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Portrait of Vikas Kamat -- Picture
Fortune Teller -- Picture
Mandore -- Picture
Camel Cart Carrying Village Girls -- Picture
Village near Jodhpur -- Picture
African-Indian Youth -- Picture
Animal Motifs of Keladi -- Picture
Elephants Used for Visitors -- Picture
Entrance to a Temple in Banavasi -- Picture
Satyagrahis squatting on the beach to break law -- Picture
Sunset Over Minarets -- Picture
Himalayan Softwood Trees -- Picture
Garuda Fights a Snake -- Picture
Idol of Lord Ganesh -- Picture
Ritually Painted Basket and Artist -- Picture
Girls Drying Long Hair -- Picture
Towers of Hindu Temple -- Picture
When Hanuman became Old -- Picture
Carrying Water from Distance -- Picture
A River on India's Westcoast -- Picture
Indian Woman -- Picture
Udaipur, Lake Palace -- Picture
Boy with a Microscope -- Picture
Fingurine on a Ikkeri Temple -- Picture
Intimate Couple -- Picture
African-Indian Youngster -- Picture
Terra Cotta Panel -- Picture
Man Leading a Horse -- Picture
Members of a Cricket Team -- Picture
Traditional Jewelry of Havyaka Community -- Picture
The Kamat Hermitage -- Picture
A Drummer from Rural Karnataka -- Picture
Village of Keertigadde -- Picture
Woman Soliciting Customer -- Picture
Carving on a Temple Chariot -- Picture
Lake Palace, Udaipur -- Picture
Village Temple on Sharavati Coast -- Picture
Water Palace -- Picture
Lord Shiva -- Picture
Romancing Couple -- Picture
Folk Artistry on Wall -- Picture
Youth in front of Jog Falls -- Picture
Temple Tower, Srirangapatna -- Picture
Mithuna of Ikkeri -- Picture
Camel Safari, Rest Stop -- Picture
The Astronomical Observatory at Jantar Mantar -- Picture
On Way to Earth Worship -- Picture
R.H. Deshpande (1861-1931) -- Picture
Entrance decorated with geometric designs in Kavi art -- Picture
Woman belonging to Gramokkal Community -- Picture
Intricate Grill Work -- Picture
View of Winter Palace from Lake Palace -- Picture
Village Woman Fetching Water -- Picture
Temple of Mayapur -- Picture
Marble Designs from Aurangabad -- Picture
Advancing Military Regiment -- Picture
A Girl Belonging to Halbi Tribe -- Picture
Stone Artifact -- Picture
Decorated Cow at Bhujalia Festival -- Picture
Hero-stone Memorial -- Picture
Circular Design from a Palm-leaf Text -- Picture
Warrior with Dagger and Bow -- Picture
Gossipping Girls -- Picture
Decked up Bharatanatyam Dancer -- Picture
Prehistoric Warriors -- Picture
Couresan and King -- Picture
Fragments of Kavi Art -- Picture
Rajasthani Woman in Veil Carrying Child -- Picture
Jaipur, Rajasthan -- Picture
Ancient Terra Cotta Artifact -- Picture
Kavi Art Mural -- Picture
Lady Offers Delicacies to Husband -- Picture
Goddess Chamundeswari -- Picture
Elephant in a Wedding Procession -- Picture
Street as Toilets -- Picture
A Road-side Cobbler, Bangalore -- Picture
Celestial Dharani rides a Turtle -- Picture
Kashmiri Garden -- Picture
Erotica of Ikkeri -- Picture
City Palace, Udapipur -- Picture
Soldiers of Non-violence Marching to Break Law -- Picture
Janitor at Work -- Picture
Decorated Bull -- Picture
Nandi the Bull -- Picture
Facades at Painted Village -- Picture
Delapitated Mahasati Stone -- Picture
Horse Mounted Warriors -- Picture
Camel Mounted Battalion, Rajasthan -- Picture
Jaipur, Marionettes -- Picture
A Road-side Cobbler at Work -- Picture
Young Tippu Sultan Riding on an Elephant -- Picture
African-Indian Girl -- Picture
Terra Cotta Art Work -- Picture
Hanuman in Obeyance -- Picture
Man Cajoles Woman -- Picture
Kamat and a Friend (date ?, USA) -- Picture
Acrobats -- Picture
Swimming Water Buffalo -- Picture
A Nameplate of Srirangapattana -- Picture
Interior of Amir Palace -- Picture
Dance and Music in Terra Cotta Panel -- Picture
Entrance to a Temple, Bandipur -- Picture
Terra Cotta Panel -- Picture
Idol of Ganesh, Mandore -- Picture
Floating Family -- Picture
Poetess Shashikala Veerayyaswamy -- Picture
Umesh Kamat at Kamat Shop, 1990 -- Picture
Traveling Vegetable Shop -- Picture
Ash Covered Face of a Fortune Teller -- Picture
Jain Temple, Jaisalmer -- Picture
Goddess Chamundeswari -- Picture
Indonesian Beauty -- Picture
A Copyist -- Picture
Lake Palace, Udaipur -- Picture
Decorated Entrance of Banavasi Temple -- Picture
Marble Designs from Aurangabad -- Picture
Mahasati Stone -- Picture
Portal and Door of a Home -- Picture
Colorful Shoes, Jaipur -- Picture
Garbage Salvager, Bangalore -- Picture
Sougandhika Parinaya -- Picture
Rangoli Design on a Basket -- Picture
Girls at an International Party -- Picture
Dancer and the Drummer -- Picture
Terra-cotta Artist at Work -- Picture
D.R Bendre -- Picture
Jaisalmer Fort -- Picture
The Kamat Brothers -- Picture
Palm Leaf Book -- Picture
Kamat with Sister Mangala -- Picture
Marble Designs from Aurangabad -- Picture
Musicians, Terra cotta Panel -- Picture
Copulating Couple -- Picture
Muria Tribal Youngster with an Axe -- Picture
Inlay Work, Srirangapattana -- Picture
Farmer Girl with Painted Ritual Basket -- Picture
Arjuna's Chariot -- Picture
Palaces near Jaipur -- Picture
Boy Artist Sculpting a Statue of Bose -- Picture
View of Western Ghats -- Picture
Covered Temple Chariot -- Picture
Advacing Woman -- Picture
Marble Designs from Aurangabad -- Picture
Amber Fortress near Jaipur -- Picture
Sougandhika Parinaya -- Picture
Tulasidas Kamat in Kamat family Shop -- Picture
Animal Motifs and Erotica in a Temple Panel -- Picture
A Student of Bharatnatyam -- Picture
Marble Emboss Design -- Picture
Vikas in Kamat Family Cloth Shop -- Picture
Villagefolk of Hoogoppalu -- Picture
Kavi Art Mural -- Picture
Erotica of Ikkeri -- Picture
Detail from a Hase Art Artifact -- Picture
Three Faced Deity of Badami -- Picture
Banavasi Temple -- Picture
Group Sex Depicted on a Chariot -- Picture
Cowherd -- Picture
Terracota Art Panel -- Picture
Udaipur - Hindu Temple -- Picture
A Karavali River -- Picture
Expremely Wornout Memorial of a Couple -- Picture
Amar Sagar, Jain Temple -- Picture
Jaipur - Amber Palace -- Picture

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