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Pictures: 1751 to 1800 of Total: 20766

Laxmibai, the Queen of Jhansi
Indian Queen dressed for battle to defend her kingdom against the British
Queen of Jhansi
Tribal World of Verrier Elwin
Portrait of Verrier Elvin

By just joining equidistanced dots animals like fish, rabbit, human, cat, snakes, elephant could be drawn with extreme ease.
Rangoli Design
Rangoli Design
A Chair in Rangoli Design

Example of Kamat PhotoQuilt
Kannada Novelist TaRaaSu
Portrait of Ta.Raa.Su.
T.R. Subbarao was a noted Kannada novelist.
(Picture from the back of one of his novels)

A South Indian Classical Dancer Poses
A Dance Pose
South Indian Dancer Poses
South Indian Dancer Poses
Darpana Sundari

A Saree Advertisement of 1950s from Phoenix Company
Saree Advertisement from 1950s
Graphic from Clothing
Clothing Advertisemnt from Calico Mills, Ahmedabad

Motilal Nehru (1861-1931)
Motilal Nehru was an early Indian independence activist and leader of the Indian National Congress. He was the founder patriarch of India's most powerful political family.
Freedom Fighters
Great People of India
Sage Vishwamitra
Vishwamitra composed the Gayatri Mantram

Maharshi Valmiki said to be the writer of "Ramayana".
Sage Valmiki
Krishna and his Exploits
Far Reach of Long Hands!
Krishna with a consort

Workplace Harassment!
Man makes love to woman while she milks a cow ! Sculpture from Nad-kalese
Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalse
Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalase
Preparing for Congugation
A woman prepares for conjugation by applying home-made lubricants

One Woman, Two Men
Sculpture from Ancient India
Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalse
Bestiality in Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalse
A Woman Lets a Monkey Taste her Body Fluids
Detail from a temple sculpture in Nad-Kalse

Couple in a "Genital Lock"
Detail from a sculpture from medieval India
Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalse
Group Sex in Indian Art
How to Fit Four on a Single Bed
Detail from a sculpture in Nad-kalse shows four people performing sexual acts on a bed while another is under the bed

Son of the Soil -- Boy playing in dirt
Boy playing in stagnant Water
Portrait of a Merchant
Portrait of a Merchant at Bazar

Erotica of Ballegavi
Erotica of Ballegavi
An Indian Girl and her Dot
An Indian Girl and her Dot

Romance of Uma and Shiva
Romance of Uma and Shiva
Sculpture of Badami
Intimacy is Secret to Bondage

The Seduction of Shiva
Parvati with drinking bowl in her hand. Badami sculpture
Sculpture of Badami
Practioners of the Tantra Cult
Villagers with Drinking Bowls in their Hands
Sculpture from Barsur, Madhya Pradesh

Details of Top of a Tree
Notice the Cat Moving around in the tree
Leather Puppets
Leather Puppets
Lady Churning Curds

Lady Churning Curds
Notice her décor and the earthen pots hanging from the tree
Leather Puppets
Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalse
Homosexual Men Making Merry
Detail from a sculpture from Karnataka

The Old Fashioned Sex
About 500 years old sculpture from Nad-kelese in rural India
Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalse
Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalse
Woman Performing Fellatio
Sculpture from Nad-kalese

Man enters a woman even as she gives a head bath to a friend
Erotic Sculptures of Nad-Kalse
K. L. Kamat
Light-hearted person

Learned to wear a necktie in USA, 1962.
K. L. Kamat
K. L. Kamat
K. L. Kamat Graduating in 1957.

Kulavi Decorated with elaborate vines
Poet Kalidasa
An Ancient Sanskrit Writer

Sage Vasishta
Sage Vasishta was the preceptor of Rama
Great Rishis of India
Great People of India
Veda Vyasa is the author of "Mahabharata".

Sage Vidyaranya
Vidyaranya is credited with mentoring Harihara and Bukka to build the Vijayanagar empire. c, 13th century
Holymen of India
Great People of India
Poet Kalidasa writer of "Meghadoota".

Bankim Chandra Chatterji (1838-1894)
The man who gave us Vande Mataram
B.C. Chatterji
Freedom Fighters
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Nandalal Bose
Outstanding Personalities
The Tantric Cults of India
Muladhara Chakras in Human Body
Six wheels (chakras) are identified. It is believed that the body is activated when the Shakti traverses through the chakras to unite with Shiva.

Rangoli Design

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