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Kids of Car Street, Honavar -- Picture
Dancers (?) Hand in Hand -- Picture
Folk Artist at a Cultural Meet -- Picture
Villages Crossing a Stream -- Picture
The Pani-puriwala -- Picture
Child Delivery -- Picture
Villagers Building a Giant Chariot with wood -- Picture
Picture of a Halakki Tribal Woman -- Picture
Horse Excited by Girl at Work -- Picture
Santali Tribal Woman and her Three Children -- Picture
Bird Lovers -- Picture
Social Themes Depicted in the Sculptures of Sanchi -- Picture
Picturesue Sand Dunes, Rajasthan -- Picture
A Village Woman on Way to Marketplace -- Picture
Celestial Dancer -- Picture
Alpana Paintings Outside a House -- Picture
Dilapidated Kadata Document (Paper Document) -- Picture
Maharaja's Palace, Udaipur -- Picture
Halakki Tribal Woman and Her Child -- Picture
"Can you Speak Up Please" -- Picture
Abandoned Sculptures -- Picture
Painted Face of a Kathakkali Dancer -- Picture
Kannada Writer B.G.L. Swamy -- Picture
Portrait of G.B. Joshi -- Picture
Villagers Erecting a Giant Chariot -- Picture
Ledhaki Woman -- Picture
The Carved Interior of a Jain Temple
Artist Restoring a Painting at Minakshi Temple -- Picture
The Garuda, King of Birds -- Picture
Bug and Sunflower -- Picture
Saree is worn by young and the old alike -- Picture
A Girl Showing her Henna Body Art -- Picture
Prehistoric Facials -- Picture
Cattle Fair -- Picture
Bullock and Cart, Kottayam, Kerala -- Picture
Painting of Hanuman from a Temple Wall -- Picture
A Pillar at Kailas Temple, Ellora -- Picture
Floating Vegetable Shop -- Picture
Carved Wooden Footwear -- Picture
A Proud Housewife of Halakki Tribe -- Picture
Decorative Sculpture -- Picture
A Nutcraker Styled as Yaksha-Yakshi -- Picture
Boats on Murdeshwar Beach -- Picture
Sculpted Chandela Temples Depicting Erotica -- Picture
Krishna the Mischief Monger -- Picture
Anklets of the Gond Tribe -- Picture
Picture of T.L.Kamat -- Picture
Bullock Cart Driver -- Picture
At Rama's Hermitage -- Picture
Ants at Work -- Picture
Korku Villagers Walking to a Fair -- Picture
In the Village of Tamiya -- Picture
A Coconut Climbing Professional Walking to Work -- Picture
Warriors Walking a Horse -- Picture
Village Entertainer -- Picture
Khajuraho Temples -- Picture
The Lake at Mandu -- Picture
Erotics, Barsur Temple -- Picture
Ants Trasporting Food -- Picture
Mother Changing Diapers -- Picture
Kamat and Friends Digging for Hero-stones -- Picture
A Golden Statuette of a Tirthankara -- Picture
Ready for Plucking -- Picture
At the Sage Kanva's Hermitage -- Picture
Men Riding Horses -- Picture
Statue of a Scindia King, Gwalior -- Picture
Man Transporing Water -- Picture
Prehistoric petroglyph, Central India -- Picture
Dancing Celestial -- Picture
Four Headed Ashokan Edict -- Picture
Headgear of Dancers -- Picture
Sculpture of a Vijayanagara Ruler -- Picture
Sailing in Sharavati River -- Picture
"Walking on the Express Tracks Makes the Journey Faster!" -- Picture
Piercing the Cheeks in Sacrifice -- Picture
On Way to Narayanpur Mela -- Picture
Smiling Old Man from Chindwada -- Picture
Devotees Cooking for the Durga Pooja -- Picture
Pots Being Sold at the Teru Festival -- Picture
Men Wrestling -- Picture
Apsara, a heavenly seductress in a carving -- Picture
Cave Painting from Ajanta -- Picture
The Garlic Couple -- Picture
Dancers at Narayanpur Mela -- Picture
Temple Builder Nallappa, with Relatives -- Picture
Sculpture of Buddha from Ellora -- Picture
Halakki Famer Weaving Coconut Leaflets -- Picture
Couple Making Love -- Picture
Feather Decorations of a Tribal Dancer -- Picture
Santhali Woman -- Picture
Glory of an Ancient Past -- Picture
Rock Shelter Painting from Pachmari -- Picture
Rooftops of Town of Leh, Ledakh -- Picture
Acrobatic Sex Position -- Picture
Timeline of Cave Art -- Picture
The unequal match of the termite couple -- Picture
Shravanabelagola Temple Mural -- Picture
Muslim Boy, Bhatkal -- Picture
Savage or Civilized? -- Picture
Sunset at Kasarkod Beach -- Picture
Fisherwoman -- Picture
Seduction of Sage Durvasa -- Picture
Tomb of a Lodhi King, New Delhi -- Picture
Mother and Child -- Picture
Santhali tribal kids playing in a public pump -- Picture
Man Hunting Beast -- Picture
Not a coliseum but a bangle! -- Picture
Delicious Husband! -- Picture
Man Serves Food On Organic Plates -- Picture
Sibi -- Picture
Sculpted Elephant -- Picture
A Marketplace Scene, Medieval India -- Picture
Kalibangan Seal -- Picture
The Romancing Royalty -- Picture
Fetching Water from a Pond -- Picture
Copulating Couple as an Attendant Waits -- Picture
Portrait of H.V. Savithramma -- Picture
A Typical Hut in Rural Karnataka -- Picture
Man Walks a Painted Bull to the Fair -- Picture
Jyotsna (on right) Interviewing Gangubai Hanagal -- Picture
Rama Sorrounded by Sita, Laxman and Hanuman -- Picture
Goat Riding an Elephant! -- Picture
Horse Mounted Warriors -- Picture
Memorial for a Horse Mounted Hero -- Picture
Underground Prison at Srirangapatna -- Picture
Goat Riding an Elephant -- Picture
Designs around a Window -- Picture
Fish Seller Drinking a Glass of Tea -- Picture
Medieval Marketplace -- Picture
Family of a Kadu Kuruba Tribal Community -- Picture
The "Abhaya Kallu" Stone -- Picture
Ants at Work -- Picture
Detail from a Memorial -- Picture
Decorated Metallic Horse -- Picture
One Woman Takes on Two Men -- Picture
Old Time Fashions -- Picture
Man Belonging to the Kadu Kuruba Tribe -- Picture
Casting the Net -- Picture
The Phoolgobhiwalis -- Picture
Shivaram Karanth the Genius -- Picture
Ancient Illustrated Manuscript -- Picture
Artistic Representation of Swan -- Picture
Outdoor Study! -- Picture
Shepherd with Woolen Hood (koppu) -- Picture
Fellatio -- Picture
Dubella Museum Artifact -- Picture
Young Lovers -- Picture
Tribal Boy -- Picture
Mithuna -- The Couple in Love -- Picture
Passion for Photography -- Picture
The Shwetambar (White Clad) Priests -- Picture
Crude Relief -- Picture
Camel Rides, Seaside, Bombay -- Picture
Prehistoric Petroglyph -- Picture
Silhouette of a Girl Carrying Firewood -- Picture
Kadu Kuruba Drummers -- Picture
Ancient Homosexuality? -- Picture
Konkani Christian Community -- Picture
Portrait of Ganesh V. Burde -- Picture
A Housewife Writing Letter to Husband -- Picture
Wooden Carvings on Temple Chariot -- Picture
Statue of Elephant Headed Deity Ganesh -- Picture
Artist's Depiction of Goddess Laxmi -- Picture
Portrait of Ram Vasudev Kamat -- Picture
Decorated Baskets -- Picture
Bhatkal Erotica (?) -- Picture
Barsur Temple Sculptures -- Picture
Hindu Symbolic Marriage -- Picture
Erotic Sculpures on the Chandela Temples -- Picture
Carved Temple Interior -- Picture
Crysanthemum and Bug -- Picture
The Fruit that Yields Oil! -- Picture
Fishermen Family -- Picture
The Suckling Child --Embroidered Work -- Picture
Medieval Shop in Karnataka -- Picture
Interior of Lodhi Tomb -- Picture
Necklace made with coins -- Picture
View From Doddabetta -- Picture
16th Century sculpture from Bhatkal -- Picture
Geometry on a Palm-leaf Page -- Picture
Caring for the Infants -- Picture
Tribal Wooden Memorial -- Picture
Woman Picks Rice -- Picture
Wall Painting of Hanuman in Rajasthan -- Picture
Gatekeeper Carved in Stone -- Picture
Woman Quenches the Thirst of Two Bullocks -- Picture
At a poor family's courtyard... -- Picture
Pahari Miniature Painting -- Picture
Buddhist Painting, Ajanta Caves -- Picture
Boys with Drums -- Picture
A Wall Painting from Rural India -- Picture
Catch of the Day! -- Picture
A Cave Shelter in Adamgad -- Picture
Mural of a Doorkeeper at a Temple -- Picture
Portrait of a Malabari Muslim Bridegroom -- Picture
Queen Bee Kicks Out the Lazy Husband -- Picture
Kannada Writer T.N.Srikantaiah -- Picture
Folk Musicians -- Picture
Kamat`s 1959 Remington Typewriter -- Picture
Sculpted Temple Relief -- Picture
Sunset Over Pondicherry -- Picture
Picture of King Rawana -- Picture
"That was not a pick!" -- Picture
The Mahut and His Pet -- Picture
Wall Painting Of Krishna, Bombay -- Picture
Curious Boys -- Picture
On Way tro Pachmadi -- Picture
Halakki Tribal Woman in her Hut -- Picture
A Medieval Car (Chariot) Festival -- Picture
The Kamat Couple in Ooty -- Picture
Bangles at Saraf's Shop -- Picture
Water Fetching Ritual -- Picture
Madras Museum, Tamilnadu -- Picture
Catch of the Day! -- Picture
A Santali Girl and Her Pet -- Picture
Garuda, from a temple Painting -- Picture
Sculpture on Nanjanagudu Chariot -- Picture
The Snake Charmer -- Picture
Kissing Couple, Bhatkal -- Picture
The Cock Fight -- Picture
Temple Guardians -- Picture
Amma And Gindi, Oct 16, 1975 -- Picture
Two Excited Sadhus Solicit a Tall Courtesan -- Picture
The Brahmin Understudies at the Paratgali Monestary -- Picture
Girl Carrying Gunny Bag on Her Head -- Picture
On way to Jagadalpur Dasara… -- Picture
An Important thing the Nation Builders Forgot... -- Picture
Savinirmadi - a Medieval Woman Scholar -- Picture
Depiction of Bird Catcher -- Picture
Tower of Nanjanagudu Temple -- Picture
Horse Offerings, Madurai, Tamilnadu -- Picture
Village Jewelery -- Picture
Private River -- Picture
Small Temple, Huge Guardians -- Picture
Intercaste Sex (?) -- Picture
Petroglypphs from Adamgad Cave -- Picture
Ganjifa Playing Card -- Picture
Bird resting on a Fallen Tree -- Picture
Carvings on wooden car (chariot) in Pattadakal -- Picture
Hunter with the catch of the day -- Picture
Artist Shuddhodhana, Mysore -- Picture
Performers at the Khajuraho Folk Festival -- Picture
Tulasi - Temple of Plant -- Picture
Pali Inscription of Sanchi -- Picture
Portrait of Kannada Poet K.S. Narasimha Swamy -- Picture
Watch Tower, Tamiya Village -- Picture
A Young Girl being helped with the Red Dot -- Picture
Mouth of a Cannon -- Picture
Duryodhana Hiding Under Water -- Picture
A man cleaning a hero-stone for study, Kurudumale -- Picture
Child with a Water Pitcher -- Picture
Rocks of Adamgad -- Picture
Prehistoric Warriors -- Picture
Activity at the Karwar Beach -- Picture
How to Fit Three in an Umbrella -- Picture
Original Manuscript of Kannada Poet Sarvajna -- Picture
Wedding without the Bride -- Picture
Shravanabelagola Temple Mural -- Picture
Warrior of Ellora -- Picture
Fishermen and their Boats -- Picture
India`s National Flag -- Picture
Painted Face of a Folk Artist -- Picture
Painting of a Lion on a Ganjifa Card -- Picture
Horse Mounted Warriors -- Picture
Muslim Pupil at an Urdu Language School -- Picture
Sibi -- Picture
Three Storied Buddhist University -- Picture
Three Thousand Years Ago in India.... -- Picture
How do the ants cross water? -- Picture
Children belonging to the Kadu Kuruba Tribe -- Picture
Sunny Day! -- Picture
Suckling Krishna -- Picture
Nanjanagudu Temple Complex -- Picture
Man Punishes Wife's Lover -- Picture
Idol of Lord Ganesh -- Picture
Prehistoric Doctor -- Picture
Jewelry of the Gond Tribe -- Picture
Yaksha - Yakshi (Celestials) -- Picture
On the way to Melukote temple -- Picture
A Typical Temple in South India -- Picture
A Beauty of the Hoysala Period -- Picture
The Happy Couple -- Picture
Jain Architecture, Thar Desert, Rajasthan -- Picture
Boy Vikas with Veena Maestro Doraiswamy Iyengar (1980) -- Picture
Sculpture of Shiva and Parwati -- Picture
Monkeys Engaged in Reproduction -- Picture
The Incredible Horse -- Picture
Ants at Work -- Picture
Yes. Indian Women can Operate the Gun! -- Picture
Man Cleans Fishing Net -- Picture
The Female of the Tribe -- Picture
Monsoon in Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
The Supporting Pillar of a Cave Temple -- Picture
Carvings of Celestials, Ajanta -- Picture
Jyotsna with Kuvempu (1986) -- Picture
The Original Survivor -- Picture
Marble Carving -- Picture
Girl at an Islamic School -- Picture
Santali Drummer -- Picture
"Mysore" by Shuddhodana -- Picture
The Golden Tuber -- Picture
Offerings to a Deity -- Picture
Girl Practising the Veena Instrument -- Picture
Girls Sharing an Umbrella -- Picture
A Mahuva Tree -- Picture
Painted Ganjeefa Card -- Picture
Sculpture of a Jain Ascetic -- Picture
The Murdeshwar Temple -- Picture
Clouds over Bhagirati River -- Picture
The Happy Fisherman -- Picture
A Dancing Performance -- Picture
Kannada Letterings, Hoysala Period -- Picture
Member of the Mysore Palace Staff -- Picture
Portrait of Jayalakshmi R. Srinivasan -- Picture
Fishermen with Boats -- Picture
Shravanabelagola Temple Mural -- Picture
Cousins Vikas and Pradeep Kamat -- Picture
Ants at Work -- Picture
Elephant Pulled Chariot -- Picture
Temple Inside Temple Inside Temple -- Picture
Rajput Palace, Rajasthan -- Picture
The Car Festival of Kolegadde Village -- Picture
The King Gets a Tiger -- Picture
Hoysala Style Gatekeeper -- Picture
Halakki Gowdati -- Picture
Sculpted Temple Entrance, Nanjanagud -- Picture
Idols of Jain Teerthankars -- Picture
Folk Artists at a Cultural Meet -- Picture
Temple Structures, Khajuraho -- Picture
Horse Gets Excited by a Woman -- Picture
Elephants and Trainers -- Picture
Sadhu and the Maidens -- Picture
Mr. Koulagi and his Jeep -- Picture
Divine Lovers -- Picture
Mithuna Lovers -- Picture
Dueling Noblemen -- Picture
The Kailas Cave Temple, Ellora -- Picture
Caring for the Infants -- Picture
Wall Painting from a Jain Monastery, Shravanabelagola -- Picture
Girl Plays with a Yo-yo -- Picture
Members of a Hindu Joint Family -- Picture
Portrait of -- Picture
A Courier Paying Obeyance -- Picture
Hunting Boar -- Picture
Decorated Basket -- Picture
Members of a Havyaka Brahmin Family -- Picture
Way to Nanjanagudu -- Picture
Mythical Figures -- Picture
Elderly Indian Man -- Picture
Tomb of the Most Unpopular Moghul -- Picture
Portrait of Kamalabai Dhareshwar -- Picture
The Warriors -- Picture
At the Cotton Market -- Picture
Folk Artist at a Cultural Meet -- Picture
Entrance to a Temple -- Picture
Bangles with Latch -- Picture
Sculpture of Sitting Lord Shiva -- Picture
Tribal Woman with Child -- Picture
Crybaby -- Picture
"I can't bear all that noise" -- Picture
Kavi Art Mural -- Picture
Ancient Illustrated Manuscript -- Picture
Portrait of Vyasaraya Ballala -- Picture
The Fruit of Rama -- Picture
The Love Knot -- Picture
Bodhisatwas of Ajanta -- Picture
Agricultural Laborer in front of his Residence -- Picture
Folk Artists -- Picture
Abandoned Wheels -- Picture
Temple Chariot, Tiruparankundram -- Picture
Village Boys -- Picture
Folk Artists at a Cultural Meet -- Picture
A Golden Statuette of a Tirthankara -- Picture
Ganjifa Playing Cards -- Picture
Boy with Empty Biscuit Boxes -- Picture
Wall Painting from Shravanabelagola -- Picture
Detail from a Memorial -- Picture
"Sacred Area. Keep Out" -- Picture
Wall Painting, Crafts Museum -- Picture
The One Legged Typist -- Picture
Monkey Eating Jackfruit -- Picture
Homeward Bound -- Picture
Folk Artists at Mysore -- Picture
Early Morning Romance -- Picture
The Village Cobbler -- Picture
Carts and Chariots -- Picture
Protection from Rain, Protection from Creditors! -- Picture
An Inscription from Shravanabelagola -- Picture
A Boat in Bhagirathi River -- Picture
Bracket Figures of Khajuraho -- Picture
The Bride from Coorg (Kodagu) -- Picture
Girl Preparing for Puja (worship) -- Picture
Lord Shiva, Kailas Temple -- Picture
Meghadoota -- The Clouds as Messangers of Love -- Picture
Picture of a Fisherwoman -- Picture
And No Place to Keep his Foot! -- Picture
Palace of Praveer Chandra Bhanj Deo -- Picture
Couple Engaged in a Game of Love -- Picture
Paintings on a Temple -- Picture
Hard Working Laborers -- Picture
Lodhi Tombs, Delhi -- Picture
Savage or Civilized? -- Picture
Narayanpur Mela -- Picture
Crying Baby -- Picture
A Kadu Kuruba Tribal Woman with Child -- Picture
Support for Weak Coconut Tree -- Picture
Chariot Festival -- Picture
Kamat in the Field -- Picture
Ants Building a Leaf Building -- Picture
Sculpture at the Kolaramma Temple -- Picture
Man Belonging to the Korku Tribe -- Picture
Man Irrigating Farmland -- Picture
The Yellow Fruit -- Picture
Romance of Lord Vishnu and Wife Laxmi -- Picture
Man Cajoles Woman into Making Love -- Picture
Kissing Couple -- Picture
Capital Chaos -- Picture
Statue of Ugra-Narasimha -- Picture
Hemis Monastery, Ledakh -- Picture
Mythological Illustrations -- Picture
Man's First Shelter -- Picture
Medieval Glory -- Picture
A House in a Coconut Farm -- Picture
Doorway of a Home in Jaisalmer -- Picture
Wall Painting in a Jain Monestary, Shravanabelagola -- Picture
Folk Dancer at Folk Festival -- Picture
Wrestlers -- Picture
Kailas Temple, Ellora -- Picture
Bathing Ghats, Ganges River, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh -- Picture
Painted Ganjeefa Card -- Picture
The Kathakkali Mask, Kerala -- Picture
Handle of an Ancient Sword -- Picture
Woman Rests on the way to Pilgrimage -- Picture
At a Weekly Marketplace -- Picture
Ancient Buddhist Stupa -- Picture
Elaborately Decorated Entrance to Temple -- Picture
A Potter`s Best Friend -- Picture
Lion Attacking an Elephant -- Picture
Sibi -- Picture
Rural Temple, Tamilnadu -- Picture
Farewell to a Princess -- Picture
Kannada Dramatist Sriranga -- Picture
Butterfly Suckling Nectar -- Picture
Tribal Deities -- Picture
Flowers in Bloom -- Picture
Chandramahal Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan -- Picture
Shravanabelagola Temple Mural -- Picture
Harappan Seals -- Picture
Tribal Woman of Gramokkal Community in Traditional Saree -- Picture
Three Legged Devotee Bhringi -- Picture
Kamat Photographing Waves at Karwar -- Picture
Shiva and Parwati -- Picture
Remnants of a Glorious Past -- Picture
Kadata -- Handmade Blackboards -- Picture
Pond Fishing -- Picture
Mahasatis of Sodigadde -- Picture
Carved Idols -- Picture
The Dense Vindhya Forest of Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
The Music Orchetsra -- Picture
All Night Long Festivities of the Kuruba Tribe -- Picture
" One Umbrella is Enough. Let me Fold Mine" -- Picture
"Yes. You Can Ride a Scooter in a Saree!" -- Picture
Facade of a Grand House -- Picture
Village of Plassey -- Picture
The Children of Soil -- Picture
Jenu-kuruba Tribals -- Picture
Wall Painting of Horses, Gujarat -- Picture
Woman Carrying Firewood from Forest -- Picture
Bullock Festival, Madurai, Tamilnadu -- Picture
Nobleman Accompanied by a Servant -- Picture
Village Deity, Madurai, Tamilnadu -- Picture
An Associate of Kamat Inside a Sravanabelgola Monastery -- Picture
Letters on a Buddhist Inscription, Sanchi -- Picture
Sakamma Temple Comples -- Picture
Mountain Pass, Kashmir -- Picture
Lady Puts on Makeup -- Picture
Architecture of a Mosque, Bhatkal -- Picture
Tribal Farm Help -- Picture
Girl Pupils at an Islamic School -- Picture
The Garuda, King of Birds -- Picture
Picture of a Warrior with a Crown -- Picture
Jinas sculpted on the Ventillator (Jalandhra) -- Picture
Islamic Students at a School -- Picture
A Santali Kitchen -- Picture
Statue of Lord Vishnu as The Boar -- Picture
View from the Temple, Anjadeev -- Picture
Tribals Gathered for Dance Festivities -- Picture
Folk Artists at a Cultural Meet -- Picture
Followers of Lord Shiva -- Picture
Village Deity, Tamilnadu -- Picture
Homeward Bound -- Picture
Performer Dressed as Lord Rama -- Picture
Woman in Skirt with Bow -- Picture
Veena Lessons -- Picture
Ivory Inlay Art Work -- Picture
Armenian Church -- Picture
Stone Image, Pandya Period, Madurai, Tamilnadu -- Picture
Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh -- Picture
Man Operates a Wheel -- Picture
The Battle of Ramayana -- Picture
Tribal Musician -- Picture
Halakki Farmers at Harvest -- Picture
Islamic Elders of Bhatkal -- Picture
Fisherman -- Picture
Musician -- Picture
The Hunting Dogs -- Picture
The Migration (?) -- Picture
Members of a Halakki Household -- Picture
Ants at Work -- Picture
Carved Temple Pillar -- Picture
Men Selling Sweets (Mithai) at a Village Fair -- Picture
Dilapitated Sculpture -- Picture
Boys Selling Ash Balls (Vibhuti) -- Picture
Woman Putting on a Saree -- Picture
The Towering Statue of Gomateswara -- Picture
Poet K.S. Narasimha Swamy and his Wife -- Picture
Shravanabelagola Mural -- Picture
Ragpickers on the Streets of Bangalore -- Picture
A Wedding Reception in Progress -- Picture
Detail from a Shravanabelagola temple mural -- Picture
Jute Filled Cart, Plassey -- Picture
On Murdeshwar Beach -- Picture
Choir Vendor -- Picture
Woman Fetching Water at a Tank -- Picture
Arun Shourie and Satish Seth -- Picture
Santali Tribal Boy Hunting Bird with Bow and Arrow -- Picture
Gonda Tribes at the Marketplace -- Picture
Friendship of Snake and a Monkey -- Picture
Erotic Sculpures on the Chandela Temples -- Picture
Dilapitated Female Figurine -- Picture
Gonda Agricultural Workers -- Picture
Ready for Harvest -- Picture
An Inscription at Jagadalpur -- Picture
Wedding Delicacies -- Picture
Idols Erected on the Occasion of Durga Pooja Festival -- Picture
Sculpture of Gajalaxmi -- Picture
A Devotee at Ellora -- Picture
Wooden Toy, Crafts Museum, Delhi -- Picture
Design from a Sculpted Pillar -- Picture
Vikas as a model to try out a new camera -- Picture
The First Discovery of Rock Painting in India -- Picture

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