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Vikas Kamat
 Vikas Kamat is a programmer- entrepreneur living in Birmingham AL. This blog is a complex mix of Indian culture, life in southern USA, computer sciences, and sports. Opinions are his own.
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Computing, Libraries, Tennis, India & other interests of Vikas Kamat

List of Reels Durable Link to this BLOG
aug15August 15, 2001Independence Day 2001 School children celebrating indepence day
H2001October 13, 20012001 History ConferencePictures taken at the 2001 Karnataka History Conference
KdanceFebruary 4, 2001Bharata Natyam of Keshava NrityashalaGirija Kalyana dance drama by Keshava dance academy students/teachers
MPUAugust 2001Man Becomes Woman!Pictures of Mantap Prabhakar Updhyaya dressing up as a woman for a Yakshagana performance
MTERUFebruary 22, 2001Chariot Festival of MalleswaramThe Festival of Devi in Malleswaram, Bangalore
R100June 14,1967From Pune to HonavarScenes from train window, family pictures
R1001January 14, 1982Views of Dattaprasad FlatsScenes from Kamat's Flat- Dattaprasad; birds and candid pictures
R1009February 14, 1982Herons of Dattaprasad FlatsHerons in various poses
R1010February 16, 1982Dattaprasad XClose-ups of Night Herons
R1011February 17, 1982Dattaprasad XIHerons and Crows of Malleswaram
R1013February 19, 1982Dattaprasad XIIIPictures of G.B. Joshi, Gurudas Bappa , and Baba
R1020March 12, 1982Herons of Dattaprasad FlatsHerons engaged in building a nest
R1024April 14, 1982Minolta Auto-32 Trial ShotsNeighbors of Kamats; excellent portraits of Jyotsna, Vikas and Baba
R1025April 17, 1982Pradeep's Munji IAmase Gowda, preparations for Upanayanam
R1026April 18, 1982Pradeep's Munji IIUdada-Mahurtam, customers and relatives of Kamat gathered for munji
R1027April 18, 1982Pradeep's Munji IIIRelatives of Kamat gathered for munji
R1028April 18, 1982Pradeep's Munji IVExposed by Gaja without a flash, relatives, pictures in Kamat farm
R1029April 18, 1982Pradeep's Munji VRelatives of Kamat gathered for munji
R1030April 19, 1982Honavar PortFoggy morning at Honavar bunder
R1031April 20, 1982Honavar 1982Pictures of birds, egss, red ants
R1032April 24, 1982Honavar PicturesCashew plantation, Kamat family pictures
R1033April 25, 1982Villages of Gunavante and Murdeswar Temple art, Murdeswar beach, Gunavante chariot
R1034April 25, 1982Murdeswar, Gunavante and Balegadde Boats, women on sea shore, Kavi art, dwarapalakas
R1035April 25, 1982Villages of Balegadde and Kekkar Halakki gowdati at Kekkar, Konkani girls, Suvarna gedde, palki
R1036April 25, 1982The Village of KekkarSculpted pillar, Kavi art, Garuda, Sati stone
R1037April 30,1982Munji XIIfamily pictures, pond heron, herons on neem tree, Indian crow
R1038September 05,1982Mulbagil -I Temple ArtAnjaneya temple, paintings from Srinivasa temple, shiva parvati, lady in toilet, noble lady on a coach, monkey and the sanke,Shiva, Viman, Rama -Laxmana
R1040September 05,1982Mulbagil -III Kurudu MaleKurudumale temple, Ganesh, Sheshashastry, Manjunath and Devarakonda Reddy digging and cleaning hero-stones
R1042August 15, 1982Gokulashtami at Dattaprasad
R1043August 22, 1982Ganesh Utsav at Dattaprasad
R1050September 5, 1982Paintings of Sibi V
R1051October 27, 1982Town of Channapattaana IHero-stone from Vali Toopu, Channamma temple, herostone in front of a house, woman on elephant
R1052October 27, 1982Channapattaana II, KodaluruKodaluru, Chikka malur, Dodda mallur, Banni pantapa, six handed devi
R1053October 27, 1982Channapattana III, Mallur Pattana Detail from huge hero-stone, Mahasati stones, Boar hero-stone, tank, erotic sculpture
R1054October 27, 1982Dodda Mallur + Geeta GovindaPramega Swamy temple, Ratha mantaps, dwrapakalas; Paintings from 15th century manuscript Geeta Govinda
R1055November 20, 1982Deepavali at DattaprasadKids playing with fire-works, festivities
R1056November 20, 1982Deepavali at Dattaprasad
R1057November 25, 1982Onomat Camera TestVikas in NCC uniform, maid servants of Dattaprasad
R1068February 11, 1983Bandipur III Trayamkpura Decorated arch, Veerabhadra, bracket figures, sculptures on Nandi's neck, temple complex, hanuman, local transport, group of deer
R1069February 11, 1983Bandipur IV Bandipura by night, pictures of kadu kuruba community, women, children, men feating
R1070February 12, 1983Bandipur VDance & feast of kadu kuruba tribes, wom,en, ranger, huts
R1071February 23,1983Melu Kote I - The Jana Seva TrustActivities of the Jana Seva Trust; handicapped children busy at work
R1072February 23,1983Melu Kote II - The Jana Seva TrustMorning activities at the Jana Seva Trust
R1073February 23, 1983Narayana Swami TempleMelu Kote III, Brindavanam, Narayana temple, dancers, washerman
R10761984Tulsu's RollCrying Pavitra, family photographs
R1077March 18, 1983Wedding of Gaja KamatPreparations for a wedding, Gare art, Gudigars
R1078March 19, 1983Gaja Kamat's Wedding IITemple paintings, relatives gathered for wedding
R1078BMarch 19, 1983Kavi Art of HonavarKavi art of Chanya Bhat's temple, family photographs
R1079March 23, 1983Gaja Kamat's Wedding IIIGaja Kamat's Wedding IV, Excellent portrait of Gaja, village folk, wedding pictures
R108June 17,1967Wedding of Umesh Kamat at HonavarWedding of Umesh Kamat at Honavar; portraits of Shin Kamat & Jai-moushi
R1080March 21, 1983Karwar BeachSunset over the Arabian sea, fishermen, sea gulls
R1081March 21, 1983Karwar BeachGaja Kamat's Wedding V, at Karwar beach, fish catching, waves
R1082March 22, 1983Binaga & HonavarBinaga beach, country boats/ Honavar- Kasarkod scenes, machwas, fishermen
R1083March 22, 1983Gaja Kamat's Wedding VIIVadageri, poultry farm, taribagil scenes, Bhattarkeri temple arts. Masti stone
R1084March 23, 1983Yakshagana of GundabalaMan dressed as woman (HennuVesha), Shambhu Bhat, Kodangi
R1085March 24, 1983Gaja Wedding IXPictures of Honavar, people, children
R1086March 24, 1983Honavar 1983Golden "Kala-hali", Cloudy sky, drum player, honavar light house
R1087March 26, 1983Karwar Sea ShoreBeach scenes, birds, children, and fishermen
R1088Macrh 25, 1983Suggi DanceHarvest dancers
R1089March 20, 1983Hindu RitualsRituals surrounding Hindu weddings; pooja, priests, and relatives
R1090March 20, 1983Gaja Kamat's WeddingGroom adjusting basing, the Kanyadan ceremony, Hindu wedding
R1091March 20, 1983Gaja Kamat's Wedding
R1092March 21, 1983Vadageri FarmsPictures around the town of Honavar
R1093March 21, 1983Karwar Sea Shore
R1096July 9, 1983Prakash Burde in Bangalore IKamat-Burde family photographs
R1097July 10, 1983Prakash Burde in Bangalore IIKamat-Burde family photographs, painted grass hopper, flowers & wrist watch
R1098July 17, 1983Photo PeriodicityPictures of a flower as the day goes by, Vikas writing, spider, monsoon scenes
R1099August 3, 1983Sira Temple Roof PaintingsPaintings of Ravanashidheshwara temple in Sira, war scene, chariot, Ganesh, palace, Rawana, close-ups
R1100August 1983Goruru Ramaswamy Iyengar Gorur and Mrs. Gorur at their residence, Bangalore
R1101August 1983Goruru Ramaswamy Iyengar
R1102August 28, 1983Candid PhotographsRoadside candid shots of Malleswaram
R1103August 30, 1983Gaja and Sunita in Bangalore
R1106September 3, 1983Candid PhotographsRoadside candid shots of Malleswaram
R1107April 09,1983Pictures of K.S. Narasimha SwamyK.S.N. on V. Seetaramaiah, KSN with wife, portraits, snuffing, with family
R1114September 16, 1983Candid Street PicturesWoman answering nature' s call, college girls, working men
R1123September 25, 1983Writers of Nudi Book House G. H Naik, U.R. Ananthamurthy, Adiga, Sumatendra Nadig, Ramachandra Sharma, Yeshwant Chittal, S. Diwakar
R1124September 25, 1983Praja Printers
R1125November 26, 1983Candid Photos IV Bhangi (janitors) at work, Bhangi family
R1136October 25,1983North Kanara Tour I BedkaniPictures of Honavar, family pictures, Bedkani sculptures, Tibetan camp, teak-wood plants
R1137October 25, 1983The Village of Bilagi Villages of Bilgi, Itagi, Village of Bedkani
R1138October 25, 1983North Kanara III (Bilgi Contd.)Villages of Bilgi, Itagi, Alsur, Bhuvanagiri
R1139October 26, 1983Town of Sirsi Pictures of Sirsi
R1140October 26, 1983North Kanara VVillages of Malgi, Bedasagaon; the town of Sirsi
R1141October 26,1983North Kanara Tour VIMalgi, Mundgod, Sadashivagad, Kavi art murals
R1142October 27, 1983North Kanara VII Binga, Anjadeev, Karwar, Amdalli, return journey, harbor
R1143October 27,1983North Kanara Tour VIIISadashivagad - Durga temple, Anjadev island, Gokarn temples, Mahakali icon
R1144October 28,1983North Kanara Tour IX GokarnThe pilgrimage center of Gokarn, pundits, idols of Ganesh, priests, Tulasis
R1146November, 13,1983North & South KanaraTemples of Bhatkal, Dharmasthala, Puttur, Shivaram Karanth
R1147November 14, 1983Visit to a MadrassahVisit to a Madrassah in Bhatkal, young Islamic students
R1148November 14,1983North Kanara III The monuments of Hadolli, town of Bhatkal, sculptures of Khetapaayya temple
R1151November 15,1983North Kanara Tour VIThe town of Sodigadde, Great Masti temple, Navayati folk, decorated wooden dolls
R1157November, 17, 1983North Kanara Tour XIIPictures of the Basavarajadurga fort near Honavar
R1160November, 19, 1983North Kanara Tour XVPictures of Aghanashini, Sadashivgad, Majali and Uluve (a.k.a.Ulavi) villages
R1161November 20,1983North Kanara Tour XVICarved pillars, town of Ulavi, town of Haliyal, Kulumbi lady, Haliyal fort
R1162November 20, 1983Uttara Kannada XVII
R1163December 6, 1983Ballegavi and Sorab Trimurti, Masti stones, compulating monkeys, oral sex, Vamashakti
R1164December 7, 1983Banavasi & Adi BanavasiLingayat village, Adi Banavasi
R1165December 7, 1983BanavasiSculptures from Banavasi, surya, Kavi art gopuram, kalash and Kallumantapa and its details
R1166December 7, 1983Banavasi, Gudnapur, Isloor, PalaOily Vishnu, hero-stone collection, Gudnapur lake, Mundgod temple, gopuram

(Comments Disabled for Now. Sorry!)First Written: Sunday, August 19, 2001
Last Modified: 8/30/2005

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