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Weddings in India
Indian Wedding

Remarrying After 50 years of Marriage!The Mehendi (henna) on a Brides HandsThe Newly Weds in Traditional Wedding AttireDecorations of a BrideBoy Gets Girl
Konkani Bride and GroomMass Weddings at DharmasthalaMarrying of Maternal Uncles and Cousins is Quite CommonThe Bride of IndiaThe Swayamvara Wedding
Flowers and Rice on HeadWedding Reception, IndiaMartial Rituals During a Kodava WeddingDecorating the BrideAnxious Groom
A Coorgi Bride Carrying WaterWedding without the Bride!Hindu Symbolic MarriageGuests at a Hindu WeddingShiva Arrives for His Wedding
Basing -- A Wedding Headgear made with Pith


Indian Weddings

First Online September 1, 2001
Page Last Updated: January 01, 2015


In this potpourri of pictures of brides, grooms, and wedding festivities, we cover the function of the matrimony as celebrated in various communities in India. I have also included references to interesting wedding anecdotes as they appear in Indian traditions and mythologies.

- Vikas Kamat 

Boy Meets Girl

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