The British Raj

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The "British Raj" or the British Rule of India is period of British colonization of the Indian subcontinent. The British Raj started soon after the 1857 riots for independence (see: Sepoy Mutiny) when the power controlled by the East India Company was transferred to the British Government, and ended with home-rule for India (and Partition of India) in 1947.

This is a collection of period portraits, oral histories, and period social life of British Raj.

Cover of Maharaja's Album
A plaque marking the Royal visit to Mysore
Album of Mysore Maharaja
Brtish Rule of India
Earl Attlee 1883 - 1967)
Clement Atlee was serving as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom when India became free in August 1947

Indian Servants Attending to a British Officer
English officers and their families lived lavish lifestyles thanks to abundant resources and cheap labor
Days of British Raj
Viceroy of India
Louis Mountbatten
Detail from an Indian Postage stamp

Prince Edward Albert Shoots a Tiger
Photograph of 1870
The Tiger Shikari
The British Rule of India
Statue of a Lord Kitchener
Statue in the court yard of Dubella Museum, Madhya Pradesh

Warren Hastings
The First Governor General of India - from a 19th century lithograph
Governor General Warren Hastings

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