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Vikas Kamat
 Vikas Kamat is a programmer- entrepreneur living in Birmingham AL. This blog is a complex mix of Indian culture, life in southern USA, computer sciences, and sports. Opinions are his own.
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Computing, Libraries, Tennis, India & other interests of Vikas Kamat


Misc. Stuff Durable Link to this BLOG
Reprint of Vangadarshana

Kamat Fits Goddess Kali in a Map of Bengal

Just heard that Bappa's travelogue of Bengal titled "Vanga Darshan" will be reprinted by Karnataka Literary Akademy. The book gives a graphic encounter of life in West Bengal in late 1960s. It had been out-of-print for a long time, and exposes the Naxalite and Communist movements of Bengal during the years the author lived in West Bengal.

Sociliast Movements in India

A Socialist Poster of 1950s, Sikkim

Talking about Communists and Socialists, I am very happy to compile an interesting exhibit of Socialist Propaganda in India through wonderful period posters.

Original inspiration came from 1996 exhibit at Internet Public Library on Anarchist Images

Baba Would've Been 100

This week, my maternal grandfather (who passed away in 2002, when he was 97) would have turned 100, and Amma has an article: Remembering Baba on his Birth Centennial

TiNamShri and DLN Centennials

T.N. Srikantaih (Tinamshri) D.L. Narasimhachar

This year is also the 100th birth year of great Kannada scholars T.N. Srikantiah, (writer of "Bharatiya Kavya Meemamse"), and D.L. Narasimhachar.

Enjoy these rare portraits...I get mail all the time from family members of all these great men and women that they've never seen these pictures.

All thanks to the Camera Monkey...

(Comments Disabled for Now. Sorry!)First Written: Friday, June 2, 2006
Last Modified: 6/3/2006 11:37:48 AM


TennisTalk Durable Link to this BLOG
I have had a great Tennis season this year. I lost only one singles match in Birmingham B League and only one Mixed-Doubles match in the USTA 7.0 League. My team made it to playoffs in the Men's league and won the city championship in the Mixed Doubles league.

That means I will be at the Alabama State Championship June 8-10 2006 (Mobile, AL) and Sept. 14-17 2006 (Dothan AL). I have won the city championship several times, but never has had a chance to play at the state level. I am looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, exciting day of tennis at French Open. Sharapova and Mauresmo are out. Federer advances. I'm sorry to see James Blake exit.

(Comments Disabled for Now. Sorry!)First Written: Sunday, June 4, 2006
Last Modified: 7/2/2006 1:30:59 PM


Link Suggestions Durable Link to this BLOG
Link Suggestions

(Comments Disabled for Now. Sorry!)First Written: Sunday, June 11, 2006
Last Modified: 6/11/2006 10:17:43 PM


Without Comment Durable Link to this BLOG
Here's an flame mail email I got about Kamat's Potpourri.

Quote Begin

Your website alone is enough to put India down.

Example, when someone searches "indian women" in Google, your site shows up as the first result.

No one wants to look at poor old rural old ladies of India.

Quote End

(Comments Disabled for Now. Sorry!)First Written: Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Last Modified: 6/13/2006 2:55:07 AM


Indian Art Supplier Wanted Durable Link to this BLOG
Deer from a Mogul miniature painting

I'd like to develop contacts with an art gallery in India or a wholesale supplier of Indian paintings (preferably miniature paintings on paper, canvas). Please contact me via e-mail at Contact Kamats if you are in the business, or have a reliable relative or friend who'd like to get involved. I could also be reached via telephone at 205-531-6951 (Central Time Zone)

(Comments Disabled for Now. Sorry!)First Written: Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Last Modified: 6/13/2006 4:31:24 PM


Stories the Kitchens Tell Durable Link to this BLOG
I am delighted to see many new Konkani recipe blog sites emerge. They are doing an important activity -- document traditional recipes that are on the decline (due to the complexity of preparing them, and lack of expertise among the new generation in tradional Indian cooking). As I read them, I go back to my childhood when my grandmothers, grandaunts, and aunts spent the entire day in the kitchen, laughing and toiling. And I can regurgitate the aroma of the traditional Konkani kitchen, with all the smoke (wooden stoves were used then), spices, and colors.

© Vikas Kamat
Pomfret Fish being Fried on a Stone Pan
Pomfret Fish being Fried on a Stone Pan
The leaves provide moisture, reducing the oil required to fry the fish, in addition to providing an exotic aroma.

Stories the Kitchens Tell

I thought it would make an interesting effort to put together a webpage on the kitchens of India. I didn't have many pictures, but they all are real people in their real kitchens, and depicted honesty, devotion, and the struggles of the times. They were photographed over many decades, and are an interesting exhibit.

The Indian Kitchen -- Photographic exhibition of diverse kitchens of India, and a commentary on the subtle stories they tell.

See Also: House of Commons -- Habitats of common men and common gods.

(Comments Disabled for Now. Sorry!)First Written: Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Last Modified: 6/14/2006 8:31:24 AM


News from Kamats Durable Link to this BLOG
Adding News to Kamat's Potpourri

I know, somewhere I've said, "There's no stocks, no weather, no news on", and so far I have refrained from digressing from our core theme. But the "ad-infestation" (for example, just now I noticed that Sulekha news is featuring 15 advertisements, including animations and popups) of other India related news sites has made me reconsider.

Hopefully, I will have sometime this month to crank up a news aggregator. I also want to add some "news from the trenches" -- you know, authentic news that will not get press otherwise.

Alabama State Tennis Championships

There's some new hardware in Kamat household. Kimbo's team won the Alabama State Tennis Championship at the USTA 3.5 Level.

The next stop is Charleston, South Carolina for the Divisional Championships.

BTW, I had a hard time photographing the transparent glass trophy. Neither black nor white backgrounds work and the transparency takes the attention away. The above photograph was taken with diffused sunlight and flash used together after keeping the plaque on a ping-pong table.

Biography of Poet Bilhana

Remember the amusing story Romancing the Teacher, where the student was told the tutor has an infectious disease and the teacher was told that the student is blind?!

Amma has the Biography of Bohemian Poet Bilhana, who travelled the whole length of India in the 11th century seeking beauty and knowledge.

(Comments Disabled for Now. Sorry!)First Written: Thursday, June 15, 2006
Last Modified: 7/14/2006 2:01:01 PM


Multiple Forms in .NET Durable Link to this BLOG
I have been working on a templated system architecture for a forthcoming product (I do other things than update this website, you know) and one of things Remokon does is, store look and feel of a website in a database (or file) and the engine dynamically renders the website.

Something like this is very easy in PHP or systems that support include files (like ASP), but apparently not in ASP.NET.

I have struggled an entire day now to do a simple thing like this in .NET -- multiple forms posting to multiple pages. Grrr. Very Disappointing

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I think my problem is due to my use of .NET's literal control to apply the the look and feel, following the Rainman architetcure that was once used on AOL, and the literal happens to be a server-side control. Apparently, a server side control may not contain other forms even if they are non-postback forms.

Moving the submits to JavaScript also don't seem to work...

Update June 24,2006: I was able to get what I wanted by avoiding the use of the literal control and using the good old fashioned Response.write.

Another Thumbs Down for .NET

Search engine traffic is the the lifeline of websites such as Kamat' Potpourri -- we spend no money promoting our website, and completely rely on Google,Yahoo and our own search engines to let the readers discover what they need. This mandates that the content we provide be extremely

(Comments Disabled for Now. Sorry!)First Written: Friday, June 23, 2006
Last Modified: 6/27/2006 8:41:39 PM


A Catalog of New Complaints on Web Technologies Durable Link to this BLOG
Bob Parsons (of problem of Domain Kiting and explaining possible reasons why even the obsure domains are now taken.

Yahoo, Don't Make me Think!

Tip to Yahoo mail engineers: Your new interface to the Yahoo address book sucks. Where am I supposed to find "Kamat" ? There are two tabs under "Ka". Please bring back the alphabetical list!

And don't get me started on the new address-book interface for non-paying members (it's like a drop-down)...Golly!

Who at Yahoo approves these changes?!

See Also: Thumbs Down for Yahoo Mail 2.0

Sharing Sessions Among Various ASP.NET Applications

Either my projects are too big for ASP.NET to handle or I do not know anything about partitioning .NET applications. You won't believe the troubles of sharing the Session state between two or more applications (they are different projects assigned to different engineers) running on the same server and under the same virtual folder! Grrr.

And what the heck is: "Reference to non-shared member requires an object reference" Error?

Makes me want to give up programming and take up art or something to earn a living.

(Comments Disabled for Now. Sorry!)First Written: Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Last Modified: 7/14/2006 9:08:36 PM

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