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Exterminator in uniform -- Picture
Ghareva Art, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Bison Horn Maria Drummer -- Picture
Tattoo of a Tribal Woman -- Picture
Senior Citizens of Malleswaram -- Picture
On way to Snake Festival -- Picture
Roasted Peanut Vendor -- Picture
Shoe Offerings to the Betal Spirit -- Picture
Social Themes Carved on Wooden Pillar -- Picture
Bride and her Best Friend -- Picture
Farm Guard House (Manchal) of Adivasis -- Picture
Landlords Walking to Farm -- Picture
Pre-historic Rock Shetlter Painting, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Wooden Memorial (?) -- Picture
Indian Woman Cleaning Rice -- Picture
Three Storied Arches of the Golkonda Fort -- Picture
Male Asiatic Lion -- Picture
Rural Connoisseur (Rasik) -- Picture
Birds from a Moghul Miniature Painting -- Picture
Rural Muslim Woman, India -- Picture
Bells of a Adivasi Dancer -- Picture
A Woman Writing Letter -- Picture
Lady with Bird -- Picture
Wooden Memorial, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Breeding Plume of an Egret -- Picture
Krishna Rajasthani Painting -- Picture
M.S. Subbulakshmi Singing at Hampi -- Picture
A Goan Woman in Marketplace -- Picture
A Vehicle Used During Election Campaign -- Picture
Cloud Bearing the Rain -- Picture
A commoner's house where a sculptured stone from a temple is used -- Picture
Fetching water from the Ganges River -- Picture
The Mushrooming Culture -- Picture
Good for Rain, Good for Sun -- Picture
"Ring Bell to Wake up God" -- Picture
Wild Flowers -- Picture
Areka Nut Cracker -- Picture
Portrait of Kamalabai Dhareshwar -- Picture
Metalic Handicrafts of Bastar -- Picture
Devotee with child on way to Nagadwara -- Picture
A Portuguese Style Bust from a Goan Museum -- Picture
Woman Laborer, Shimla -- Picture
Couple in Embrace -- Picture
Girl from Himachal, Shimla -- Picture
Indian Doll -- Picture
Overcrowded Vehicle Carrying Men and Cargo -- Picture
Fighters Depicted in an Hero-stone -- Picture
Roadside Launderer Basavaraju -- Picture
Stupa of Sanchi -- Picture
Padmanabha Teerth Swamiji -- Picture
Dancer at the Narayanpur Mela -- Picture
Sibi Painting of a Cowherd -- Picture
A Mahasati stone in Goa -- Picture
Man with Torn Umbrella -- Picture
Ghat by the Ganges River -- Picture
Woman Applying Henna -- Picture
Pandavani Singer from Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
An Umbrella for God -- Picture
Prof. M.V. Seetharamiah at his Residence -- Picture
Merchant counting money with child -- Picture
The Vatu (understudy) -- Picture
Bengali Folk Paintings -- Picture
Celestial Dancers, Detail, Mount Abu -- Picture
Hunter in the Forest with Dogs -- Picture
Erotica from Chariot Carvings -- Picture
Vehicle Worship in India -- Picture
Tattoo of a Gond woman -- Picture
Patel's Wife, Village of Bhanker -- Picture
River of Coconuts -- Picture
Walking on Burning Coals -- Picture
Adivasi Dancer -- Picture
A Widow in Mourning -- Picture
Indian Crow in Hiding -- Picture
Gond boy with Torn Shirt -- Picture
Thatched Huts -- Picture
Street Side Cobbler from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh -- Picture
Elephant in Kavi Art, Hosad Temple -- Picture
A Mosque in Goa -- Picture
Dancer at a festival procession -- Picture
Lone Tusker, Bandipur National Park -- Picture
Horse Mounted Shivaji -- Picture
Carved Gate, Mumbai -- Picture
Back from the Village Fair -- Picture
Painted Wooden Chair -- Picture
Manasa Devi (Surpent Goddess) -- Picture
K. L. Kamat in His Lab. -- Picture
Light and Shade -- Picture
Bengal Tiger -- Picture
Traditional Family -- Picture
Carvings on a Wooden Chariot -- Picture
Siddi Boy -- Picture
Konkanis Just Love Fish -- Picture
Erotica from Chariot Carvings -- Picture
Man Blowing Pungi (blow-horn) -- Picture
Bare breasted woman from a Mogul Painting -- Picture
Cascaded Arches, The Village of Mandu -- Picture
A Bathing Ghat, Banaras -- Picture
Yakshagana Artist Puts on Makeup -- Picture
K.L.Kamat's Father Laxman Kamat -- Picture
An Indian Model -- Picture
Hand Sewn Quilt Maker from Gulbarga -- Picture
Priest at Shiva Temple, Bhojpur -- Picture
Korku Tribal with his Stick Tool -- Picture
Carved Wooden Jar -- Picture
A Deity in a temple in Goa -- Picture
Jyotsna Overlooking Nilgriri Mounatins -- Picture
Warriror, Painted Leather Puppet -- Picture
Streetside Hot Puffs Vendor, Goa -- Picture
A Muslim Mystic Washes himself in the River -- Picture
Pagoda and an Old Man -- Picture
On the way to Village Marketplace -- Picture
A Young Boy at a Ghotul -- Picture
Madhya Pradesh Drummer -- Picture
Shivabhakta -- a Devotee of Lord Shiva -- Picture
A Literate Man Reads Political News to an Illterate Friend -- Picture
Women Negotiating the Price of Fish -- Picture
Temple Complex at Khajuraho -- Picture
Homeless Man Picking Lice from Child's Hair -- Picture
"Someone Give Me a Ride" -- Picture
Jyotsna Speaking at a History Convention, 1995 -- Picture
Indian Tourists at Amber Palace, Rajasthan -- Picture
String puppets waiting for their turn to perform -- Picture
Fishermen at the Market, Cochin -- Picture
Brahmin Boy with Shaven Head -- Picture
Insect or Bird? -- Picture
A Couple in Coitus -- Picture
Road Sweeper -- Picture
Picture of Vimla Sharma -- Picture
View of the Bandipur Forest -- Picture
A Student in a Tribal Educational Institution of Ghotul -- Picture
Jain Painting from Shravanabelagola -- Picture
A Woman Artist in her Shop -- Picture
Shiva and Parvati -- Picture
Grasshopper with Spread Wings -- Picture
Beggar with Drums Outside a Temple -- Picture
A Konkani Groom -- Picture
Lord Krishna's Tree at Vrindavan -- Picture
A Typical Hut, Rajasthan -- Picture
Farmer with his Bulls -- Picture
Rag Picker Boy -- Picture
Man with Two Lovers, Sibi Painting -- Picture
Tribal Beauty -- Picture
Devotees from Sibi Temple -- Picture
Preta Nritya, The Ghost Dance -- Picture
Wooden Memorial, Meghnath -- Picture
Fetching water from the Ganges River -- Picture
Madhvacharya (guru) teaching a Desciple -- Picture
Women in Silk Saris during a Wedding -- Picture
The Entrance Arch and the Flag Post -- Picture
Maleyali Shopkeeper -- Picture
Palms over Sharavati Beach -- Picture
Going to Work with Buffaloes -- Picture
Bengali Artist with his Paintings -- Picture
View of the Western (Sahyadri) Ghats and River -- Picture
Tribals Making Festival Headgear from Bamboos -- Picture
Boys Selling Oil Lamps for Deepavali -- Picture
The Fishermen of Honavar -- Picture
The Tender Hibiscus -- Picture
Sunset at Aghnashini -- Picture
Taj Mahal Hotel and the Gateway of India -- Picture
Painted Wooden Art of Kinnal -- Picture
Krishna and Radha - Wall Plate -- Picture
Eating Dinner with Hands -- Picture
The Heartbroken -- Picture
Portrait of D.R. Bendre (1896-1981) -- Picture
Man in Lungi (tucked half) Carrying Daily Catch -- Picture
Torn Shirt of a Siddi Boy -- Picture
Kamat's Dormitory in Syracuse -- Picture
Decorated Krishna -- Picture
A Battle Scene -- Picture
Painting by Ravi Varma -- Picture
Carvings on the Arch of Buddhist Stupa -- Picture
Scenic View of the Himalayas -- Picture
The Miseries of a Widow -- Picture
Collection of Wooden Padukas (Footwear) -- Picture
Santhal Kids Bathing Water-baffalos -- Picture
The Yellow Butterfly -- Picture
Krisha Playing Flute under at ree -- Picture
Big Catch -- Picture
Lord Vishnu as a Wild Boar -- Picture
Young Indian Girl -- Picture
Elephant and Riders -- Picture
Vegetable Vendor Devayya -- Picture
A Toy Horse made with Copper -- Picture
Woman Getting a Lover's Portrait Painted -- Picture
Garuda Carrying Lord Vishnu -- Picture
A Complete Panel of Erotica -- Picture
Clouds Over India -- Picture
Folk Musicians, the Village of Kavalakki -- Picture
Portrait of the Tiger Dancer -- Picture
Craftsmen at Work -- Picture
Dartar from Ranganatittu Birds Sanctuary -- Picture
Sculpture of Pots in the Rock Garden -- Picture
Teacher is teaching Sword Trickery -- Picture
Lord Shiva in Gesso Art work -- Picture
Sculpture of Elephant in Rut -- Picture
Ganges River in Varanasi -- Picture
Squatting Lion that was Royal Emblem of the Sindhia Kings -- Picture
Palace Entrance, Jaipur -- Picture
The Paan Kit -- Picture
A Doorman with Snake in Hand -- Picture
Fair visitors, Rajasthan -- Picture
K. L. Kamat in Tirathgad Forest -- Picture
Drum Vendor from Uttara Pradesh -- Picture
Bharata Natyam Dancer in a Hoysala Temple -- Picture
Mahasati Stone -- Picture
Wedding Procession (barat) -- Picture
A Construction Worker Carrying Bricks -- Picture
A Nobleman depcited in Kavi Art -- Picture
The Chandramahal Palace, Jaipur -- Picture
Eco-friendly decoration using coconut leaves -- Picture
Entrance to Temple, Goa -- Picture
Lord Shiva and Parvati Sharing a Relaximg Moment -- Picture
Long before "Kitchenmate", there was the Grinding Stone -- Picture
View of Town of Ooty -- Picture
Nomadic Colors -- Picture
Sculpture at Devara Hole near Sirsi -- Picture
Example of Hoysala Temple -- Picture
Children Getting Ready for School -- Picture
Metallic Icon of Devi -- Picture
Plant Galls on Cinamon Leaves -- Picture
Rhinoceros, Mysore Zoo -- Picture
Meat Market, Goa -- Picture
The Temple Chariot of Hegde Village -- Picture
City Palace, Jaipur -- Picture
Portrait of Raghunath Dhareshwar, Dharwad -- Picture
Matam with Zanjeer -- Picture
Fisher Woman - Painting by artist Gudigar Nagesh -- Picture
A Barefooted Mother Waiting for Children -- Picture
View of the Mountains - Himalayan Valley -- Picture
A circular decoration from ceiling -- Picture
Kannada Researcher and Writer Sham. Ba. Joshi -- Picture
Artifacts from Bastar -- Picture
Interior of a Palace -- Picture
The Honavar Harbor -- Picture
Pillared Pavilion -- Picture
Decorated Entrance to Palace, Rajasthan -- Picture
Decoated Wooden Panel -- Picture
A Wooden Carving of Cancone, Goa -- Picture
Picture of a Sadhu (Ascetic) -- Picture
Dancers on a Carved Grill, Gwalior -- Picture
Devotee in front of a Temple, Sibi -- Picture
Arati Wick Lamp -- Picture
A Mother's Love -- Picture
Maharaja's Palace, Mysore -- Picture
Girl Cleans up, The town of Honavar -- Picture
Man Selling Rangoli Ingredients -- Picture
A Temple of Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Poet Kuvempu unveiling B.M.Sri's Portrait -- Picture
Children Bathing at the Village Pond -- Picture
Woman Grinding Herbs to Make Cosmetics -- Picture
Krishna Lifts a Mountain to Shelter Cows and Women -- Picture
A Woman Artist at Work -- Picture
Brick Kiln Workers -- Picture
Women Vending Cheap Jewelry -- Picture
Wild Mushroom in Kodachadri Forest -- Picture
Statue of a Jain Teacher, Sravanabelgola. -- Picture
Abandoned Temple, Perhaps Period of Ikkeri Nayakas -- Picture
Tiksei Temple, Ladakh -- Picture
Boy Riding Toy Scooter -- Picture
Quilted Shirt of a Fakir, Plassey -- Picture
Hanuman takes Rama's Ring to Sita -- Picture
The Fishing Vessels -- Picture
Clouds Over India -- Picture
Fisherman on the Hoogley River, Kolkata -- Picture
Gowri the Maid Servant -- Picture
Alpana Ritual Art of the Halakki Tribals -- Picture
Mehboob the Knife Sharpener -- Picture
Sumati the Gorilla at the Mysore Zoo -- Picture
Anmori the village midwife -- Picture
Ghareva Handicrafts for Sale -- Picture
Buddhist Student Practices Handwriting -- Picture
Close-up of Erotic Carvings -- Picture
Artist Mukta Venkatesh -- Picture
Profile of Rama Temple featuring Kavi Art -- Picture
Brihadishwara Temple of 10th Century -- Picture
A Refugee Cooking for Child in Bengal -- Picture
Handmade Comb, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
A woman powders chalk for Rangoli -- Picture
Sahasrarjuna from a Temple Mural -- Picture
A Gondati's Tattoo -- Picture
Artifacts at a Tribal Museum, Chindwada -- Picture
Professional Cook Krishna Grinding Spicies -- Picture
Megha Doota -- Picture
Temple of Goddess Durga -- Picture
Fishing in Sharavati River -- Picture
Woman Embroidering Cloth -- Picture
Chaturmukha Brahma with Saraswati -- Picture
Dilapitated Golkonda Fort -- Picture
Girl Cleaning Scales of a Fish -- Picture
Ablutions on the ghats by the Ganges River, Varanasi -- Picture
Depcition of a Huntress -- Picture
Use of Elephants to Hunt Tigers -- Picture
Boat with kids on the Backwaters -- Picture
Three in One! -- Picture
Birds Flying Close to the River -- Picture
Farmer on way to Work with Rope & Basket -- Picture
Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir -- Picture
Elephant Riders -- Picture
Woman Spreading Poori -- Picture
Hindu Monument Preserved in an Old Goan Church -- Picture
Houseboats, Srinagar -- Picture
Tribal Beauty -- Picture
Caught in the Storm -- Picture
Red faced Goddess -- Picture
Four Handed Lord Vishnu -- Picture
Ghareva Art -- Picture
Boys Assisting in Electioneering, Bangalore -- Picture
Wind Palace, Jaipur -- Picture
On Way to Mavinkurva Island -- Picture
The Lemon Butterfly -- Picture
Girl from Manipur -- Picture
Hindu Designs around an Old Temple Door -- Picture
Shiva Parvati -- Picture
Mutilated Painting of Tumkur -- Picture
Siddi Girl from the village of Sambrani -- Picture
Complaining about respective Daughter-in-laws?! -- Picture
Ant Fight -- Picture
Fishermen Showing Off Fresh Catch of Lady Fish (Nagali) -- Picture
Woman in Printed Silk Saree -- Picture
Tea Gardens, Tamil Nadu -- Picture
Musicans in Moghul Court -- Picture
Destitute Woman -- Picture
Bride goes through ceremony called Chura and Maiya -- Picture
Kamalanath Teerth Swamiji -- Picture
Anything that Burns -- Picture
Peanut Vendor with a Child -- Picture
Tulasi Decoration and Worship -- Picture
Woman Goes to Fetch Water -- Picture
Pre-historic Rock Shelter Painting -- Picture
On the Streets of India… -- Picture
Two-year-old M group steam locomotives in Mirpur Khas shed -- Picture
Indian Jewelry -- Picture
Krishna in Jinnah Cap -- Picture
Modern Painting -- Picture
Watering the Crops -- Picture
Dancer and Temple at Mahabalipuram -- Picture
Portrait of a Shop Keeper -- Picture
Korku Tribal with his Stick Tool -- Picture
Dwarakanath Swamiji -- Picture
Holyman's Footwear -- Picture
Peacock in a North Indian Painting -- Picture
Portrait of G. V.Burde -- Picture
Beaurocrats at a Conference -- Picture
The Great Survivor -- Picture
Flower Vendor -- Picture
Sculpture of Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Softwood Tree, Shimla -- Picture
Veerashaiva Girl with Ash on Forehead -- Picture
Plant Scupluture, Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens -- Picture
Festival Decor of a Tribal Man -- Picture
Rural West Bengal -- Picture
Elderly Woman of Gramokkal Community -- Picture
Electronics Arrive at Kamat Dormitory, 1963 -- Picture
Vishnu as a Wild Boar (Varahavatar) -- Picture
Bharatanatyam Dancers -- Picture
Jnananpeetha Awardee V. K. Gokak -- Picture
Sculpted Statue of Hanuman with a Club -- Picture
Farmer at Aghnashini -- Picture
Geeta the Maid Servant -- Picture
View of the Mountains - Himalayan Valley -- Picture
Halakki Women in a Group Dance -- Picture
Looking for a Mate -- Picture
Bicycle Rickshaw, Plassey in Bengal -- Picture
Owls in Bengali Folk Painting -- Picture
The Coexistence -- Picture
Illustration of a Temple Chariot -- Picture
Portrait of M. Govind Pai -- Picture
Lord Buddha from a Sarnath temple painting -- Picture
Cows Grazing in Gundabala -- Picture
Detail from a Painted Wooden Panel -- Picture
Ganesh of Sanchi Museum -- Picture
Woman Artist at Work -- Picture
Female Door Guard -- Picture
Education of the King -- Picture
The Gopuram (tower) of a typical Southern Temple -- Picture
Red Faced (Rhesus) Monkey -- Picture
Exchaning Colors -- Picture
Temple within the Gwalior Fort -- Picture
Erotic Art from Sibi Temple -- Picture
Tourists in front of Ganga Water Vessel -- Picture
Carved Peacock on a Temple Bracket -- Picture
Pregnant Laborer, Goa -- Picture
Celestial Nymph -- Picture
Lone Tusker, Badipur National Park -- Picture
Golkonda Fort -- Picture
Sunset Over Hyderabad -- Picture
Wooden Memorial, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Villages during a festival -- Picture
Surya the Sun God -- Picture
Pandavani Folk Singer from Bhopal -- Picture
Carved Pillar Memorial -- Picture
Kirshna Lost in Romance -- Picture
Elephants in the Forest -- Picture
Ti. Nam. Shreekantaiya at Kumta -- Picture
Handsome Jawaharlal Nehru -- Picture
On the streets of India -- Picture
Carved Ventillator, Amir Palace -- Picture
Celestial Creature in Kavi Art -- Picture
Nandi the Bull -- Picture
Masturbation from a Sculpture -- Picture
Five Headed Icon of Lord Ganesh -- Picture
Santali Drummer, West Bengal -- Picture
Painted Wooden Icon of a Preacher, Old Goa -- Picture
Kamat in front of a Goan Temple, 1986 -- Picture
Snake Devours Sun to Create Solar Eclipse -- Picture
Ganesh Chaturthi Festival -- Picture
Best Friends - Jyotsna with Susheela Kulkarni -- Picture
A Model from Bangalore, 1980 -- Picture
Elephant Stables, Hampi -- Picture
Materdev Lamp -- Picture
Rajasthani Grillwork -- Picture
Carved Watermelon Kept for Sale -- Picture
View of the Mountains - Himalayan Valley -- Picture
Interior of a Palace -- Picture
Woman in her Vanity -- Picture
The Matsya Chakra - Wheel Decorated with Fish Sculpture -- Picture
A Mahasati stone in Goa -- Picture
Clouds Over India -- Picture
Three-legged Shrungi with Priest -- Picture
The Indian Monsoon -- Picture
A Door in a Cancone Temple -- Picture
Rural West Bengal -- Picture
Rawana from a Sibi Temple Painting -- Picture
Decorated Headgear of a Tribal Student -- Picture
Krishna Leela (Antics of Lord Krishna) -- Picture
Female Door Guard on the Left of the Door -- Picture
Amber Palace, Jaipur -- Picture
A Frog in the Well (Rana tigrina) -- Picture
Education of Jain Nuns -- Picture
Woman Bringing Water from Village Well -- Picture
Rajasthani School of Painting -- Picture
Tribal Woman Carrying Hay -- Picture
Meat Vendor -- Picture
A Model from Bangalore, 1980 -- Picture
Carved Cradle or Chariot of Temple Deity -- Picture
Offerings toa new couple -- Picture
Pooja (Hindu Prayer Rituals) Materials -- Picture
Butlerfalls, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Portrait of G. S. Shivarudrappa -- Picture
Handicrafts from Sandur -- Picture
A Temple of Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Prof. V. Seetaramaish -- Picture
Picture of a Shopkeeper -- Picture
Man Climbing a Coconut Tree -- Picture
Farmer Carrying Plough to the Fields -- Picture
Carrying Firewood from Forest -- Picture
Cows, Camel and People on the Street -- Picture
K. L. Kamat -- Picture
Tibetan Refugee Vending Warm Clothing -- Picture
Kamadhenu the Wish Fulfilling Cow -- Picture
Resting Egret -- Picture
Crying Baby -- Picture
Detail of the Goddess Parvati, Tamilnadu -- Picture
Village Elder -- Picture
Picture of a Widow -- Picture
Indirakanta Teerth Swamiji -- Picture
Head Wrapping Saree -- Picture
Garden Lizard Performing Ballet -- Picture
At a Bangalore Art Show -- Picture
Gate Keeper of a Konkani Temple, Goa -- Picture
Scenic Island -- Picture
A Tibetan Refugee in India -- Picture
A Sadhu at Varanasi -- Picture
Letterings Below a Hoysala Sculpture -- Picture
Stone and Wooden Houses under Himalayas -- Picture
Brahmins Bathing in a Public Tap -- Picture
Unemployed Youngsters Chatting in a Public Park -- Picture
Traditional Iyengari Lady -- Picture
Seductress with a wine glass -- Picture
Boat Heroes - Memorials Erected for Brave Seamen -- Picture
Girl Doing a Man's Job -- Picture
Tongue Piercing Ritual -- Picture
People taking an idol of Ganesh for disposal -- Picture
Konkani Girl With Fresh Catch -- Picture
Portrait of an Alms-seeker -- Picture
Chalukyan Temple Erotica from Badami -- Picture
The Motorbike has Grown Horns! -- Picture
Saint Basaveshwara -- Picture
Bengali Folk Paintings -- Picture
Craftsman from Eastern India -- Picture
The Begging Hand -- Picture
Leh Man, Ladakh -- Picture
Peacocks from a Mogul Miniature Painting -- Picture
Copper Plates of the Mahale Family -- Picture
Man Loading a Bagful of Toddy on a Donkey -- Picture
Man with a Hat Made with Coconut Sheathe -- Picture
Wood Carving -- Picture
Handicrafts from Sondur -- Picture
Dragon Fly -- Picture
Snake Charmer -- Picture
Coconut Vendor - Illustration from Sravanabelagola -- Picture
Nandi (bull) at Basawar Temple near Haliyal -- Picture
Boys selling fans made with peacock feathers on pavement -- Picture
Flower Seller -- Picture
Hedge-trimmed Sculpture, Lal Bagh -- Picture
Celestials from a Sanskrit Text -- Picture
Man Gets a Tattoo by Roadside -- Picture
Praying "Praying Mantis" -- Picture
Nude Rawana -- Picture
A Village Woman -- Picture
Man weaves coconut leaves into a carpet -- Picture
Gohasti -- Sculpture from an abandoned temple -- Picture
Preta Nritya, the Ghost Dance -- Picture
Heavy load, Bombay -- Picture
Shiva Killing an Asura, Badami Sculpture -- Picture
View of the Nilgiri Mountains, Tamil Nadu -- Picture
Women in Sarees -- Picture
Gramokkal Lady of Hebbar Hittal, 1987 -- Picture
Women in Procession -- Picture
Illiterate Sells Alphabets -- Picture
Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir. -- Picture
An Elephant in Ghareva Style Art -- Picture
Ganesh on a Carved Wooden Door -- Picture
Carvings on a Memorial of Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Tribal woman walking to weekly market place, Narayanpur -- Picture
Rain Filled Cloud -- Picture
Konkani Swamiji (Head of a sect) -- Picture
Priest of Hosad Temple -- Picture
Temple Courtyard -- Picture
Decorated Headgear of a Tribal Student -- Picture
A construction worker preparing dinner on the street -- Picture
Town of Jobner, Rajasthan -- Picture
Man on Stilts Dressed as a Horse Rider -- Picture
Ajanta painting -- Picture
Melukote Handicapped Children in Bullock Cart -- Picture
Painting in Moghal Style -- Picture

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