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bird in Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
Portrait of Vincent van Gogh -- Picture
Indian Leather Puppet -- Picture
-- Picture
Ta. Ra. Su. In last days, Mysore, 1984 -- Picture
A deity Unidentified??? -- Picture
S.M. Krishnarao, and B.S. Shastri -- Picture
Artist Kaushel at work, Chindawada -- Picture
Officer trainees at HIPA, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Rumal of a Farmer in Karnataka -- Picture
Shubha sidenur, Viyyali-kawal, Bangalore, 1980 -- Picture
Bamboo craft, house hold article -- Picture
I make a living as a scavenger -- Picture
Veene Appayya -- Picture
Close-up of an Indian Emperor -- Picture
Mysore traditional painting, Baala Krishna, 1985 -- Picture
Above photograph with enhanced outlines. -- Picture
A small plant with a flower, 1985 -- Picture
Flower Seller -- Picture
A plant in Syracuse gardens, 1963 -- Picture
String with a cowries belt -- Picture
Eagerly looking for a customer. -- Picture
Subramanya Bharati -- Picture
Folk Artist of Karnataka -- Picture
Usha Madiman -- Picture
Jean Jacques Rousseau (28-6-1712 to 2-7-1778) -- Picture
-- Picture
Pradeep under going tonsure, 1982 -- Picture
Sumati the Gorilla, in Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
Equipment -- Picture
Silekyata's Hilarious Wife, Bangarekka -- Picture
Rudra kumar Jha's painting of fission horn marias preparing their headgear -- Picture
-- Picture
S. L. Bhyappa, Kannada writer and novelist -- Picture
Jyo. With Madan's Family in front of HIPS, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
The road side "cure-all" doctor -- Picture
Bamboo basket, house hold article -- Picture
-- Picture
Battle scene, -- Picture
A price in mogul Painting -- Picture
A smart kid, Sharma's son -- Picture
Boy riding water buffalo to work, West Bengal -- Picture
Hindu Gods -- Picture
Details of a wooden memorial, 1982 -- Picture
-- Picture
Bride groom Shesha shastri couple with relatives, 1984 -- Picture
Languor in Mysore Zoo, 1985 -- Picture
Prabha kamat, receiving instruction from apa bhat, pradeeps looking on. -- Picture
Asha Sidenur's friend, Waiting for her bellowed, Bangalore, 1981 -- Picture
A gonda woman all her finery, A metal model -- Picture
Adivasi couple -- Picture
Autograph of Syed Lazir -- Picture
Bamboo Hat -- Picture
In some Hoysala temples the brackets are carved from a single slab into images -- Picture
Various dance poses of Vaani dorey swamy, 1985 -- Picture
Painting in Mysore traditional style, Shiva and Nandi, 1985 -- Picture
A shy city girl -- Picture
-- Picture
Gandhiji with his spinning wheel. -- Picture
A housewife receives a towel after her bath -- Bhatkal sculpture -- Picture
She got her eyebrows made to attract the customers! -- Picture
-- Picture
A colorful quilt of different pieces -- Picture
-- Picture
Cactus in the back yard of kamat's house, 1982 -- Picture
-- Picture
A boy performing acrobatics, Kannada sahitya sammelana, Honnawar, 1997 -- Picture
D.S. Karki -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
A house (Kitchen) hold tool, Unidentified -- Picture
Making love on a metal cot -- ancient sculpture -- Picture
Clay models of Muruya tribal women -- Picture
Railway station, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Gossiping Women -- Picture
Gandhi centenary 1869-1969. -- Picture
Konkani children from a picture of 1950s -- Picture
Young Gorur -- Picture
Pelican in Mysore Zoo, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
A Sardarji darji with a hand-machine, Himachal pradesh, 1985 -- Picture
Bison Horn Muria -- Picture
Samukata satish rao, enjoying lolly-pup, 1980, Dattaprasad, Bangalore -- Picture
Floral designs in the wall painting, Sibi, 1982 -- Picture
-- Picture
Kolivad? Patil? Kamat's friend at Syracuse, 1964 -- Picture
Sharada bai, Haladipur, 1983 -- Picture
Bronze Buddhist icon from Sirpur, UP, 1982 -- Picture
Dr. Vijay subbaraju, writer and publisher, Ela prakashan, 1982 -- Picture
In the service of her master -- Picture
A flying heron, From Dattaprasad terrace, 1982 -- Picture
Autograph of Jawaharlal Nehru -- Picture
Sundar Basrurkar -- Picture
Kaki, Mali and Ramanand -- Picture
Way to a tribal village near Pachamani -- Picture
-- Picture
Metal bangle, -- Picture
Adivasi comb -- Picture
Prem pandela, Mr. Madan pandela and V.K. Deshpande at dinner, 1964 -- Picture
A chariot in the shed, 1982 -- Picture
A small red flowers of orchid Category -- Picture
-- Picture
Kamdhenu -- Picture
A painting from Mahabharata, Pandavas, Draupadi and Krishna, 1982 -- Picture
A rural scene in Goa -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
"Not Tonight Dear" -- Picture
A couple in discussion, Pahadi painting, 1982 -- Picture
Vibhishana Meets Rama -- Picture
A noble visiting a spiritual guru before proceeding to a campaign,1984 -- Picture
The welcome arch, Buddhist temple -- Picture
Ratna gandhi flower -- Picture
Rock painting, horned deers, 1982 -- Picture
I am a senior vegetable seller! -- Picture
Amita, Malini and Manjula -- Picture
White rose in Syracuse garden, 1963 -- Picture
A profile of tribal woman -- Picture
Anklets -- Picture
General Carriappa -- Picture
Grandmother Caring for Infant -- Picture
Sculpture of Ugra narasimha killing Hiranya kashipu, 1985 -- Picture
Sri Vishnu in being received with awe by royalty and sages, A mythological scene in Sibi, 1982 -- Picture
A delicate verity of chrysanthemum -- Picture
Gonda tribal, Chindawada -- Picture
Casket of St. Xavier -- Picture
"Villager's Choice" Sexual Position -- Picture
Bird models in a museum, Jobner -- Picture
Bharata Asks for Rama's Footwear -- Picture
Shabari - Painting by Nandalal Bose -- Picture
Krishna on a vana vihara, on outing, Pahadi painting, 1982 -- Picture
A fresco painting a forest life and the woman in the background, Location to be identified -- Picture
Goden Temple, Amritsar -- Picture
Kali is a popular deity in Bengal -- Picture
An American Academician at his lab -- Picture
Sunset scene on a lake -- Picture
-- Picture
Tippu Sultan's personal sword which is a collectors' item for the wealthy westerners. -- Picture
A temple for Grama devate, Goa, 1986 -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Lady enjoying water sports -- Sougandgikaparinaya -- Picture
Kathak Dancer Maya Rao -- Picture
Murudeshwara rock on the sea shore, 1982 -- Picture
Exchange of gifts among elders of family, 1982 -- Picture
Manjula Narasimhan at the tank of Sibi -- Picture
Artists at their Shop -- Picture
-- Picture
An Indian Family in Washington DC, 1964 -- Picture
A dancing girl in metal at the entrance of the temple -- Picture
Amrita Pritam -- Picture
A wild hog is good enough for two men! -- Picture
A old coin -- Picture
Sunset -- Picture
A metallic image Ambika jaina yakshi, of 6th C, of Akola hoard, 1982 -- Picture
Necklace of silver coins -- Picture
Toe rings -- Picture
Male Organ as a Symbol of Lord Shiva -- Picture
Sharma and hid wife -- Picture
-- Picture
Chavundaraya of Gometeshwara fame. -- Picture
Lord Venkataramana as a hunter, Manjaguni, Sirsi -- Picture
A laid-out garden at Syracuse campus -- Picture
"Tumba", Water jug of tribal -- Picture
Tops of Charminor, Hydrabad,1976 -- Picture
Crane in Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
Entrance to Garbha gudi, Sibi temple, 1982 -- Picture
Nataraja dancing on the demon, AIR, Bangalore, 1993 -- Picture
Tribal bowls, gourd ladles, wooden measurement -- Picture
Having comfortable sex by lying down on a bed. -- Picture
Hockey Player Dhyan Chand -- Picture
Spanking in Medieval India (?) -- Picture
A kalyani near Goa temple -- Picture
Bhairaveshwara cave with Shiva Linga, Yana -- Picture
A steep road in Himalayan region -- Picture
Bead Necklace -- Picture
Herons landing on a tree, From Dattaprasad terrace, 1982 -- Picture
bamboo basket -- Picture
Romance of Uma and Shiva -- Picture
Key bunch on a branch -- Picture
She is as pretty as flowers she sells -- Picture
Jyo. At air office, Bangalore, 1993 -- Picture
Adivasi hookah -- Picture
Pushpa, Honnawara, 1982 -- Picture
A battle scene of Gonda's with army of Akbar -- Picture
Singing Kamat's Glory Sung by Students of MES College -- Picture
Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak -- Picture
Sculpture of Standing Vishnu -- Picture
-- Picture
At the entrance of Syracuse university, 1964 -- Picture
Rama Battles the Demons -- Picture
-- Picture
Flowers of Mysore -- Picture
Inside a Medieval Kitchen -- Picture
Wooden stylus -- Picture
A details of water sports of women, women engaged in water troops and the troops grading them from a distance -- Picture
A yakshagana character, 1985 -- Picture
Rangoli design -- Picture
Rangoli design -- Picture
Tribal Youngsters Think of Only Today -- Picture
Bedu Gowda of Honavar, 1982 -- Picture
Late Sister of Dr. Somasheker, Bangalore, 1985 -- Picture
The lady raises her leg to facilitate insertion. -- Picture
Male partner holds a mirror and female a bowl. -- Picture
Necklace -- Picture
A wild flower near Tunga badra dam -- Picture
Water Wells are Hubs of Activity in Rajasthan -- Picture
Tribal string musical instruments -- Picture
Parallel Lines Running all over the Body of a Sari -- Picture
Garden of HIPA, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Tantric Illustration Invoking Shakti -- Picture
-- Picture
Various dance poses of Vaani dorey swamy, 1985 -- Picture
A group of female servants
Night Heron Landing on a Treetop -- Picture
A Triangular Hero-stone -- Picture
A ornamental garden design, 1964 -- Picture
Sunflowers -- water color by Mukta Venkatesh -- Picture
Butter fly's fixed on a cloth -- Picture
A designed wooden hero stone, -- Picture
Autograph of -- Picture
Depilated Lovers -- Picture
Entrance of a Goa temple -- Picture
-- Picture
Rawana approaches Sita in the garb of mendicant -- Picture
Having mutual oral sex in a bed. -- Picture
The riders are made to dance with an attached stick -- Picture
Pradeeps' munji, group teaching grinding to Pradeep, Mangala, Krishnakka, Prabha, Pushpa, 1982 -- Picture
-- Picture
"Some of the Erotic Arts are in a dilapitated state and need enhancements to study them" -- Picture
Temple under construction across sharavati, 1982 -- Picture
Shrivardhan -- Picture
A temple in Goa -- Picture
Sri Aurobindo -- Picture
Portayal of Gandhi`s Life Through Puppetry -- Picture
Fresco painting Sibi of man and wife, 1982 -- Picture
A goan fish market in afternoon, 1986 -- Picture
-- Picture
A gonda family of Chindawada-II -- Picture
A conical building, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Close-up of the farmer -- Picture
Kauri dancers yellaamma devotee, 1985 -- Picture
Two Panels Depicting Erotic Paintings -- Picture
Kulavi (elongated headgear) with geometrical designs on it -- Picture
Memorial pillar of pachmadi, 1982 -- Picture
-- Picture
Vibha kamat, Honnawar, 1982 -- Picture
A country boat loaded with Mangalore tiles. -- Picture
Silver neck lace, armlets, ear lets, and other ornaments -- Picture
The Hero of Nelavagilu -- Picture
Metallic icon of Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana -- Picture
A shop in Panaji, 1986 -- Picture
Natya saraswati, AIR, Bangalore, 1993 -- Picture
A hero stone with sati, Badedonger, 1982 -- Picture
-- Picture
A pigeon, in rajori garden gallery, New Delhi, 1985 -- Picture
Children crossing sharavati Creek, 1982 -- Picture
A Toda old woman -- Picture
Tender coconut seller -- Picture
A photo copy page of Gonda adivasi literature -- Picture
Galaganath (?) -- Picture
Stupa worship, a monument from Chaitya, Amaravati,1976 -- Picture
Shrivardhan -- Picture
-- Picture
Adivaasi tribal -- Picture
Icon of Nataraja in AIR studios, Bangalore, 1993 -- Picture
Fight with the guns, ancients and modern weapons, guns and bow and arrows -- Picture
Folk artists, (Maragalu) in Kannada sahitya sammelana, Honnawar -- Picture
Prof. Crawall of Syracuse University, who was guide to Kamat for his Doctorate -- Picture
A red flower--unidentified -- Picture
Combs -- Picture
Smitha kamat giving a pose, 1982 -- Picture
Garuda in Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
Krishna and Girlfriends -- Picture
-- Picture
Nests of pelicans, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Mud toys, -- Picture
Plant and animal design -- Kasooti -- Picture
A female entertainer -- leather puppet -- Picture
Small fish fell from the beak of Pelican, 1985 -- Picture
Elongated headgear with embeded pearls and emeralds -- Picture
Combs -- Picture
Red rose -- Picture
Mother's love for its child in universal. -- Picture
Indian bear, Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
painted Vases in Mysore exhibition, 1985 -- Picture
Ceiling of a Salarjung museum, Hydrabad,1976 -- Picture
Woman putting on Makeup excites a Man -- Picture
An Indian friend of Kamat, under a full bloomed tree -- Picture
Carving on wall, Pachamadi -- Picture
Children of Kokkare bellur farmers, 1985 -- Picture
The Hawa Mahal (the wind palace), Jaipur -- Picture
Jayaprakash Narayan -- Picture
Dr. C. V. Raman -- Picture
-- Picture
Pandit Avalikar -- Picture
Smitha kamat, 1982 -- Picture
Wood paintings at dasara exhibiting, Mysore, 1985 -- Picture
A small plant with a flower, 1985 -- Picture
A Bengal tiger -- Picture
Jha's attempted at a Pahadi painting, -- Picture
Chandigarh -- Picture
Bhill hero stone -- Picture
A Lioness -- Picture
"Roll on, roll on you restless waves." -- Picture
Malini couple after wedding -- Picture
Indian Whiskered Tern (Chlidonias hybrida) -- Picture
-- Picture
Idol of Rama (?) -- Picture
Close up of elephant with its decorations -- leather puppet -- Picture
Mavashia tribal at work -- Picture
Herons, Clicked from Dattaprasad, 1982 -- Picture
G.B. Joshi -- Kannada dramatist/publisher -- Picture
A designed wooden hero stone, Horse rider with flag, -- Picture
Indian woman -- from a picture postcard -- Picture
Sravana Kumar -- Picture
Black marble idol of Lord Ganesh, Sirsi -- Picture
Bronze lamps, 1993 -- Picture
Combs -- Picture
%%%%%%%%%%%%% -- Picture
"I am old in age but not in looks." -- Picture
Fourteenth century men's fashion -- Picture
-- Picture
Sumati the Gorilla laying on grass, from the height, 1985 -- Picture
Temple premises in Indian village, 1964 -- Picture
Pelican with spread wing in Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
At bob's house, 1964 -- Picture
Masked female dancer in procession, Kannada sahitya sammelana, Honnawar, 1997 -- Picture
Interwoven Limbs -- Picture
Inside the museum, Hydrabad,1976 -- Picture
Adivasi equipment -- Picture
-- Picture
Laborer posing for breath, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
A daughter and a son -- Picture
Ghareva horse artifact with a monster replica -- Picture
Map of Goa Showing Tourist Attractions -- Picture
-- Picture
A Sexual Union -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Tree with blooming flowers -- Rangoli design -- Picture
Sri Rama Pattabhishek (coronation) -- Picture
Bronze icon of saraswati, 1993 -- Picture
Max behind a cover, Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
Friends, RK Jha's painting -- Picture
Sadhana kamat, 1982 -- Picture
Various dance poses of Vaani dorey swamy, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Asha sidenur, Viyyali kaval, Bangalore, 1980 -- Picture
Tribal Knifes -- Picture
Watch-ful heron, 1983 -- Picture
A damaged male stone sculpture, 1985 -- Picture
Sage Vishwamitra -- Picture
earthen models -- Picture
Tribal Combs -- Picture
Kannada Writers -- Picture
Virupanna's Kulavi with dangling decorations -- Picture
Coin -- Picture
A red-zinnia, in Syracuse garden, 1963 -- Picture
G. B. Joshi after his eye-operation, Joshi in Dark glasses and black cap. 1982, -- Picture
Playboy Krishna Makes Out in the Bush -- Picture
Mantapa's of deities, from a recopy of a painting,1984 -- Picture
The Water Girl -- Picture
Shubha kamat, 1982 -- Picture
Arches in Golkonda fort, Hydrabad -- Picture
Goddess Saraswati with a swan -- Picture
Illustration Showing Wrapping Pattern of a Saree -- Picture
Temple on Wheels (Ratha)
Old Seal of an Old Photo -- Picture
-- Picture
Painting of Lord Vishnu -- Picture
-- Picture
Hakkar Bapa -- Picture
Newly Married Couple Enjoying the Wedding Feast -- Picture
A street scene during Autumn, 1964 -- Picture
Darbera hemlin, Pasadena, California, 1964 -- Picture
-- Picture
The Milkmaid (Gouli), The Village of Kansur -- Picture
Autograph of -- Picture
Naren cholia, K's Friends, 1964 -- Picture
A pillar (stamba) in front of Santa durga temple, Goa -- Picture
Boats on dry bed on river sharavati, 1982 -- Picture
A road beside a highway in America -- Picture
-- Picture
M.S. Natrajan -- Picture
-- Picture
Ganesh Vasudeo Mavalankar, Late Speaker of Lok sabha (Born: November 26m 1888; Died: February 27, 1956) -- Picture
Never Been Photographed -- Picture
A young Kadu kuruba girl. Form Gundle pet -- Picture
Door mat -- Picture
A small temple in goa, 1986 -- Picture
Lone tusker on way for lunch, 1980 -- Picture
Chain -- Picture
Adivasi shows made of fibers -- Picture
-- Picture
Foot ornament, anklets -- Picture
Hero stone from Golkonda, 1982 -- Picture
A small temple probably Betala in GAO, 1986 -- Picture
Erotic painting, Sibi, 1982 -- Picture
Vik writing down details of munji presents, 1982 -- Picture
Veeragallu, Hydrabad Musium,1976 -- Picture
Adivasi's slipper -- Picture
Himalayan kids, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Acharya Narandra Deva -- Picture
Adivasi Lock -- Picture
A scene in a Lab -- Picture
A gateway to a building, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Scene of a river form shive temple, Mudukutore, 1985 -- Picture
Dr. Basu with Family, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
A lady fishing with her net at lake, 1964 -- Picture
Divesting of Draupadi -- Picture
Newly married brother of Usha Shastri, 1986 -- Picture
Keremane shivarama hegde, the great Yakshagana artist -- Picture
Painted Leather Puppet shows Krishna Charioting Arjuna's Car -- Picture
Painting -- Picture
A scene in symmetry -- Picture
Autograph of -- Picture
Shubha sidenur, viyyali-kawal, Bangalore, 1980 -- Picture
-- Picture
Bridge on narmada river -- Picture
Sports men, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Adivasi's different show -- Picture
A stone sculpture of Vishnu, 1982 -- Picture
Rama Departs for Forest -- Picture
Rangoli design -- Picture
Violet flowers -- Picture
-- Picture
Deepa Sthambha (light-post) at Sanna Betta, Shravanabelagola -- Picture
Picture of a mountain range near Himachal Pradesh, 1985 -- Picture
A halakki laborer from Honnawar -- Picture
Jyo. with AIR staff, Ranganatittu, 1985 -- Picture
Baby in the proud mother's arms
-- Picture
Arch way in Golkonda fort, Hydrabad -- Picture
Women assembled to greet Uma-Maheshwara, Lepakshi -- Picture
Lady Churning Curds -- Picture
-- Picture
Common House Crow (Corvus splendens) -- Picture
-- Picture
A painting of Saint Zechariahs, church of Goa -- Picture
Shiva and Parvati riding on Nandi the bull, Lepakshi -- Picture
A battle scene of medieval times,1984 -- Picture
-- Picture
Lord Ganesh rides his favorite mouse to earth -- Picture
Archaeologist A. M. Annigeri -- Picture
carved aquatic figures on a wooden pillar, 1982 -- Picture
White-wash has been split on rare paintings. -- Picture
Rose flower in Black and white, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Female Dancers from coorge, 1985 -- Picture
Mali Couple -- Picture
Model of a adivasi wall painting -- Picture
Shiva temple, Mudukutore, 1985 -- Picture
A Lambani women in her traditional dress -- Picture
An old-fashioned housewife -- Picture
Carving on the outer wall of Jinanathapura temple -- Picture
White Pelicans in Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
Rama gives his ring to Maruti, so Sita can recognize him as a messenger -- Picture
Scholar Devate Bhat of Gokarn -- Picture
School going kid, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
A Christmas eve lunch in America, 1964 -- Picture
Picture of a Havyak Brahmin Priest -- Picture
-- Picture
Starks on a tree top, Kokkare belluru, 1985 -- Picture
A Craftsman at Work -- Picture
A Muslim gentle men of Honnawar -- Picture
Shivaram Karanth -- Picture
A Kadu kuruba woman -- Picture
Various dance poses of Vaani dorey swamy, 1985 -- Picture
A blooming Dwarfs flower, 1985 -- Picture
Ahalyabai Holkar (Born 1735; Death August 13, 1795) -- Picture
View of the Garden from inside of Tippu's Summer Palace -- Picture
-- Picture
An American lady at the home garden -- Picture
Carved panel, Pachamadi -- Picture
A oil drum on the back of the man, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
A caterpillar verity -- Picture
vetra tribal memorial for the dieing pregnant woman, 1982 -- Picture
-- Picture
Sri Krishna and balarama, in fresco painting, Sibi, 1982 -- Picture
Jamini Roy -- Picture
bamboo flower basket -- Picture
-- Picture
Sports trainees in Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Panaji, 1986 -- Picture
Bamboo Crafts -- Picture
Folk artists in procession, Mysore, 1985 -- Picture
Burde Sisters from an Old Photograph -- Picture
-- Picture
Goa temple entrance -- Picture
Konkani Gentleman -- Picture
-- Picture
Lost in a string instrument -- Picture
Nandi-Kolu Dancers -- Picture
A wooden memorial would be painted of khatri tribal, 1982 -- Picture
Temple in Goa, 1986 -- Picture
Decorated cow herd boy -- Picture
Man Fishing with a Bamboo Trap -- Picture
Veene Anant Subbaiah, Mysore Traditional Musician -- Picture
Necklace -- Picture
-- Picture
Bangles -- Picture
A church in Goa, 1986 -- Picture
Devi Goddess -- Picture
Loga -- a very brave dog -- Picture
God Eshwar, Painting of a Jha -- Picture
-- Picture
An Academician at Syracuse university, 1964 -- Picture
Chinnaswami Stadium, Bangalore, 1987 -- Picture
Philosopher Madhvacharya -- Picture
-- Picture
Divine recreation: Krishna with two Gopikas (female cowherds) -- Picture
Zinnia's flower -- Picture
A wooden angle -- Picture
Preparing for Congugation -- Picture
A group of Kadu-kurubas near Heggada devana kote. -- Picture
Railway bridge, Simla, 1985 -- Picture
A sculpture of Saraswati, Silver arched -- Picture
A scene on Miami beach at dusk -- Picture
-- Picture
The "Flying Bird" Position -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
small flowers on cactus like plants, Syracuse, 1963 -- Picture
Scene from a distance Niagara falls -- Picture
A prehistoric rock painting of a bull, Pikkihal, Raichur dist, 1982 -- Picture
Bunch of Button roses in a single branch -- Picture
-- Picture
Palace towers through the arches, Mysore Palace, 1985 -- Picture
Big Shell, New Delhi, 1985 -- Picture
Dr. Madan and sen gupta, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Tribal vessels -- Picture
-- Picture
The Woman Coaxing Her Man to Mount -- Picture
-- Picture
Elephant Carrying Water Pot -- Picture
Seasonal Fruit of Mangoes -- Picture
-- Picture
Japanese Sumer Painting by Girija Madhavan -- Picture
Varadaraj shanbhag,1983 -- Picture
Illustrated manuscript in Marathi modi script, 18th century,1984 -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Rangoli design patterns -- Picture
Sports girl, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
A building from a distance, US -- Picture
Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan -- Picture
Dr. B.S. Shastri, 1986 -- Picture
Chandigarh -- Picture
-- Picture
A Muslim gentle-men of Honnawar -- Picture
Daughter of Basu, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan -- Picture
Tribal necklace -- Picture
-- Picture
The lady shows her respect to fully erect "Linga" -- Picture
A tribal woolen waist coat -- Picture
Syracuse campus in Autumn, 1964 -- Picture
Ghumat: clay dome, 1982 -- Picture
Korku memorial for the dead -- Picture
Vijaya tulusu shanbhag kamat, 1982 -- Picture
Lokamanya Tilak -- Picture
Chindawada collage -- Picture
A models of tribal art -- Picture
Mating monkeys stimulate erotic urges in human beings. -- Picture
-- Picture
She gives alms to another beggar -- Picture
-- Picture
An lone elephant and watchful mahout, 1980 -- Picture
-- Picture
Basket -- Picture
A temple (Gopuram) peak of a temple from Goa -- Picture
Pelican in Water, Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
Pleated sari of the maha-sati stone of Bommanahalli, 1982 -- Picture
Dr. P. C. Ray -- Picture
ear-rings -- Picture
Mohini Shikhara (peak), Yana -- Picture
Bamboo basket -- Picture
Mangeshi Light Post, Goa -- Picture
-- Picture
A small red flowers in Syracuse garden, 1963 -- Picture
Rangoli design -- Picture
Rajeshwari Joshi, superintendent of Sneha kunja, Kasarkod -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Sonde, -- Picture
Jyo. outside the Administrative building, HIPA, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Anklet -- Picture
A Konkani Muslim kid from Honnawar -- Picture
Tinny flowers blooming -- Picture
-- Picture
Reproduction of a book of koka shastra -- Picture
-- Picture
Corgi women in the native dress, 1983 -- Picture
Dozing Vik. At Bandipur -- Picture
River Tern (Sterna aurantia) -- Picture
A small water fall through Sahyadri hills, 1986 -- Picture
-- Picture
Clothes by Mail Order! -- Picture
Dr. madan and Mrs. Basu, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
A tree in Autumn glory, 1964 -- Picture
A sculpted stone pillar of a veranda, Kekkar, 1982 -- Picture
A man and two women are in the game of love. -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Praveen Shanbhag, enjoying lolly-pup, 1978 -- Picture
The jewelry of a classical dancer -- Picture
BABY serving food at Vik. Munji feast, 1982 -- Picture
A adivasi blowing horn, (Tuturi) -- Picture
Romance of Uma and Shiva -- Picture
Lord Ganesh -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
A Yakshagana artist -- Picture
Boats that remind good old days. -- Picture
A street scene in the market, 1964 -- Picture
Pradeep with 2 big-coconuts, 1982 -- Picture
Photo copy of, a building of a Muslim architecture, 18th century,1984 -- Picture
Gonda headman of a village -- Picture
Starks, Ranganatittu, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
A sitting heron, From Dattaprasad terrace, 1982 -- Picture
Starks at Ranganatittu, 1985 -- Picture
Motilal Nehru (1861-1931) -- Picture
Flower basket -- Picture
Horse Rider -- Picture
-- Picture
Toe rings, bead necklaces, chains, and other ornaments -- Picture
River sharavati, Coconut Groves, 1986 -- Picture
A bathing lady allows her man to have quick sex. -- Picture
Tipu and Hyder in Sibi painting, 1982 -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Idol of Lord Ganesh -- Picture
Tribal children, Kaushel 's art, Chindawada, Kirthy lodge -- Picture
Bison horn head dress -- Picture
Foot ornaments of ornaments -- Picture
Bamboo Utensils -- Picture
Kitchen knift in a holder -- Picture
-- Picture
A garden scene, Syracuse, 1964 -- Picture
gowdacharya pada matha at Kawali (Kaivalya matha) goa -- Picture
Excited Couple on a Bed -- Picture
Jogati with choudike instrument, Vishwa kannada exhibition, 1985 -- Picture
Savinirmadi -- A woman scholar of the 14th century -- Picture
View of the Karsarkod Tile Factory -- Picture
-- Picture
Anklet -- Picture
-- Picture
Man consoles lover before parting for a long time. -- Picture
White tiger in Mysore Zoo, 1985 -- Picture
Woman selling flower garlands -- Picture
Love, like liquor, intoxicates! -- Picture
Dr. Basu with Family, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Louis Pasteur (Born December 27, 1822; Death September 28, 1895) -- Picture
Bust of Naga bhudhana shiva, Metal icon -- Picture
Cafeteria head, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
A white blooming flower, 1985 -- Picture
A page of adivasi literature -- Picture
Rangoli design -- Picture
Waiting monkey, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Painted face of a dancer, 1985 -- Picture
Reproduction of a book of koka shastra -- Picture
A Banjara (Gypsy) woman, lost in the intricate world of Kasooti (needle craft) -- Picture
Suresh Basrurkar -- Picture
Nandi over a small temple, 1985 -- Picture
Brass peacock, artifact -- Picture
Flower basket -- Picture
Dr. Ram manohar Lohia -- Picture
Syracuse campus during autumn -- Picture
Hero stones, Barsur, MP, 1982 -- Picture
Goddess Marikamba (the ferocious mother) of Sirsi -- Picture
Tribal worker at the institute -- Picture
Tribal Man, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
A Goulini of Mundgod -- Picture
A medical doctor, and yet a traditional woman -- Picture
A campus scene, Syracuse, 1964 -- Picture
Sikh Bride from Punjab -- Picture
Highly decorated head-gear, sculpture of Hoysala times Mysore, 1985 -- Picture
Dr. Rajendra prasad, First president of India, Pen and Ink Portrait, -- Picture
-- Picture
S.S. Malwad -- Picture
S. Ramanujan -- Picture
Halakki gowdti with black beads form Honnawar, 1986 -- Picture
Belakki, Ranganatittu, 1985 -- Picture
C. K. Nayudu -- Picture
Sri Krishna, arriving at wedding at Kundaliya nagari, Sibi, 1982 -- Picture
-- Picture
Sankara Kurup -- Picture
A female sculpture on gunavante temple wall, 1982 -- Picture
A damsel admires herself in a mirror -- Picture
Chandigarh -- Picture
A small flower, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Adivasi' Bamboo artifacts -- Picture
Two Headed Deity Shani Rides a Crow -- Picture
Kadu kuruba woman with daughter, Gundlepet -- Picture
The same photograph converted into line drawing. -- Picture
A Church in Goa, 1986 -- Picture
cowries necklace -- Picture
Geometrical Patterns in a Hexagon -- Picture
Shiva with his bull, Nandi, at Durga temple, Aihole -- Picture
Parashuram being Consoled by Rama and Dadharatha -- Picture
-- Picture
A war scene, Elephant and Chariot fight -- Picture
Sheep returning home painting, Kaushel, Kirthy lodge, Chindawada -- Picture
Crow watching parcel room, Londa, 1986 -- Picture
Fort wall of Golkonda fort, Hydrabad -- Picture
Swimming duck in Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
Deer hunter with his bow and arrow -- Picture
Plant fossils of a rare type -- Picture
Salt March to Break the Law -- Picture
Transportation of memorial pillar in South Gujarat, 1982 -- Picture
Yellow Orchids -- Picture
Village musicians, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
African elephant in Mysore Zoo, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Autograph of -- Picture
Line sketch of Gonda tribal, Chindawada -- Picture
Sumati the Gorilla, from the height, 1985 -- Picture
Couple in stone, 1985 -- Picture
Badami Sculprture -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Models bamboo houses, cart -- Picture
A medicated tree in forest research station, Syracuse -- Picture
Trebles at worship, Gundlepet -- Picture
Rk jha's painting, dalliance of Shiva parvati -- Picture
A procession umbrella, Sibi temple, 1982 -- Picture
An Ancient Sanskrit Writer -- Picture
Various dance poses of Vaani dorey swamy, 1985 -- Picture
Yashoda Breast-feeding Krishna -- Picture
Wild berry's, on way to Ooty, 1980 -- Picture
-- Picture
A young girl taking calf grazing, 1985 -- Picture
Shubha kamat as a kid -- Picture
Reproduction of a book of koka shastra -- Picture
Monkeys Building a Bridge -- Picture
%%%%%%%%%%%%% -- Picture
A page of adivasi literature -- Picture
Made for Each Other -- The Dovey Couple -- Picture
Vibha kamat, 1982 -- Picture
Sex and Cruelty -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
A Faded Fresco of Hiriyur Temple -- Picture
A Sundi Tribal -- Picture
Reno in Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
A scene at a mountain pass, 1982 -- Picture
Lady guides the Linga into her Yoni -- Picture
Brothers Veeranna and Virupanna, Lepakshi temple builders -- Picture
Shrungi and Hayavadana performing a dance sequence, Lepakshi -- Picture
-- Picture
An embroidered Kashmiri prayer carpet -- Picture
Playing American kids, Syracuse, 1964 -- Picture
Rock painting, three horned animals, Pikkihal, Raichur Dist., 1982 -- Picture
Dr. Suryanath kamat, and his staff members, during a tour (other members to be identified) -- Picture
Gendamruga in Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
Grinding stone -- Picture
Goddess Mahamaya -- Picture
Dr. Shankar Mokashi Punekar. A novelist -- Picture
Poet Kumara Vyasa of Gadag -- Picture
Boy carrying food to field, 1985 -- Picture
Erotic painting, Sibi, 1982 -- Picture
Rajput Couple Riding a Camel -- Picture
Rangoli (a.k.a. Kolam) design -- Picture
A light-violets, Syracuse garden 1963 -- Picture
Curse of Ahalya -- Picture
Partial view of the salarjung musium,1976 -- Picture
Long Time Before Photoshop, There was Kodak Opaque -- Picture
A Muslim lady at her vanity. -- Picture
A lady spinning yarn -- Picture
Yellamma devotee wearing kauri dress, 1985 -- Picture
Cheetahs are a Leopard's Nearest Relatives -- Picture
A sati-stone in bade donger in MP, 1982 -- Picture
On the way to Yana, Uttara Kannada -- Picture
Portrait of Sardar Bhagat Singh -- Picture
Actress Pandharibai -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Vasudeva Carries Krishna -- Picture
Servant Bhawarlal -- Picture
Wooden houls hold appliance -- Picture
Hindu Gods -- Picture
Ear rings -- Picture
Models of Murai tribal -- Picture
Shrivardhan Fort -- Picture
Rangoli in front of a Place of Worship -- Picture
Sowdha bidi, Vidhana sowdha road, Bangalore, 1987 -- Picture
A decorated elephant in procession, 1985 -- Picture
Wooden building in Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
K.V. Puttappa -- Jnanapeeth award winning Kannada writer -- Picture
Shama Bhatnagar, Hydrabad,1976 -- Picture
Sanchi -- Picture
Flowers of Mysore -- Picture
Ceiling painting of Sibi, 1982 -- Picture
A metal icon, AIR, Bangalore, 1993 -- Picture
Bee sucking honey, from zinnia, Syracuse garden, 1963 -- Picture
Dr. Madan's grand daughter holding Shimla apples, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
A View of National Highway No.17 -- Picture
Writer of Manohara Grintha mala -- Picture
-- Picture
Charles Correa -- Picture
Adivasi Drums -- Picture
Bee on a flowers, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Though mentally retarded he makes his living. (Hawking vegetables.) -- Picture
Lady Calming-down an Erect Man -- Picture
A more elaborate Rangoli design -- Picture
Picture of K. L. Kamat 1954 -- Picture
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. -- Picture
%%%%%%%%%%%%%% -- Picture
-- Picture
Cover of Jyotsna Kamat's Book on Education -- Picture
Bengal -- Picture
Narayana Guru -- Picture
A earthen plate -- Picture
Close encounters -- Picture
Photo of a Panther, Photo copies of paintings in Jagan-mohana palace 1985 -- Picture
Two warriors on a chariot -- leather puppet -- Picture
Painting of Bhagat Singh - from a popular children's book -- Picture
Delicately carved four handed Devi (Goddess) -- Picture
Beautiful Thatched Hut -- Picture
-- Picture
Gokarna parthakali math, Kancon, Goa -- Picture
The Brinjal Vegetable -- Picture
Dr. K. V. Puttappa. Outstanding poet. -- Picture
-- Picture
Flowers of Himachal pradesh, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
The cheetah does not hunt if it is not hungry -- Picture
Details of Top of a Tree -- Picture
Reproduction of a book of koka shastra -- Picture
A Havyak Priest -- Picture
Sage Vasishta -- Picture
Jamadar Muddu Krishna Singh -- Picture
-- Picture
A river heron with fish catch, 1984 -- Picture
Jogevva (temple woman) of Savadatti, Dharwad -- Picture
The Ishwara Linga -- Picture
Bamboo fan -- Picture
A model carrying basket -- Picture
Umesh Lakshman kamat, 1982 -- Picture
-- Picture
Old man painting, Photo copies of paintings in Jagan-mohana palace -- Picture
Fruit vendor -- Picture
Kamat in Syracuse, 1965 -- Picture
Snow sculptures in Syracuse -- Picture
Autograph of -- Picture
-- Picture
Seema combing hair of Vibha, 1982 -- Picture
A bedecked housewife on a sunny day -- Picture
house hold appliance -- Picture
Zenat Mahal -- Picture
Sharat Chandra Chatterjee -- Picture
-- Picture
Ice Art -- Picture
-- Picture
Hindu Gods -- Picture
Way to a tribal village near Pachamani -- Picture
Enjoying each other company -- Picture
Chain and toe rings, pendants -- Picture
Rama Killing Demon Tataka -- Picture
Woman with a fan made with peacock feathers -- Picture
Priest Appa Bhat (on right) of Honavar -- Picture
Laborer carrying boxes and parcels, 1985 -- Picture
Pradeep anointing sandal paste after ceremonial bath, 1982 -- Picture
A woman of the Grameen Gouli community -- Picture
A silhouette of sunset on sharavati river -- Picture
A Conch -- Picture
Rangoli design -- Picture
Couple Engaged in Foreplay -- Picture
-- Picture
blooming rose -- Picture
Button roses in Syracuse garden, 1963 -- Picture
School going kids, Shimla, -- Picture
On way to the weekly market -- Picture
Leader N. M. Joshi -- Picture
A page of adivasi literature -- Picture
Shubha and Seema eating water melon, 1982 -- Picture
A typical architecture of Goa buildings, Goa, 1986 -- Picture
Stories the Hero-stones Tell -- Picture
Hanging stand, -- Picture
Rudra kumar Jha's at work -- Picture
Horse riders accompanied with flag holder -- Picture
Sowgandhika parinaya, Depicting palace scene with the temples, and the road leading to temple of the Godess (Chamundi betta), 19th C, lithograph -- Picture
Vibha giving bath to brother Pradeep, 1982 -- Picture
Deity Annapurneswari -- Picture
Wrestling School. -- Picture
Friend of Asha Sidenur, Viyyali kaval, Bangalore, 1980 -- Picture
wooden buildings in the valley, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Various dance poses of Vaani dorey swamy, 1985 -- Picture
Commencement of a group dance -- Picture
For fishing two is good company -- Picture
-- Picture
V.M. Joshi -- Picture
Tak Mahal -- Picture
-- Picture
Stark in Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
The Golden Temple -- Picture
-- Picture
A woman lost in love -- Picture
-- Picture
Beetle verity -- Picture
-- Picture
Scene from Bhagavat, A ceiling painting depicting Gopi pining for Krishna, Sibi, 1982 -- Picture
Plaque presented to Jyo. From NMKRV, Bangalore, 1995 -- Picture
Shoorpanakha -- Ravana's sister -- Picture
Jogati with choudike instrument, Vishwa kannada exhibition, 1985 -- Picture
White tiger in a close angle, 1985 -- Picture
Flower sellers call on at customers' door steps. -- Picture
Dancing Saraswati (the Hindu Goddess of learning) with a Veena (musical instrument) -- Hoysala art -- Picture
Draupadi - The Queen of Mahabharat Epic -- Picture
A pretty tourists, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Modern painting -- Picture
Vikas amused at the Chandike, 1982 -- Picture
An Carved door in entrance -- Picture
An elderly halakki gowdati -- Picture
Pradeep munji being ordained as a Vatu, 1982, Honnawar, -- Picture
Intimacy is Secret to Bondage -- Picture
Krishna Drinking Milk Directly from the Cow -- Picture
Sanchi -- Picture
Home-made Sugar (Jaggery) -- Picture
Beetle coming out of its shell -- Picture
The worn out cap of a homeless man -- Picture
Painting of Masks -- Picture
A rural couple sitting on a cot caress each other -- Picture
A drummer and trumpeter, 18th C,1984 -- Picture
Kids of Koppikar Family -- Picture
Street scene, old hydrabad,1976 -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
A pouranik scene of Brahma, and Aditi, Sarfoji king, II C , 1825, Saraswati mahal Library,1984 -- Picture
Folk musicians, Mysore, 1985 -- Picture
Autograph of -- Picture
Kulavi Decorated with elaborate vines -- Picture
Muslim Leader Syed Ahmed Khan -- Picture
Eight armed god, Aihole, built in 450 A.D. -- Picture
Shubha sidenur in a thought-full mood, viyyali-kawal, Bangalore, 1981 -- Picture
Kairy ghat, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Unidentified portrait of a elderly person, -- Picture
Bison horn used by Maria dancers after decorating with flowers, -- Picture
She is as attractive as an actress! -- Picture
Yaksha of Kalidasa's megha-dhuta speaking to a clouds -- Picture
Button roses -- Picture
wooden buildings in the valley, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
A flying heron, From Dattaprasad terrace, 1982 -- Picture
God poses for depiction of anecdote of killing of Putani by child Krishna, 1985 -- Picture
Women Riding Horses -- Picture
Models of a rock painting -- Picture
Shopping mall at Syracuse, 1964 -- Picture
Drossy Kamat -- Picture
Friedrich Nietzsche -- Picture
-- Picture
Rhythmical dancers -- Chalukyan sculpture -- Picture
Fresco painting, Sibi, 1982 -- Picture
A Syracuse building during winter -- Picture
-- Picture
Design from the Pallu (the throw) of a sari -- Picture
Toda temple with a curved roof -- Picture
Veda Vyasa is the author of "Mahabharata". -- Picture
Getting ready to make love -- Picture
Reproduction of a book of koka shastra -- Picture
Crows Gathered at a Bathing Ghat -- Picture
Saadhana kamat, Prema's daughter, 1982 -- Picture
Icon of a Lion, Chandela Dynasty -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Maya rao couple -- Picture
A hand painted ganjifa card of a elephant riding noble men, C18th century,1984 -- Picture
Indian Tricolor in a Rangoli Design -- Picture
-- Picture
A couple in Medeval times,1984 -- Picture
Autograph of Verrier Elwin -- Picture
Kannada Dramatist Adi Rangacharya (Shriranga) -- Picture
The majestic roar of the lion -- Picture
Krishnakka, Mali, bhavaji -- Picture
A lady with raised hair bun, Lepakshi -- Picture
Supplier of flowers -- Picture
Lattice work at Golkonda, Hydrabad -- Picture
-- Picture
Devdovdi tribal blowing a crude horn, 1982 -- Picture
Yawing Pelican, 1985 -- Picture
Female musician on wall painting, 1985 -- Picture
Rangoli (a.k.a.Alpana) design -- Picture
-- Picture
Kapil Dev and the 1983 World Cup -- Picture
Rough basket -- Picture
Model of dancing adivasi -- Picture
Krishna Milking a Cow -- Picture
Tribal vessels -- Picture
Queen Shantala, a dancer par excellence -- Picture
Man belonging to Grameen Gouli (rural milkman) Community -- Picture
-- Picture
Vegetables vendor -- Picture
Female musician on wall painting, 1985 -- Picture
Shiva being approached by friends of parvati on her behalf -- Picture
Mysore traditional painting in the temple, Mysore, 1985 -- Picture
Mr. G. V. Burde, Jyo's Father, 1906 to 2002 -- Picture
Narsopant Chintaman kelkar (Born August 24, Death October 14, 1947) -- Picture
Lakshminath Bezbarua -- Picture
Gururaj Joshi -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
A butterfly of rare verity -- Picture
Reproduction of a book of koka shastra -- Picture
Pandita Ramabai -- Picture
Sardar Bhagat Singh -- Picture
Marble roofs and arches of Rajasthan -- Picture
Masti Venkatesh Iyengar -- Kannada writer -- Picture
Education of a Muslim Prince -- Picture
Youngest child of Richard and Hemlin -- Picture
A lone building near forest road, Shimla,1985 -- Picture
Writer B.V. (Mama) Warerkar (Born April 27, 1883) -- Picture
Elaborately painted walls of the Daria Daulat palace -- Picture
Tenzing Norgay -- Picture
A family walks to the marketplace -- Picture
-- Picture
Nandi kolu dancers, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Portuguese Style House, Goa -- Picture
Imaginary painting of a Asharama vasi, woman at a hermitage, Jha's painting -- Picture
Building in NY., 1964 -- Picture
Rangoli design -- Picture
Map of Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Ramprasad Bismil -- freedom fighter -- Picture
Pelican in Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
Railway Tracks Over a Bridge -- Picture
Gowda readying a cock for fight, Gunavante, 1982 -- Picture
Antelope in the Zoo, 1985 -- Picture
Excavation Site -- Picture
Rock paintings, Deer with long horn, Pikkihal, Raichur dist., 1982 -- Picture
Ardha-Narishwara -- Picture
-- Picture
Adivasi passels and martal -- Picture
Ganesh -- Picture
A city view in US -- Picture
The sales at times depend upon the sellers looks! -- Picture
Photographer V.N. O'key -- Picture
A traditional Indian lamp, 1993 -- Picture
A gonda family of Chindawada-I -- Picture
A chandelier in a Ooty hotel tamilazam. -- Picture
A woman laborer carrying hay, Himachal pradesh, 1985 -- Picture
Portrait of Chanakya -- Picture
"A white" and "a black" could live together. -- Picture
The Seduction of Shiva -- Picture
A Pair of Whiskered Terns at Ranganatittu -- Picture
Various dance poses of Vaani dorey swamy, 1985 -- Picture
The face of poverty -- Picture
Head ornament -- Picture
"I cannot face the photographers glances." -- Picture
Brahma Jinalaya (shrine) of Lakkundi -- Picture
Wooden memorials, 1982 -- Picture
A lady at her vanity -- Belur -- Picture
Brick sheed, before construction, 1982 -- Picture
P. G. Halakatti -- Picture
Adivasi Shed -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Children at the feast, 1982 -- Picture
A metal sculpture depicting scene Vishnu and Eshwara linga -- Picture
A Kamat's American friend -- Picture
Part view of Sibi temple, 1982 -- Picture
-- Picture
swaying of wood in process, Collage of forestry in Syracuse, 1964 -- Picture
Collage picture of a painting foreign lady, 1980, viyaalikaval, Bangalore -- Picture
A elephant in Adilshahi painting -- Picture
Gajanan L. Kamat -- Picture
A Couple in Coitus -- Picture
Rangoli design -- Picture
Woman Giving Alms -- Picture
-- Picture
heron about to fly, 1983 -- Picture
A female Torso, 1985 -- Picture
A Conch -- Picture
Bangles -- Picture
Jyo in sari painted by Kamat, Vishwa kannada exhibition, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Yellow flowers -- Picture
"My hair has turned gray prematurely, sir." -- Picture
Queen Shantala's mother Machikabbe -- Picture
A Pond Heron (Ardeola grayii) -- Picture
Indian water buffalo -- Picture
The Phallus: Facts and Fallacies -- Picture
Autograph of -- Picture
Muria Dancers -- Picture
Tribal memorial for a hero(stone), 1982 -- Picture
Dr. Vijaya subbaraju of Ela publication, 1982 -- Picture
Sculpture of a deity unidentified, 1985 -- Picture
Darters, Ranganatittu, 1985 -- Picture
The tiger of Mysore -- Tippu Sultan Sahib -- Picture
The Bougainvillea Flower -- Picture
Cowries band -- Picture
Dancing Ganesha, 1985 -- Picture
Flower Seller -- Picture
Bamboo bell -- Picture
A halakki gowdati at her hut, with coconut leafs mat, Gunavante, 1982 -- Picture
Himalayan Children -- Picture
Three apsaras, 1985 -- Picture
A Rajput soldier, with a javelin, 1982 -- Picture
A horned artifact around flowers -- Picture
-- Picture
A flying heron, From Dattaprasad terrace, 1982 -- Picture
Folk dancers at Vishwakannada sammelana, 1985 -- Picture
Sri Mahadev Desai, (Born 1892; Death August 15, 1942) -- Picture
An Advertisement of the Phoenix Saree Company, 1940s -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Gowdati carrying a coir ropes, 1982 -- Picture
A female deity with a strap bra, 1985 -- Picture
Indian Fetish -- Picture
Anupama Niranjan -- Kannada writer -- Picture
Reproduction of a book of koka shastra -- Picture
A tribal kid -- Picture
Erotic painting, Sibi, 1982 -- Picture
-- Picture
The "Half-Saree" -- Picture
India gets the telephone (phone romance) -- Picture
Erotic painting, Sibi, 1982 -- Picture
A horse feeding on the road, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Dr. Goutham's wife, Himachal pradesh, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Pictures of an Himalayan Peak -- Picture
Women watching through telescope form the top of the buildings, horse troops being watched, 19th C -- Picture
-- Picture
Man in coitus with a working woman -- Picture
-- Picture
A Muslim kazi from Honnawar -- Picture
Laborer, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Woman Artist -- a watercolor by K. L. Kamat -- Picture
Jyo, Vik, Krish, Mali, Bhavaji at Vodageri, 1976 -- Picture
Icon Maha Vishnu, Temple of Goa -- Picture
Temple under construction, Goa, 1986 -- Picture
Epigraphist S.R. Ritti -- Picture
Open bill stark, Ranganatittu, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Autograph of -- Picture
Memorial stones for the dead, 1982 -- Picture
-- Picture
Railway yard, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Chindawada village scene -- Picture
A Tanga Carrying Sugarcanes -- Picture
Portico of Narasimhaswamy Temple, Sibi, 1982 -- Picture
Pelican in lake, Mysore Zoo, 1985 -- Picture
A gourd vessel -- Picture
Percy Bysshe Shelley, (Bron August 4, 1792; Death July 8, 1822) -- Picture
Fishemen and Boats at Harbor -- Picture
Leather Puppet of a Woman holding Sweets (Laddu) -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
A dhud sagar fall on way to Goa -- Picture
Memorial of a devotee, Mudukutore, 1985 -- Picture
A neighbor of Sidenur's, Viyyali kaval, Bangalore, 1980 -- Picture
Equestrian portrait of Chatrapati Shivaji by artist Mir Mohammad, C17th century, Deccani school, 1984 -- Picture
Light-hearted person -- Picture
Kamadhenu, the heavenly cow, provider of anything one asks for -- Picture
Left is female entertainer with a bird, right is musician with a stringed instruments, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Sibi painting, insisters of Nallappa, Sibi, 1982 -- Picture
Brother and sister, Kids, Bangalore -- Picture
Hindu Gods -- Picture
Migratory seagulls having a happy time -- Picture
A red flowered verity of Syracuse -- Picture
A view from Golkonda fort, Hydrabad -- Picture
An attendant liquor jar, Mysore, 1985 -- Picture
J. Krishnamurti -- Picture
Learned to wear a necktie in USA, 1962. -- Picture
G. B. Joshi and C. R. Rao at Datta-prasad house, 1982 -- Picture
Tribal Woman, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Couple on a swing grows intimate with each other -- Picture
Reproduction of a book of koka shastra -- Picture
A Close-up of Bullocks -- Picture
-- Picture
Anklets -- Picture
Chandigarh -- Picture
Halakki Gowdatis in Synchronized Rice Pounding -- Picture
Under ground arch, -- Picture
Manjula shanbhag and Nirmala shanbhag, brides, 1983 -- Picture
Jain Teerthankar (sage) with seven hooded cobra -- Picture
-- Picture
Krishna -- Picture
Bamboo house hold article -- Picture
-- Picture
Shurpanakhi Asks for Rama's Love -- Picture
A Veerabhadra dancers wielding surd from North-Karnataka, 1985 -- Picture
When Lord Ganesh Reincarnated as Knolkol -- Picture
Folk artist at Vishwa kannada sammelana, 1985 -- Picture
A pineapple, ripe to eat -- Picture
Ornamented pillars inside a building,1984 -- Picture
Shaku Bai - A Lady Saint of India -- Picture
Men of Konkani family with latest family possession (the bicycle) -- Picture
Sarojini Naidu -- Picture
Red lichen on green leaf -- Picture
-- Picture
Krishna nanda Kamat -- Picture
Distribution of the Holy Water -- Picture
Bom Jesus Church, Goa -- Picture
Painting in a church -- Picture
A Medieval Man Wearing a Stitched Headgear -- Picture
A housewife selling flowers for extra earnings. -- Picture
Starks watching their brood, 1985 -- Picture
Idol of Goddess Lakshmi -- Picture
Muslim Lady of Herangadi -- Picture
Head decoration ? -- Picture
Horse dancer in procession, Mysore, 1985 -- Picture
A family stops to see how far they still have to walk -- Picture
Man dressed like a woman, Dancers, 1985 -- Picture
Karaga dancer, Mysore, 1985 -- Picture
Eshwara parvati,1984 -- Picture
A street dancer as depicted in an ancient sculpture -- Picture
-- Picture
A toy dog face in sidenur's house, viyyali kawal, Bangalore, 1981 -- Picture
Horse dance, 1985 -- Picture
Poster in Hydrabad,1976 -- Picture
Mahatma Gandhi from a popular Picture Postcard -- Picture
An agricultural tool -- Picture
Tribal division map of bustar dist. -- Picture
-- Picture
A complicated Rangoli pattern -- Picture
A elephant rider with a soldiers -- Picture
-- Picture
Potato seller on bicycle, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Snake charmer playing instrument carving on teru, balegadde, Near Murudeshwara, 1982 -- Picture
Manmatha Shooting Arrow of Love from 'Gajanaari' -- Picture
Photo copy of a palm-leaf, 17th century,1984 -- Picture
Typical House in Mangalore -- Picture
"I'm tired as a ripe mango" -- Picture
Ganapati Eats Modak -- Picture
Man being assisted by two women to wash long hair -- Picture
Remains of Salient Augustine church in Goa, 1986 -- Picture
Minaret, Hydrabad,1976 -- Picture
Allauddin Khan -- Picture
Presence of smiling Gana indicates that Shiva and Uma are in a gay mood -- Picture
Tree cutting process in US -- Picture
-- Picture
Offering prayers with music, West Bengal -- Picture
-- Picture
Cheetah is a grassland animal and it hunts during the day -- Picture
Campus scene US, 1964 -- Picture
Padukas -- Picture
Waiting tourist, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Wooden tribal Memorials, 1982 -- Picture
The priest advising about Vatu's duties -- Picture
She has to sweep roads and foot paths -- Picture
A Street in Chindawada -- Picture
-- Picture
Shankaracharya, the great reformer of Hinduism -- Picture
Korku mruthyu stamba, -- Picture
Plucking a Thorn -- Picture
Arches inside Dariya Daulat Palace. -- Picture
Antelopes and battle scenes in prehistoric painting, Piklihal, Raichur dist., 1982 -- Picture
A princes with attendance, Pahadi painting, 18th C, 1982 -- Picture
Ravana in Sibi painting, 1982 -- Picture
Love god Manmatha on Ashwa naari, Mysore, 1985 -- Picture
Brahmin Understudy -- Picture
Rose -- Picture
Sanchi -- Picture
The head priest of Ganesh temple. -- Picture
-- Picture
A victory tunnel, Simla, 1985 -- Picture
A tribal memorial stone on a horse of a hero, 1982 -- Picture
Duel of Rawana and Sugreeva -- Picture
Masked folk dancers, 1985 -- Picture
K. Srinivas Pai and Wife Padmavati Pai -- Picture
Rangoli design -- Picture
Metallic Betelnut Cracker -- Picture
K.L.Kamat in Cubbon park, 1987 -- Picture
Dance head ornament of Maria's -- Picture
Detail of Mahishasura Mardini -- Picture
-- Picture
Memorial stone for the women who died in pregnancy, South Gujarat, 1982 -- Picture
Dr. V. K. Gokak. Jnanapeetha awarded winner. -- Picture
A noble man riding a horse,1984 -- Picture
A Gonda girl from abujamad at bustar, 1976 -- Picture
Pani-puri Vendor New Delhi -- Picture
-- Picture
A market square in Mysore, 1985 -- Picture
Making love on a comfortable bed, pillow and bed-spread
Shiva tandava in Mysore traditional style, 1985 -- Picture
A respectable konkani Muslim -- Picture
Mrs. Mukta Ventakesh -- Picture
Sri C. Subramania Bharati, (Born 11-12-1882, Death 11-9-1921) -- Picture
Reproduction of a book of koka shastra -- Picture
"I don't think I will able to keep this city clean." -- Picture
Painting -- Rabindranath Tagore -- poet, writer, educator -- Picture
Portrait of N.S. Hardikar -- Picture
-- Picture
A blooming rose -- Picture
RK Jha's Painting, Women in garden -- Picture
Entrance to Indian Institute of Advance Study, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Tagour centenary hall of Hydrabad, "Ravindra Bharati",1976 -- Picture
Adivasi Appliance -- Picture
Admonishing of Laxman -- Picture
A memorial stone for a pregnant woman who died, Chodhri tribe, South Gujarat, 1982 -- Picture
Artist Kaushel, Chindawada, Kirthy lodge -- Picture
-- Picture
A Rangoli formed with joining dots -- Picture
Rock paintings -- Picture
Flowers of Mysore -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
One who likes to be wooed -- Picture
Masti stone with frills of the sari, 1982 -- Picture
Battle scene depicting fight with arrows, horse and elephant fight -- Picture
A resting laborer, 1985 -- Picture
A charpoy of tree bark -- Picture
Two women at the Somanath temple, Somanathapur -- Picture
Deep Red rose -- Picture
A lady, Vishwa kannada Exhibition -- Picture
Cover of "Na Kanda Karnataka" Book -- Picture
Divine love. A Gana (follower) helps his master Shiva get intimate with his lover -- Picture
Prema ratnakar -- Picture
She sells both flowers and fruits. -- Picture
Himalayan Vegetables -- Picture
Gate of the palace of Adilshahi kings, 1986 -- Picture
Jyo. With Madan's Family, 1985 -- Picture
A small flower, 1985 -- Picture
Somana kunita, in Vishwa kannada exhibition, 1985 -- Picture
P. A. Nayak -- Picture
Model of a old man -- Picture
Tusker on way to Bandipur century, 1980 -- Picture
Uma-Maheshwara -- Picture
Carving on a Chariot (Teru), Hidugunji, 1982 -- Picture
-- Picture
Tala-Vadyagara -- Picture
Smt. Shanta kaykini, mother of Jayant kaykini -- Picture
Reproduction of a book of koka shastra -- Picture
Kamat after his Doctorate in 1965 -- Picture
"I may be poor in finance, but not in looks!" -- Picture
Fearsome Goddess -- Picture
New plantations in forest region, Simla, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Vaani Doreswamy, Bharatanatyam dancer, 1985 -- Picture
A Three Headed Mythological Figure Rides a Lion -- Picture
-- Picture
An American couple, Kamat's friend, 1964 -- Picture
HIPA building, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Andal - A Lady Saint of South India -- Picture
Mahalasa Temple, Goa -- Picture
A shy and laughing gonda woman -- Picture
Reproduction of a book of koka shastra -- Picture
Hero stone, -- Picture
Bamboo kitchen equipment -- Picture
Two on a swing. -- Picture
Lajja Gowri with Lotus Face -- Picture
Professor and friends in Forest research station, Syracuse -- Picture
Some pretend that they are unmoved by his appeal. -- Picture
Women in Embrace -- Picture
A bamboo pot holder -- Picture
A palm leaf painting of sangrahani sutra, from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, 7th C, 1982 -- Picture
Shubha Sidenur in a laughing mood, , 1980, viyaalikaval, Bangalore -- Picture
Kinnal art, Decorated stool of kinnal art -- Picture
Church of St. Augustine, Goa -- Picture
Adivasi necklaces -- Picture
Woman Stops to Smell Flowers -- Picture
A small plant with a flower, 1985 -- Picture
Krishnamurthy shanbhag,1983 -- Picture
A Merchant Ship (machwa) from old Honavar -- Picture
-- Picture
Late Mr.. Natarajan. Maya rao's husband -- Picture
A smiling Asha sidenur, Viyyali-kawal, Bangalore, 1980 -- Picture
-- Picture
Dance ornament of Maria -- Picture
A gonda tribal modal -- Picture
Helpless grandmas join the rag-picker group -- Picture
Dr. Goutham's grand son, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Gorur Ramaswamy, humor writer -- Picture
A grama devata of Goa probably Betala, (To be identified) -- Picture
Pole Decoration -- Picture
Veeranna's Kulavi -- illustration based on a Lepakshi temple mural -- Picture
An image of Pancha Parameshti -- Picture
-- Picture
A Owl, 1984 -- Picture
Jyo. with Dr. Leela Shantakumar, 1985 -- Picture
Honavar harbor from a distance -- Picture
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar -- Picture
Rose -- Picture
-- Picture
Painter Rudra kumar Jha at work -- Picture
-- Picture
"Take Home Some Flowers" -- Picture
The Seven Hooded Cobra, Kalinga -- Picture
One Woman, Two Men -- Picture
A bust of female figues, roman resemblance found in Kanauj, 1982 -- Picture
A yellow Dahlia -- Picture
A scene in church surrounding, Goa -- Picture
Tribal lamp -- Picture
Worrier on horse back, recopy of a painting,1984 -- Picture
Painted stork, Mycteria Leucicephala -- Picture
Sunrise on lake, Syracuse, 1964 -- Picture
Rider on a decorated elephant, 1985 -- Picture
Bear on hindlegs, Indian bear, Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
A Carpetcity store, in America -- Picture
Various dance poses of Vaani dorey swamy, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Lord Shiva With a Drinking Bowl -- Picture
Tribal paintings -- Picture
-- Picture
Shakti Goddess -- Picture
Dozy cat, 1982 -- Picture
Dr. Sen gupta and Madan, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Geetopadehsha. -- Picture
A scene of cock fighting -- Picture
Hijada party dancing, 1985 -- Picture
Saint Tulasidas Writing His Masterpiece Ramacharitamanas -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
A Maratha gentle man, 18th century,1984 -- Picture
Mother and child painting,1984 -- Picture
Himalayan ramp, Himachal pradesh, 1985 -- Picture
Kamat in His Lab, Photographed by a Customer -- Picture
Gopuram of the temple Hidugunji, 1982 -- Picture
B. Venkatacharya (?) -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Bhil ornament -- Picture
Handmade transportation boats parked at Honavar Harbor -- Picture
A rural scene on way to goa -- Picture
Reproduction of a book of koka shastra -- Picture
Two minarets of charminor, Hydrabad,1976 -- Picture
Flower Seller -- Picture
Bricks carried by a laborer, 1985 -- Picture
Kamat clicking a distant photograph, 1984 -- Picture
Late Mr. A. M. Annigeri at lunch time, Mysore, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Mali, bhavaji and Manjula at Vadageri -- Picture
Himalayan flowers, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Flower plants in a nursery -- Picture
Water being transported in a camel cart, Rajasthan -- Picture
Model of a Adivasi woman going for work -- Picture
A gowda from gunavante. -- Picture
A rural vista of Himachal pradesh, 1985 -- Picture
Decoration pieces of tribal dancers -- Picture
Lord Krishna -- Picture
A challenge for battle. Scene from Yakshagana -- Picture
brooding Shubha Sidenur,, 1980, viyaalikaval, Bangalore -- Picture
-- Picture
Sampati Points Towards Lanka -- Picture
Anne moree "A woman delivered thousand babies", 1982, Honnawar -- Picture
-- Picture
Hanuman Mistakes the Sun for a Fruit -- Picture
Durga on a tiger, A photocopy of a picture, 1985 -- Picture
Nagendra shanbhag, 1982 -- Picture
Hindu deity Veerabhadra -- Picture
Birth of a child -- the natural culmination of sexual activity -- Picture
West View of Lakshmidevi Temple at Dodda Gaddavalli -- Picture
Man imposes himself on an unwilling lady. -- Picture
A Hero-stone, Barsur, MP, 1982 -- Picture
Who Said Bigger is Better?! -- Picture
A head decoration for the deity, Bandi habba, Honnawar, 1974 -- Picture
Horse men carrying flag,1984 -- Picture
A curving railway track near Simla, 1985 -- Picture
Making Love -- Picture
A ready-made Christmas tree, 1964 -- Picture
Bird eggs, 1982 -- Picture
Sardar Bhagat Singh -- Picture
Jyotsna Kamat In Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Jaivant kantu's daughter cleaning rice, 1982 -- Picture
Minerals, -- Picture
White flowers Syracuse garden, 1963 -- Picture
-- Picture
Beetle verity -- Picture
Toe ring -- Picture
Precession of folk-artists, Uttara kannada sahitya sammelana, 1997 -- Picture
N. K. Kulkarni -- Picture
Cocks ready to Fight -- Picture
A female tribal laborer, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Working women laborer from Honnawar -- Picture
A small flowers for kamat article, Dwarfs of flower world, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Hero stones , verandas of Tribal museum -- Picture
-- Picture
Heron in Ranganatittu, 1985 -- Picture
A Muslim gentle-men on a ornamented horse, 1982 -- Picture
Adivasi shows -- Picture
-- Picture
Women: as tender as the flowers themselves -- Picture
A Veergal, Archaeological museum, Golkhond, 1982 -- Picture
A tribal woman at beating rice -- Picture
A fifty rupees note, bearing no. 4DP 223701. -- Picture
A pilgrim, Himachal pradesh, 1985 -- Picture
A bag of cowry -- Picture
A church in Goa, 1986 -- Picture
Tribal women of Bastar -- the old and the young often move in groups -- Picture
A modern art. -- Picture
A hero stone, ship and sailors, 1982 -- Picture
Small Talk as Foreplay -- Picture
A hero stone in Goa museum -- Picture
Indian friends visiting Kamat, 1964 -- Picture
Man massages a lovely woman -- Bhatkal temple sculpture -- Picture
-- Picture
Himalayan Trekkers -- Picture
-- Picture
A Hut in Bandipur Forest -- Picture
A fashionable girl in 1980, Asha Sidenur, , 1980, viyaalikaval, Bangalore -- Picture
Baskets -- Picture
A models of tribal art -- Picture
Birds eye view from a aero plane -- Picture
Palia memorials, of tribal of south Gujarat, 1982 -- Picture
A kid on the rock watching sea -- Picture
Kannada Writers -- Picture
Various dance poses of Vaani dorey swamy, 1985 -- Picture
Adivasis' shows -- Picture
Zinnia flower -- Picture
-- Picture
Ganjifa card a battle scene between Garuda and Indra, while bringing Nectar from heaven, Painting of Maratha period -- Picture
Yakshagana dancers, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Beggar by choice: A Sufi fakir seeks alms on the street -- Picture
An American lady beside the rose shrub, 1964 -- Picture
The old Mysore turban meets the western suit to create a new idea of formal wear -- Picture
Decorated Bull -- Picture
Bamboo rat net -- Picture
Satyakama. A writer of "Tantric Cult." -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
R.K. Narayan is one of the foremost Indian writers -- Picture
Damaged sculpture of Pashupati natha?, Mysore, 1985 -- Picture
Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV (1902-1940). -- Picture
-- Picture
Kids with grandpa, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Partition Puppets -- Picture
A stone sculpture on a pillar -- Picture
Entomology Department building, Syracuse University, 1964 -- Picture
Bamboo craft -- Picture
Two Housewives Churning Curds -- Picture
-- Picture
Northern railway building, 1985 -- Picture
Hoysala Emperor Vishnuvardhana and His Queen Shantala -- Picture
Folk artists in procession, Kannada sahitya sammelana, Honnawar, 1997 -- Picture
Dancers at procession, 1985 -- Picture
Peacock dance, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Usha's brother with wife and Usha and B.S.Shastri, 1986 -- Picture
The Bridging of Indian Ocean -- Picture
Autumn colors, leafs of Syracuse, 1964 -- Picture
A Pair of Doors at Gumbaz Palace -- Picture
V. N. O'key and Jayantrao Tilak -- Picture
With full vigor, the couple is in coitus -- Picture
-- Picture
Outside view of Bikini beach, Miami, Florida -- Picture
Mythological figure a leather puppet -- Picture
Autograph of -- Picture
-- Picture
The man is targetting his "linga" into "yoni". -- Picture
Rhino in Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
Delegates at Archeology centenary seminar, 1985 -- Picture
A tribal hut constructed without bricks, steel or mortar -- Picture
North View of Lakshimdevi Shrine -- Picture
Tribal deer, sketch -- Picture
-- Picture
Rose, 1963, Syracuse. -- Picture
A gonda tribal -- Picture
Marble statue of Salarjung museum, Hydrabad,1976 -- Picture
White crane, Rangana tittu, 1985 -- Picture
They may also select a busy street corner. -- Picture
Reproduction of a book of koka shastra -- Picture
Around charminar,1976 -- Picture
Ibis stark at Ranganatittu, 1985 -- Picture
Tower of Mahabaleshwar Temple, Gokarn -- Picture
Mahavira in Meditation -- Picture
In the Lab, 1964 -- Picture
Returning from the marketplace -- Picture
Bangles -- Picture
Starks, Ranganatittu, 1985 -- Picture
Born in poverty, raised in poverty. -- Picture
Ailing Bahadur Shah -- Picture
Colleagues Sadar, Udayadri, MSK Prabhu, and Jyotsna Kamat -- Picture
Vidhanana sowda in Bangalore, 1987 -- Picture
Funeral -- Picture
Deepavali festival decoration -- Rangoli -- Picture
Ektari singers, folk-singers from north-Karnataka, Mysore 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Rhinoceros in Mysore Zoo -- Picture
Shiva bhirava, A stone sculpture, 1985 -- Picture
Head ornament used in Maria dances -- Picture
The couple having "Tangential" Mithuna (coitus) -- Picture
A cranes in Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
The Indian Farmer With Bullock Pulled Plough -- Picture
A small plant with a flower, 1985 -- Picture
Toy cradle -- Picture
-- Picture
Rangoli design -- Picture
A working women force -- Picture
-- Picture
Bamboo basket -- Picture
Portraiture of a king,1984 -- Picture
scenes of picture of ramparts and forts of the palace -- Picture
A plant clock in Syracuse garden, 1964 -- Picture
P. T. Usha -- Picture
A hero stone, at Bade Donger, Bastar, Dist, MP, 1977 -- Picture
Dhud sagar fall -- Picture
Reproduction of a book of koka shastra -- Picture
Vasant Kavali (1932-1988) -- Picture
-- Picture
Srinivasa raju, and Friend in kamat's house, datta-prasad house -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Statue of Mysore Maharaja, 1987 -- Picture
A colorful quilt of different pieces -- Picture
Bamboo corn holder -- Picture
butterfly on a yellow bud -- Picture
Dr. Gowrish kaykini, father of Jayanth kaykini, 1913-2002 -- Picture
-- Picture
Radhabai Padmanabh Prabhu -- Picture
A Lighted Christmas Tree -- Picture
Poornima, Manjula, Nirmala, and Sudha of BRV Shanbhag family, 1983 -- Picture
Elaborately Decorated Pillar, Badami cave -- Picture
-- Picture
Kannada writers in Kumta, 1953 sahitya sammelana, photo copy -- Picture
Tippu Sultan's tomb at Gumbaz -- Picture
Flute -- Picture
-- Picture
A Multi-storied Flat Complex -- Picture
A mule carrying the load, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Gandhi with Followers -- Picture
Newly married couple praying -- Picture
-- Picture
An Ascetic Inviting a Woman -- Picture
-- Picture
I am not a cine actress but just a flower seller! -- Picture
Bamboo basket, House hold article -- Picture
Autograph of Cricketer Vinoo Mankad -- Picture
Masked dancers, Mysore, 1985 -- Picture
Goddess Durga Punishing the Demon -- Picture
Moving into Adulthood -- Picture
Vik, Vodageri, Honnawar, 1976 -- Picture
A Hale-Belagola (old town Belagola) Basadi -- Picture
Vibha kamat, Bangalore, 1985 -- Picture
Joseph Mazzini (1805 -1872) -- Picture
Adivasi shows -- Picture
A tribal cowards, Painting of RK Jha's -- Picture
"Savitri and Satyvan" by Artist Ardhenduprasad Banerji -- Picture
Jyotsna at her office table, AIR, Bangalore, 1993 -- Picture
Vetala or Goblin at the vestibule of the Kali Shrine -- Picture
Areca Nuts being Dried -- Picture
Finger ring -- Picture
Feet ornaments -- Picture
No relief to a laborers life, 1985 -- Picture
Adivasi woman carrying water, model -- Picture
The Pushpak Aircraft -- Picture
Swami Dayanand Saraswati -- Picture
Varadaraj, sudha and their son, 1982 -- Picture
A Youngster belonging to the Gonda Tribe -- Picture
-- Picture
Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (27-6-1838 to 8-4-1894) -- Picture
-- Picture
A rural scene in Syracuse, 1964 -- Picture
Palace view through the arch, Mysore, 1985 -- Picture
Ta Ra Su. A great novelist. -- Picture
-- Picture
An forest outlet scene, of US forest services, 1964 -- Picture
-- Picture
Beetle -- Picture
Fisher women from Honnawar -- Picture
Indian Cloth Label Print -- Picture
-- Picture
Ramanand, (BRV shanbhag) Nagendra, Manjula, Nirmala, Nagendra,1983 -- Picture
-- Picture
Basavaraj sadhar, MSK Prabhu with Kamat's, 1994, At AIR studios, 1993 -- Picture
Korku Hero stone, -- Picture
sickle -- Picture
Bamboo basket -- Picture
Picture of Harapanahalli Bheemavva -- Picture
Autograph of -- Picture
-- Picture
Portrait of a nobleman, Mysore traditional painting -- Picture
The Killing of Krouncha Heron -- Picture
-- Picture
Heron landing on a tree, Clicked from Dattaprasad, 1982 -- Picture
Widow of a Mahut (Elephant Trainer) -- Picture
Night Heron on tree, From Dattaprasad terrace, 1982 -- Picture
Ducks in Mysore zoo, 1985 -- Picture
A Gunavante family, 1982 -- Picture
Folk singers from North karnataka, Mysore, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Spoon bills on a tree Ranganatittu, 1985 -- Picture
-- Picture
Old newspaper trader -- Picture
Rani Rasmani -- Picture
Toe rings -- Picture
Woman with a Decorative Fan -- Picture
Rangoli design -- Picture
Jha's painting -- Picture
-- Picture
Smiling Kulubi Housewife -- Picture
-- Picture
Exercising sportsman, Shimla, 1985 -- Picture
Elephants in procession, 1985 -- Picture
Gonda woman -- Picture
A American Academician, To be identified -- Picture
-- Picture
Carved pillar of a temple. MP, 1976 -- Picture
A badge at station directories of Madras, attended by Jyo., 1988, -- Picture
A Rock Beetle -- Picture
-- Picture
Encounter with the sweetheart -- Picture
Hariyakka -- A brave lady of Karnataka -- Picture
Cowry apparel -- Picture
A chain with tussles -- Picture
%%%%%%%%%%%%%% -- Picture
Krishna with Gopis, depicting episode from Bhagavata, 18th Century,1984 -- Picture
-- Picture
Reproduction of a book of koka shastra -- Picture
African elephant in Mysore Zoo, 1985 -- Picture
Defaced Hero-stone -- Picture
Saviyabbe of Shravanabelagola -- Picture
Pradeep -- Picture
A road to American city from top, 1964 -- Picture
Tratika or demoness, 1985 -- Picture
I am a cop who controls traffic on busy roads. -- Picture
Asha Sidenur, Viyyalikawal, Bangalore, 1980 -- Picture
Wheels of a chariot, walk yard of Sibi temple, 1982 -- Picture
An elder Muslim, with a hiskers, 1982 -- Picture
Road leading to cubbon park Library, 1987, Bangalore -- Picture
Sunshine, sea, surf, and sand -- Picture
Guru das Haladipur, 1983 -- Picture
Autograph of -- Picture

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