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Week of July 26, 1999
Mysore traditional portrait of a nobleman

Week of June 28, 1999
As India and Pakistan engage in war, we present a Muslim and a loyal Indian

Weekof June 21, 1999
Herostone (Veergal) Depicting Fierce War to save Cows and Women

Week of June 14, 1999
Size does matter. But...

Week of May 03, 1999
Mother and Child - Mysore Traditional Painting

Week of April 19, 1999
Portrait of Tippu Sultan

Week of April 5, 1999
Rajasthani Couple on a Camel - painting

Week of March 22, 1999
Colorful Rangoli Pattern

Week of February 22, 1999
Bharata Ratna for Ravi Shankar

Week of February 8, 1999
Romance of Champavati and Bilhanah

Week of January 26, 1999
Portrait of Subhas Chandra Bose

Week of January 11, 1999
A seven hooded king cobra protects a meditating Jain Teerthankar - ancinet sculpture

Week of December 14, 1998
Painted Stork

Week of November 30, 1998
Fourteenth Century Men's Fashion

Week of November 23, 1998
The pure smile of a young boy

Week of November 09, 1998
Man having a good time with two women on a swing - Mysore traditional Painting

Week of October 19, 1998
Picture of Gandhari by Nandalal Bose

Week of October 05, 1998
Picture of a gypsy woman lost in embrodery

Week of September 14, 1998
As the world gets caught up in news of adultery, we present a 14th century sculpture on the topic

Week of August 24, 1998
We honor the vision and leadership of Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Week of August 17, 1998
The hearty smile of a Halakki tribal woman conceals all her suffering

Week of August 10, 1998
Veena Maestro Doraiswamy Iyengar is not only a great artist, but also a great man and a great Indian.

Week of July 27, 1998
Muria Youngster in Madhya Pradesh returns home. Picture shows head gear and facial expression

Week of July 20, 1998
Picture of the Toda Village Chief,
Tamil Nadu

Week of July 13, 1998
Picture of a Bramhin priest studying scriptures at Gokarn.

Week of June 29, 1998
Interesting picture from 1920s showing men from  Konkani community posing in front of a bicycle.

Week of June 22, 1998

Cow-herd boy goes to work; and a point to ponder on child labour, education and happiness.

Week of June 15, 1998
The Budhists have preserved the ancient Indian way of education. Picture shows a boy sent to fetch water for the monestary.

Week of  June 8, 1998
Monkey. Hero. God. Statue of Hanuman

Week of May 25, 1998
Portrait of a Yakshagana Performer.
See Also: Folk Artists , Karnataka


Week of May 18, 1998
Poor man in broken eye glasses.

Week of May 11, 1998

Town Elder in Gandhian Cap

Week of May 4, 1998
Konkani woman in traditional sari uses stationary knife

Week of April 27, 1998
India gets telephone!

Week of April 20, 1998
Youngsters gathered for a game of Cricket

Week of April 13, 1998
Girl in Silk Sari

Week of March 23, 1998
It is this week in 1931 that Sardar Bhagat Singh was excuted by the British.
See Also: Martyrdom of Bhagat Singh

Week of March 10, 1998
Theatre constitutes an important part of  Benagli culture. A scene
from Mrichhakatika.
See Also : Bengali Theatre

Week of March 3, 1998

Himalayan Girl is our picture of the week

Week of February 17, 1998
Savinirmadi was a scholar of 10th century. Photograph of her memorial.
See also : A Unique Memorial to a Learned Lady

Week of February 10, 1998
Man in traditional Mysore turban. The man himself  is  Masti Venkatesh Iyengar, Jnanapeeth award winning Kannada writer.

Week of Jan 26, 1998
Decorated Lambani lady. Lamanis are the vagabond tribes of India with a genuine passion for decorative ornaments.

Week of Jan. 12, 1998
Education of Jain nuns : Archives from Shravanabelagola

Week of Jan. 05  1998
Kavi Art of coastal Karnataka and Goa is a unique form of wall art.

Week of Dec. 22 1997
Shivaram Karanth passes away and leaves behind a lifetime of achievements.

Week of Dec. 15 1997
In some communities, couples celebrate 50 years of marriage by conducting a symbolic re-marriage.

Week of Dec. 08 1997
Yoga, the traditional Indian exercise for body and mind demands utmost conditioning of both. Here, a young boy does a complicated asana (position) with seemingly effortless ease.

Week of Dec. 01 1997
The Khajuraho temples of Madhya Pradesh are very well known for the erotic scultpures. No so well known are sculptures from temples from the Deccan plateau. Here, a sculpture of a couple engaged in affectionate kiss.

Week of  Nov. 24 1997.
On the Indian west-coast, the fish market is used as a synomym for noisy place. This snapshot illustrates the  many simultaneous happenings  in a small fish market. From the KalaRanga CD-ROM.
See also : Sellers. Hawkers.Merchants.

Week of  Nov. 17 1997
Photographer Margaret Bourke-White Captures the endless sufferings of   a nation divided  and the subsequent mass migration in this famous photograph, first published 50 years ago this week, in LIFE Magazine.

Week of  Nov. 10, 1997
Indian Women consider the bindi or Kumkum as a symbol of divine fortune (sumangal). This  Havyaka Bramhana Lady of  North Karnataka  with her large dot and a necklace made with gold coins makes our Picture of the Week


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