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Tribal Woman -- Picture
Uniformed School -- Picture
Man Worshipping a Woman's Genitalia -- Picture
Nose and Neck Ornaments of a Tribal Woman -- Picture
Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai -- Picture
Women Sowing -- Picture
Muria Tribal Dressed for Dancing -- Picture
Playful Indian Girl -- Picture
Icon of a Devi (Goddess) -- Picture
Bullock Cart Race in Progress -- Picture
Man Carrying a Tourist's Luggage and Bedding -- Picture
Decorated Idols of Satis -- Picture
A Historian's Saree -- Picture
Portrait of T.P. Kailasam -- Picture
Artifact from Chindwara Museum of Commons -- Picture
K.V.Subbanna and G.B. Joshi -- Picture
Rock Paintings -- Picture
Brooding Girl, Goa -- Picture
Carved Pillar from a Buddhist Cave -- Picture
At a Port in India -- Picture
Rudravatara - Lord Shiva in Fearsome Form -- Picture
Young Boys at Village Fair -- Picture
A Dancer with Cowrie Decorations -- Picture
A Carpenter Repairing the Temple Chariot -- Picture
Portrit of a Folk Artist from Karnataka -- Picture
Designs from a Pattadakal Temple -- Picture
Bullock Cart Race in Progress -- Picture
Banjara Mirror Craft on Cloth -- Picture
Famed Idol of Ganesh at Gokarn -- Picture
Horn with Ghareva Bell -- Picture
Softwood Forest in the Himalayan Valley -- Picture
Temple Priest Announcing Prayer Time -- Picture
Dancing Damsel -- Picture
A Bird in Flight -- Picture
A Fence Protecting Produce from Wild Animals -- Picture
Tattoos on the Arm of a Tribal Woman -- Picture
Brass Door Knob of Bibi-ka Makbara -- Picture
Tribal Woman at the Fair -- Picture
Woman Applies the Holy Dot -- Picture
A Lady Attending to her Man's Hair -- Picture
Tribal Beauty -- Picture
Muslim Elder -- Picture
White Tiger, Mysore Zoo -- Picture
Artifact from Chindwara Museum of Commons -- Picture
Ganesh in a Modern Metallic Sculpture -- Picture
Wooden Swing -- Picture
Sadhus at Play -- Picture
Paintings of Masks -- Picture
Landscape of Chotedongar -- Picture
Boy Selling Garlands -- Picture
Sculpture of Ganesh -- Picture
Portrait of an Alms Seeker -- Picture
Rag Picking Woman Wandering the City -- Picture
Daughter of the Jungle -- Picture
Head of the Family in Kavi Art -- Picture
Temple of Commons -- Picture
A Tribal Carrying his Produce to Market -- Picture
Mysore Traditional Painting -- Picture
Pakistani Girl, Karachi -- Picture
Coorgi Bride in a Saree -- Picture
Tribal Jewelry -- Picture
Villagers Walking Home -- Picture
Paintings of Masks -- Picture
Tribal Habitat -- Picture
Oriental Sculpture -- Picture
Detail from a Tumkur Wall Painting -- Picture
Handicrafts of Lambadi Tribe, Mulbagil -- Picture
Dome of an Islamic Monument -- Picture
Angry Baby -- Picture
Memorial to a Mahasati -- Picture
Wax Cast Aluminum Anklet (Paiti) in Ghareva Art, Bastar -- Picture
Meditating Buddha -- Picture
Girls Eating on a Plantain Leaf -- Picture
Christian Art, Uttara Kannada -- Picture
Jyotsna Kamat in Mysore -- Picture
Temple Sculpture, Barsur -- Picture
The Wooden Swing of the Gunuga Fortune Teller -- Picture
Women Carrying Produce to Market -- Picture
Lady with a Drinking Bowl -- Picture
Statue of Buddha -- Picture
Procession at the Bhujalia Festival -- Picture
Handicrafts of Lambadi Tribe, Mulbagil -- Picture
"And Miles to Go Before I Sleep" -- Picture
A Lizard Depicted on a Wall -- Picture
Juicing the Sugarcane -- Picture
Tribal Man with his Bow, Arrows and Baskets -- Picture
Temple-like Memorial near Gidham -- Picture
Portrait of Prof. U.R. Ananthamurthy -- Picture
Icon of Lord Vishnu -- Picture
King and his Queen Performing a Ritual for Progeny -- Picture
Portrait of Prof.V.K. Gokak -- Picture
Stupas of Sanchi -- Picture
Picture of V. G. Bhat -- Picture
Illustrations from a Residence in Tumkur -- Picture
On Way to Barsur -- Picture
View of Sharavati River Valley -- Picture
Banjara Designs -- Picture
A Jagadalpur Street -- Picture
The Twin Cars of Najanagud -- Picture
Distant View of the Chitrakuta Waterfalls -- Picture
Ganesh in a Nitch -- Picture
Wooden Bridge -- Picture
Exchange of Turmeric and Kumkum -- Picture
A Shy Dancer at Narayanpur Mela -- Picture
Ganesha at Barsur -- Picture
Implements of Prayer -- Picture
Kannada Writer Niranjan -- Picture
Gatekeeper of a Luxury Hotel -- Picture
Tribal Women Dancers -- Picture
Woman Offering Prayers -- Picture
Konkani Siblings -- Picture
Monument to an Unknown Heroine -- Picture
Sculpture of Seated Buddha at Ellora -- Picture
Ancient Marketplace on a Sanchi Stupa -- Picture
Abandoned Icons -- Picture
Mahishasura Mardini Sculpture -- Picture
Mascular Tribal Youngster -- Picture
Earthen Pots Waiting to be Filled with Liquid Sugar, The Village of Kurva -- Picture
School Going Vikas -- Picture
Carving at the footstep of Gomateshwara -- Picture
Hero-Stone Depicting Fierce Battle -- Picture
Painted Leather Puppet -- Picture
Abstract Memorials for the Dead -- Picture
A Lady Writing on Palm Leaf -- Picture
Geometrical Designs of Palm Leaf -- Picture
Artifact from Chindwara Museum of Commons -- Picture
A Carpenter at Work -- Picture
Sculpture of Goddess Bhadrakali -- Picture
A Wedding Procession at H.D. Kote -- Picture
A Large Sculpted Hero-Stone -- Picture
Five Headed Hanuman of Magali -- Picture
Tribal Deity Ganesh -- Picture
Royal Courtesan and her Pet -- Picture
Kannada Playwright and Publisher G.B. Joshi (1904-1993) -- Picture
Marble Decoration of Bibi-ka Makbara -- Picture
Woman making floral jewelry -- Picture
Woman from a Badami Sculpture -- Picture
Hairdo of Tribal Women -- Picture
Sondur -- Picture
Lady with a Kubja (Dwarf), Ellora -- Picture
Bullock Cart in Village India -- Picture
Sculpture from Elephanta -- Picture
Pioneer Shivaram Karanth -- Picture
Crowd a Village Festival -- Picture
A Tulasi Shrine at Gokarn -- Picture
Hero-Stone Erected for a Couple -- Picture
The Giant Mouse, Kurudumale Temple -- Picture
Lord Shiva and His Myriad of Arms -- Picture
Villagers at Jagadalpur Dasara -- Picture
African Indian Boy in Torn Shirt -- Picture
An Aunt and a Nephew -- Picture
Water Color Painting by Vikas Kamat -- Picture
Woman Making Bonda -- Picture
Lord Shiva of Ellora -- Picture
Old Fashioned Couple -- Picture
Portrait of Mirji Annaraya -- Picture
Coconut Grating -- Picture
Decorating the Bride -- Picture
Himalayan Forest Giving Way to Civilization -- Picture
Waterfall on Way to Narayanpur -- Picture
Temple Building, Kolar -- Picture
Standing Ganapati -- Picture
"There He Comes" -- Picture
Barsur Vinayaka -- Picture
Heroes who die heroic death are sometimes immortalized as Garuda -- Picture
Man Vending Jackfruit -- Picture
The Black Princess from Ajanta -- Picture
The Lotus Shaped Bahai Temple in New Delhi -- Picture
Traditional Wind Sail Boat of Machwa -- Picture
Men Celebrating During a Village Festival, Plassey -- Picture
Mythical Lion, Sirsi -- Picture
Amorous Couple, Wooden Sculpture -- Picture
The Sweet Smile of a Girl -- Picture
On Way to School with Mom -- Picture
A Group of Tribal Women -- Picture
A Jaina Teerthankara at Bilgi -- Picture
Cobblers are Looked Down Upon in India -- Picture
Country Boats at the Binaga Beach -- Picture
Circular Painting -- Picture
Sculpted Erotic Panel of Ballegavi Temple -- Picture
Profile of a Indian Woman -- Picture
Vikas Poses as the Flute Playing Krishna -- Picture
Man and Woman : Detail from a Hero-stone -- Picture
Bullock Cart Racing -- Picture
Tribals Bathing in a Pond -- Picture
Four Girls Giving a Dance Demonstration -- Picture
Wandering Rag Picker -- Picture
The Indian Crow -- Picture
Metallic Model of a Tribal Woman -- Picture
Picture of a Lambani Gypsy -- Picture
Village Deity -- Picture
Cave Temple Complex, Elephanta -- Picture
Performers Dressed as Mythical Characters -- Picture
Carved Decorations of a Cave Temple -- Picture
The Meditating Jina -- Picture
A Bridge Over a River -- Picture
Sculpture of Bhairava, Gokarn -- Picture
The Six Faced Deity Riding a Peacock -- Picture
A View of the Main Street -- Picture
A Performance in Progress -- Picture
How Many Women can you Fit in a Van? -- Picture
Ganesha Icon, Barsur -- Picture
The Three Faces of Lord Brahma -- Picture
Man Belonging to the Gouli Community -- Picture
Entrance to City Palace, Mysore -- Picture
A Ghareva Measuring Metal to be Melted -- Picture
A Daughter-in-law attends to her Mother-in-law -- Picture
Rural Milkmen (Grameen Goulis) Carrying Milk to the Villages -- Picture
A Youth in Dancing Costumes -- Picture
The Talkadu Temple, Talakadu -- Picture
Villages Waiting for a Bus -- Picture
Tribal Huts in Bastar District -- Picture
The Gopuram of Vidyashankar Temple, Sringeri -- Picture
Sculpted Pillar, Gokarn -- Picture
Villager on the Banks of Amdayi River -- Picture
Himachal Pradesh Woman -- Picture
Monolithic Ganesh Idol -- Picture
Gond Tribal Boy -- Picture
A Konkani Brahmin Couple -- Picture
Ceremonial Dinner Being Served -- Picture
Entrance Arch of a Cave Temple -- Picture
Sculpture of Matsyendranatha Yogi -- Picture
Portrait of P.V. Acharya (Pavem) -- Picture
To School on Daddy`s Shoulder -- Picture
Man Wearing a Festival Costume, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Jain Mythological Painting, Shravanabelagola -- Picture
Lambani Woman from Haliyal Tanda -- Picture
Interior of a Jain Basadi, Bilgi -- Picture
A African-American Boy -- Picture
Erotic Paintings of Sibi Temple -- Picture
Lone Tusker in Bandipur National Forest -- Picture
Tribal Folk Walking to Town -- Picture
On Way to Festival -- Picture
Illuminated Mysore Palace -- Picture
Elephant Carved in Redwood -- Picture
View of the Melkote Temple -- Picture
Beauty in Utility -- Picture
The Sacrificial Women -- Picture
The Elephant in Must; On the Right is Shown the Tamed Elephant -- Picture
Picking the Rice -- Picture
Artifact from Chindwara Museum of Commons -- Picture
Standing Lord Vishnu -- Picture
Geometric Designs -- Picture
Tribal Horn -- Picture
Street Children -- Picture
Towering Temple -- Picture
Six Handed Lord Shiva by G. Gnanananda -- Picture
Vasco Sea Face, Goa -- Picture
Dwarf Couple -- Picture
Memorials for the Dead on way to Gidham -- Picture
Hanuman, Laxman, and Jatayu attending to Rama -- Picture
Jain Mythological Painting, Shravanabelagola -- Picture
"There was order in the utter disorder" -- Picture
God Riding an Elephant, Goa -- Picture
A Hunting Expedition -- Picture
Mutual Help -- Picture
Royal Arches of Mysore Palace -- Picture
Buddhist Education System -- Picture
Oriental Sculptures -- Picture
Artifact from Chindwara Museum of Commons -- Picture
Helping Hands -- Picture
Ganesh Sculpture in the Field -- Picture
Portrait of Lord Shiva -- Picture
African-Indian Girl in a Saree -- Picture
An Elephant Goes to Work -- Picture
Tribal Anklets -- Picture
Khajuraho Lovers -- Picture
Woman at Worship -- Picture
Kamat's Kitchen at Camp Chindwara, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Lord Shiva and His Consort Parvati -- Picture
Father of a Hundred Sons -- Picture
Man Reads Election News -- Picture
Sculpted Panel, Sanchi -- Picture
Two Roofs -- Picture
Uma and Shiva in a Game of Love -- Picture
A Sadhu at Prayer -- Picture
Baby Artist -- Picture
Mythical Bird with Cobra in its Beak -- Picture
Costumes of a Harvest Dancer -- Picture
Lala Lajpatrai (1865-1928) -- Picture
Erotic Paintings of Sibi Temple -- Picture
Good for Rain, Good for Sun -- Picture
Dense Forest -- Picture
Dancers Take a Smoking Break -- Picture
A Sculpture from Dubella Museum -- Picture
Linga from Elephanta -- Picture
Tribal Mother and Child -- Picture
Painting from a Jain Muth, Shravanabelagola -- Picture
Artifact from Chindwara Museum of Commons -- Picture
Lord Shiva and His Trident -- Picture
The Indian Elephant, Mysore Zoo -- Picture
Painting on the Ceiling -- Picture
The Gopuram of a Southern Temple -- Picture
Tribal Women at Work -- Picture
At the Narayanpur Mela -- Picture
Wooden sculpture of Shakuntala at Kanwa's Hermitage -- Picture
A Groom Getting Ready for his Wedding -- Picture
Tribal Child -- Picture
Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore -- Picture
Jyotsna with Siddamma (on left), Mysore -- Picture
Hunting Scene from Sougandhikaparinaya -- Picture
A Mosque at Mundgod -- Picture
Hindu Widow -- Picture
Artist Kamalakshi with her Painting -- Picture
Picture of a Young Girl -- Picture
Sculpture from Kailasa Temple, Ellora -- Picture
Young Brahmin Boy -- Picture
Lord Shiva as Nataraja -- Picture
Fishermen with their Boats -- Picture
Indian Girl -- Picture
Idol of Ganesh -- Picture
Tribals Resting under a Tree -- Picture
A Multifaced Deity in a Goan Temple -- Picture
The Circumambulation -- Picture
Lord Shiva and Parvati -- Picture
Clouds Over Shimla -- Picture
Sculpted Ganesh -- Picture
Lord Venkatesh and Padmavati -- Picture
The Chimpanzee Max of Mysore Zoo -- Picture
Woman Santitizing Kitchen with Cow-dung -- Picture
Lust for Learning -- Picture
A Construction Site -- Picture
Silver Jewelry of a Young Woman of Lambani Tribe -- Picture
Portrait of Kannada Researcher S. M. Joshi -- Picture
A Panel of Sculptures -- Picture
Gomateshwara of Sravanabelagola -- Picture
Lord Shiva and Parvati -- Picture
Yashoda with Infant Krishna -- Picture
Jyotsna Interviewing Actor Rajkumar -- Picture
Boats Parked at the Kasarkod Dock -- Picture
Student of Buddhism -- Picture
A View of Kashmir Valley -- Picture
Depiction of Lion -- Picture
A View of Kashmir Valley -- Picture
Laborer Transporting Cooking Gas Cylinder on His Back -- Picture
Light Weight Racing Cart -- Picture
Brahmi Inscription -- Picture
Kavi Art on a Temple Arch -- Picture
Kavi Art Panel of Jeevotham Muth, Gokarn -- Picture
Full Body Excitement of Tantric Sex -- Picture
Decorated Tribal Boy -- Picture
Picture of a Hindu Widow -- Picture
Top Strata of a Hero-stone from Sangeetapura -- Picture
Parents (on left) with Newly Married Couple -- Picture
Ishwar Linga and Bulls from a Monument -- Picture
Worship of Linga -- Picture
Krishna Kills Bakasura -- Picture
Sculpture from Exterior of a Cave, Ellora -- Picture
K. L.Kamat -- Picture
Trying an Earring -- Picture
The Chitrakuta Waterfalls -- Picture
The One Legged Washing Machine -- Picture
Painted Wodden Idol of Lord Shiva -- Picture
Circular Designs on Palm Leaf -- Picture
Sculpted Crown -- Picture
Durga Temple -- Picture
Illuminated Entrance to Mysore Palace -- Picture
Kamats Discussing Content -- Picture
Sculpture of a Devi (Goddess) -- Picture
Keeping track of Gifts -- Picture
Portrit of a Folk Artist from Karnataka -- Picture
Shy Indian Girl -- Picture
Portrait of a Siddi Girl -- Picture
Gouli Women near Yellapur, North Kanara -- Picture
Elderly Woman Recites Holy Scriptures -- Picture
Vali and Sugreeva -- Picture
Downpour of Affection -- Picture
At the Narayanpur Mela Grounds -- Picture
Siddi Girls -- Picture
Family Members of a Coppersmith Family, Herangadi -- Picture
Devotees Gathered at a Temple for Darshan -- Picture
Chavundarayana Basadi -- Picture
Crowd Gathered for Bullock Cart Racing -- Picture
Deity Riding a Chariot -- Picture
Statue of a Hindu Deity -- Picture
Jain Paintings at Ellora -- Picture
Tribal Youth Belonging to Muria Community -- Picture
Crowd Gathered for a Village Fair -- Picture
A Tribal Man Using Water from Tumba -- Picture
Toda Woman Engaged in Embroidery -- Picture
Exterior of Adinatha Temple -- Picture
Hero-stone of Bedkani, Uttara Kannada -- Picture
Tantric Fellatio -- Picture
Brihaspati, the Chief of Priests -- Picture
Staff of the Gazetteer Department at Keppa Jog -- Picture
Dasara Festival Greetings -- Picture
Portrait of a Hindu Swamiji -- Picture
Kannada Writer Anupama Niranjan -- Picture
Handicrafts of Lambadi Tribe, Mulbagil -- Picture
The Goulini at Katur -- Picture
Jyotsna Interviewing a Woman from Herangadi -- Picture
Depiction of Krishna's Life - Roof Painting, Sibi -- Picture
Villagers at the Bullock Cart Racing -- Picture
God and Goddess -- Picture
The Taj Mahal -- Picture
Portrait of Prof. Shastry -- Picture
A Bamboo Torch -- Picture
Tribal Rangoli -- Picture
A Charpai (Fourlegs) Table -- Picture
Barsur Temple -- Picture
Sadhus at Play -- Picture
Lambani (Gypsy) Woman -- Picture
Village Boys, Kolar -- Picture
Bullock Cart Race in Progress -- Picture
A View of a Chindwada Temple -- Picture
A Hero-stone depicting a battle -- Picture
A Sea Animal on Vasco Beach, Goa -- Picture
A Memorial for a Family Member -- Picture
Exchanging Thoughts -- Picture
Coconut Leaves Used for Wall and Roof of a Hut -- Picture
Teenaged Tribal Girls -- Picture
Mischievous Monkey -- Picture
A Decorated Wall of Bibi-ka Makbara -- Picture
Sculpture from Anjaneya Temple -- Picture
Tribals Camping in Jagadalpur -- Picture
Conch Seashell -- Picture
Lord Shiva Performing His Cosmic Dance of Destruction -- Picture
Cowrie Seashell -- Picture
Sculpted Hero-stone -- Picture
Carved Panel -- Picture
Ancient Means and Ways -- Picture
Temple Pillar -- Picture
At a Wedding Banquet, Honavar -- Picture
A Carpenter Repairing the Temple Chariot -- Picture
Musician Veene Jayamma -- Picture
Silver Jewelry of a Gypsy Woman -- Picture
Relaxing Couple -- Picture
Erotica of Tumkur -- Picture
Temple Building, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
View of Chindwada Bazar -- Picture
Children of the Jungle -- Picture
A Grain Storage House -- Picture
The Indian Tri-color -- Picture
Folk artist dressed as the ten headed king Rawana -- Picture
Swami Vivekananda -- Picture
Vikas Gets a Joy Ride on Krishna`s Shoulders -- Picture
Seven Headed Serpent Deity Rises -- Picture
"How many bricks can you carry?" -- Picture
Women Returning from Market -- Picture
A Devotee of Goddess Yellamma -- Picture
Heavy Pillars of a Cave Temple -- Picture
Flower Vendor, Goa -- Picture
The Jattappa Nayaka Basadi -- Picture
Five Headed Goddess -- Picture
A Typical Goan Hindu Temple -- Picture
Man Balancing Baskets on Shoulder -- Picture
A Metallic Decoration -- Picture
A Sanskrit Scholar Engrossed in Study -- Picture
Men with Drinking Bowls -- Picture
Sex in the Kitchen! -- Picture
Colors of Spring -- Picture
Woman in Preparation of Worship -- Picture
A Daughter of the Himalayas -- Picture
Mithuna Sex Act -- Picture
A Tribal Woman Outside a Government Office -- Picture
Man Embracing his Lover -- Picture
Sculpture of Veerabhadra -- Picture
Best Friends -- Picture
Woman Walks to Work - The Hill Station of Shimla -- Picture
Metallic Floral Design -- Picture
Temple Pillar on Konkan Coast -- Picture
Facial Mask used in Bandi Festival -- Picture
Portait of Masti Venkatesh Iyengar -- Picture
A Tribal Lady with a Child -- Picture
Mountain Man, Himachal Pradesh -- Picture
Tortoise in a Temple Relief -- Picture
Craftsman at Work -- Picture
A View of a Cave Complex, Elephanta -- Picture
A White Washed Building -- Picture
On Way to Work -- Picture
Pages from a Palm Leaf Manuscript -- Picture
Relaxing Participants -- Picture
Halakki Suggi Dancers -- Picture
Portrait of a Havyak Brahmin -- Picture
A View of the Himalayan Mountains -- Picture
A Pavilion at the Tibetan Camp, Mundgod -- Picture
A Woman on her way to Marketplace -- Picture

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