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Annapurnaih -- Picture
A map of West Bengal -- Picture
Invitation to Goddess Laxmi -- Picture
Om Meets Mandala -- Picture
Queen of Jhansi by Mahadev Vishvanath Dhurandhar, 1927 -- Picture
G.V. Ketkar -- Picture
Misrilal Gangwal -- Picture
Ram Damam Singh Thakur -- Picture
Laxman Balwant Bhopatkar -- Picture
S. A. Brelvi -- Picture
Gokulbhai Bhatt -- Picture
The Descent of Ganga River -- Picture
Trimurti of Elephanta -- Picture
Humayun's Tomb, Delhi -- Picture
Qutb Minar, Delhi -- Picture
Planting the Meal -- Picture
Mrudula Ben A Sarabhai -- Picture
Portrait of Isherdas -- Picture
Maharani of Travancore -- Picture
Porus Mehta -- Picture
M. A. Latif -- Picture
Shamsud Deen -- Picture
S. G. Amin -- Picture
Yeshwant Prasad Hariprasad Desai -- Picture
Jaisukhlal K. Mehta -- Picture
Kasturba Gandhi -- Picture
Perin Captain -- Picture
Freda Bedi -- Picture
Keshavrao Martirao Jedhe -- Picture
Devayani Desai -- Picture
Satyavati Devi -- Picture
Sardarini Parkash Kaur -- Picture
Misrilal Gangwal -- Picture
M. A. Master -- Picture
not here -- Picture
S.A. Brelvi -- Picture
Vyas Ishwarlal Kalidas -- Picture
Dadubhai Purushottam Das Desai -- Picture
Ganga Singh -- Picture
G.V. Deshmukh -- Picture
R. Krishnamurthi -- Picture
Baba Pyare Lal Bedi -- Picture
Kasturbhai Lalbahi -- Picture
Rukmini Lakshmipati -- Picture
Walchand Hirachand -- Picture
N.C. Kelkar -- Picture
Jagadish Chunder Bose -- Picture
Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray (1861-1944) -- Picture
Rabindranath Tagore -- Picture
Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman (1888-1970) -- Picture
Indira Nehru -- Picture
Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya -- Picture
Kanuga Vijayagouri Balwantrai -- Picture
Samaldas Laxmidas Gandhi -- Picture
Tushar Kanti Ghosh -- Picture
Ratanchand Hirachand -- Picture
Krishna Nath Kaul -- Picture
Laxmibai Thuse -- Picture
M.S. Aney -- Picture
Bhulabhai J. Desai -- Picture
Birjlal Biyani -- Picture
Raja Bahadur Govindlal Shivlal Motilal -- Picture
Hassaram S. Pamnani -- Picture
K.S. Gupta -- Picture
Comrade Golak Chandra -- Picture
R. G. Gokhale -- Picture
Portrait of Dr. Bhopatkar, a Congress Leader of Sindh -- Picture
N.V. Gadgil -- Picture
Jairamdas Doulatram, Congressman from Sindh -- Picture
Sri Prakash -- Picture
S. Chopra -- Picture
L. Des Raj Mahajan -- Picture
Lala Bhagat Ram Channa -- Picture
Mahashe Krishna -- Picture
Raja Ram, a Congressman from Punjab -- Picture
M. Mota Singh Anandpuri -- Picture
Sardul Singh -- Picture
Kumar Debendra Lal Khan -- Picture
V. D. Tripathi and S.C. Bose -- Picture
Depiction of Lord Shiva as a Wandering Ascetic -- Picture
Parasaram N. Tahilramani -- Picture
Bepin Behari Verma -- Picture
R.K. Gokhale -- Picture
Sofia Khan -- Picture
Hansa Mehta -- Picture
Leelavati Kanaiyalal -- Picture
Durgabai Joshi -- Picture
Anasuyabai Kale -- Picture
Satyavati Devi -- Picture
Uma Nehru -- Picture
Brijalal Nehru -- Picture
Vijayalakshmi Pandit (1900-1990) -- Picture
S. Satyamurti -- Picture
Annie Besant -- Picture
Nagamma Patil -- Picture
P.S. Kumaraswamy Raju -- Picture
K.S. Gupta -- Picture
Narayana Singh -- Picture
-- Picture
T.S. Avinashilingam -- Picture
K. Santhanam -- Picture
C.N. Muthuranga Mudaliar -- Picture
George Joseph -- Picture
Lala Sham Lal -- Picture
Bodri Datt Pande -- Picture
Kamaladevi Chattopadhaya -- Picture
Mask of Somana Kunita -- Picture
G. V. Deshmukh -- Picture
Kannada writer Prof. B.G.L. Swamy -- Picture
Pungi Kunita -- The Dance with Blow Horn -- Picture
Mask of Somana Kunita - a close up -- Picture
The decorations of the fortune (kani) teller -- Picture
Sun dancer from Shimoga -- Picture
Bangaluru Nagartamma -- Picture
Somana Kunita the mask -- Picture
Man in Gandhi Topi -- Picture
Shankerrao Deo -- Picture
M. A. Ansari -- Picture
B. Pattabhi Sitaramiah (1880 - 1959) -- Picture
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel -- Picture
J. B. Kripalani -- Picture
Babu Rajendra Prasad -- Picture
Sarojini Naidu -- Picture
Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya -- Picture
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru -- Picture
Mahatma Gandhi -- Picture
Moulana Mahomed Ali -- Picture
Babu Subhash Chandra Bose -- Picture
Jayaprakash Narayan -- Picture
A. B. Latthe -- Picture
K. M. Munshi -- Picture
Bal Gangadhar Kher -- Picture
G. V. Mavalankar -- Picture
Manilal Kothari -- Picture
Gopalkrishnayya -- Picture
B.C. Roy -- Picture
Seth Jamnalal Bajaj -- Picture
J.M. Sen Gupta -- Picture
Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan (1890-1988) -- Picture
Bhagwan Das -- Picture
Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak -- Picture
K. Nageswara Pantalu Garu -- Picture
Pandit Motital Nehru -- Picture
Moulana Abul Kalam Azad -- Picture
Achut Patwardhan -- Picture
Pandit Bishan Narayan Dhar -- Picture
Pandit Motilal Nehru -- Picture
Annie Besant -- Picture
Ambikacharn Mazumdar -- Picture
Satyendra Prasanna Sinha -- Picture
Bhupendra Nath Basu -- Picture
V. J. Patel -- Picture
Rao Bahadur Raghunath Narasinha Mudholkar -- Picture
Hakim Ajmal Khan (1863 - 1927) -- Picture
Pandit Madan Mohan Malavia -- Picture
Rash Behari Ghose -- Picture
Gopal Krishna Gokhale (1866-1915) -- Picture
Henry Cotton (1845-1915) -- Picture
Lal Mohan Ghosh -- Picture
Dinshaw Wacha (1844-1936) -- Picture
Nawasb Syed Mohomed -- Picture
Shrinivas Iyengar -- Picture
Morarji Desai in 1938 -- Picture
Deshabandhu Chittaranjan Das -- Picture
M. D. Gilder -- Picture
Advertisement for Half-tone Blocks -- Picture
Babu Rajendra Prasad -- Picture
Sardar Vallabhai Patel -- Picture
Hinged Horse (Keelukudure) Dance -- Picture
M.A. Ansari -- Picture
Lala Lajpat Rai -- Picture
Sarojini Naidu -- Picture
Gandhi as the President of Indian National Congress, Belgaum, 1924 -- Picture
Maulana Mahomed Ali -- Picture
Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad -- Picture
Deshbandhu Chitta Ranjan Das (1870-1925) -- Picture
Lala Lajpat Rai -- Picture
Jawaharlal Nehru -- Picture
Bhawanji Arjan Khimji -- Picture
L. M. Patil -- Picture
B. J. Shinde -- Picture
Nagindas T. Master -- Picture
K. S. Patil -- Picture
M. M. Gandhi -- Picture
K. G. Gokhale -- Picture
Jinabhai J. Joshi -- Picture
Balaji Bhawansa Walvekar -- Picture
Pandurang Keshav Shiralkar -- Picture
Vishnu Vaman Dandekar -- Picture
Sripadrao S. Karagudri -- Picture
Anandannnappa Jnanappa Doddamati -- Picture
Lala Bhogilal Dhirajlal -- Picture
Fulsinghji Baratsinhji Dabhi -- Picture
Gopi Mahableshwar Ganapati Bhatt -- Picture
Timmappa Rudrappa Nesvi -- Picture
P.L. Chouhan -- Picture
R. K. Karawade -- Picture
Bachajee Ramachandra Rane -- Picture
Chakranarayan Bhaskarrao Bhaurao -- Picture
K. R. Talkar -- Picture
H. P. Mehta -- Picture
P. C. Jakati -- Picture
Shankar Hari Sathe -- Picture
Sadashiv Kanoji Patil -- Picture
Vasant Narayan Naik -- Picture
V. N. Jog -- Picture
Morabhai Kasanji Patel -- Picture
Appaji Yashwant Kate -- Picture
B. S. Kathale -- Picture
Wamanrao Sitaram Mukadam -- Picture
Gulzarilal Nanda -- Picture
P. A. Nimanee -- Picture
Dattatreya Triambak Aradhye -- Picture
Laxmidas Mangaldas Srikant -- Picture
Mangesh Babhuta Patel -- Picture
Nagindas Maganlal -- Picture
Balwantray Pramodray Thakor -- Picture
Shaligram Ramchandra Bharatiya -- Picture
Keshwain Seshagiri Narayana Rao -- Picture
Champalal Jekisondas Ghia -- Picture
Tualsidas Subbarao Jadhav -- Picture
Dattatraya Nathoba Wandrekar -- Picture
Bhalachandra Maheshwar Gupte -- Picture
Krishnaji Bhimrao Antrolikar -- Picture
Bhavurao Sakharam Hiray -- Picture
N. F. Nariman -- Picture
Alfred Wedd -- Picture
N. Y. Nurie -- Picture
Babubhai J. Patel -- Picture
Savalaram Gundaji Sondaonker -- Picture
N.G. Chandavarkar (1855-1923) -- Picture
Govind Hari Deshpande -- Picture
Dattatreya Kashinath Kunte -- Picture
Keshav Balwant Deshmukh -- Picture
Malgouda Pundouda Patil -- Picture
Chhotalal Balkrishna Purani -- Picture
Ningappa Fakirappa Hallikeri -- Picture
Hari Vinayak Pataskar -- Picture
Ramchandra Bhagwat Girme -- Picture
Dhanaji Nana Choudhari -- Picture
Stamp Honoring N.T. Rama Rao -- Picture
N. T. Rama Rao -- Picture
Republic of India -- Picture
Conquest of Everest -- May 29, 1953 -- Picture
Centenary of Indian Railways -- Picture
Hari Vithal Tulpule -- Picture
Laxman Govind Patil -- Picture
Bhikaiji Cama (1861-1936) -- Picture
Rani Avatibai -- Picture
Rukmini Devi -- Picture
Sanjay Gandhi (1946-1980) -- Picture
Swami Ramanand -- Picture
Stamp Marking 150 Years of Indian Postal Service -- Picture
First Stamps of Independent India -- Picture
Sister Nivedita -- Picture
Frist Day Cover of Stamp Honoring Maharana Pratap -- Picture
Carrier of the Flag -- Picture
Stamps Reflecting the Anna Currency -- Picture
Forty Years of Freedom (1947-1987) -- Picture
The Quit India Movement, 1942 -- Picture
Babu Rajendra Prasad -- Picture
First Day Cover Featuring Heroes of Nationalism -- Picture
The Mother Pondicherry -- Picture
100 Years of Railways to Doon Valley -- Picture
Rahimtulla M. Sayani -- Picture
Krishna Nath Sarmah -- Picture
Syama Prasad Mookerjee -- Picture
U. Kiang Nongbah -- Picture
Chettur Sankaran Nair -- Picture
Maharana Pratap -- Picture
First Day Cover -- Court of Maharaja Ranjit Singh -- Picture
Ardaseer Cursetjee Wadia (1808-1877) -- Picture
Saint Eknath -- Picture
Hundred Years of Railways to Doon Valley -- Picture
First Day Cover Honoring Jayaprakash Narayan -- Picture
Konkan Railway -- Picture
First Day Cover in Honor of Konkan Railway -- Picture
Maharana Pratap -- Picture
Stamp Marking 25 Years of Indian Independence -- Picture
Sher Shah Suri (15th Cenuty) -- Picture
Tales of Panchatantra -- Picture
Political Flags on Tree -- Picture
Roman Catholic Priests, Goa -- Picture
A Portuguese Monument, Goa -- Picture
The Last Andaman Islanders -- Picture
Andaman Islanders -- Picture
First Stamp of Independent India -- Picture
Gems and Jewellery -- Picture
Atal Bihari Vajapayee -- Picture
Madhibani Mithila Painting -- Picture
Gems and Jewellery -- Picture
Indian Cattle -- Picture
Gems and Jewellery -- Picture
Tipu Sultan and Srirangapattana -- Picture
Stamp on Sravanabelagola -- Picture
Portrait of an Andaman Islander -- Picture
Woman Snake Charmer, Goa -- Picture
Bankim Chndra Caterjee (1838-1894) -- Picture
Stamp Honoring M.V. Visweswariah -- Picture
Parsi Lady in Traditional Dress -- Picture
Fire Temple at Udvada -- Picture
A Gathering of Brahmins -- Picture
Scenes of Bombay -- Picture
At the Goan Fish Market -- Picture
India in 1946 -- Picture
Political Worker for Bharatiya Janata Party -- Picture
Carnival Procession of Goa -- Picture
Brahmin Gets Milk -- Picture
At a Cow Barn -- Picture
A Notice to Goan Tourists -- Picture
Portuguese Nobleman in Goa -- Picture
Durgabai Deshmukh -- Picture
Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir -- Picture
Sivaji Ganesan -- Picture
The Deccan Horse -- Picture
Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) -- Picture
Stamp Horing Guru Tegh Bahadur (1621-1675) -- Picture
Jnanapith Award Winners in Kannada -- Picture
Encounter with the Sindhu River -- Picture
Actress Nargis Dutt -- Picture
Jayaprakash Narayan -- Picture
Stamp Honoring Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) -- Picture
Sivaji Ganesan -- Picture
Hundred Years of Kalka-Shimla Railway -- Picture
Hundred Years of Kalka-Shimla Railway -- Picture
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel -- Picture
Three Hundred Years of Khalsa -- Picture
Indian Stamp Featuring the Fort of Agra -- Picture
Stamp Commemorating Swaraj -- Picture
Badruddin Tayabji -- Picture
Anand Mohan Bose -- Picture
C. Shankeran Nair -- Picture
Surendranath Banerji -- Picture
Amrit Kaur -- Picture
P. Ananda Charlu -- Picture
Phirozshah M. Mehta -- Picture
Skinner's Horse (1803-1978) -- Picture
George Yule -- Picture
First Day Cover of Stamp Honoring Leo Tolstoy -- Picture
Dadhabhai Naoroji -- Picture
G. Sankara Kurup (1901-1978) -- Picture
S.K. Potekatt -- Picture
Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai (1912-1999) -- Picture
First Day Cover os Stamps Honoring Jnanapith Award Winners -- Picture
Indian Temple Architecture -- Picture
William Wedderburn -- Picture
Jijabai, Mother of Shivaji -- Picture
P. Subbaroyan -- Picture
First Day Cover Featuring Snakes of India -- Picture
First Day Cover Featuring Actor Guru Dutt -- Picture
Actor Guru Dutt -- Picture
Guruka Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Hardwar -- Picture
Rani Rashmoni (1793 - 1861) -- Picture
Pakistani Stamp Honoring its Father of Nation, Jinnah -- Picture
Stamps Featuring the Snakes of India -- Picture
Freedom Fighter Udham Singh -- Picture
Artist Raja Ravi Varma (1848-1906) -- Picture
Indologist Max Mueller (1823-1900) -- Picture
Womesh Chandra Banerji -- Picture
Alan Octavian Hume -- Picture
Vithalbahi Jhaverbahi Patel -- Picture
Kumari Amrit Kaur -- Picture
Queen of Kittur, Channamma (1778-1829) -- Picture
B.R. Ambedkar -- Picture
Netaji Bose -- Picture
Peasent's Welfare -- Picture
Social Upliftment -- Picture
Salt Satyagraga -- Picture
Communal Harmony -- Picture
King Cobra -- Picture
Stamp of Sri Lanka Remembering Vivekananda's Trip -- Picture
Khandubhai K. Desai -- Picture
Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964) -- Picture
Stamps Celebrating the Festival of Buddha -- Picture
First Day Cover Marking the Festival of Buddha Mahotsav -- Picture
First Day Cover Featuring P.L. Deshpande -- Picture
Versatile Write P.L.Deshpande -- Picture
Romesh Chandra Dutt -- Picture
Stamp of Gandhi's Achievements -- Picture
Naked Boy Offering Prayers -- Picture
B. Sambamurti -- Picture
Traditional Father and Traditional Son -- Picture
Ganesh with a Veena Instrument -- Picture
Fishing Egrets -- Picture
Pani-puri Vendor -- Picture
Writer and Activist Shanta Nagaraj -- Picture
Flowers, Tiles and Coconut Trees -- Picture
Kamat Finishing up an Illustration -- Picture
Teachers of St. Thomas High School -- Picture
St. Thomas Highschool Campus, Honavar -- Picture
Tulasi Plant Worship -- Picture
A Brahmin Boy at Sandhyavandana Ritual -- Picture
Silk Rearing in Sidlaghatta -- Picture
Indian Housewife in her Kitchen -- Picture
Status of Lord Shiva, Murdeshwar -- Picture
Saint Dnyaneshwar (1274-1296 A.D.) -- Picture
Message of Universal Man -- Picture
A Female Devotee of Ayyappa -- Picture
Home of a Basket Weaver -- Picture
At the Shidlaghatta Farm -- Picture
Kamat's 400 mm Telelens -- Picture
Wooden Chariot of a Srivaishnava Temple -- Picture
Morarji Desai -- Picture
In the Village of Bamboo Craftsmen -- Picture
Great Poets (Surdas, Ghalib and Rabindranath) -- Picture
Saint Kabir, 15th Century -- Picture
Poet Tulasidas (1533-1624) -- Picture
Poetess Meerabai -- Picture
Poet Surdas (1479-1586) -- Picture
Dandami Maria -- Picture
Portrait of K.R. Ganesha -- Picture
Sitaram Saxeria -- Picture
Buddhist students on way to fetch water -- Picture
A Buddhist Student -- Picture
Student and teacher:- a teacher corrects the handwriting and calligraphic style of a student in a Buddhist school -- Picture
Engrossed in Study -- Picture
Jaina teacher and disciples -- Picture
In Basket Weaver's Neighborhood -- Picture
Krishna Bindoe Roi -- Picture
The Aghanashini River, Kumta -- Picture
Moulvi Abdul Malek -- Picture
Bapineedu -- Picture
Jnanranjan Sarkar -- Picture
Basantlal Murakra -- Picture
Sarat Chandra Bose (1889-1950) -- Picture
Debendranath Sharma -- Picture
A Student-ascetic -- Picture
The Peanut Shop of Malleswaram -- Picture
-- Picture
A Village Scene -- Picture
A Village Scene -- Picture
Habitat of a Basket Weaver -- Picture
Lotus, the Daughter of Dirt and the Navel of Vishnu -- Picture
Herdsman Walks the Lambs in a Row -- Picture
Kim Kamat trying on a Saree -- Picture
Brigade Road Bangalore on New Years' Eve, 2001 -- Picture
Picture of a Maid Servant, Bangalore -- Picture
Picking Slides for -- Picture
Vikas with Sham -- Picture
Fish Vendor, Village of Kasarkod -- Picture
At a Wholesale Mart, Hubli -- Picture
Siddi Boys Excavating Eggs -- Picture
Home of a Basket Weaver -- Picture
On Way to Sidlaghatta -- Picture
Karavali life -- Picture
Sangeetapura (Hadolli) monuments -- Picture
Diversity of North Kanara -- Picture
Places of worship -- Picture
Celebration of Bandi festival -- Picture
Car festival -- Picture
Cave Complex of an Ancient University -- Picture
Fish market snapshots -- Picture
Kissing couple ancient stone sculpture -- Picture
Harvest dance of Halakkis -- Picture
Karavali art -- Picture
Kavi art of coastal Karnataka -- Picture
Veerashaiva (Lingayat) temples of Uluvi -- Picture
Gudigars (Craftsmen) of Uttara Kannada -- Picture
Devottes of Swami Ayyappa -- Picture
Boat varieties -- Picture
Kunubi folk dancers -- Picture
Hinged Horse (Keelukudure) Dancer -- Picture
Huttari dancer from Coorg (Kodagu) -- Picture
A Male Folk Artist Dressed as a Queen -- Picture
Hero of Bayalata (Doddata) from Bijapur -- Picture
Fancy dress: Kittur Chennamma -- Picture
The general from Chitradurga (fancy dress) -- Picture
Sources of History -- Picture
Jagateya Kunubi South Kanara -- Picture
Karavali scenes -- Picture
Chowdikeyavaru -- Dharwad -- Picture
Man in Red Rumal -- Picture
Haremela Uttara Karnataka -- Picture
Rana-Kahale war bugle player -- Picture
Halege Mela -- Picture
Oriental Scholar of Buddhist period -- Picture
Onake Obavva, the brave rural woman who killed the soldiers of an invading army with a pounding rod -- Picture
Karavali Valley Scenes -- Picture
Children of Karavali -- Picture
Women of Karavali -- Picture
Indian Professionals -- Picture
Fishermen Community -- Picture
Pictures of Yakshagana Artists -- Picture
Tibetan settlement in Mundgod -- Picture
The Basavaraja Castle -- Picture
Pictures of Halakki Community -- Picture
Town of Gokarn -- Picture
At the Fish Market -- Picture
Jain Teacher and His Tools -- Picture
The Elephant Face -- Picture
Vikas and Hiryoung -- Picture
Gopinath Bordoloi -- Picture
Jewelry of Indian Westcoast -- Picture
The Father of the Nation -- Picture
Navayats: Konkani speaking Muslims -- Picture
The romantic couple (Mudukana Maduve) -- Picture
The decorations of the fortune (kani) teller -- Picture
The hinged horse dance (keelu-kudure) -- Picture
The devotee at Karaga (offerings to mother earth) -- Picture
A Folk Dancer's Mask Decorated with Fresh Flowers -- Picture
Pictures of the Gouli (Milkmen) Community -- Picture
Ganesha -- Picture
Pictures of the Lambani Tribal Community -- Picture
Profile of Ganesh -- Picture
Animals of Uttara Kannada -- Picture
Crops of Uttara Kannada -- Picture
Sculptures from Bhatkal Temple -- Picture
The Siddi Community -- Picture
Kamat`s Cameras -- Picture
Hinged Horsey (keelu -kudure) Dance on Stilts -- Picture
Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla -- Picture
Sheodass Daga -- Picture
Kamata Prasad -- Picture
R. M. Deshmukh -- Picture
Dwarala Prasad Misra -- Picture
D. K. Mehta -- Picture
Tippanna Shastri Kalli -- Picture
Narayan Bhaskar Khare -- Picture
Harivansh Rai Bachchan (1907-2003) -- Picture
Rajmal Lakhamichand Marwadi -- Picture
Joachim Alwa -- Picture
S. S. Sakri -- Picture
Advertisement for Afghan Snow Cosmetics -- Picture
Freedom Fighter S. K. Bhave -- Picture
Natesa Modaliar -- Picture
Ghanshyam Singh Gupte -- Picture
V. V. Giri (1894- 1980) -- Picture
Jogendranath Boruah -- Picture
K. Sakti Vadivel Gounder -- Picture
Chandamouli of Tenali -- Picture
J. P.L. Roche Victoria -- Picture
A. Vedantam Pillai -- Picture
M. Bhaktavatsalam -- Picture
Khusalchand Khajanchi -- Picture
T.S.S. Rajan -- Picture
S. S. Kulerni -- Picture
Yakub Hassan Sait -- Picture
T. Prakasan -- Picture
K. Raman Menon -- Picture
Syed Hassan Imam -- Picture
C. Rajagopalachari -- Picture
Freedom Fighter Chandulal -- Picture
V. I. Muniswamy Pillai -- Picture
Ramachandra Ganesh Pradhan -- Picture
S. M. Joshi -- Picture
Ramrai Mohanrai Munshi -- Picture
N. S. Hardikar (1889-1975) -- Picture
Ramnikrai N. Mehta -- Picture
Freedom Fighter Gangadharrao Deshpande -- Picture
U. Srinivas Malliah -- Picture
Subbarao Ramachandra Haldipur -- Picture
Ratansey Jetha -- Picture
Bhimrao Balaji Potdar -- Picture
Gandhi Ratilal Mulji -- Picture
R. G. Soman -- Picture
Shantilal Harjivan Shah -- Picture
M. G. Bhosle -- Picture
Chinubhai Lallubhai Mehta -- Picture
T. M. Guido -- Picture
Pandit Laxmanashastri Joshi -- Picture
V. L. Samant -- Picture
Vasudeo Vishnu Kirtane -- Picture
V. R. Huilgol -- Picture
B. C. Lagu -- Picture
R. S. Hukkerikar -- Picture
Balukaka Kanitkar -- Picture
Gangapatishankar N. Desai -- Picture
V. V. Patil -- Picture
M. N. Bhide -- Picture
Kamala Shankar Pandya -- Picture
Rambhau Bhoge -- Picture
C. R. Deogirikar -- Picture
G. V. Hallikeri -- Picture
G.V. Patvardhan -- Picture
A. Kaleswara Rao -- Picture
Gopal Abaji Deshpande -- Picture
Krishna Gopal Garg -- Picture
Anugrah Narayan Sinha -- Picture
Mr. and Mrs. Devidas Gandhi -- Picture
1938 Adverisement of Young India Records -- Picture
M. D. Joshi -- Picture
Ratan Lal Jain -- Picture
Brajlal Verman -- Picture
Congressman Bansgopal -- Picture
Babu Rajendra Prasad Singh -- Picture
Gokul Lal Aswa -- Picture
Pandit Bodhnarayan Misra -- Picture
Lalman Gupta -- Picture
Pandit Bansi Dhar Misra -- Picture
Journalist Mukerji of Gorakhpur -- Picture
P.M. Audi Keshavalu Naicker -- Picture
Pandit Jiva Lal Duvedi -- Picture
Biswanath Das -- Picture
M. M. Pakvasa -- Picture
C. C. Ghosh -- Picture
Mohamad Ramzan Khan -- Picture
Banju Ram Gandhi -- Picture
Khan Saheb -- Picture
Prahladrai Lath -- Picture
Jaglal Choudhry -- Picture
Jagannath Misra -- Picture
Mahamaya Prasad Sinha -- Picture
Rambriksha Benipuri -- Picture
Punya Deo Sharma -- Picture
Vishwanath Prasad Misra -- Picture
Babu Jagatnarain Lall -- Picture
Swami Sahajand Saraswati -- Picture
Indra Shradhanand -- Picture
Bhagirathi Mahapatra -- Picture
K. Varadachari -- Picture
G. V. Subbarao -- Picture
V. Raghaviah -- Picture
Alluri Satyanarayana -- Picture
A. Govindachari -- Picture
A. Kameshwara Rao -- Picture
Pandit Raghunath Shai Shukla -- Picture
Panasala Peddapadalu -- Picture
R. V. Swaminathan -- Picture
T. N. Ramakrishna Reddi -- Picture
Gottunukkala Venkanna -- Picture
Karunakaram Subha Rao -- Picture
D. Narayana Raju -- Picture
Kala Venkata Rao -- Picture
Kalipada Mukjerjee -- Picture
Konda Venkatappayya -- Picture
Babu Purushottamdas Tandon -- Picture
Congressman Balakrishna Sharma (1897-1960) -- Picture
Vijeypal Singh -- Picture
Ramsaran of Moradabad -- Picture
Pandit Vishwambhar Dayalu Tripathi (1899-1959) -- Picture
Pandit Gauri Shankar Misra -- Picture
Kailas Nath Katju -- Picture
T. Subrahmanyam -- Picture
Govind Vallabh Pant -- Picture
A. K. Pillai -- Picture
Maharaja of Travancore -- Picture
K.L. Narasimharao -- Picture
C. N. Gopalaratnam -- Picture
K. S. Muthuswamy -- Picture
P. Ramaswami Reddiar -- Picture
Liladhar Barooah -- Picture
H. M. Ibrahim -- Picture
Young Hindu Boy, Nepal -- Picture
Rajasthani Women, Pushkar -- Picture
Cave Temple of Ellora -- Picture
Training of Animals -- Picture
An Ascetic with a Seductress -- Picture
Khajuraho -- Picture
Sura Sundari -- Picture
Khajuraho Temple -- Picture
Spotted Deer -- Picture
Himalayan Vista -- Picture
Damsel Adjusts Hair while using a Hand-held Mirror -- Picture
Girl Picks a Thorn from her Heels -- Picture
Depiction of a Buddhist Celestial -- Picture
Himalayan Boulders -- Picture
Young Girl of Assam -- Picture
View of Trijugi Town -- Picture
Decorated Elephants, Kerala -- Picture
Tribal Girls, Bastar -- Picture
Tribal Girls, Bastar -- Picture
Tribal Women, Central India -- Picture
Indo-Sarasenic Structure of a Mosque -- Picture
Tribal Girl, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Head gear of Tribal Girls -- Picture
Head and Neck Ornaments of a Tribal Girl -- Picture
Tribal Girl, Bastar -- Picture
View of a Tribal Village -- Picture
Rural Scene, Bastar -- Picture
Sculpture of Ganapati, Khajuraho -- Picture
Erotic Sculpture, Bhuvaneshwar -- Picture
Ancient Sculpture, Nalanda -- Picture
Rumtek Monastery -- Picture
Temple Sculpture from Mahabalipuram -- Picture
Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram -- Picture
Detail from Relief, Mahabalipuram -- Picture
Institute of Tibetology, Sikkim -- Picture
A Socialist Poster of 1950s, Sikkim -- Picture
A Socialist Poster of 1950s -- Picture
Boys Practising the Indian Art of Mallakambh -- Picture
Devotees Purifying Themselves -- Picture
Gateway to a Palace (Pol) -- Picture
Buddha from Wall Painting in Kashmir -- Picture
Pooram Festival Celebrations, Kerala -- Picture
A Temple Complex, Khajuraho -- Picture
Kedar Ranges of Himalayas -- Picture
Kissing Couple, Bhvaneshwar -- Picture
Tribals of Northeast -- Picture
View of Mountains of Nagaland -- Picture
Pavilions and Sculptures of Mahabalipuram -- Picture
View of Vivekananda Center, Kanyakumari -- Picture
Decorated Elephants, Pooram -- Picture
Festive Elephants -- Picture
Vivekananda Memorial -- Picture
Hindu Woman of Himalaya -- Picture
Mountain Girl, Assam -- Picture
Girl Carrying Infant -- Picture
March of Satyagrahis in Goa -- Picture
Rajasthani Women at Fair -- Picture
Western Tragopan -- Picture
The Wrinkles -- Picture
Charles Correa -- Picture
P.T. Usha -- Picture
Film Maker Satyajit Ray -- Picture
Rukminidevi Arundale (1906-1986) -- Picture
President Zakir Husain (1897-1969) -- Picture
South Indian Bride -- Picture
Astute Politician Chanakya -- Picture
Swamp Deer -- Picture
Festival of India -- Picture
Indian Stamp for Olympics -- Picture
Mother Teresa and the Nobel Prize of 1979 -- Picture
Gandhi Relaxing in his Hermitage -- Picture
Indira Gandhi at the United Nations -- Picture
Meeting Interrupted! -- Picture
Indian Navy's Battleship INS Nilgiri -- Picture
Jawaharlal Nehru Centenary -- Picture
Saint Francis Xavier (1506-1552) -- Picture
Gandhi Stamp -- Picture
Rock Garden, Chandigarh -- Picture
Hijri - Islamic Calendar -- Picture
Arjuna Shoots Rotating Fish by Aiming at the Reflection -- Picture
Capra Falconeri -- Picture
Harivansh Rai Bachchan -- Picture
B. Gopala Reddi -- Picture
Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) -- Picture
Painting by Amrita Sher Gil -- Picture
Bathing Ghats of Varanasi -- Picture
Jayaprakash Narayan by V.N. O'key -- Picture
Gandhi with Badashah Khan and Kasturba -- Picture
Buddihstic Arch of a Widow -- Picture
Queen Avantibai -- Picture
First Day Cover Honoring Queen Avantibai -- Picture
First Day Cover of Saint Ravidas -- Picture
Stamp Honoring Sage Valmiki -- Picture
Actor, Entertainer Raj Kapoor -- Picture
First Day Cover Honoring Raj Kapoor -- Picture
Subhadra Kumari Chauhan (1904-1948) -- Picture
Stamp Honoring Madam Curie -- Picture
Stamp Issued by India and France Jointly -- Picture
Mangroves of India -- Picture
Gandhi at Study -- Picture
President V.V. Giri -- Picture
Socialists and Congress Part Ways -- Picture
Smiling Gandhi -- Picture
Tagore and Gandhi -- Picture
In Gandhi's Ashram -- Picture
Gandhi with Malaviya -- Picture
Gandhi Explaining a Delicate Matter -- Picture
Gandhi with a Lady Companion -- Picture
Mahadev Desai and Gandhi -- Picture
Gandhi at Study -- Picture
Relaxing Gandhi -- Picture
Gandhi at Sevagram Ashram -- Picture
Thoughtful Gandhi -- Picture
Gandhi at his Hermitage -- Picture
Industrialist Jamsetji Tata (1838-1904) -- Picture
Saint Tulasidas (1532- 1624) -- Picture
India Handicrafts -- Picture
Sri Ramana Maharshi -- Picture
Subramanya Bharati (188-1921) -- Picture
Musician Tyagaraja -- Picture
Philosopher Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) -- Picture
Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (1883-1966) -- Picture
Saint Namadeo (Namadev) -- Picture
A Sadhu Puts on Holy Make-up ! -- Picture
Dadabhoy Naoroji (1825-1917) -- Picture
Cricketer Vinoo Mankad -- Picture
Saint Surdas (1479-1586) -- Picture
Bipin Chandra Pal (1858-1932) -- Picture
Bal Gangadhar Tilak (1856-1920) -- Picture
Composer Purandaradasa (15/16th Century) -- Picture
Madan Mohan Malaviya (1861- 1946) -- Picture
Rao Tularam, a Hero of 1857 War of Independence -- Picture
Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar (1820-1891) -- Picture
First Day Cover of Mangroves Stamps -- Picture
Raja Rammohun Roy (1772-1833) -- Picture
"Gandhi as India" -- Gandhi as Father of the Nation -- Picture
Elephant Crossing -- Picture
Rumtek Buddhist Academy -- Picture
Madhubani - Mithila Painting -- Picture
Acropora Formosa -- Picture
The Lion and the Rabbit -- Picture
The Tortoise and the Geese -- Picture
Stories of Panchatantra -- Picture
Saint Eknath -- Picture
Stamp of Agra Fort -- Picture
Shilabalika of Belur -- Picture
Visveswaraya Centennial Stamp -- Picture
Taj Mahal -- Picture
Stamp Recognizing Indian Jewelry -- Picture
Artist Uday Shankar -- Picture
Early Postman of India -- Picture
Cricketer Deodhar -- Picture
Cricketer Vijay Merchant -- Picture
Cricketer C.K. Nayudu -- Picture
1989 World Philatelic Exhibition, New Delhi -- Picture
Shilabalika of Hoysala Period -- Picture
Saint Dnyaneshwar -- Picture
Gandhi : Man of the Millennium -- Picture
Ragini Basanti -- Picture
Giani Zail Singh -- Picture
Hemant: Pausha -- Picture
RSS Founder Hedgewar -- Picture
Veerapandia Kattabomman -- Picture
Chandra Shekhar Azad, Revolutionary, Freedom Fighter -- Picture
Stamp Honoring Government Museum, Chennai -- Picture
Ustad Allauddin Khan Sabeb -- Picture
Amaravati Sculpture -- Picture
General Zorawar Singh (1786-1841 A.D.) -- Picture
Fifty Years After Ascent of Mount Everest -- Picture
Ram Manohar Lohia (1910-1967) -- Picture
Jiddu Krishnamurti -- Picture
Sant Ravidas -- Picture
Ashwagandha - Withania somnifera -- Picture
The Amla Plant -- Emblica officinalis -- Picture
Shanker Dayal Sharma (1918-1999) -- Picture
The Brahmi Plant -- Bacopa monnieri -- Picture
Five Faced Drum -- Picture
Rajiv Gandhi (1944-1991) -- Picture
Corals of India -- Picture
1989 World Philatelic Exhibition, New Delhi -- Picture
Ananda Coomaraswamy (1877-1947) -- Picture
Mother Teresa -- Picture
Stamps on Medicinal Plants of India -- Picture
Guggulu Tree -- Comniphora wighitii -- Picture
Jawaharlal Nehru -- Picture
Jawaharlal Nehru -- Picture
Stamp Honoring Tonse Madhava Anantha Pai -- Picture
Morarji Desai (1896-1995) -- Picture
Gandhi : Man of the Millennium -- Picture
Fifty Years of Gorkha Rifles -- Picture
Instrument Rudra Veena -- Picture
Family Planning Stamp -- Picture
The Raga of Monsoons - Megh Malhar -- Picture
Madan Lal Dhingra -- Picture
Raja Bhamashah (1542-1598 apprx.) -- Picture
Saint Poet Sunderdas (1596-1689) -- Picture
Saint Poet Basaveswara -- Picture
Lalbahadur Shastri (1904-1966) -- Picture
Hillstation of Manali -- Picture
Himalayan Vistas, Lahaul -- Picture
Donkey Faced Celestial Playing a String Instrument -- Picture
Golden Voices of Yesteryears -- Picture
Playback Singer Hemant Kumar Mukherji (1920-1989) -- Picture
Icons of Hindu Goddesses -- Picture
Ashokan Pillar, Sarnath -- Picture
Madam Cama and the First Flag of Free India -- Picture
Playback Singer Mohammed Rafi -- Picture
Playback Singer Kishore Kumar -- Picture
Family Planning -- Picture
Gandhi at Correspondence -- Picture
Ashokan Lions -- Picture
The Crows and the Snake -- Picture
View of an Himalayan Peak -- Picture
Brother and Sister -- Picture
Villagers in Assam, 1987 -- Picture
Temple of Badarinath, Badari -- Picture
Devotees Purifying themselves at Banares -- Picture
Elephant Relief, Mahabalipuram -- Picture
Playback Singer Mukesh -- Picture
On Way to Trijugi -- Picture
Camels Relax behind a Rajasthani Sunset -- Picture
Portrait of Shiva -- Picture
Government Museum, Patna -- Picture
Dragon Grillwork -- Picture
Buddhist Pupils at a Monastery -- Picture
Sculpture of Buddha, Nalanda -- Picture
Thanka Painting -- Picture
Temple Complex, Sarnath -- Picture
Tribal Women, Bastar -- Picture
Signboard in Sikkim, Tille -- Picture
A Courtesan and an Attendant -- Picture
The design and decorations of palm-leaf texts -- Picture
The Romance of Champavati and Poet Billana -- Picture
Romancing the Teacher -- Picture
Writing Woman, Hoysala period -- Picture
A Girl Practising the Veena instrument -- Picture
A Yakshagana pose -- Picture
A Muslim Courtesan -- Picture
A Teacher Explaining -- Picture
Adhira Madan Singh -- Picture
A teacher examines the homework submitted by the princess. -- Picture
Elephant-top Shikari -- Picture
A Scholar of Koran -- Picture
Hindu Nobleman with Servants -- Picture
Maharao Umed Singh of Kotah -- Picture
Maratha Nobleman -- Picture
Entertaining in the Garden -- Picture
The Reciting Brahman -- Picture
Meeting His Beloved -- Picture
The Young Prince of Kohlapur -- Picture
Entertaining the Emperor -- Picture
Music Performance -- Picture
Celebration of the Monsoons -- Picture
Ruler and Courtiers -- Picture
Young Ruler and his Guardian -- Picture
A Royal Family of India -- Picture
Enjoying Music While Smoking -- Picture
Man of Firm Step. Mahatma Gandhi -- Picture
Krishna Playing his Flute -- Picture
Child Krishna Stealing Butter -- Picture
Krishna the Protector -- Picture
The Very Feminine Dress of Saree -- Picture
The Very Feminine Dress of Saree -- Picture
Courtiers -- Picture
A South Indian King -- Picture
Woman in Sari -- Picture
Sir Sher Mahomed Khan -- Picture
Jayaprakash Narayan -- Picture
Mini Sari of Tribal Women -- Picture
Beaurocrats of Malwa State -- Picture
Embroidery on the Cover of a Palm-leaf Book -- Picture
Decorated Chapter Separator of Ancient Textbook -- Picture
When the Maulvi Accepted a Student.. -- Picture
Karnad Sadashiv Rao (1881- 1936) -- Picture
Saree with a numerous Pleats -- Picture
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru -- Picture
Maharani Anita Delgado of Kapurthala -- Picture
A Writing Shilabalika -- Picture
The Uninterested Wife! -- Picture
The Wife of a Scholar -- Picture
The Grinthapathana -- Picture
Education of the Future King -- Picture
Officers of a Royal Muslim Court -- Picture
A Village Drummer -- Picture
Interior of the Gwalior Palace -- Picture
A Classical Dancer -- Picture
A Hindu Wedding -- Picture
A Priest at a Temple Procession -- Picture
Maharaja Scindhia of Gwalior, 1877 -- Picture
Maharaja Scindhia of Gwalior, 1877 -- Picture
A Muslim Father Taking Son to Makhtab (school) -- Picture
the Indian Drum or Dolu -- Picture
Picture of a Boy Writing -- Picture
Maharao Raja Raghubir Singh Bahadur of Bundi -- Picture
A Sanskrit scholar -- Picture
Groom Walks with Bride in Marriage -- Picture
Musical training -- Picture
Veena Training for the Princess -- Picture
Medieval Cloth Merchant -- Picture
Medieval Grocer -- Picture
Elephant Miotifs on Palm-leaf -- Picture
Punishment for Destroying Educational Institutions -- Picture
Stick Aerobics (kola-ta) -- Picture
Girls Engaged in Stick Aerobics -- Picture
A student's scrapbook -- Picture
Ladies' Stick Aerobics -- Picture
Training in the use of Gada (mace) -- Picture
An elder engaged in study -- Picture
A Student of Music Practices -- Picture
Woman Reading palm-leaf text -- Picture
Students at Group Study -- Picture
A student holding a book -- Picture
Boy at a Islamic School -- Picture
Punishment of a Pupil -- Picture
Asri Mahal Library after Aurangjeb conquered Bijapur -- Picture
Roberto De Nobili -- Picture
Studious Boy -- Picture
Gandhi at his Spinning Wheel -- Picture
"Education is a tool to moksha" -- Picture
Education of Jaina Women -- Picture
A Teacher and Female Students -- Picture
Palm-leaf Texts -- Picture
Cover Pages of Palm-leaf Texts -- Picture
Animal Motifs from Textbooks -- Picture
Complex circular designs -- Picture
Complex circular designs -- Picture
Complex Circular Designs -- Picture
A Student of Archery -- Picture
rtistically rendered hamsa -- Picture
Archery Lesson -- Picture
An Educator -- Picture
A Time-keeping Volunteer at the Ghatika -- Picture
A Ball Game -- Picture
A prince stoops to play a game of marbles -- Picture
The medieval version of a yo-yo -- Picture
Boy Playig with a Wooden Horse -- Picture
Celestial Apsaras -- Picture
A Prince Immersed in Study -- Picture
Fighting Practice with Daggers -- Picture
A Hand-copier or an Official Writer -- Picture
Depiction of Lord Ganesh on a palm-leaf -- Picture
Palace of Roshan-ud-Daulah, Lucknow -- Picture
A Design in Marble -- Picture
Sawai Man Singh of Jaipur and Gayatri Devi -- Picture
The Begum of Bhopal -- Picture
''Hindoo Ladies'' -- Picture
Old Photograph -- Picture
Raja Sawi Man Singh and Gayatri Devi -- Picture
Rajput Soldiers, 1903 -- Picture
Prince Edward Albert Shoots a Tiger -- Picture
The Elegance of an Indian Ruler -- Picture
Childish Drawing on Palm-leaf Notebook -- Picture
Nephews of a Muslim King -- Picture
A Drummer -- Picture
The Nawab of Kaunpur -- Picture
Mansinghji Soorsinghji -- Picture
Maharaja of Patiala, Punjab -- Picture
Picture of the Ruler of Panna, 1885 -- Picture
The Asri Mahal Library -- Picture
Girl Engaged in Self Study -- Picture
Swami Ayyappa of Shabarimala -- Picture
Chandrashekhar Azad -- Picture
S. R. Ranganathan (1892- 1972) -- Picture
Mogul Emperor -- Picture
-- Picture
Astrologer Making a Horoscope -- Picture
Dictation to a Secretary (?) -- Picture
Javelin Throw -- Picture
Prince being Trained in Sword Wielding -- Picture
Cover of Kamat's CD-ROM -- Picture
Jain Ascetic Shubhachandra -- Picture
Jain Muni with Female Desciples -- Picture
-- Picture
Blue-print of Sculptures on Palm-leaf -- Picture
Man Blowing Pipe -- Picture
-- Picture
A Piper at a temple procession -- Picture
-- Picture
Krishna Playing a Flute -- Picture
Saint Purandaradasa -- Picture
Halage (wooden plank) player -- Picture
Woman with an Oil Lamp -- Picture
Muslim Scholar at Study -- Picture
Diversity of India -- Picture
Education of Women -- Picture
File Indexing -- Picture
Muria Tribal -- Picture
Puri Chariot Festival -- Picture
Shehanai player -- Picture
Romance of the elderly -- Picture
Annie Besant -- Picture
Guru Nanak -- Picture
Folk artist Helavaru -- Picture
Helavaru -- a Shaiva Community -- Picture
Giant Rolling Drum Dance (Jaga-Halage) -- Picture
Giant Rolling Drum Dance (Jaga-Halage) -- Picture
Halage Mela wooden plank musician -- Picture
Squrting the Colors -- Picture
Kunubi of Dakshina Kannada -- Picture
Man Blowing the Horn Nagaswaram -- Picture
Drummer performs during celebration -- Picture
Bugle blower -- Picture
Nandikolu: Mysore -- Picture
Courtesan with a Cat -- Picture
Big man blowing Pungi (a horn instrument) -- Picture
Pungi Nudisuvavanu, Somana Kunita -- Picture
Karade-Vadya Artist from Dharwad -- Picture
Fancy dress of a folk artist -- Picture
Upanayanam for a Brahmin boy -- Picture
A Muslim Feast -- Picture
Women in the Harem -- Picture
Palanquin Ride for the Prince -- Picture
A North Indian Prince with Armory -- Picture
Surajmal Jat -- Picture
Mogul Feast -- Picture
Caterpillar folk artist (Kambaliyavaru) -- Picture
How the Moguls Partied -- Picture
Drummers -- Picture
Elephant Procession -- Picture
Habshi -- African Indian Nobleman -- Picture
Emperor Jahangir Greeting son Shahjahan -- Picture
Private Festivities -- Picture
Nobleman with Hookah -- Picture
The Team of Bayalata -- Picture
Festivities by the River -- Picture
Cooking for Party -- Picture
Dholu player -- Picture
Royal Party on the River -- Picture
Courtesan in Her Entertaining Hall -- Picture
Eleventh Century Brassiere -- Picture
Prof. M.V. Seetaramiah -- Kannada scholar -- Picture
Woman at Bath Reaching for Toiletries -- Picture
-- Picture
Tibetan boys -- Picture
Women at a Board Game -- Picture
Folk dancers -- Picture
Indian Celebrations -- Picture
Nandikolu - A folk dance of Karnataka -- Picture
Medieval Wrestlers -- Picture
Decorated Elephant Rider -- Picture
Indian Festival -- Picture
Physical Conditioning -- Picture
At the Wrestling School -- Picture
Entertaing a Noble Woman -- Picture
Preta Nritya -- Ghost dance of South Kanara -- Picture
Urbanized Youth Belonging to Gonda Tribe -- Picture
Woman of Sundi Tribe -- Picture
Welcome to a Hero -- Picture
Journey of the Dead to Heaven -- Picture
Hunting Ritual (?) -- Picture
Krishna With Pandit Ravi Shankar, Syracuse 1964 -- Picture
Bird -- Picture
Hero Returns Home -- Picture
Grass Inside a Deer -- Picture
Deer -- Picture
Man Belonging to Gonda Tribe -- Picture
Animal Motifs -- Picture
Running away with Loot -- Picture
Wooden Memorials for the Dead -- Picture
Food Gathering -- Picture
Hunting of a Deer -- Picture
Fighting Men with Shields -- Picture
Prehistoric Cow -- Picture
Birds from Prehistoric Art -- Picture
Rider and Armed Archer -- Picture
Peacock from a Cave Painting -- Picture
Antyeshti Proceedings -- Picture
Prehistoric Social Life (?) -- Picture
Giraffe or Camel ? -- Picture
A Battle Scene -- Picture
Horse Mounted Warrior -- Picture
Backwaters of Kerala -- Picture
Youth Belonging to Gonda Tribe -- Picture
Simple Animals -- Picture
Different Weapons depcited in Rock Shelter Paintings -- Picture
Prehistoric Paintings of Deer -- Picture
Tribal Hunter with Bow -- Picture
Birds as Drawn by Early Humans -- Picture
Tribals Building Jaggernaut -- Picture
Decorated Chakada (Light-wight Cart) -- Picture
Light-weight Bullock Carts -- Picture
A Shilabalika -- Picture
Deer depcited in hunting ritual scenes -- Picture
A Team of "Critters" -- Picture
Portraits of Mughal Emperors Akbar and Shah Jehan -- Picture
The Taj Mahal -- Picture
Interior of Taj Mahal -- Picture
Tomb of Sheik Salim, Fattehpur -- Picture
A Corner in Delhi -- Picture
Hall of Marble and Mosaics, Palace of Moguls, Delhi -- Picture
Tomb of Amir Khusran, Persian Poet, Delhi -- Picture
Victoria Terminus, Bombay -- Picture
An Ekka, or One-horsed Road Cart -- Picture
Hall of the Winds, Jeypore -- Picture
Group of Famous Brahmin Pundits, circa 1900 -- Picture
Tomb of Akbar, the Great Mogul -- Picture
Audience Chamber of the Mogul Palace, Agra -- Picture
A Hindu Ascetic -- Picture
A Hindu Barber and his Hindu Customer -- Picture
Bodies Readied for Burning, Benares -- Picture
Great Banyan Tree, Botanical Garden, Calcutta -- Picture
The Princes of Pearls -- Picture
"Kim," the Chela and the Old Lama -- Picture
Animal Motifs in Prehistoric Art -- Picture
Community Living (?) -- Picture
Community Living (?) -- Picture
Caring for the Sick and Ailing -- Picture
Prehistoic Facials -- Picture
Symbols for Various Rituals -- Picture
Light-wight Racing Chakada Cart -- Picture
Art based on Prehsitoric Cave Sketches -- Picture
Medieval Earrings -- Picture
Tomb of Etmah Dowlah, Agra -- Picture
The Clock Tower and University Buildings, Bombay -- Picture
Elephant belonging to the Maharaja of Jaipur -- Picture
Nautch Dancers -- Picture
Bull in Heat -- Picture
Mohammedans at Prayer -- Picture
Huthi Singh's Tomb, Ahmedabad -- Picture
Huthi Singh's Tomb, Ahmedabad -- Picture
Street Corner, Jeypore -- Picture
The Maharaja of Jaipur -- Picture
Hunting Scenes -- Picture
A Street in Bombay, circa 1900 -- Picture
Horses Trained for Battle -- Picture
Fossilized Prints (?) -- Picture
A District-wise Map of Karnataka -- Picture
Tribal Dancers (?) -- Picture
Kamat's Sketch Book -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Varieties of Carts and Chariots found in Prehistoric Art -- Picture
Hunters -- Picture
Detail from an Adivasi Hero-stone -- Picture
Tribal Jewelry, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
-- Picture
Tribal Tattoo Designs -- Picture
Kamat`s Sketch Book -- Picture
Insect Protecting itself from Rain -- Picture
Humbug the Humming Insect! -- Picture
Insect Makes Art -- Picture
An Insect Making Music -- Picture
Insect Goes to School ! -- Picture
Pre-historic Giraffe in India (?!) -- Picture
Decorative Designs -- Picture
Tribal Dancers and Hunting of Tiger -- Picture
Horses and Riders -- Picture
Hero-stones of Native Indians (Adivasis) -- Picture
Tribal Paintings of Central India -- Picture
Prehistoric Social Life (?) -- Picture
Tribal Festivities (?) -- Picture
Prehistoric Designs -- Picture
Animal Motifs -- Picture
Fruit Gathering Scenes -- Picture
D.R. Bendre -- Kannada poet -- Picture
Tribal Jewelry, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Preshistoric Society -- Picture
The Deccan Plateau -- Picture
Animal Motifs -- Picture
Prehistoric Hunter -- Picture
Primitive Tools of Trapping Field Rats -- Picture
The Rat Picker -- Picture
Prehistoric Dancers -- Picture
Horse Rider -- Picture
Poster of Movie Deewaar -- Picture
Battle Scene -- Picture
-- Picture
Prehistoric Plough (?) -- Picture
-- Picture
Man in a Hurry -- Picture
-- Picture
Horse Rider -- Picture
Riders -- Picture
-- Picture
Tiger or Cat -- Picture
Artist's Depiction of Deer -- Picture
Taming of Beasts -- Picture
Horse Trainers (?) -- Picture
-- Picture
Herd Hunting Scene -- Picture
Prehistoric Hunting Scene -- Picture
Hungry Deer, Full Deer -- Picture
Cover Page of Jyotsna's Book -- Picture
Animal Motif -- Picture
Rider on a Decorated Horse -- Picture
Pencil Portraits by K.L.Kamat -- Picture
Deer -- Picture
Man Hunting a Rhino (?) -- Picture
Lokamanya Balgangadhar Tilak -- Picture
Ambar Palace Tank and Pavilion -- Picture
Grazing Deer -- Picture
Pencil Sketch by K.L.Kamat -- Picture
Padmapani Buddha -- Picture
Pencil Sktech by K.L.Kamat -- Picture
Hunting Scene -- Picture
Kamat's Sketch Book -- Picture
Trees by Kamat -- Picture
Logo of Vijayanagar Kings -- Picture
A Hunting Scene -- Picture
Hunter and his Kill -- Picture
A Bufallo with Straws in the Stomach -- Picture
Picking Fruits -- Picture
War Dances of Primitive Man (?) -- Picture
-- Picture
Pages from Kamat's Idea Book -- Picture
A Gowdathi Goes to Bazaar -- Picture
A Cartoon Featuing Gandhi -- Picture
Icon of Dhanwantari -- Picture
Ganesh, from a Painting -- Picture
Writer Purnachandra Tejasvi -- Picture
Dasara painting on the walls of Mysore palace -- Picture
Charudatta and Vasantasena -- Picture
Huntress -- Sculpture from Belur -- Picture
Sculpture from Bhatkal Temple -- Picture
-- Picture
Lady Drummer -- Picture
Walking Tall -- Krishna being honored in hometown of Honavar -- Picture
Woman Wearing a Saree -- Picture
Logo of Hoysala Kings -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Map of Bastar district in Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Making of a Rangoli Design -- Picture
An ascetic (Sadhu) performing rituals -- Picture
The Jewelry of a Rajasthani Woman -- Picture
The Mysore Dasara Procession -- Picture
-- Picture
Lajja Gowri of Ballegavi -- Picture
Screen Capture of Kamat Content CrowBot -- Picture
The Elephant Mounted King -- Picture
Laxmi and Vishnu in Kavi Art -- Picture
Back Cover of "Social Life in Medieval Karnataka" -- Picture
Map of British India -- Picture
P.C. Ray (1861- 1944) -- Picture
Clash of the Swords -- Picture
Seductress in Stone
-- Picture
Social Life in Medieval Karnataka -- Picture
Kuvempu stands as a great name is Kannada literature. -- Picture
-- Picture
Shivaram Karanth, celebrated Kannada novelist and playwright -- Picture
Poster of Hindi Blockbuster Movie "Silsila" -- Picture
-- Picture
Scene at a Fish Market -- Picture
-- Picture
Prince Palden Thondup Namgyal Posing with his Bride -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
A Fashionable Style of Saree -- Picture
Head Decoration made with Flowers -- Picture
Portrait of Naga Head-Hunter -- Picture
Smiling boy at the Mundgod monastery is sent fetching water for the school. -- Picture
Colorful Rangoli Designs -- Picture
Golden footwear belonging to the Wodeyars of Mysore -- Picture
Tribal of Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
Decorated Elephants of Gwalior, 1903 -- Picture
-- Picture
Jagadish Chandra Bose -- Picture
Nehru at a Congress Rally -- Picture
Tribal women balancing work, errands and children -- Picture
Golden Necklace -- Picture
Mother and daughter, Madhya Pradesh forest -- Picture
Homeward Bound -- Picture
Daughter of the Himalayas -- Picture
Illustrations of Jain Education System -- Picture
The Madrassah of Mahmud Gawan, Bidar -- Picture
Jewelry of Mysore Maharaja -- Picture
-- Picture
-- Picture
Vikas and Hiryoung -- Picture
-- Picture
Traditional Hindu Woman -- Picture
Lust for Learning -- Picture
Kamat Photographing -- Picture
Jewelry of Mysore Maharaja -- Picture
Men Carrying Gandhi, Noakhali -- Picture
Tribals Making a Headgear -- Picture
Precious Stones and Golden Artwork -- Picture
Tribal Youngster with Horn Decorartions -- Picture
Tribal Women on Errands -- Picture
Jewelry of Mysore Maharaja -- Picture
Jewelry of Mysore Maharaja -- Picture
Old timey Campaigns -- Picture
Long Distance Walking -- Picture
-- Picture
Foot Ornaments -- Picture
Medieval Hair Fashion, South India -- Picture
C.V. Raman -- Picture
Foot Ornaments -- Picture
Facial Ornamentation of Medieval Karnakata -- Picture
Poster of Movie Dharmata -- Picture
Woman Playing a Drum -- Picture
Ornithologist Salim Ali (1896- 1987) -- Picture
Milk Products of Medieval Karnataka -- Picture
Milk Products being Carried to Marketplace -- Picture
Head Ornaments -- Picture
Gandhi by R.K.Laxman -- Picture
Cave Temple, Zanskar, India -- Picture
Glacier Fed Lake, Ladakh -- Picture
WG 2-8-2, Varanasi, India -- Picture
Palace at Shivapuri, Madhya Pradesh, India -- Picture
Lawn Maintenance in front of a Fort -- Picture
Cenotaphs, Madhya Pradesh -- Picture
The Fort, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India -- Picture
Red Fort, New Delhi, India -- Picture
Mehrangarh Fort, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India -- Picture
A Building from Fatehpur Sikri -- Picture
Palm Viper or Green Tree Viper -- Picture
Republic Day Parade -- Picture
Republic Day Parade -- Picture
Republic Day Parade -- Picture
The Barren Landscape of Ladakh -- Picture
Roasted Peanut Vendor -- Picture
Man in Bandani Turban -- Picture
Rajasthani Villager -- Picture
Republic Day Parade -- Picture
The Green Train -- Picture
Span of Aurangjeb's Empire -- Picture
Mirrors of Medieval India -- Picture
Decorated Doorman -- Picture
Early Socialist Activity in India -- Picture
A Conference of People's Socialist Party -- Picture
Socialists on a Hunger Protest March in Gujarat -- Picture
Man with a Crocodile -- Picture
Tourists in Himalayan Valley -- Picture
Girl of Andhra Pradesh -- Picture
The Salt March -- Picture
Chartubhuj Temple -- Picture
WP 4-6-2, Itarasi, India -- Picture
Girl from Ladakh -- Picture
Girl from Rajasthan -- Picture
A Girl from Punjab -- Picture
A Bihari Girl -- Picture
Garhiwal, India -- Picture
Birla Temple Complex -- Picture
Temple above Royal Palace -- Picture
Statue of Dhanwantari -- Picture
Ornamental Door of a Temple -- Picture
Hindu Shrine at Himalayas -- Picture
Himalayan temple -- Picture
Girl Carrying a Slate -- Picture
Minaret of a Palace Fort -- Picture
Riverside Temple -- Picture
Desert Cliffs, India -- Picture
Co-centric Pavilion -- Picture
Tibetan Ganapati -- Picture
Administrative Complex -- Picture
"The Coming Struggle" -- Picture
-- Picture
Ghendas of Assam -- Picture
Rituals in Varanasi -- Picture
Jog Falls -- Picture
Mural on Srirangapattanam Palace -- Picture
Folk Painting -- Picture
Mahabalipuram -- Picture
Khajuraho Temple Sculptures -- Picture
Temple Reliefs, Khajuraho -- Picture
Flower Valley -- Picture
Flower Valley -- Picture
Sadhu in Contemplation -- Picture
A Trickling Waterfall -- Picture
Himalayan Peaks -- Picture
Mahabalipuram -- Picture
Himalayan Laborers -- Picture
Classroom without Walls -- Picture
Pair of Iguanas -- Picture
Mahabalipuram -- Picture
The Descent of Ganga or Arjuna's Penance -- Picture
Mahabalipuram -- Picture
Clock Tower of a Government Building -- Picture
Elephanat Stable, Mogul Style -- Picture
Khajuraho -- Picture
Indian Leaders at Oxford -- Picture
The Town of Mahalaxmi, Maharashtra -- Picture
Attack on Satara Police Station -- Picture
Ritual Art -- Picture
Rural Shot -- Picture
Village Scene -- Picture
Rural Scene -- Picture
Mangalore Tiles -- Picture
Naga leader Phizo with S.M. Joshi -- Picture
Firing 1942 -- Picture
Mahalaxmi -- Picture
View of Periyar River -- Picture
Kaladi -- Picture
Kaladi Krishna Temple -- Picture
Assamese Woman -- Picture
Vrindavan Gardens -- Picture
Assam -- Picture
Socialist Convention Patna -- Picture
-- Picture
Arabean Coast, South Kanara -- Picture
Tiled Roof, Kerala -- Picture
A Monument -- Picture
Socialist Meetings of 1950s -- Picture
An Issue of "Janata" Newspaper -- Picture
Maharashtrian Tribal Girl -- Picture
National Executive of Congress Socialist Party -- Picture
Mahalaxmi -- Picture
Masscare at Banda Border -- Picture
Lepcha Woman, Gangtok -- Picture
Musicians in Bracket Sculpture -- Picture
-- Picture
Dangling Jewelry Worn by a Maid -- Picture
Route Map of Amarnath Yatra -- Picture
Himalayan Flower -- Picture
Posters of Goa's Freedom Movement -- Picture
Jodhpur -- Picture
Arch of Sanchi -- Picture
Kanog (?) -- Picture
Ajmer -- Picture
Decorative Pillars (Kothi) -- Picture
Tribal Man, Bastar -- Picture
Tribal Community at Bastar -- Picture
Bahubali of Shravanabelagola -- Picture
Decorative Balustrades of Rajasthan -- Picture
Fresco of Ajanta -- Picture
Tribals of Bastar -- Picture
Jaisalmer -- Picture
Hourse Mounted Warrior Fighting a Lion -- Picture
Windows as Showpieces of Art -- Picture
Jaisalmer -- Picture
Posters of Indian Satyagraha -- Picture
Jodhpur -- Picture
Crowds Gathered Outside of Congress Convention -- Picture
Homi Jahangir Bhabha -- Picture
C.K. Nayudu (1895-1967) -- Picture
Swami Dayanand Saraswati -- Picture
S. Ramanujan -- Picture
Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan -- Picture
Jamini Roy (1887-1972) -- Picture
.danla -- Picture
Indian Policemen Hassling Indian Freedom Fighters -- Picture
Detail from a Fresco of Ajanta -- Picture
Pava Truri -- Picture
Monument -- Picture
Sculptured Figures -- Picture
Trinco (?) -- Picture
Village of Rajpipla -- Picture
Reclying Buddha -- Picture
Pictures of India's Freedom Movement -- Picture
Kazi Islam -- Picture
Nasik Central Jail -- Birthplace of Indian Socialism -- Picture
Poster of Socialist Propaganda -- Picture
Socialist Leaders -- Picture
Asoka Mehta Leads Pardi Kisan Struggle -- Picture
Rammanohar Lohia -- Picture
A Reminder that Goa is Not Yet Free -- Picture
Release of Lohia -- Picture
executive Committee of the Second Youth Conference of Maharashtra -- Picture
Socialist Art of India -- Picture
Aftermath of the Dandi Cyclone -- Picture
Dehradun Camp of the National Executive of Sociality Party -- Picture
1942 Martyrs at Siddhagad in Maharashtra -- Picture
Advancing Army -- Picture
The "Sky Clad" -- Picture
Himalayan Foliage -- Picture
Khajuraho Temple Art -- Picture
Minaret -- Picture
N.G. Goray -- Picture
Fresco of Ajanta -- Picture
Communist Leaders -- Picture
Solanki Style Bracket Figure of Barmer -- Picture
Ganapati and his Consort -- Picture
Solanki Style Temple at Kiradu -- Picture
Mandor -- Picture
Dandi Monument -- Picture
Socialist Era Begins in Bombay -- Picture
River Karjan -- Picture
Fresco of Ajanta -- Picture
Socialist Procession in Bombay -- Picture
Bhimkali Temple -- Picture
Detail of Dandi Monument -- Picture
Srivardhan -- Picture
Srivardhan -- Picture
Meditating Buddha -- Picture
Tibetan Buddhist -- Picture
Dandi -- Picture
Shimla -- Picture
Summer Palace -- Picture
Tribal Girls, Bastar -- Picture
Flowing Stream, Nagaland -- Picture
Tribal Women, Bastar -- Picture
Nagaland, 1957-58 -- Picture
Rammanohar Lohia -- Picture
News Clipping Announcing the Assasination of Gandhi -- Picture
S.M. Joshi, circa 1978 -- Picture
Socialists' Unite to Provide Alternative to Congress -- Picture
Acharya Narendra Deva -- Picture
Krishna with a Flute -- Picture
Portrait of V.N. O'key -- Picture
Jaya Prakash Narayan with S.M. Joshi -- Picture
Deity Laxminarayana -- Picture
Girl in Traditional Nine Yard Sari -- Picture
A Sadhu in the Himalayas -- Picture
Volunteer Activities during Freedom Struggle -- Picture
Mirik -- Picture
Thanka Painting -- Picture
Kalimpong -- Picture
Ladakh -- Picture
Gajalakshmi -- Picture
Mogul Style Pavilion -- Picture
A Hindu Diety -- Picture
Rajdip -- Picture
S.M. Joshi at Ganapati Pule -- Picture
Jodhpur Palace Hotel -- Picture
School Girl with Long Braided hair -- Picture
A Man in Uncut Hair -- Picture
Hanuman Monkey Mask -- Picture
A Buddhist Lama, Ladakh -- Picture
Girl Picking Tea Leaves -- Picture
Side View of Taj Mahal, Agra -- Picture
Snake Charmers -- Picture
Girl from Himachal Pradesh and her Jewelry -- Picture
Girls at a Village Fair -- Picture
Girl from Tripura, India -- Picture
Girl from Andhra Pradesh -- Picture
Hikers at Manali -- Picture
Meter gauge class YL 2-6-2 leaving Jaipur, India -- Picture
Peacock Riding Subramanya -- Picture
Class WP 4-6-2, Itasi, India -- Picture
National Railway Museum, Delhi, India -- Picture
National Railway Museum, Delhi, India -- Picture
A Steam Engine -- Picture
National Railway Museum, Delhi, India -- Picture
On Way to Manimahesh -- Picture
Community Living -- Picture
Bastar Tribals, 1962-63 -- Picture
Boulder at Vashisht -- Picture
Mask of a Mythical Beast -- Picture
Sculpted Icon of Chamba -- Picture
Pines at Manali -- Picture
Mother Teresa with Margaret Thatcher -- Picture
A Socialist Poster from India -- Picture
Jog Falls -- Picture
Engels and Marx -- Picture
Bharatipur -- Picture
Bharatipur -- Picture
Bharatipur -- Picture
Pindari Glaciers -- Picture
Temple at Yamunotri -- Picture
Aruna Unfurls Indian National Flag -- Picture
Bharatipur -- Picture
Bharatipur -- Picture
Indian Socialist Leaders -- Picture
Pilgrimate to Manimahesh -- Picture
Vrindavan Gardens, Mysore -- Picture
A Nice Seat to View the Himalayas -- Picture
Temple of Badrinath -- Picture
Leaders of 1941 Satyagraha -- Picture
"Simon, Go Back!!" -- Picture
Central Prison of Nasik -- Picture
Self Portrait, V.N. O'key -- Picture
Hidimba Devi Festival -- Picture
Asian Socialist Bureau Meetings -- Picture
Lohia at Congress Convention -- Picture
Ladakh -- Picture
Poster of Hind Kisan Panchayat -- Picture
Rumtek -- Picture
Bharatpur Temple Complex -- Picture
Rumtek -- Picture
1942 -- Picture
Himalayan Children -- Picture
Tiger at Patna Zoo -- Picture
Congress Socialist Party is Born (1934) -- Picture
Gateway at Dargah, Ajmer -- Picture
Taj Mahal, Agra -- Picture
Founding Members of Congress Socialist Party -- Picture
A Poster of Congress Socialist Party -- Picture
Anjumane Islam Hall -- Picture
Meherally Welcomes Gandhi -- Picture
A Temple in the Himalayas -- Picture
Ganesh of Srirangaptna -- Picture
Gulmarg Valley, Kashmir -- Picture
Vrindavan Gardens. Mysore -- Picture
Lord Shiva of Kailash -- Picture
Land Army in Action -- Picture
South Indian Style Temple Tower -- Picture
Statue of Nandi Bull -- Picture
Rumtek -- Picture
Statue of Mahishasura -- Picture
Rituals at Varanasi -- Picture
Massive Rally of Protestors -- Picture
Poet Narmad (1833-1941) -- Picture
Headgear of Medieval Men -- Picture
Medieval Hair Styles -- Picture
Indian Servants Attending to a British Officer -- Picture
Having Dinner -- Victorian Era -- Picture
Sayyad Khan, founder of Aligarh Muslim University -- Picture
Parts of a Saree -- Picture
Vijayalakshmi Pandit -- Picture
Headgear of Medieval Men -- Picture
Laxmibai, the Queen of Jhansi -- Picture
Medieval Hair Styles -- Picture
K. L. Kamat at Work Photographing -- Picture
Medieval Hair Styles -- Picture
Headgear of Medieval Men -- Picture
Headgear of Medieval Karnataka -- Picture
Medieval Headgear from South India -- Picture
Headgear of Medieval Men -- Picture
Sane Guruji -- Picture
Caroon showing Kamat photographing street children -- Picture
Bhagat Singh -- Picture
Jamsetji Tata -- Picture
Kamat Fits Goddess Kali in a Map of Bengal -- Picture
Poster of Movie "Mother India" (1957) -- Picture
Thakkar Bappa (1869-1951) -- Picture
Narayan Guru (1856 - 1928) -- Picture
Vinoba Bhave (1895 -1982) -- Picture
Sri Aurobindo -- Picture
Amrita Pritam (1919 -2005) -- Picture
Mother Teresa -- Picture
Shankar Kurup -- Picture
Pandita Ramabai -- Picture
Foot Ornaments -- Picture
Headgear of Medieval Men -- Picture
Headgear of Medieval Men -- Picture
Head Ornaments of Medieval Karnataka -- Picture
Portrait of Vasco-da-Gama -- Picture
Portrait of Verrier Elvin -- Picture
-- Picture
Lady Musicians of Medieval Karnataka -- Picture
Foot Ornaments -- Picture
Foot Ornaments -- Picture
Foot Ornaments -- Picture
Head and Ear Ornaments -- Picture
Medieval Earrings -- Picture
Medieval Earrings -- Picture
-- Picture
Lady Musicians of Medieval Karnataka -- Picture
Mohandas K. Gandhi -- Picture
Bal Gangadhar Tilak -- Picture
Indira Priyadarshini -- Picture
Sarojini Naidu -- Picture
Ramana Maharshi -- Picture
Sarojini Naidu -- Picture
Tenzing Norgay (1914-1986) -- Picture
The Attack of Mutineers, July 30, 1857 -- Picture
Subhas Chandra Bose -- Picture
J. Krishnamurti -- Picture
Amrita Shergil (1913-1941) -- Picture
A Congress Election campaign -- Picture
Ustad Allauddin Khan -- Picture
M. Visvesvarayya -- Picture
Sarat Chandra Chatterjee -- Picture
Mother Teresa (1910 - 1997) -- Picture
Rajiv Gandhi (1944-91) -- Picture
Ganesh in Stained Glass -- Picture
Acharya Narendra Dev (1889-1956) -- Picture
Yusuf Meherally (1903-1950) -- Picture
Socialist Leader R.M. Lohia (1910-1967) -- Picture
Gandhi with Congress Leaders -- Picture
Satragrahis Make Salt -- Picture
The Mysore Palace -- Picture
Vallabhbhai Patel (1875-1950) -- Picture
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru -- Picture
Munshi Premchand (1880-1936) -- Picture
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1888-1975) -- Picture
Chembai Vaidyanatha (1894-1974) -- Picture
Raja Ram Mohan Roy -- Picture
Ramaswami Naicker ( 1879 -1973) -- Picture
Peace-friendly Nehru -- Picture
Gurajada Appa Rao (1862-1915) -- Picture
Swami Vivekananda -- Picture
Subramanya Bharati (1882-1921) -- Picture
Lakshminath Bezbarua (1868-1938) -- Picture
Rabindranath Tagore -- Picture
Jayaprakash Narayan (1902-1979) -- Picture
Kamaladevi Chattopadhaya -- Picture

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