Memorials of Madhya Pradesh

by K. L. Kamat
First Online: October 16, 2000
Page Last Updated: January 01, 2015


The author  traveled extensively in the state of Madhya Pradesh in Central India in the year 1976-1977 to observe, discover, study, and photograph the memorials scattered throughout the state. This study is mainly based on field observations and discussions with the local people, rather than on the published information. - Ed.

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Memorials of Madhya Pradesh
Tribal Memorials

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A Memorial of Madhya PradeshA heap of wooden memorials at Pachmadi in Central IndiaAn Earthen Memorial of Bastar DistrictA group of grantite pillars, PachmaddiPillar Memorial of Tamiya
The Hero of a Memorial, PachmadiThe Hero and his WifeA Group of Memorials at Barsur in BastarHero of a Stone Memorial in Barsur VillageHero with Shield
A Memorial <b>Gata</b> of  the Bhil Tribe<b>Sati</b> stone belonging to the Bhil tribe, ChindawadaWooden memorials of the Korku tribe, PachmadiCarved Wooden Pillar in the Village of GidamA Painted Slab Memorial, Madhya Pradesh
Depiction of a Hero -- Rock Shelter PaintingA hero in the forestWooden Memorial, MeghnathAbstract Memorials for the DeadWooden Memorials for the Dead
A panel of a wooden memorial  in Central India