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The following pictures span entire photographic career of Kamat and are collections of pictures on a common theme.

Picture Collection
A Large Collection of Stamps from India
Bird's Eye View of Mysore
Folk Arts and Artists
Karnataka Picture Potpourri
Konkani Monastery in Goa
Men Who Saved Kannada
Pictures of Indian Matchboxes
Pictures of Life and People of India
Shravanabelagola Collection
Stunning Photographs of India


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Browsing the pictures by the reels has the advantage that the viewer experiences the same visuals as seen by the photographer in the same sequence. For some, it is fascinating to see how a single reel consists of pictures of such diverse subjects (for example R1141 shows pictures of hero-stones, African Indians, Buddhist refugee camp and a Hindu deities in the same reel!!). 

Reel Name
Bharata Natyam of Keshava Nrityashala --February 4, 2001
Man Becomes Woman! --August 2001
Chariot Festival of Malleswaram --February 22, 2001
From Pune to Honavar --June 14,1967
Minolta Auto-32 Trial Shots --April 14, 1982
Pradeep's Munji V --April 18, 1982
Honavar 1982 --April 20, 1982
Honavar Pictures --April 24, 1982
Villages of Gunavante and Murdeswar --April 25, 1982
Murdeswar, Gunavante and Balegadde --April 25, 1982
Mulbagil -I Temple Art --September 05,1982
Mulbagil -III Kurudu Male --September 05,1982
Melu Kote I - The Jana Seva Trust --February 23,1983
Wedding of Umesh Kamat at Honavar --June 17,1967
North Kanara III (Bilgi Contd.) --October 25, 1983
North Kanara Tour VI --October 26,1983
North Kanara VII --October 27, 1983
North Kanara Tour VIII --October 27,1983
North Kanara Tour IX Gokarn --October 28,1983
North & South Kanara --November, 13,1983

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