Mansollasa of Somadeva

Notes by K.L. Kamat

First Online: September 11, 2001
Page Last Updated: December 31, 2014

The author establishes that the erotic arts spread all over India are not just based on the famous Kamasutra of Vatsyayana. Here, he is commenting on a medieval Sanskrit text Manasollasa. 

Although these tantras were written for the royalty, they were applicable to commoners as well.

Manasollasa (maa-nus-O-llaa-sa, from Sanskrit, Happy State of Mind) is an ancient treatise written by King Sovadeva III, son of  the Chalukyan emperor Vikramaditya. Manasollasa, also known as Abhilashitartha Chintamani is a Sanskrit encyclopedia, which is divided into five books (Vimsati), each one further divided into 20 sections. The Kalyana Chalukya king, Somadeva III (1127-1138 A.D.) has taken all the pains to collect up data information on art, architecture, dance, music, ornaments, food and drinks, love and lust, and presents them in a logical and methodical way. Gaekwad's Oriental Series, Bardoda (Gujarat) has published this manuscripts in three parts. Late G.K. Shrigondekar had to work for  thirty six long years, from 1925 to 1961 to edit these volumes.

The Manasollasa has dedicated a separate section for the erotica (Yosidupabhoga, enjoyment of women). On the basis of inheritance, physical strength and attitude towards sex, Somadeva classifies women into six types, namely, Chitrini, Padmini, Hastini, Sankhini, Mrugi, and Vadava. He says, " ... a virtuous woman is one who is beautiful, youthful, is a musician and a dancer. However, it is extremely difficult to find a woman who is excellent in every accomplishment of life. Therefore one has to try to get a woman as best as physically possible."  He further warns about the physical incompatibility of "Linga" and "Yoni", the male and female organs. He insists that they should be complimentary each other. However, if linga is slightly larger it could be adjusted. But an  extra large linga should be avoided at all costs as it may rupture yoni itself. Similarly a woman with too small or very large yoni should not be selected for bhoga (union) as she fails to satisfy the man.

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  • Manasollasa of king Somesvara (Ed. Shrigondekar G.S.). Baroda, 1939


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