The Working Children of India

First Online: November 14, 2002
Page Last Updated: January 01, 2015
All Photographs by K. L. Kamat

Supportive Kids - Table of Contents

  • Helping Hands -- An introduction to the problem of child labor in India by Jyotsna Kamat, Discusses common jobs, mistreatment, and causes of child-labor.
  • Child Labor in India - Some notes by Vikas Kamat

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Working Children of India
Working Children

Girl on Way to Fetch Water Girl Making Garlands for SaleGirl Selling FlowersBoy Selling Curry LeavesRoadside Pakora Vendor
A Child Caring for an InfantA Child Doing a Mans JobGirl with FirewoodLearning Tricks of the TradeGirl Fetching Water for Household Use
A Young <i>Tangawala</i> with his HorseRunning ErrandsTake a Peacock Fan Home todayBoys Selling Oil Lamps for DeepavaliBoy Climbing a Tall Coconut Tree
Girl Doing a Mans JobGirl Shining the VesselsIn The Family Business