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Indian statesman Gopalakrishna Gokhale once said -- "..what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow!" This is true in more ways than one; the  Bengalis have led India in many fronts. It was division of Bengal in 1905 that started India's freedom struggle and another in 1947 terminated it. Philosophers such as Arabindo, and Swami Vivekananda have influenced Indian thought and ways of life. Bengali geniuses have enriched Indian literature, science and arts. Bengal is the the epitome of India's values and heritage as it is of India's problems and aspirations. Social revolutions like Naxal and Communism first took roots in India here, so did their problems they caused. A land of extreme poverty and pollution, what makes Bengal still thrive? What makes India thrive ?

We bring you this online exhibition of articles, pictures and history on ämär sonär Bänglä. This is not a tourist information brochure; we have tried to represent the rich and complex tapestry of life in Bengal as experienced by the authors during late 60s and again in early 80s. -- Ed.

The logo, cartoons, stories and photographs by K.L. Kamat.
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West Bengal

This is not Kremlin! - Mayapur, West BengalA Bride Offers PrayersA Terra Cota Relief from a Temple in BengalThe Village of PlasseyPicture of Writer Ashapurna DeviPlassey war memorial, Plassey, West BengalScene from Mrichakatika
Temple, Man, Cow - West BengalPunishment for favoring the BritishIn the land of Paramahamsa & Tagore, Mao also has a great presenceWhen you destroy the old, a new era begins - Mao-Tse-TungGirl paints Alpana in front of the door, CalcuttaA Potter at Work, PlasseyImage of Goddess Kali
A Weaver at Sriniketan CampusBoating is the Cheapest Mode of TransportationKali is a Popular Deity in BengalDance, Music and Song in BengalOffering Prayers with Music, West BengalBengalis just love fishFolk Dancer from Bengal Performing the Chhau Dance
Mask of a Chhau Folk DancerSantali Drummer, West BengalRural West BengalBengali  Street PlayBengali  Street PlayOvercrowded Vehicle Carrying Men and CargoMen Celebrating During a Village Festival, Plassey
Terracotta Sculptures of West BengalSailing in Bhagirati RiverWoman Quenches the Thirst of Two BullocksReady for HarvestDecoration Outside a Rural HutBoy Artist Sculpting a Statue of BoseSarat Chandra Bose (1889-1950)
Charudatta and VasantasenaMaoist and Naxalite GraffitiA Map of West BengalMusical Instrument MakerRani Rashmoni (1793 - 1861)

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