The Call of Yama

First Online: March 13, 2002
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Lord Yama is the God of death in Hindu belief, and it is common to refer to death as The Call of  Yama
In this section we explore death and last rites according to Hinduism. 

Many pictures in this section were taken during the funeral of my father, K. L. Kamat, and I have included my own experience of a Hindu funeral.

-Vikas Kamat

Topics on Death and End of Life

Pictures Depicting Death and Death Rituals

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Death According  to Hinduism
Death in Hinduism

Man Slicing his Throat with a DaggerHindu Death RitesThe Last Rites for a Dead ManGifting of the BrahminsFeeding of the River
Tonsuring of the HeadThe Feeding of the RiverThe Pinda (Rice Ball) OfferingsSymbolic Re-burning of the DeadFuneral Rituals at a Waterfall
Self Immolation depicted in a Stone SculptureAntyeshti ProceedingsHindu Death Anniversary RitesJourney of the Dead to HeavenMan Weaving a Platform from Bamboo Strips
Yama with a Noose