnana gangotri -- Picture
Character in bayalata -- Picture
Tribal Basket for Food Storage -- Picture
Lake in Karachi zoo -- Picture
Sunset in Himalayan region -- Picture
Two birds on a tree branch -- Picture
Tourist in "Royal Nepal airport" -- Picture
Konkani Muslim Fishermen -- Picture
A Metallic Artifact Depicting Lord Shiva and the Snake -- Picture
Maratha King Shivaji -- Picture
A congregation of people -- Picture
Vithal rao Hodka Mastar -- Picture
Bhatkal Temple Sculpture -- Picture
Neighbor girl -- Picture
Band accompanying procession -- Picture
"I'll tell you, writing in Kannada will not bring you money or fame" -- Picture
PSP national conference at poona 1958 -- Picture
Saree Design -- Picture
The Snakes Guarding a Swastika -- Picture
Inside of Dhareshwar Temple -- Picture
Artist Mukta Venkatesh at the age of 100 -- Picture
kids of construction worker -- Picture
A himalayan tree -- Picture
A sculpture of Vishnu at the archeological museum Mysore palace -- Picture
child of a Construction worker -- Picture
Fountain in the campus -- Picture
Rural Woman Creating a Painted Prayer -- Picture
A Kodagu folk dancer -- Picture
Kids at bore well -- Picture
Devotee of malemahadeshwara in street procession -- Picture
A lambani embroidery work -- Picture
Shivaram Karanth -- Picture
A photo picture of, Tarasu Bichi. -- Picture
A sculpture of Mama Vishnu -- Picture
"all right one pose for you" -- Picture
Flowers at Syracuse in full bloom -- Picture
cylindrical shapes -- Picture
flowers -- Picture
Designs from Ajanta Cave Paintings -- Picture
Kamat in a strange pose -- Picture
Women with flowers -- Picture
Officers trines -- Picture
A street side cobbler, Malleshwaram -- Picture
magnolia -- Picture
Forest Worker -- Picture
Goddess Kali, West Bengal -- Picture
Girl goes to the bazaar -- Picture
A lonely path to heaven!!! -- Picture
Shobha gurtur, 1925-2005. Foughter of minakshi shirodker, -- Picture
Construction workers -- Picture
carved ceiling entrance to the Mysore palace entrance -- Picture
Man using a broken mirror to shave -- Picture
Amba Vilas Palace, Mysore -- Picture
Vikas as byragi -- Picture
A "well-dressed" Muria youth, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Ecology Lesson -- ancient depiction -- Picture
Construction worker cleaning grains -- Picture
Mangala kamat -- Picture
Affections of a Mother -- Picture
A house on the slope of the Himalayas -- Picture
Boys at Fishermen's Cove -- Picture
Map showing important temples of North and Central India -- Picture
Simla land scape -- Picture
Vegetable vendor -- Picture
Vikas in Satin Bonner and laced -- Picture
Sumitra kamat -- Picture
Children in pram -- Picture
Veerabhadra Dancer -- Picture
K.L.Kamat (extreme right) with his Siblings -- Picture
construction workers withtheir childern -- Picture
Cosmos verity flowers -- Picture
Krishna Asks for Butter from Churning Milkmaid -- Picture
A cowherd with a woolen hood and a stick in hand-A stone sculpture -- Picture
Srinivas kamat, and Wife -- Picture
Prof. and Mis. Dikshit with Jyo in 1999, at their house -- Picture
A maiden offering a glass of wine -- Picture
The Guava Fruit -- Picture
chhohu dance performer with mask -- Picture
Water pot on head -- Picture
Mask of cow in street procession -- Picture
Tourists resting after tiresome trekking -- Picture
Gold Coin of Sultan Adil Hijora, 1198 A.D. -- Picture
An American classmate of Kamat in Lab -- Picture
A pair of ear ornaments -- Picture
Dancing Celestial -- Picture
baby aparna on bed with her play things -- Picture
Dusty face of a construction worker -- Picture
Banana Bunch -- Picture
Laxmi and Vishnu, Kavi art, Karnataka -- Picture
Painted ceiling and mirrored walls, city walls -- Picture
Snow covered shrubs -- Picture
Painting from Geetoopadesha -- Picture
Refugies from West Pakisthan, leather Poppet show -- Picture
Coconut Tree Climber -- Picture
A horseman in the forest -- Picture
"A ready for any shot" -- Picture
Leper beggar, from Yeshwantapur -- Picture
Idol of Ganesha -- Picture
Saraswati puja idols in making... -- Picture
Man Wearing a Turban -- Picture
Young construction worker at her lunch -- Picture
Kaka -- Picture
Coconut Feller -- Picture
A girl in over makeup -- Picture
Sarangi Musical Instrument -- Picture
Lifelong Friends -- Picture
Erotica picture -- Picture
Toothy -- Picture
"Raasa leela", Gopis playing rhythm of life, reproduction shubaray's painting -- Picture
Oiling baby Vikas -- Picture
Folk dancer from South Canara dist. -- Picture
Milking and Rearing a Cow -- Picture
Making a Pith Garland -- Picture
Durga Puja idols -- Picture
King Ravana and his ten heads -- line drawing based on a Sibi painting -- Picture
Picture of a model -- Picture
A figure in a meditation-arjuna? -- Picture
Krishnakka at tulsu wedding -- Picture
riding an elephant -- Picture
Netted Cradle ceremony of Rajasthan -- Picture
Flower with a drop of a due -- Picture
Span of Aurangjeb's Mogul empire -- Picture
Plastic bucket seller -- Picture
A road in mid-town, Shimla -- Picture
Fatherly Figure -- Picture
odissi dancer -- Picture
Dancers receiving master of the cero money, in the opera -- Picture
Jyotsna Kamat -- Picture
Painted Prayers of `Hase` on a Wall -- Picture
Leper beggar from Yeshwantpur -- Picture
fresco painting at sibi -- Picture
Draft Illustration of Kamat's Book on Bengal -- Picture
Temple surrounded by houses, a Himalayan scene -- Picture
Novel saartha "was mind boggling" It has hindered situations -- Picture
scene from syracuse university Campus -- Picture
A deity -- Picture
Man Shaves with a Broken Mirror -- Picture
Fetching Water from Bhagirati River -- Picture
Graduates of the Syracuse Forestry college -- Picture
A running deer in forest scene-Mogul painting -- Picture
Photo copy of -- certificate of Dr.Philosophy of K. -- Picture
Sharaschadra Arolkar and Pandit shankar A rare photo graph. A rare photograph on the occasion of 60th birthday celebration of Pandit sharaschandra arolkar -- Picture
cheeta -- Picture
Bengali hand Khol in making -- Picture
A young dancer welcoming the VIP on the stage -- Picture
Fountain in the campus -- Picture
Dancer getting ready -- Picture
Girl in swimming dress -- Picture
gaja kamat -- Picture
Krishna fondling two Gopis (girlfriends) -- Picture
A First Day Release Envelope -- Picture
A smiling young dancer -- Picture
Hair Designs of Medieval Karnataka -- Picture
Jyo. On M.L. Having good time in Jobner with permanent bangle -- Picture
K. with Arun Acharya in Syracuse -- Picture
Detail from a Gesso Painting -- Picture
Bhim sen Joshi, receiving award form M.V. Kamat, noted Journalist -- Picture
Romance of Shiva and Uma -- Picture
Jitendra Abhisheki -- Picture
"Handle with care"-Jyo -- Picture
Car Temple Procession of Lord Sri Rama -- Picture
Lila pachi -- Picture
Ramachandra sharma -- Picture
Henna Patterns on Palms -- Picture
People outside Washinton memorial -- Picture
Women with flowers -- Picture
A foreigner with beared and jacket-A stone figure -- Picture
Newly built houses in the Himalayan valley -- Picture
Lone meditating mountaineer -- Picture
"Prani-Parisara" -- Picture
Gall insects field photographs -- Picture
A mural painting Pompeii, International Museum, Naples -Roman painting -- Picture
Mother and child--A mountain family -- Picture
Girl trying a cap -- Picture
A temple gopuram in a distance -- Picture
Vender with vegetable on the push cart -- Picture
child Pradeep kamat -- Picture
Athara Kacheri -- Picture
Socialist leader with workers -- Picture
Photo of a Beetle -- Picture
Venkatrai, kamat -- Picture
Varaha -- the logo of the Vijayanagar kings -- Picture
A Old tribal woman from himachal Pradesh -- Picture
Erotic sculpture-painting -- Picture
A palm leaf design -- Picture
Crocodile sinking a lake with a mouth shut -- Picture
Jute Harvest -- Picture
Prof. T.S.shamarao -- Picture
A cheetah in Banerghatta -- Picture
gulmohar -- Picture
Vagishwari Shastri -- Picture
Animal emblems of ancient kings -- Picture
Himalayan village from a distance -- Picture
Gangadhar Nayak, Family -- Picture
Sharavati harbor -- Picture
"A pan before cock fight will be tastier!!!" -- Picture
jesus crist on cross -- Picture
A Koraga folk artist playing flute -- Picture
A Greeting Card Made by Kamat -- Picture
A. Sundara -- Picture
Mural from Kashi -- Picture
Yakshagana Artist, Gundabala -- Picture
Baby Vikas on a Motorcycle -- Picture
NY Iceland through Fogged -- Picture
The Chamundeshwari Temple, Mysore -- Picture
Priest Applies Holy Paste -- Picture
Artists of float period -- Picture
Fighting with Animals -- Picture
Face of Neelgai -- Picture
Prof. K. Venkataramappa -- Picture
A female construction worker with child -- Picture
Preparing for the float -- Picture
elephant performing acrobatics -- Picture
Himalayan flower -- Picture
former aheading his dog -- Picture
Mrs and Mr. Kamalakar Desai of Kalasa -- Picture
kamat in silhoutte -- Picture
Garden in amber palace -- Picture
Shilabalika of Belur -- Picture
The Procession -- Picture
At the Golconda Fort, Hyderabad -- Picture
Neighbor girl -- Picture
A scene before K's home -- Picture
Midnight Makeup -- Picture
Boats on Sharavati -- Picture
Fakir on streets of Malleshwaram -- Picture
Temple in North -- Picture
Anjaneya in leather puppet -- Picture
A entrance suchindram temple -- Picture
S.Diwakar's father -- Picture
A watchful kid -- Picture
The Guava Fruits -- Picture
chamara dhaari -- Picture
Gudigars of Noth Kanara -- Picture
Relief of a Female Gate-keeper -- Picture
Mali of agricultural college, Jobner, Rajasthan -- Picture
Pelicons in pond, Mysore Zoo -- Picture
Face of Old Age -- Picture
Temple in Pashupati nath, -- Picture
shimla flower -- Picture
A typical roofing in a Himalayan house -- Picture
Funeral Rites -- Picture
A relaxing Mogul gentlemen with trees behind -- Picture
"here is a living and lively book"--Jyo and Vikas -- Picture
Danteshwari In houda on elephant, chhindwada -- Picture
A tribal youngster in himachal Pradesh -- Picture
Kashmir in Fountain Pen -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
Mountain peak -- Picture
Jyo. In bandhani saree -- Picture
S.Diwakar the Philosopher -- Picture
Lajja Gowri Sculpture, Alampuram -- Picture
Gopuram of a temple with filigree work in Gopura -- Picture
Vikas Kamat -- Picture
baby aparna -- Picture
Metal knocker with the lion emblem -- Picture
Beaming Vikas -- Picture
Jyotsna Kamat Welcoming Guests -- Picture
Toda Village Elder, Ooty -- Picture
Mahamai Temple Complex, Ankola -- Picture
Ruined Sculpture of Naga (Snake) deity -- Picture
Presenter of the devali prog -- Picture
Pellicans at Mysore Zoo -- Picture
T. N. Srikantaiah -- Picture
A sandle wood jewel box -- Picture
A namada dasayya seeking alms, begging in the streets -- Picture
Sitaram Kamat -- Picture
construction workers withtheir childern -- Picture
A child in the water all alone -- Picture
A wedding on hills -- Picture
Americans friends engaged in conversations -- Picture
A shoe repairer -- Picture
A street scene from K's house -- Picture
Girl in swimming dress -- Picture
Kemmal maraathi Gavali -- Picture
Statue of Buddha -- Picture
Bull hunter -- ancient illustration from a temple near Tumkur -- Picture
Trees on the hill near Sharavati -- Picture
"So Many Dishes to Wash" -- Picture
Tree Worship -- Picture
A Photographer's Diary -- Picture
Nalini kamat with her son -- Picture
Prof. Sheshashastry -- Picture
Physician V.G. Sidenur -- Picture
Portrait of Jyotsna Kamat -- Picture
A water fall in Himalayan region -- Picture
City of Mercera -- Picture
A carved plate -- Picture
Volunteers of the RSS -- Picture
Gautama Buddha -- Picture
Character in bayalata -- Picture
Float period -- Picture
Vikas kamat and his friends in Yana -- Picture
before show plant vikas -- Picture
The jewelry of a tribal girl -- Picture
orissa dancer -- Picture
Sculptures of kiradu ???????? -- Picture
meat seller of Goa -- Picture
Ploughing the Fields -- Picture
A cow: cave painting -- Picture
young Women at rangoli -- Picture
Man Cutting Own Throat -- Picture
File photo graph of Nancy lesh, Dhrupad Vocalist. -- Picture
A pool of water -- Picture
Portrait of Prof. Narayana Mahishi -- Picture
Carved Wooden Decorative Plate -- Picture
With his soul mate Smt.Vasanta -- Picture
The Sprouts -- Picture
A naga shaped arti -- Picture
Erotica picture -- Picture
Vikas kamat in chudi with Rupa -- Picture
Picture of a Cowherd on the Support of a Bamboo -- Picture
"A load is a load even though it is a cushion"--Jyo in Jobner -- Picture
Batik Design -- Picture
Character in bayalata -- Picture
Peek of the temple -- Picture
Cloudes accros the himalayan building -- Picture
A scene from Baylata -- Picture
A Lady in waiting with a flower -- Picture
A Priest Reads in a Corner while Waiting -- Picture
Kamat's mama,and mami, mama Anand desai, and Indira mami -- Picture
kamat dressing fowl -- Picture
Laborers cutting grass -- Picture
Sord of tipu sultan -- Picture
A gumta player of North Canara dist. -- Picture
Na Rajasthanadalli -- Picture
A dog in the college forest -- Picture
A American in sari accompanied by a friend -- Picture
child dancers -- Picture
Painting by Mukta Venkatesh -- Picture
Erotic sculpture-painting -- Picture
Kadu-Malleswara Temple -- Picture
Jyo at madhukar mom's residence -- Picture
Krishna Dancing with Ladies -- Picture
"Is clicking OK"--Mamata -- Picture
River in NY -- Picture
Jo. With deer cub -- Picture
Tourist at shish mahal -- Picture
Himalayan packs -- Picture
"Prani-Parisara" -- Picture
Entrance of city palace -- Picture
Fishermen Using Lungi as Sail -- Picture
Simla land scape -- Picture
Himalayan old town view with old car and with bright light -- Picture
Construction workers with water pots -- Picture
Erotic wooden sculpture -- Picture
Man with a child -- Picture
A socilist convention and huge gathering -- Picture
-- Picture
A shaded road near a Himalayan village -- Picture
Memorials Erected for Women Who Committed Sati -- Picture
Idol of Goddess Parvati -- Picture
A field guardian god -- Picture
A woman Yakshagana performer -- Picture
Hand Woven Wall Hanging -- Picture
Erotic sculptures -- Picture
La ocoon-a Greek hero at the museum -- Picture
BGL swamy's cartoon -- Picture
A chamara dharini, whisk fan holder -- Picture
Duke university campus -- Picture
Siddi Boys -- Picture
Childerns play -- Picture
A different type of Gopuram of a temple in Himalayan region -- Picture
A Himalayan young lady with a flower in her cap -- Picture
A lonely kid -- Picture
Cucumber -- Picture
Spotted deer in Bandipur -- Picture
S.P.Achraya -- Picture
kovalum beach -- Picture
Arun with lamp shade -- Picture
Flowers in a garden -- Picture
Entrance of the Ganesh pole, city palace, Chandra mahal.Jaipur -- Picture
Reflection of huts in a pond -- Picture
Gangu bai with Mohan nadkarni -- Picture
BhootaNritya -- Folk Dancer from South Kanara -- Picture
Snow covered building from a distance surrounded by clouds -- Picture
Hippo couple in Mysore zoo -- Picture
Kannada Book Exhibition -- Picture
Razvi, Kaniz Moula, Renuka devi , and Arun achrya -- Picture
Couple in a Game of Love -- Picture
Namada dasayya with his long horns -- Picture
A village near Hegada devana kote -- Picture
A palm leaf book with illustration -- Picture
"A had a disturbed sleep"-- Baby Vikas -- Picture
Kole Basava in leather puppet -- Picture
Villagers' belongings at the Village Fair -- Picture
ajanta cave ceiling painting -- Picture
Cartoon by B.G.L.Swamy -- Picture
God's attending Shiva's marriage -- Picture
Chaduranga -- Kannada writer and critic -- Picture
Umesh Kamat at sheshikiran apartment -- Picture
A gonda women from chindawada -- Picture
Krishnakka in Jaipur -- Picture
Leather poppets behind the screen -- Picture
Male deer: rock painting from Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Jute yarn, drying -- Picture
An Arab lady -- Picture
Duke university campus -- Picture
Himalayan peak -- Picture
Three housed below Himalayan peaks -- Picture
worshipper at aladamara -- Picture
Raw Materials of a Hindu Worship -- Picture
Dashing cars in the fair -- Picture
A well dressed girl with showing her ornaments -- Picture
Havyak Brahmin Family of Sagar -- Picture
Sculpture in a old building -- Picture
Ancient Beds -- Picture
Late zorabi from Herangadi village, honnawar -- Picture
A street Cobbler -- Picture
Girls Playing a Game of Exchanging Colors -- Picture
Mridangam Instrument Player -- Picture
Erotica -- Picture
In the Palace of Aravinda -- Picture
A scene in a fruit stall -- Picture
Westling in a Moghul Court -- Picture
Mali -- Picture
A gramakal woman carrying basket for bhumi puja -- Picture
Participants in "Swarasadhanotsav" Bombay -- Picture
Exchange of Coconuts -- Picture
Himalayan curling pegion -- Picture
Artisan Applies Wood Polish -- Picture
Vegetable vendor -- Picture
A konkani child dancer -- Picture
Collage of oriental studies inaugurated by price Albert Edward heir apparent son of empress Victoria at the end of the 19th century -- Picture
Vegetable Vendor on Highway -- Picture
crows with carrion -- Picture
Dancers -- Picture
Lambani women at group dance -- Picture
Young Construction worker -- Picture
Devotee of Melkote -- Picture
Arun Acharya in a thinking mood -- Picture
Soldiers on a March -- Picture
Light weight boat of West Bengal -- Picture
Lotus Mahal of Hampi -- Picture
Boats on Sharavati -- Picture
ajanta cave ceiling painting -- Picture
Pooja Instruments -- Picture
Help with Long Hair -- Picture
A street scene in NY -- Picture
First convention of Praja Socialist Party -- Picture
Slow formation of snow on a Himalayan rock -- Picture
Hunter -- Illustration based on a Petroglyph -- Picture
Hunter -- Illustration based on a Petroglyph -- Picture
Americans on the terrace enjoying the bright sun light -- Picture
Highway in mountain -- Picture
A Model of a Saree Company -- Picture
Emperor Chandragupta Maurya -- Picture
A sculpture of Dhanavantari -- Picture
Handicrafts of Tamilnadu -- Picture
Workers at concrete mixture pot -- Picture
A kids before their cottage -- Picture
Snow sculpture -- Picture
Tulusidas and Vijaya kamat in Honnawar -- Picture
A Royal Couple in Romance -- Picture
baby aparna -- Picture
a construction worker -- Picture
Another Martyr -- Picture
Dr.S.L.Bhyrappa -- Picture
A Socialist leader -- Picture
A female character of a Bailata. -- Picture
Neighbor girl -- Picture
Razvi's daughters -- Picture
Helping with the costumes -- Picture
entertainment from childern -- Picture
"I'm at easy with a fork and spoon" Prof.BGL Swamy -- Picture
Symmetrical background for a person with cap -- Picture
One Handed Mahasati Stone -- Picture
Bill Ciesla -- Picture
Garuda-Dhwaja-Sthambha -- Picture
Vishwarupa of Lord Vishnu -- Picture
Mass Weddings at Dharmasthala -- Picture
Nadkarni family, Devdat, Manmohan, and Sunochana -- Picture
People at the art gallery site -- Picture
Seductresses in Stone -- Picture
Prakash, Jyo's Brother -- Picture
Nallappa, the Builder of Sibi Temple, with his Three Brothers -- Picture
Map of SJCE Campus -- Picture
Construction workers -- Picture
Samudra Manthan -- Picture
Gall insects field photographs -- Picture
Dr. Ramakanta joshi of Manohara Grantha Mala, Dharwad -- Picture
Cable worker -- Picture
Erotic -- Picture
A chaiwala at red fort -- Picture
cloth merchant Tulasidas kamat in his shop -- Picture
character from Yakshagana bailata -- Picture
Kadu Malleswara Temple -- Picture
Construction worker -- Picture
Folk Artists of "Karapalamela" -- Picture
Officers trines -- Picture
Bharatanatyam dancers -- Picture
A Painting by Rudrakumar Jha -- Picture
Bharatanatyam dancers -- Picture
Students on a country-boat, Baitkhol Bay -- Picture
Woman Applying Fresh Cow-dung to Tulasi Construction -- Picture
Construction worker -- Picture
Gifting of the Brahmins (brahmana puja) -- Picture
A Jain Sage in Worship -- Picture
Bangle seller in her shop -- Picture
Golden Footewear of a Pontiff -- Picture
Trees on a slope, Himalayan view -- Picture
Himalayan kids -- Picture
Carved Wooden Decorative Plate -- Picture
Unknown-to be identified -- Picture
Kamat`s Passport Photograph -- Picture
Float period -- Picture
Renuka Devi -- Picture
A pierced nose and an unadulterated smile -- Picture
Bhimsen Joshi has been felicitated -- Picture
A road scene in Jaipur -- Picture
Border Design of a Saree -- Picture
mali at swying machin -- Picture
Sushma Burde -- Picture
Narayan in Mysore Studios, 1986 -- Picture
Purnima -- Picture
A stone sculpture -- Picture
Tourist on Himalayan trekking -- Picture
A tree-- unidentified -- Picture
Caricature of Kmat Couple -- Picture
Map Showing the Districts of Karnataka State -- Picture
Kaka kaki with Tulsu Gaja -- Picture
Kavi art -- Picture
Dr. Mukta sidenur -- Picture
Bharatanatyam dancers -- Picture
when it rained at float show -- Picture
women in meat shop -- Picture
Pendal of a Wedding Party -- Picture
A car on the lonely spot -- Picture
Mangala Styan -- Picture
Float period -- Picture
A snow peek sheltring a temple and a cottage -- Picture
Frog on a leaf bed -- Picture
A scene before the dance -- Picture
Intimate girl friends -- Picture
Tribal man wearing rumal, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Ornamental wooden doors -- Picture
A waiting anxiously for the lover, Bharata-natya pose -- Picture
Portrait of Jyotsna Kamat -- Picture
K. with Prof. Ramaswamy -- Picture
A beaming child of laboring class -- Picture
Flower seller in Lal kila, red-fort area -- Picture
Bharatanatyam dancers -- Picture
Baba in a reflective mood -- Picture
Performing artists -- Picture
An American friend -- Picture
Begging for Love -- Picture
Dancing as Nandi in dance -- Picture
Headgear of a Tribal Man -- Picture
Lunch scene at a construction site -- Picture
Ananthamurthy, Field Marshal Cariappa, and Jyotsna Kamat -- Picture
Cow Herdess (Goulini) -- Picture
Kuvempu -- Picture
Jyotsna Kamat with Rajaramana -- Picture
A Bengali Dhak (drum) beater -- Picture
Delicate marble grills, Rajasthan -- Picture
feeding the elephants -- Picture
Relief of a Tribal Woman -- Picture
Indian friends with an American -- Picture
The Indian Cobra -- Picture
Statue in Shantiniketan -- Picture
Curled up Millepede -- Picture
Crowd watching a performers -- Picture
"You must give a serious thought to internal uneasiness of masses"--Bhyrappa -- Picture

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