Rangoli Designs from India

First Online: August 30, 2001
Last updated : January 01, 2015

Rangoli (ran-goal-i, also known as Alpana, Kolam and by other names) is a traditional art of decorating courtyards and walls of Indian houses, places of worship and sometimes eating places as well.

Pictures of Rangoli

Arjuna's Dejection
Scene from the Mahabharata in Rangoli Art
Arjuna`s Dejection - Rangoli Art
Rangoli Designs
Colorful Rangoli Designs

Colorful Rangoli for Sankranti
Sankranti Festival Celebration
Virat Swarup
Cosmic Presence of Lord Krishna
Spread powder art (Rangoli) by Trimbhak Joshi

Death of Abhimanyu
Spread powder art (Rangoli) by artist Ravindra More
Warrior Abhimanyu
The Holy Chariot in Rangoli
Divine Chariot in a Rangoli Design

Dots are the soul of Rangoli Art
Girl Joins Dots
Draupadi`s Wedding - Rangoli Art
Draupadi's Wedding
Scene from the Mahabharata in Rangoli Art

Duck in a Rangoli Pattern
Rangoli Design
Mother Teaches Kolam to Daughter
From One Generation to Another
A mother teaches Rangoli to daughter

Geometrical Patterns in a Hexagon
Rangoli Design
Girl Learning Rangoli
A Girl Learning Rangoli by Looking at a Book

Girl paints Alpana in front of the door, Calcutta
Girl paints Alpana in front of the door, Calcutta
Rangoli Designs
Indian Tricolor in a Rangoli Design

Karna's Predicament
Scene from a Hindu Epic in Rangoli Art
Karna`s Demise - Rangoli Art
Kolam of Tamil Nadu
Kolam (a.k.a. Rangoli) in Tamil Nadu
Typically laid with rice powder, Kolam is a women's art in South India with spiritual connections

Making of a Rangoli Design
(Animation… please wait...)
Step-by-step procedure shows making of Rangoli
The Rangoli Art Supplier
Man Selling Rangoli Ingredients

Play of Dice Between Pandavas and Kauravas
Spread powder art (Rangoli) by Vijay Rane
Game of Dice
Painted Prayers to Goddess Laxmi
A Rangoli Artist of Malleswaram
Artist Vasanta spreads a Rangoli design on the street

Rangoli Design for the Deepavali Festival
Rangoli Designs
Rangoli Designs
Rangoli Floral Designs

A Rangoli is formed by joining predetermined dots
Rangoli Design
Rangoli made with petals
Rangoli made with petals

Rangoli of a Tree with Numerous Branches
Rangoli Design
Tribal Rangoli
Rangoli on a Village Hut
Folk art in the Gramokkal neighborhood in the village of Herangadi

Rangoli to Welcome the New Millennium
New Year Rangoli
Rangoli Design
Rice Grain Rangoli Design

Rural Woman Painting the Hase Rangoli on Wall
Shimoga District in Karnataka
Ritualistic Hase Painting
Santa Clause in a Rangoli Design
Santa Clause in a Rangoli Design

Spreading an Elaborate Sankranti Rangoli
Sankranti Festival Celebration
Duck in a Rangoli Design
A Swimming Duck in a Rangoli Design

Temple Chariot
Rangoli Design
Folk Arts of India
Wall Painting, Crafts Museum

Woman in Sari Decorates the Front Yard
Rangoli decorations are believed to please the deities
Picture of Woman Laying Rangoli

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