Stories of Bastar Travel


by K. L. Kamat
Last Updated: January 01, 2015


Bastar (Ba-stir) is the most underdeveloped district of Madhya Pradesh  (in present day state of Chhattisgarh) in Central India. About 70% of Bastar is full of dense forest with 72% of the population being tribal (1979).

I took up this study at the behest of the Karnataka Literary Academy, and during the year-long  study the scholarship funded, I roamed the forests of Central India studying the lives and customs of the native people. Here are excerpts from the Kannada original, Bastara Pravasa, Pustakalaya 1991.

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Stories of Bastar Travel
Table of Contents | Arrival | Chotedongar | Jagadalpur Bazar
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  • Kamat Krishnanand, Bastara Pravasa in Kannada, Pustakalya, 1991
  • Kamat Krishnanand, KalaRanga in Kannada, Manohara Grinth Mala,
  • Kamat K. L., The Timeless Theater , CyberCrow, 1999
  • Life in Gond Village and other Works of Verrier Elwin

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