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The Brahmins .

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A List of Brahmin Communities

 Compiled by Vikas Kamat
First Online: April 01, 2003
Page Last Updated: May 09, 2017

The following is a list of Brahmin communities of India. It is documented here for anthropological research purposes. Where available, links to related pictures and topics on the particular community are provided. Please suggest additions/corrections to Contact Kamats

Some patrons have complained that I have listed some communities (example: Daivajna or Bhumihar) as Brahmins whereas rest of the society doesn't regard them as Brahmins. I have followed a simple rule: If someone thought and behaved like they are Brahmins, then they are! For more guidelines please see my mother's essay Who is a Brahmin?

List of Brahmin Communities  

(in alphabetical order)

  • Adi Goud Ahiwasi Brahmins 
  • Anavil Brahmins
  • Ashtasahasram Iyers
  • Aravttokkalu Brahmins
  • Audichya Brahmins
  • Babburkamme Smartha Brahmins
  • Badagnadu Smartha Brahmins
  • Barendra Brahmins of Bengal
  • Basotra Brahmins
  • Beyal Brahmins
  • Bhargava Brahmins of Bundelkhand and Madhya Pradesh
  • Bhumihar Brahmins
  • Bral Brahmins
  • Brahatcharanam Iyers
  • Brahmabhat Brahmins
  • Daivajna Brahmins
  • Deshastha Brahmins
  • Devrukhe Brahmins of Konkan region in Maharashtra
  • Dhima Brahmins
  • Dravida Brahmins (originally from Tamilandu, migrated to parts of Godavari and Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh)
  • Embranthiri Brahmins of Kerala
  • Gaur Brahmins
  • Gouda Saraswat Brahmins
  • Gurukkal or Shivacharya Brahmins
  • Halenadu Karnataka Brahmins, also known as Muguru Karnataka Brahmins
  • Havyaka Brahmins
  • Hebbar Iyengars
  • Hoysala Karnataka Brahmins
  • Jangid Brahmins
  • Jijhotia Brahmins
  • Kandavara Brahmins
  • Kanyakubj or Kanaujia Brahmins
  • Karhada  or Karade Brahmins of Karhad region of Maharashtra
  • Kashmiri Saraswats or Kashmiri Pundits
  • Kayastha Brahmins
  • Kerala Iyers
  • Khajuria or Dogra Brahmins of Jammu
  • Khandelwal Brahmins
  • Khedawal Brahmins
  • Konkanastha  or Chitpavan Brahmins
  • Konkani Saraswat Brahmins
  • Kota Brahmins
  • Koteshwara Brahmins
  • Kudaldeshkar Brahmins
  • Madras Iyengars
  • Madhwa Brahmins
  • Maithil Brahmins


  • Malwi Brahmins
  • Mandyam Iyengars
  • Modh Brahmins
  • Mohyal Brahmins
  • Muluknadu Brahmins
  • Nagar Brahmins
  • Namboothiri Brahmins
  • Nandimukh or Nandwana Brahmins of Gujarat and Rajasthan area.
  • Naramdeo or Narmdiya Brahmins
  • Nepali Brahmins
  • Niyogi Brahmins
  • Padia Brahmins
  • Paliwal Brahmins
  • Pangotra Brahmins
  • Pottee Brahmins of Kerala
  • Punjabi Saraswat Brahmins
  • Pushkarna Brahmins
  • Rajapur Saraswat Brahmins
  • Rahri Brahmins of Rahr region of Bengal
  • Rigvedi Deshastha Brahmins
  • Sadotra Brahmins of Jammu
  • Sakaldwipi Brahmins
  • Saklapuri Brahmins
  • Sanadhya Brahmins mainly of western Uttar Pradesh
  • Sanketi Brahmins
  • Sarwaria Brahmins
  • Sarypari Brahmins of Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh
  • Sirinadu Smartha Brahmins
  • Shrimali Brahmins
  • Shivalli Brahmins
  • Shrotriya Brahmins of Jharkhand (in the districts of Hazaribag, Dhanbad, Giridih, Bokaroand) and  Bihar (in the districts of Gaya, Nawada, Biharsharif).
  • Smartha Brahmins
  • Srigaur Brahmins
  • Sthanika Brahmins
  • Suryadwij Brahmins (of Kota region in Rajasthan)
  • Thenkalai (a.k.a.Thengalai) Iyengars
  • Tuluva Brahmins
  • Tyagi Brahmins
  • Uppal Brahmins
  • Upreti Brahimins of Kumaon region of Uttarakhand
  • Utkal Brahmins
  • Uluchakamme Brahmins
  • Vadagalai Iyengars
  • Vadama Iyers
  • Vaidik or Vaidiki Brahmins
  • Vaishnava Brahmins
  • Vathima Iyers
  • Yajurvedi Deshastha Brahmins

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