Kamat Saree Exhibition

First Online: June 15, 2000
Page Last Updated: January 01, 2015

The Story of the Saree 
Jyotsna Kamat on the history and the utility of the Saree including its multiple forms. Accompanying pictures show how to dance in Saree, how to fight in Saree etc.
How to Buy a Saree  
Kamat the Saree merchant on parameters that affect purchase of a Saree.
Sarees for Men
Did you know men competed against each other to wear colorful clothing in medieval times?
Kamat Saree Exhibition  
See wonderful collection of pictures of Indians engaged in daily life draped in Saree; includes designs of Sarees.
Sari Varieties
Different ways of draping the Indian Sari; includes pictures of sari wearing styles.

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