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Cross Dressing
Cross Dressing 
in Indian Theater


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Man Becomes a WomanYakshagana is typically performed by men only. <br>Here, a man dressed as seductress MohiniMan Dressed As a Woman Poses Backstage for a PhotoI asked the director not to place me in a feminine role!!!
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A Man Elaborately Dresses as a Woman for a PlayA Male Folk Artist Dressed as a Queen



When He Acts as a She

Cross Dressing in Indian Theater

First Online: July 12, 2000
Page Last Updated: January 01, 2015


The fiercely conservative social system of India did not encourage co-ed theater and it became common to have all male or all female actors/actresses during a play. Most of the pictures in this series should be seen in the context of theater, although a few of them are the pictures of transvestites, popularly known as Hijras whose primary profession is entertainment.

Cross Dressing in India

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