Song of Rama: A Favorite Poem of Gandhi

Raghupati Raghav Rajaram
Patit Paavana Sitaram

Sitaram Jai Sitaram
Bhaj pyare tu Sitaram
Raghupati Raghav..........

Ishwar Allah Tere Naam
Sabko sanmati de Bhagwan
Raghupati Raghav........
Rama, the Lord of heavens
Blessed is thy name

Victory to you Ram
the husband of Sita
Oh so lovable, joyous 
it is to worship thee...

Some of us call you as Shiva
and some others as Allah
but we beg you Lord
that you bless us all...


Editor's Note: 

When Gandhi was assassinated by the bullets of a Hindu fanatic, he uttered, "Hey Ram!" and then breathed his last. So, in more ways than one, till Gandhi died, he served and glorified the divine force.

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