Social Life in Ancient India

First Online: June 08, 2003
Page Last Updated: January 01, 2015

Historians usually give much importance to political events, often ignoring the study of social life. In a democratic setup, it is the people who matter more than those who rule or govern. The following study of a few aspects of social life in the medieval and ancient India, with attempts to give a clear picture of India's social heritage. The pictures are primarily based on period sculptures and sometimes related to period literature.

Old Time Parties
Drinking habits of men and women of Karnataka as described in medieval texts and sculptures.
Bathing and Hygiene
Depiction of bathing and women's hygiene in historical texts and sculptures.
Status of Women
Article discussing the status of women in medieval Deccan; includes topics on temple-women, institution of marriage, sati, and adultery.
Wonder-bras of another era
Did ancient Indian women wear bras? Were they stitched? Were they padded?
Food Habits of Vijayanagara Times
Research paper explores the food habits of Indians during the Vijayanagar times, using references in period literature, archaeology, and travelogues.
Everyday Bhatkal
Research paper on depiction of everyday life in a 16th century temple sculptures of Bhatkal town.


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